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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 229


Chapter 229: The Snake Island, Dark Night with Killing Intent

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Five Mountain Condensing... Condense!’’

In that not too big but extremely cozy and well-decorated bedroom on the

boat, Ye Chen reached out his right hand slowly and squeezed it tight. A bright

yellow halo shot out through the gap between his fingers. It twisted drastically

before it was compressed. Eventually, it condensed into an unreal shadow of a

bright yellow mountain, its intense aura spreading out and covering the whole


Letting go of that mountain shadow, Ye Chen let out a breath, ’’I have finally

mastered the first movement of the Five Mountain Condensing. Now I just

have to train the second and the third movement.’’

Although each movement of the Five Mountain Godly Fist Art was more

powerful than the last one, judging on the difficulty for training, the first

movement would be the hardest. If it were not trained well, then the rest of the

movements would be less powerful, merely a formality. Therefore, only if one

trained the first movement to its extreme would the rest four movements be

more and more powerful and unstoppable in a true sense.

’’With the Five Mountain Godly Fist combined with my body strength, I will not

have to worry about top rank Earth Realm martial skills in close combat.’’

On this true spirit continent, body boosting martial arts were really rare. There

were a lot of Earth Realm manuals in the Sky Cloud Martial School, but the

good body boosting martial skills were only of the top rank Mortal Realm rank.

There were rarely any Earth Realm body boosting martial skills in the other

martial institutions as well. Being able to find a low-rank Earth Realm Pure

Jade Body Boosting Martial Skill manual was pure luck for him. And it was

indeed that manual that opened a new path for him in training. Ever since he

had mastered the fifth movement of the Pure Jade Body Boosting Art - King

Kong Jade Body, the pure body strength of Ye Chen had increased twice of its

original level, reaching almost fifty thousand pound power. Compared to the

other warriors with the same cultivation, he was definitely one of the best.

With his Five Mountain Godly Fist Art now, there was indeed no reason for him

to worry about top rank Earth Realm martial skills.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ...

Someone was knocking on the door. Wang Snake's sound was heard, ’’Brother

Ye, the Snake Island is almost here.’’

’’Oh! I will be right out.’’ Ye Chen straightened his clothes a little bit and walked

out of the bedroom.

On the front deck of the boat...

Ye Chen looked over into the distance. An island appeared in his sight, shaped

like a snake piling up its tail. There were four levels on the island; the first

level was the harbor that was filled with boats and people coming and going.

The second and third level were occupied with a lot of residential buildings,

hotels, restaurants, shops and a lot of houses; as for the fourth level, it was its

own different world, covered by a huge valley. In the middle of the valley was a

weird-looking mountain, which was the highest part of the mountain.

’’The Wang family in the Star Region Lake knows how to live.’’ Ye Chen

estimated the snake island being hundreds of miles, and since the Wang family

had the power and wealth to take over most of the space and a huge area of the

lake, they must be really powerful.

It was also Wang Snake's first time being on the island. He said in surprise,

’’They are the main family after all, they do seem fancier than us.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’Once you reach the Snake Island, they should not dare to kill you

out in public, but it would not hurt to just be cautious. Don't be reckless.’’

’’Yah, you are right. But once I inherit the special power, then I will have

nothing to worry about.’’

Ye Chen smiled. He would be lying if he said that he was not curious about the

special power of that Wang family in the Star Region Lake since he could not

imagine what kind of power it would be that allowed the person be able to

increase the power without training days after days according to his


The boat had soon reached the dock, and all of the passengers got off the boat

one after another.

There were eight giant doors from the first level to the second, and each one of

them was more than ten meters high and twenty meters wide. What connected

to the giant doors were high stairs. Once one reached the top, there would be

the second level.

There were four giant doors from the second level to the third. A lot of wealthy

businessmen and some powerful warriors had entered there, rarely any

normal people finding their way up there.

Outside of that only huge door from the third level to the fourth, Ye Chen

pointed at the fancy-looking restaurant across the street and said, ’’I am going

to stay in this hotel nearby. If you guys hear about the Blood Sun Flower, just

come tell me. If I am not here, you can also leave a message with the servant


Zhou said respectfully, ’’Warrior Ye, don't worry. I will try my best.’’

’’Brother Ye, we will go up now.’’ Wang Snake was also very grateful. He knew

that he would not be able to make it to the Snake Island without Ye Chen. He

promised to remember this favor and never forget in his whole life.

Ye Chen nodded.

After saying goodbye to Ye Chen, the two arrived in front of the main gate.

After being verified by the guarding warriors, someone ran up to notify the

management. Soon, a middle-aged man who was seemingly of high rank came

down to welcome them.

Seeing that they had entered the house safely, Ye Chen stopped looking and

walked into the restaurant.

On the third floor of the next restaurant, two people were standing on the

well-furnished balcony, looking down. One of them was short but skinny, was

only half a human size, seeming to be in his sixties. He was sending out

dangerous vibes. The other person was tall and slim, his skin pale, eyes narrow

and shining with a cold light. He was a teenager in his twenties.

’’Ping'er, Mo and Master Liu have both failed.’’ The short elder said with a

smokey voice.

The teenager sneered, ’’Useless losers. How can they screw up little things like


The elder touched his jaw and said with a chuckle, ’’The purity level of the

bloodline for Juan'er was five headed snake. Including him, the two accesses to

the forbidden area are full now. Ping'er, what do you want to do now?’’

