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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 227


Chapter 227: Blood Sun Flower

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Who are you, sir?’’ The elder looked at the sword mark on the ground. His eyes

caught Ye Chen who was floating towards them. He did not seem to fully trust

this stranger.

Midair, Ye Chen's right hand reached out then pulled back, attracting that

teenager in black out of that circle created by those five people, and making

him land behind him.

Uncle Zhou was still looking at Ye Chen. He looked confused, wiping the blood

from the corner of his mouth, ’’Are you ok, Master Snake?’’

The teenager in black shook his head.

Seeing the teenager in black had been snatched out of their control, the elder

suddenly looked furious. Ye Chen's movement was too fast and unexpected, so

he did not have a chance to react. Right now, he yelled, ’’I do not care who you

are. Turn over that brat! Otherwise, next year today will be the ceremony of

your death.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’I will give you three breaths time... piss off!’’

’’Little brat! You are looking for death! I will take care of you now!’’

The skinny looking middle-aged man, who was the closest to Ye Chen, yelled.

His zhen Qi suddenly exploded, as his body turned into lightning. He took out

his blade, and the blade light brightened a huge area.

Without even taking out his sword, Ye Chen formed his right hand into a fist,

throwing out an attack casually.

The blade light was shattered instantly. The long blade in that middle-aged

man's hand suddenly exploded, as thousands of small chips shot out in every

direction. Then, his brutal fist power appeared with an unstoppable aura. All of

a sudden, the middle-aged man felt that it was not a fist anymore, and was a

huge mountain instead; a huge mountain traveling at a horrifying speed.


After being hit by that fist power, the middle-aged man could not handle the

force. His right arm along with the right side of his body had been ruined,

blood pouring out of his body ceaselessly. It seemed like he would not survive


’’It was not a normal mid-rank Earth Realm Fist art after all. I have only

mastered the entry level of the first movement, but it already has such power.’’

When he was training his Five Mountain Godly Fist Art, Ye Chen had not

fought against someone with it yet. He had only used the training column to

determine the growth of his power. Right then, he could already kill a peak-

level Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warrior with only one casual fist power. It

made him realize that two hundred and ten thousand low-rank soul stones

were worth it after all. Judging from its power, it would not be much weaker

than a top rank Earth Realm martial art.

Seeing what had happened, the elder looked more and more serious and evil,

’’You three, go! Be careful!’’

’’Yes, sir!’’

Master Liu and that two buff-looking men attacked Ye Chen at the same time.

The first one who threw the attack was Master Liu. As a Late Clasping Yuan

Realm warrior, his power was indeed at least two times more powerful than

the skinny middle-aged man. He seemed to have more battle experience than

the other ones as well. He stepped on the ground with all his power, as some

secret power exploded, forming a huge pile of mud attacking towards Ye Chen.

Meanwhile, he opened his mouth, reached out his right hand while his zhen Qi

formed a huge snake head. Its huge mouth was opened as well, its tongue

poking out, preparing for an attack.

’’What a weird martial art.’’

Ye Chen squeezed his eyes. His body flashed, avoiding that huge pile of mud, he

threw a punch to face Master Liu's attacks.

The snakehead was shattered while Master Liu puked out a huge chunk of

blood. However, he was not blown away easily. His body tilted, as a sharp zhen

qi snake tail appeared on his back, covered in scales and its tip bent into a

hook. Shoo! It attacked towards Ye Chen's chest in a flash.

Ye Chen was still extremely calm as if nothing had happened. He lifted up his

left index finger and pointed into the sky.


The zhen qi snake tail exploded.

’’Snake Scale Arm!’’

While the two were fighting against each other, one of the huge men ran

towards them at full speed. The clothes on his right arm were torn apart, as

small scales appeared on his skin. Those scales were not formed by zhen qi.

They were really actual scales, each one of them human nail sized, angled on

the edges and having a cold shine. Seeing these scales, the first thing that

popped into Ye Chen's head was 'snake.'It seemed like all of the Wang family

martial arts were related to snakes. However, this huge man in front of Ye

Chen was even more exaggerated, growing actual snake scale on his human

body. Even for Ye Chen, it was something he had never heard of or seen before.

