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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 224


Chapter 224: Sky Shattering Clouds

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Watching every single little movement Yuan Zongbo made, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'If I am

not mistaken, the Minor Blood Demon Great Art has a close relationship with the Blood Demon

Great Art. It might have come from the Blood Demon Man, who was one of the one hundred and

eight ghost warriors of the Nine Ghost Cult. However, in comparison, after performing the

Blood Demon Great Art, the user would become very slow and not know when to avoid attacks.

Eventually, they would explode themselves to kill their opponents. Its power is unimaginable.

However, although the Minor Blood Demon Great Art has also the side effects of slow reflexes

and body damages, but compared to the Blood Demon Great Art, the side effects are definitely

nothing... at least the user would not have to worry about self-explosion.


Ye Chen would not sit there and watch his opponent push his power to its peak. He waved his

Star Scar Sword. The blue light beam sliced through the sky, targeting Yuan Zongbo, who was in

the middle of that pile of bloody light.


The sound of a steel sword being broken was heard. The blue light beam had just broken up the

blood light and cut into Yuan Zongbo's body. An even more powerful blood light exploded,

bouncing back the blue light beam. The latter turned back into its sword qi shape, then

eventually disappeared completely.

’’Eh? He was able to bounce back the sword qi!’’

Ye Chen frowned a little, throwing out a Void Shattering Finger attack.

Under the finger power, the blood light around Yuan Zongbo's body suddenly dimmed a little

bit. A round shaped dent appeared in the front. There was only a thin layer in the bottom of the

dent, which looked like it was about to give way. However, the finger power could not last

longer. It started to twist and its shape changed, eventually shattering with a popping sound.

’’Oh well, I will have to get in there now and fight close up.’’ The Lone Peak Kill that had fused

eleven movements was definitely Ye Chen's most powerful attack. There was no doubt in that.

The blood light was like fire, starting to burn drastically. Yuan Zongbo's aura continued to raise

up, forming a horrifying red storm. With that red storm rushing into the sky, it looked like an

extraordinary spinning light column standing in the middle of the forest.

’’What an impressive power. Ever since I got the Minor Blood Demon Art, this is the first time I

have released it to the extent of eighty percent.’’ Yuan Zongbo licked his lips. He looked at Ye

Chen with an evil intention written all over his eyes and sneered, ’’Brat, you will die under my

peak condition. It will be your honor.’’

Ye Chen replied, ’’You thought you have the full control of your Minor Blood Demon Art?’’

Marital Arts were originally not evil or good. But depending on who was using it, it might be

different. In Ye Chen's opinion, the martial arts had to be under the warrior's control.

Otherwise, they would never work. And right now, Yuan Zongbo could not even control his

almost breaking aura, which meant he had not mastered his Minor Blood Demon Art yet.

Otherwise, its power might have been even stronger.

Yuan Zongbo froze a little bit. Ye Chen was right. He was indeed not able to fully control his

Minor Blood Demon Art. It was not because he was stupid or something like that, but rather

because the Minor Blood Demon Great Art was unlike most martial arts out there. Each time of

usage, it would damage the user's body drastically. Therefore, until it was a life or death matter,

he would not choose to use it. Even if he decided to use it, he would have to really watch out. All

of that led to the fact that he knew still too little about the Minor Blood Demon Great Art. He

had only learned about thirty percent of its mentality. Once he released too much of its power,

although his aura would seem extremely strong, but it would be very scattered, and there was

no way for him to push them all together.

’’Hehe, I don't need to fully control it. I will kill you like a dog right now. Die! Blood Light


Yuan Zongbo lifted up his right arm, waving his sword towards Ye Chen.


Countless explosions happened in a series. A thick sword qi, rough sword light to be more

precise, had been formed by Yuan Zongbo, even though he had lost the ability to control and

compress his sword qi. That rough sword light was running everywhere, tearing apart the

ground. The next second, along with a brutal power, it attacked towards Ye Chen who was a

hundred meters away. The sword light had not yet arrived, but all of the huge trees within the

few hundred meters radius behind Ye Chen had been shattered. The ground below him had

sunk, the mud forming a wave, attacking towards Ye Chen as well.

