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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 225


Chapter 225: Training Five Mountain Godly Fist Art

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

'Ah! Incoming!' Ye Chen frowned. Thousands of meters away, four or five people had been

rushing towards this direction at an extremely fast speed, none of them traveling below the

speed of sound.

Waving his hand, Yuan Zongbo's storage ring landed in his hand. Ye Chen flashed his body and

disappeared into the forest. He did not want them to find out that he had killed Yuan Zongbo

and the rest of them.


The first one who arrived was a middle aged man, then two other people landed right next to


Seeing the back of Ye Chen, evil greedy thoughts occupied their minds.

’’He had killed quite a lot of people. That must have gotten him a lot of fortune! Should we kill


’’Yah. After killing him, all of the things would belong to us.’’

’’What are we waiting for? Let's go.’’

’’Wait.’’ The middle-aged man stopped the rest of them.

They were quite confused, ’’What is the matter, boss? You always kill without even thinking.

Don't tell us you are getting softer. You can have most of the rewards, we only want a little.’’

The middle-aged man pointed at the horrifying corpse on the floor, ’’Don't let greed fool you.

Take a look at who he was.’’

’’With this robe and that sword... Don't tell me this is the inner master from the Sky Eagle Castle

Martial School, Yuan Zongbo?!’’

’’Yuan Zongbo had a similar cultivation as us, and not only was he an old generation Late

Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, but he also had a Minor Blood Demon Great Art. Once he used all

his strength, even the top peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would have to avoid his

attacks. Who had killed him? So impressive.’’

’’Luckily, boss had stopped us. Otherwise, if we just went out there, we might have been killed

like dogs.’’ The people who had greedy thoughts were scared due to their recklessness. Fortune

was good, but one would have to be alive to enjoy them. Living in this world, they could not be

more familiar with that.

’’This low-rank great sword is quite nice. Well, it is worth the trip after all.’’ One of them tried to

reach for Yuan Zongbo's sword.

The middle-aged man said with a cold voice, ’’Pick it up if you want to die. If the people from

the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School found out, they would definitely send people to kill you,

unless you want to spend the rest of your life in the Martial City.’’

’’Damn it, almost forget about it. This sword would cause me so much trouble.’’ That guy pulled

back his hand instantly. The Sky Eagle Castle Martial School was a rank 7 martial institutions

after all. It had great resources, and might even send over some Astral Reaching Realm

warriors. Even if they just sent some powerful Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, they would

still be in trouble.

Going all the way back to where Mr. Jin was killed, Ye Chen took off his storage ring, then took a

long way to go back to the Martial City.

However, he did not walk straight back into the city. He had worn a hat over his head, covering

up his face. The good thing was that there were a lot of people doing the same thing, so Ye Chen

did not really stand out.

By the counter for training rooms, Ye Chen paid fees for three days. He took a mid-rank

training room tag and walked in.


Ye Chen stayed in the Martial City was not only for training his zhen qi but also for training the

Five Mountain Godly Fist Art and the Flo Rudra Three Spell. Being outside, there was always

noise and troubles. Nowhere would be as safe and quiet as the Martial City. As for the

mountains that rarely had people, countless beasts were living in them, which would not be

ideal for training.

Before starting his training session, Ye Chen counted Yuan Zongbo, Mr. Jin, and the three

brothers' belongings.

The five of them had given Ye Chen more than two hundred thousand low-rank soul stones,

which were mainly from Yuan Zong, and then the three brothers. Mr. Jin surprisingly did not

have much. That mid-rank Earth Realm Gold Breaking Finger Art must have been bought by

him, which would have cost a lot of low-rank soul stones.

Besides low rank soul stones, there were a lot of manuals. A couple of low-rank Earth Realm

and one top rank manual, which was indeed the Minor Blood Demon Art from Yuan Zongbo.

Regarding this manual, Ye Chen was conflicted. It no doubt had wonderful powers, but its side

effects were also severe. Without thousand year blood Ganoderma Lucidum to help repair the

blood and flesh, the user could not use it more than once; sometimes not even once.

'Should I learn it?' After hesitating for a while, he decided to learn it. At those critical moments

when he was about to die, he would not have time and effort to worry about some side effects.

After all, he could go and search for some great treasures for blood and flesh repair, since with

the money in his storage ring, it should be hard for him to find some.

But of course, his main goal right now was to train his Flo Rudra Three Spell to the second level,

and his Separating Shadows Flying Art to high-rank Earth Realm, then the training of the Five

Mountain Godly Fist Art.

The Flo Rudra Three Spell Art was as valuable as a high-rank Earth Realm while its training

was almost as difficult as top rank Earth Realm martial arts. If it was not for Ye Chen's powerful

soul power and his high comprehension abilities, it was almost impossible to reach the second

realm in a short time.

Before, he had already spent one month in the Gold Tripod City to study them, which allowed

him to sense the gate for the next level. If he were able to train on that foundation, he would be

able to understand it more and more.

On the tenth day.

Ye Chen had finally reached the second realm of the Flo Rudra Three Spell, and his Separating

Shadows Flying Art had also officially reached the high-rank Earth Realm Flying Art.