It was even different from the beast transformation martial arts that Ghost

was using.

After kicking away Master Liu, Ye Chen lifted up his hand and grabbed the

huge man's fist that was full of scales.

’’Snake Wrapping Kill!’’

Suddenly, that huge man's fist acted just like the snakehead, his arm turned

into the snake's body. After slightly twisting it, his fist escaped from Ye Chen's

palm, then wrapped all the way up Ye Chen's arm. It straightened itself, as one

punch had been thrown out.

’’So creepy and bizarre! It's like he does not have bones anymore.’’ Taking one

step back, Ye Chen's right fist was thrown out with bright yellow halo while his

opponent had just thrown out an attack and his power had still not recharged



That huge man's right arm which seemed to be boneless started to make

bone-cracking noises as he screamed and flew away.

Among the three, the remaining huge man had increased the distance between

him and Ye Chen. He bent his body, pressed both hands on the ground, and

yelled with all his power, ’’Mad Snake Dance!’’


There seemed to be countless huge poisonous snakes ready to burst out from

the ground. Once they burst out, Ye Chen would have been drowned in that

snake wave and eventually burn out of energy.

A smile climbed up the corner of Ye Chen. The fist power of the Five Mountain

Godly Fist Art contained natural earth element power. Under the ground, even

if it were zhen qi from high-rank earth realm martial arts, it would not be as

powerful as that fist power.

’’Condensing Five Mountain Power, break!’’

Bending his body, Ye Chen threw out a punch, making his fist sink into the


This attack had created a much larger impact than that huge looking man. A

few hundred meters' radius of land seemed to have had an earthquake. It

shook drastically while the air seemed to have gotten less pure, creating an

illusion that the sky was no longer sky and the ground was no longer ground.

A halo-like yellow light wave started to spread out and attack towards the

huge man visibly, which blew the latter into the sky as he puked out a huge

chunk of blood.

’’Young warrior, be careful!’’

All of a sudden, Zhou's voice alerted Ye Chen, his voice extra hurried.

’’Haha, too late. Being wrapped by my snake king, no matter what kind of tricks

you have got up your sleeves, you would be shredded into mincemeat with no

bones left.’’ The elder who had kept quiet had both of his hands crossed in

front of him. An extra cold zhen Qi accumulated around Ye Chen, then

eventually turned into a huge snake with black scales. It was a bucket thick,

with two heads. Its top part had been raised up high into the sky, while the

lower part still hidden in the ground. Its body had been twisting circles after

circles, wrapping Ye Chen within. Right then, the huge snake's body twisted,

tightening up space in between, trying to squeeze Ye Chen to death.

Zhou's face could not get paler. No matter if it was a normal snake or demonic

beast, it was the trickiest attack because no matter how powerful one was, once

wrapped within the snake tails even being able to use thirty percent of one's

power would be already impressive.

The teenager in black was also worried about Ye Chen.

’’Sorry, I was only playing before.’’

Taking out his Star Scar Sword, with the enhancement of his sword intent, Ye

Chen threw out a sword attack.


The huge zhen qi snake with black scales had been cut apart. Ye Chen walked

out from it casually and effortlessly, as he looked at the elder with a slight


’’What? Go!’’

The elder was shocked, both of his hands thrown into the sky again as he

started to do some kind of weird gestures. That black scaled snake that was in

halves suddenly grew heads and tails, turning into two huge snakes. They

attacked towards Ye Chen, trying to wrap around him again.


Ye Chen did not even look at those snakes. He threw a sword attack at the


The elder's body suddenly froze. The next second, it was separated into two

halves, blood spilling everywhere.


Master Liu and the other two huge men could not care about anything else but

their escape. After all, the most powerful warrior among them all had been

killed, what else could they do? As long as they made it back to the main family

in the Star Region Lake, there would be people to take care of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head. Since he had already killed two, another three would

not make much of a difference. Moreover, they all looked quite evil, who would

only do something bad if they escaped.

Three sword qi attack disappeared, leaving only three dead bodies behind.