Facing that wide ranged powerful sword attack which would be enough to tear him into pieces,

Ye Chen knew if he chose to escape, he would end up in the inferior position. When there was

the second sword, the third sword, even the fourth one, he might not be able to escape anymore.

Since that exploding sword light had such a wide attacking range, it challenged his escaping


’’Very well, I will let you see what I have been doing for the past one and half month!’’

Ye Chen did not back out. He held his Star Scar Sword with both of his hands over his head. All

of a sudden, after the pure mysterious zhen qi had been poured into his sword, the Star Scar

Sword started to twist. Precisely, it was the air around the Star Scar Sword that started to spin,

creating a visual illusion. It was like looking through a wavy surface of a river to see the great

sword in the bottom.

After the horrifying sword power had exploded, Ye Chen sliced down his sword.

’’Sky Shattering Clouds!’’

The rough, bloody sword light traveled extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived ten

meters in front of Ye Chen. Under the condition of it traveling faster than light, the ten-meter

distance could be ignored completely. However, right now, that ten-meter distance was like a

huge canyon. No matter how brutal and powerful that blood sword light was, it could still not

move an inch.

That intense situation lasted for half a second. Then, that bloody sword light started to break

down inch by inch, spreading out in all directions. All of the forests had been demolished

completely into a flat ground within a one-mile radius. Waiting until the blood light had

disappeared completely, a thirty meters long, twenty meters deep hole appeared on the ground,

looking extremely horrifying.

’’How can this be?! How could you block my sword attack with all my strength?!’’

Yuan Zongbo was really confident about his sword attack. The attacking power alone would not

be weaker than some of the top peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Even top rank 6

beasts with ancient bloodline would not dare to ignore that attack.

But somehow, Ye Chen was able to block it out. How could he not be shocked?


Ye Chen let out a lung full of impure breath. That sword movement was indeed like the Lone

Peak Kill, which was also a combined sword attack. What was different was that the Lone Peak

Kill had combined all of the movements from the Lone Peak Thirteen Sword, but the Sky

Shattering Clouds had combined the first three movements of his low-rank Earth Realm Sky

Cloud Sword Art. Normally, with his cultivation, wanting to combine low rank Earth Realm

sword arts would still be quite difficult. But once he had reached fifty percent sword intent,

improved his cultivation from peak level Early Clasping Yuan Realm to peak level Mid Clasping

Yuan Realm, he could barely try to combine them. It took him a whole month's time to just

combine the first two movements, and it was still not perfect. Combining the third movement

was a bit tricky; it was still incomplete, which meant that the sword attack was still a work in

progress, yet its power was strong.

However, it was enough. Ye Chen had Lone Peak Kill for close-up fights, One Sword Attack for

distance fights, and Sky Shattering Clouds for head on brutal attacks. His sword art had almost

covered all styles of attacks, which allowed him to face different kinds of fights easily. If he

managed to master the Five Mountain Godly Fist Art to the expert level, then he would not have

to worry about anyone comparable to his level, even if he did not have his weapons.

’’Too bad that combining two low-rank sword art movements is already my limit. The third

movement was only added onto, it so it did not count.’’

During that short period of time, Ye Chen hurried to calm his boiling qi and blood. Although

that exploding red sword light power did not wound him, there was definitely a certain degree

of counter effect.


Yuan Zongbo took a step forward. All of the ground in front of him suddenly sank in as he

yelled, ’’I want to see how you are going to block my second sword attack. Blood Eagle Three


With the help of his Minor Blood Demon Great Art, Yuan Zongbo threw three sword attacks in a

row. And because of its extremely fast speed, one could only see his arm shake once.

Three thick bloody sword lights appeared, with two coming on the top and one being at the

bottom. The top two sword lights were like a male eagle's wings. They shook and tore apart the

air, while the lower sword light was like a male eagle's claws, slicing open the ground.

