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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 23


Chapter 23 - Dragons don't live with snakes

Outside the lobby was a welcoming plaza which was covered with shiny white marbles. In the middle of the plaza, there was a huge decorative wall with a height of ten meters and a length of five meters.

Beside the wall, Ji Xueyan was scanning Ye Chen up and down and, after a long time, she finally said to him: ’’I am here for...’’

’’I know.’’ Ye Chen interrupted her.

’’You know?’’ Ji Xueyan was a bit surprised. In her memory, although he was not stupid, he definitely was not smart, but seeing him now, she noticed that there were changes.

Ye Chen laughed: ’’Well, you are certainly not here to see me!’’

Ji Xueyan shook her head, ’’Of course not, it does not matter if you knew or not, I have to say it myself. It is impossible for you and I to be together.’’

’’So you are here to discuss the cancellation of our engagement, because if I refuse and you still go through with cancelling it, it would be quite messy. Since there will be many elders that will voice their disapproval, especially my mother, who has been very good to you because of her relationship with your mother. However, if we both agree to cancel it, then there is nothing that they can do about it.’’

Ji Xueyan opened her mouth, but then she realized she could not find a single word to say to him. It was completely different from what she had expected. She had thought that he would become extremely angry from the humiliation of being rejected by a girl. In preparation, she was resolved to show him the gap between their abilities and prove that she was out of his league, and if he decided to carry on pursuing, she would be resolved to further humiliate Ye Chen until he gave in. However, to her surprise, all her preparation became useless and just sat there in surprise. Ji Xueyan cried a little inside as she felt wronged in not being allowed to speak everything she had prepared beforehand.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Xueyan realized that she had underestimated Ye Chen. Feeling a bit frustrated, she said, ’’That's right, but you have to remember one thing. Even if you refuse, I will still cancel the engagement. Dragons cannot live with snakes. We are completely different people. I still have a bright future to attain, and the gap between us will only get larger.’’

’’Dragons cannot live with snakes...’’ Ye Chen mumbled to himself and laughed: ’’Interesting metaphor, making yourself the great dragon and me the little snake...However, it is still too early for that metaphor, who's the great dragon is still uncertain, and even that little snake might become a dragon, you never know.’’

Ji Xueyan could not help but start to sneer. How dare he think so highly of himself? Right now, it is so obvious who is the dragon and who is the little snake, and he said that it still is uncertain? What? He thinks he could become a dragon one day and fly in the sky? Is he joking?

’’Okay, I am not interested in arguing the truth, I just want to know if you agree to cancel the engagement?’’

Without hesitation, Ye Chen replied: ’’Why not? I agree to cancelling the engagement.’’ Ye Chen knew his ability, in time he would reach Condensing Reality Realm, then the Clasping Yuan Realm, perhaps even the Astral Reaching Realm. No need to entangle himself with a girl.

Besides, even if I don't agree, it won't change anything. She even brought the senior master of Emerald Martial Palace, it will only be asking for trouble. Now that I have agreed, I can take back some control of this matter and save myself some dignity. But! Concerning how I was treated today...I will return it two-fold! Then she will know that the title of a dragon has to be earned, not the fanciful words of some little girl.

The silence lasted a while.

Then, Ji Xueyan lightly scratched her crystal ring on the left hand, suddenly, it lit up and a manual appeared in her hand.

Ye Chen's pupils dilated a bit,

Storage Ring!

A Storage Ring was a legendary treasure for normal people, but it was a basic necessity for high ranking warriors. There was a large amount of space in the ring and could store anything from gold, pellets, plants, clothes to even weapons. The user would not feel any weight other than the ring itself.

Ye Chen did not expect her to have one, because, within the Sky Cloud Martial School, only two or three core apprentices had it.

’’This is a Top Rank Mortal Realm Art - Iron Bone Great Palm. If you can master even half of it, you will beat any warriors your level. And do not worry, this is not a manual from the Emerald Martial Palace, I got this from killing a wanted thief so you will not face any repercussions from practicing it. It is kind of my 'thank you' gift for you.’’ Ji Xueyan slightly raised her chin, acted like it was nothing but a common gift.

’’If I wanted it, I would go out and get it myself.’’ Ye Chen rejected without hesitation. What a joke, there's no need to lose my dignity just for a Top Rank Mortal Realm Art. Plus, she will definitely look down on me if I accepted it like a street urchin accepting leftover food.

Ji Xueyan frowned and said: ’’Do you not understand? With your potential, it will take god knows how long for you to become an inner court disciple.’’

Ye Chen said without any emotion: ’’You don't have to worry about the engagement cancellation, I will keep my promise, if there's nothing else, please excuse me.’’

Finished talking, Ye Chen notified Luo Xinglie of his leaving, before he turned to walk towards the lobby.

Ji Xueyan was shocked at his reaction but then laughed. She thought he was just doing it for her, otherwise, he would never give up a high-rank Mortal Realm Art, after all, it was a manual for a martial art, you could not just have it if you wanted to. Too bad, that was just a waste of resource, I will never fall for him.

On the way back, Ye Xuan stopped Ye Chen.

’’Why are you so stubborn? Just take that manual, no need to hold a grunge.’’ Ye Xuan was well respected in the family of Ye, Ye Chen used to afraid to confront her.

’’There are tons of manuals in Sky Cloud Martial School, I don't need it.’’

Ye Xuan shook her head: ’’You have already changed, you have become so unreasonable. I know you feel humiliated, but, to be honest, sister Xueyan is way out of your league, her future husband will be someone like a Top Four Young Master, not someone like you, but of course, I am not trying to talk down to you, different people have different lives, as long as you are happy and know your place[A].’’

I am unreasonable?! ...never mind. Ye Chen did not want to keep talking to these two arrogant women, because, sometimes, the more he said the worse things got. The best way to deal with this kind of situation was just to ignore them. In this case, less was more.

’’I will see you at the annual family meeting.’’ Then, he walked back into the lobby.

Inside the lobby.

Mu Fengyuan glanced at Ye Chen, ’’At least you know your place. Ji Xueyan is one of the most gifted apprentices in our Emerald Martial Palace, she is too good for you.’’

Ye Chen could not help but curl his lips. Stupid old man, whether she is good for me or not is none of your damn business. All of you people from Emerald Martial Palace are all the same, arrogant and sickening. You all think you are higher than everyone else, even Ye Xuan had changed.

One day, I will beat all of the apprentices in the Emerald Martial Palace, one by one. I will let you know you are all just humans and nothing more.

With all these thoughts scrambling through his head, Ye Chen kept his mouth shut, it would be stupid to confront a senior master who was at Late Clasping Yuan Stage.

’’Leader, I would like to leave now, excuse me.’’ Ye Chen bowed in front for Luo Xinglie.

Luo Xinglie waved his hand, ’’Since the problem has been resolved, you can go now.’’


Turned around, Ye Chen, not even looking at Ji Xueyan, left without looking back.

Standing right next to Ji Xueyan, Ye Xuan made a face, she felt a bit embarrassed about the huge gap between her and her brother.

Ji Xueyan whispered: ’’I hope he won't make things up in front of Aunty Hui.’’

’’He wouldn't dare to.’’ Ye Xuan replied with confidence.


[A] - Holy S**t. There is so much serious arrogance in this chapter! I feel like I am reading ATG, except all of the arrogant characters, in this chapter, are going to live. Instead of being killed by the MC.

(Yes, EliteCreature is here. :P You will never escape from my colorful language and pointless comments XD )


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