Right then, he pushed his Separating Shadow Art to its limit, his speed reaching a speed twice

as fast as sound within a second, which was almost thirty percent faster than before. Ye Chen's

speed before was only as fast as the Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, since his sword intent

did not have much effect on increasing speed. But now, his flying art's speed would not be

slower than some of the top peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. As long as it was not

an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, there would not be many people able to catch up with him,

unless someone had trained higher rank flying arts. But obviously, it was quite unlikely since

besides rank 6 martial institutions had a chance, the other ones were very unlikely to have top

rank Earth Realm flying art manuals. Even if they had some, they would not be many.

After successfully reaching the new level for his flying art, besides the increase in his speed, he

was able to separate more zhen qi shadows without burning himself out, which was six to be

precise. If he used the Shadow Explosion, then he would be able to separate hundreds of

shadows at once.

In other words, Ye Chen now had finally stepped into the group of truly powerful Clasping Yuan

Realm warriors. Even while facing a tyrant rank 6 beast, the Wind Wolf, he would not have to

worry as much because he would be able to run away even if all went wrong.

After his Flo Rudra Three Spells reached its second realm, Ye Chen started training the Five

Mountains Godly Fist Art.

It was divided into five movements; the first one was the Condensing Five Mountains, which

was a movement allowing him to combine all his power and throw out an attack which was the

base of the Five Mountain Godly Fist Art. If the user were not able to master the first

movement, the movements following that would be just useless. Once mastered, the fist power

would be increased to the point where it would have the ability to break a mountain, hence

referred to as the Five Mountains power. Although it was a little bit exaggerated, it was indeed


The first step was to combine all his power and energy.

The process for that was not easy and required a huge amount of zhen qi to be combined in a

unique way in his fists. At the entry level, the fist would have a muddy yellow shine while a

bright yellow shine would indicate mastering the entry level. Once the halo was able to form

into an unrealistic mountain peak shadow, it meant that the trainer had mastered the expert


Once mastering the combining the energy step, the trainer would be able to move onto the

second step. But, it did not need the trainer to master the expert level to use the energy actually.

In just half an hour, Ye Chen had already trained the first step to its entry level. Reaching out

his fist, there was a muddy yellow halo covering it, which was extremely thick.

After half a day, the muddy color turned bright yellow. The thickness gave an unspeakable

tyrant like power.

Standing in front of a metallic training column, Ye Chen took a deep breath and threw out a

punch onto it.


The bright yellow halo had disappeared once engaging with the metal column, only leaving a

light fist mark.

’’Just like the manual had stated, only mastering the second step 'using the power' would I be

able to throw out a proper punch, instead of the simple formality right now.’’

Instead of rushing himself, Ye Chen tried to condense his power to expert level, which would

mean that his fist power would be able to be perfectly performed.

After five days, Ye Chen shook his head.

Although the bright yellow halo seemed like it was about to turn into a mountain shadow soon,

he had only trained the martial art for such a short time. He had not understood completely its

meaning, which meant he would just not be able to get onto the other side.

’’Never mind, let's learn out how to 'use the power.’’

'Condensing the power' could be trained slowly in the future, 'using the power' was the most

important thing right now. Even if it were just the entry level of 'condensing power,'its power

would still be stronger than the fourth movement of the Tyrant Fist, which was exactly the

difference of a low-rank Earth Realm fist art and a mid-rank Earth Realm fist art. Not to

mention that the Five Mountains Godly Fist Art was not a normal mid rank Earth Realm fist art,

it belonged to one of the top ones, which cost Ye Chen two hundred and ten thousand low-rank

soul stones.

Compared to 'condensing the power,''using the power' was relatively easier. In under one

week, Ye Chen had fully mastered.

Walking in front of the training column once again, Ye Chen tightened his right hand, as the

bright yellow halo started to twist drastically, showing a vague mountain shadow. It landed

heavily onto that tough training column.


The training column was slightly dented, and there was a deep fist mark where it was hit.

Because of the excessive power, the straight column was slightly tilted.

’’Not bad, the entry level of the Condensing Five Mountain is more powerful than what I

imagined. However, what kind of metal have they used to make this training column? My sword

qi could only leave a sword mark instead of completely cutting it off. Even the fist power was

not able to completely bend it. How impressive!’’

Reaching the cultivation that Ye Chen was at, one mountain could be easily shattered, and a

normal great sword would be easily snapped in half. The toughness of the training column was

unbelievably strong, right below low-rank great weapons. If this kind of metal were used to

make weapons, it would be good enough to be used by Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.

Naturally, what Ye Chen did not know was that these materials were solely normal metal.

However, after being burnt and trained by the zhen fire, all of the impure parts were burnt out

completely, leaving the best of the best. Not many Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would be able

to ruin it.

The time passed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, Ye Chen had been there for a month now.

During this time, he had trained his zhen qi at night, stabilizing his cultivation. During the day

time, he continued to study his sword arts and train the Five Mountain Godly Fist Art.

Learning the sword art was a continuous process. Therefore, there was not a single day that Ye

Chen was not training his sword art. He could not be clearer about the fact that the sword arts

were deeply connected to sword intent. The more powerful his sword arts got, the more stable

his sword intent would become, and the easier it would grow. Judging all the other sword artists

in the world, most of those who had learned the sword intent were people who knew powerful

sword arts. There was barely anyone who had learned the sword intent but had common sword


As for the first movement of the Five Mountain Godly Fist Art, Ye Chen had still not mastered

its expert level yet. But with his powerful fist power, it had already reached beyond the power of

his Tyrant Fist Art.


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