Wherever it went, the air was suddenly shattered and pushed out, forming an area of vacuum


After throwing out those three attacks, Yuan Zongbo shrunk another size down, his clothes

seeming to be looser and looser, starting to even float in the air.

’’Great. With this opportunity, I will use the remaining spirit qi from that Fire Dragon Fruit to

my potential.’’

The spirit qi of that Fire Dragon Fruit was really impressive. It could not only help the warriors

to make a breakthrough in their cultivation, but it also contained an enormous amount of spirit

qi. Before, when Ye Chen had reached the peak level Mid Clasping Yuan Realm from just Mid

Clasping Yuan Realm, he had only used seventy percent of the spirit qi while the remaining

thirty percent had been hidden in the deepest part of his body. With the time passing by, it kept

decreasing because of inevitable leakage, which Ye Chen could do nothing to stop.

His idea was very simple; using the force Yuan Zongbo had given him, he completely

transformed the spirit qi from the Fire Dragon Fruit into yuan qi and infused it into his body.

One day, when he reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm, that yuan qi would help him grow

faster so nothing would be wasted.

Without taking one step back, Ye Chen started to use all his strength to push his mysterious

zhen qi into his Star Scar Sword. As a low-rank great weapon, it did not break down because of

the zhen qi, absorbing all of the pure mysterious zhen qi. A dark star shine appeared on the

surface of the sword, and one could sense the sword aura becoming stronger.


He threw out a sword attack as Yuan Zongbo's sword light was blocked again.


Not only the sword light had been shattered, but the spirit qi of the Fire Dragon Fruit inside Ye

Chen's body was also broken, turning into pure yuan qi and infusing into his natural yuan qi.

The next second, Ye Chen became even more energized, which was completely different from

the joy of blocking that sword light.


The blood light spread out everywhere. Ye Chen's body shook as four zhen qi shadows came out

of his body and attacked Yuan Zongbo from different directions, preparing for a close-up fight.

Out of nowhere, Yuan Zongbo's dried out body turned normal again. It must be the thousandyear-

old Ganoderma Lucidum starting to work, helping him regain most of his blood and flesh.

’’Piss off!’’

Holding the great sword with only one hand, Yuan Zongbo waved it for a full circle.

The blood light appeared again, and all of the zhen qi shadows were shattered.

’’Too late.’’

In midair, Ye Chen was now less than three meters away from Yuan Zongbo. Throwing out a

sword attack using his Star Scar Sword, the beautiful sword light looked extra unreal. It seemed

to be far, but it was also so close.

Yuan Zongbo was frightened. With his eyes, he could not tell where the sword light actually

was. The only thing he could do was stabilize his blood light defense, trying to block out that

sword attack.


The Star Scar Sword was incredibly sharp. With the help of his fifty percent sword intent and

the sword light, it cut through the blood light without any effort, stabbing into Yuan Zongbo's


After taking out the sword, something extremely disgusting happened. Yuan Zongbo's whole

body became dried and flat, sliding down onto the ground. At a quick glance, it looked like a

skeleton wrapped in human skin. Only his head was in its original shape, but with one extra

deep sword hole on its forehead.

’’What a waste for the thousand-year-old Ganoderma Lucidum.’’ Putting his Star Scar Sword

back in its scabbard, Ye Chen's feet touched the ground. One could see the disappointed look on

his face. The thousand-year-old Ganoderma Lucidum was extremely powerful and effective,

and could not be used up in such short time. It could be because after losing Yuan Zongbo's

zhen qi control, the Ganoderma Lucidum could not work automatically and was being locked up

inside his stomach, eventually losing its moisture. The side effect of the Minor Blood Demon

Art had then exploded, draining out all his blood, leaving not even one drop behind.

Some of the psychotic warriors might even want to try to take out the remaining of the

Ganoderma Lucidum so they could use it for what it was worth.


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