Zhou froze for a while. When he realized what had happened, he hurried to

grab the teenager in black and walked over to Ye Chen, as he said respectfully,

’’Thank you for saving our lives, young warrior. Master Snake and I could not

say that with greater sincerity.’’

Putting away the Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen said, ’’Don't worry about it. I was

only feeling like doing it.’’

’’Young warrior's spontaneous decision still saved our lives. I did not have

much to offer, but please take this.’’ Zhou took a palm-sized flower out of his

storage ring. It was in the shape of a fan, with its bottom being red, and its all

three petals being yellow.

’’Blood Sun Flower!’’ Ye Chen was planning to decline his offer, but once he saw

the flower, he could not help but yell out. The Blood Sun Flower was a spirit

plant that was not that common, normally growing in places full of pure yang

qi. It had a lot of effects but mainly helped in repairing blood and flesh. This

Blood Sun Power was palm sized, one-thirds of it being red, which meant it

had grown for at least three hundred years. One thousand years Blood Sun

Flower would be all red, like a piece of red jade.

Although the three hundred-year-old Blood Sun Flower was not as good as the

thousand-year-old Ganoderma Lucidum, it was still better than nothing. Later

on, when he mastered the Minor Blood Demon Art, it would allow him to

release one full arm.

’’In that case, I will take it.’’ Ye Chen did not refuse. He did save their lives after

all, so sit was reasonable for him to take it.

Taking the Blood Sun Flower, Ye Chen asked, ’’Are you going to the Star Region


Zhou nodded, ’’We are going to the Wang family in the Star Region Late, which

is located on the Snake Island. It will still be a half a month journey I assume.’’

'The Wang Family?'

Ye Chen had never heard about it. But it was not weird since the Star Region

Lake did not belong to any of the nations. It was millions of miles squared in

area, and there must be a lot of martial institutions and families.

’’Young warrior, are you heading to the Star Region Lake as well?’’ Uncle Zhou

looked at Ye Chen with high hopes. After what had happened, he was sure that

there were people from the main family who did not want his master to inherit

the family power. With his own power, he knew that he would not be able to

protect his master for sure. If Ye Chen were there to help him, that would be


Ye Chen nodded, ’’It is not impossible for me to guard you two to the Star

Region Lake. I just want to know where the Blood Sun Flowers grow?’’

Zhou was really happy when he heard Ye Chen, he said, ’’Our Black Valley Wang

Family is famous for our Blood Sun Flower. However, because of the

environmental problems, the growth of the Blood Sun Flower could never go

beyond three hundred years. But the main family in the Star Region Lake

should also have plenty of Blood Sun Flowers since we are the same family. If

you don't mind, young warrior, once we get to the Star Region Late, the master

and I will try to get you some more of those Blood Sun Flowers.’’

’’Then it would be perfect. If it is really expensive, I could buy it myself with

soul stones.’’ Ye Chen was not in lack of soul stones at all. A couple of thousand

year blood sunflowers were still affordable. But he wondered if there were

actually thousand-year-old blood sunflowers.

’’This bro, my name is Wang Snake. Are you a Late Clasping Yuan Realm

warrior?’’ The teenager in black said with admiration.

Ye Chen laughed, ’’No, not yet. Mid Clasping Yuan Realm.’’

’’So powerful already?! You must be one of the top geniuses from the South

Rudra Region.’’ Wang Snake was even more impressed. He was only fifteen

years old, and he had just reached the Late Condensing Reality Realm a while

ago. He did not have the power to fight back when facing Clasping Yuan Realm

warriors. Therefore, when the main family asked him to inherit some great

power, he did not hesitate to decide to go, even though his dad had tried his

best to stop him.

Ye Chen did not answer. He was exactly like Wang Snake when he was at his

age, and in fact was not even as powerful as him. Plus, what was different with

Wang Snake was that there were a lot of secrets about him. That five headed

tattoo gave people a terrifying vibe. Normal people would not be able to sense

it at all. Only he with his soul power would sense it clearly.

It had made him think of the martial arts those evil men from the main family

had used, which seemed to be related to the five headed snake tattoo. Ye Chen

knew that this Wang Family in the Star Region Lake would not be easy.


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