Hearing him, the teenager was furious. Although he was the eldest son of the

Wang Family, his purity level was only of a four-headed snake. If it were in the

old days, the two accesses into the forbidden area would definitely include

him. But right now, there were suddenly two family members that had fiveheaded

snakes, which put him in a bad spot. He was clear about the benefit of

inheriting the power of their bloodline. The forbidden area of the Wang family

opened up every fifty years. The people who had entered it were his eldest

grandpa and third grandma. According to rumors, when they had entered, they

were only Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors. But once they came out,

they had reached Early Clasping Yuan Realm already. Furthermore, because of

the bloodline, they were able to fight against warriors with higher cultivation.

In other words, they had no opponents in their level of cultivation.

’’There are still ten days until they open the forbidden area. Within the next ten

days, we will have to try everything to kill him. As long as they do not have

enough evidence, even if the others know it was me who killed him, they would

not be able to do anything, since the dead would be already dead while the alive

ones would still have to carry on living.’’ The teenager said evilly.

The short elder took a glance at the restaurant that was right next to theirs and

said with a scary voice, ’’That young man who had come with them seemed to

be quite powerful.’’

’’Fourth Grandpa, I do not want to see that person ever again.’’

’’Don't you worry. If you don't say it, I will still kill him for you. Plus, your third

grandma is also against this. She wants you into that forbidden area. A

member of the branch family wants to inherent the bloodline power? He is

asking for death.’’

The teenager sneered. In the family of Wang, not everyone agreed with letting

branch members into the forbidden area. At least, the third granny who had

great reputation in the main family was on his side.

The night had slowly arrived.

Inside the guest room of the hotel, Ye Chen was reading the Five Mountain

Godly Fist Art, trying to figure out the second movement.

On that long pathway to the guest rooms, a servant was carrying dishes and

drinks on a tray, walking towards Ye Chen's room.

All of a sudden, a short human figure appeared and blocked his way, signaling

him to keep quiet.

The servant looked, then exclaimed in surprise, ’’Fourth master! What brings

you here?’’

The short human figure was indeed that short elder who was chatting with the

teenager earlier, who was also the fourth brother of the leader of the Wang

family. He warned the servant, ’’Talk normally later. You have no need to worry

about the rest.’’

’’I understand.’’ The servant was worried after all. Seeing the fourth master

talking like that, he knew that he was planning to kill the guest in the guest

room. But he was only a normal mortal trying to survive on this Snake Island.

He would not dare to do anything or say anything that he was not told to.

Walking over to Ye Chen's guest room, the servant knocked on the door.

’’Warrior, I have brought you your food and drinks!’’

’’Come in!’’

Ye Chen's voice was heard.


Opening the door, the servant walked in while being frightened because the

short elder was almost glued to his shadow. If one did not pay attention, one

would not be able to sense anything.

’’Put down the food and drinks, lean over and ask him what else he needs.’’ The

short elder's voice had been compressed into a thin line and poured inside the

servant's ear.

The servant was stressed out about the situation. He shivered as he walked

into the guest room and stopped in front of the bedroom, ’’Warrior, what else

do you need?’’

’’Nothing more.’’ Ye Chen was still training.


Right then, the short elder jumped out from the shadow. He waved his hand, as

three pitch-black zhen qi snake burst out, attacking towards Ye Chen from an

unpredictable angle.

Putting away the manual in his hand seemingly slowly but actually extremely

fast, Ye Chen turned his head as he sneered, ’’I have been waiting for you.


He threw out a punch, and the bright yellow mountain shadow appeared. All of

a sudden, that brutal aura had covered the whole room, and it spread over to

where the short elder was standing.


The whole restaurant that covered a large area started to shake drastically. The

huge pitch-black snake disappeared completely.

’’Brat, not bad.’’

The short elder laughed as both of his hands waved in the air. Countless pitchblack

snakes appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Ye Chen.


Ye Chen shook his body as human figures shot out from his body, his body

already breaking out of the attack and appearing in front of the elder. A fist

attack had also been thrown towards the elder.

’’So fast!’’

The elder was shocked, creating layers of zhen qi blockage in front of him. In

the middle of the blockage, there was qi flow that was snake-shaped, twisting

and crumbling.

Paw! Paw! Paw!

The zhen qi blockage looked like it was made of paper. After being punched by

Ye Chen, it had been broken layer after layer. Eventually, it was blocked by the

short elder's arms.

Although it had been blocked, its horrifying power had still gone through,

which had blown the elder all the way back to the door.

Crack! The short elder smashed through the wall and somehow landed on the

streets outside of the restaurant.

Extending his body, Ye Chen followed up.

In that broken guest room, the servant's face went extremely pale. He thought

to himself. 'Crap! If the fourth master knew something went wrong in the

restaurant, it would be me that he would blame.'

The third level of the Snake Island was very busy. Even if it were late at night,

it would still be crowded with people and the light would still be bright as the


The short elder had burst out of the wall and landed on the street involuntarily,

which had disturbed a lot of people, including the warriors of Wang family who

were on patrol.

’’Fourth master, what happened to you?’’

’’Who dares to make a mess in the Snake Island? Surround the place!’’

’’Being able to blow the fourth master away, he must be so powerful. Better

notify the powerful warriors of the Wang Family! Ask them all to come, make

sure we will be able to kill this person for good.’’

All the warriors that were on patrol had just made a movement when Ye Chen

in blue had jumped out, throwing out a punch right onto the short elder. Its

brutal fist power seemed to have frozen space and time. The yellow mountain

shadow expanded rapidly, covering the frightened short elder, intending to

punch him to death.


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