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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 222


Chapter 222: One Kill Wonder

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Leaving the Martial City, Ye Chen jumped up and landed on the chain. Without the need to look

back, he knew that Yuan Zongbo and his gang had caught up with him.

Since they were all outside the Martial City now, they could do whatever they wanted without

having to worry about being found out.

’’Come on! Soon, you will regret this.’’ Before leaving the city, Ye Chen used his soul power and

tracked down those five people's location. Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin were still at the same

cultivation so their fighting power would probably be almost the same. And Ye Chen did not

sense any dangerous aura from those three incomers. Each single one of them was not even as

powerful as Yuan Zongbo or Mr. Jin. And with Ye Chen's cultivation now, fighting against five

old generation Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors could not be easier. But if he wanted to keep

them all then it might be a bit tricky. He would have to think of a plan.


His body extended, and Ye Chen soon appeared on the other side of the chain, eventually

disappearing completely.

’’Come on! Do not let him run away!’’ Yuan Zongbo yelled. He could not hate Ye Chen more. If he

were not able to kill him with his own hands, it would be a significant obstacle for future


The head of the Wolf Head Mountain said, ’’The gravity of the Mysterious Mountains is

extremely high, and he, an Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, wants to escape from this?’’

The five of them separated into two groups, running on the two nearby chains, trying to catch


There was a huge forest in the distance. Because of the different gravity, the trees here were

unlike the ones outside; there were no tall ones, most of the trees here being shorter than thirty

meters. However, the width of the trees was quite impressive, and dozens of people holding

hands could not surround them. Their leaves were extremely rich, covering up the sky. Looking

from the outside, one would not be able to see a thing inside.

’’Great spot!’’ Ye Chen deliberately slowed down a little bit. Waiting until his soul power could

sense the five catching up, his body then flashed once and blended into the forest.

Yuan Zongbo was very frustrated, ’’What a sneaky brat!’’

Mr. Jin laughed, ’’This forest is not that big. He would not make it out alive.’’

’’Indeed. We three brothers of the Wolf Head Mountain had grown up in the mountains and

forests. The more complicated it is, the better for us. We were only planning to kill him and get

done with it. But since he has run inside a forest, then I guess we will have to play the games

now. Don't you think the hunter game is great fun?’’

Hearing him, Yuan Zongbo calmed down a little bit. He thought to himself, 'I guess I was

overreacting. Last time, that brat was able to beat me was only because I was being careless.

Right now, I would not make the same mistakes again. Plus, there are also Mr. Jin and three

brothers of the Wolf Head Mountain here with me. Killing him would be a sure thing, no need to


Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Five people kept their speed, shooting into the forest.

’’Alright, let's separate the five first. While attacking them together, one or two of them might

find a chance to escape.’’ Ye Chen was not afraid if the five attacking him at the same time, he

was afraid that once he revealed his true power, the remaining ones would know that they did

not stand a chance and try to escape. His movement art was not much more powerful than the

others. Hunting one or two would be his limit, but killing them all at once would not be


His body shook, and he separated out a zhen qi shadow. Cooperating with his real body, they

ran towards the opposite directions.

Yuan Zongming, who was in the lead, froze a little bit. It was too dark in the forest, plus Ye Chen

was extremely fast. He had no idea which was real and which was the zhen qi shadow.

’’Brother Yuan, we three brothers will go in that direction; you and Mr. Jin take the other one.

Once figured out, we shall regroup at once.’’ The leader of the three brothers said.

Mr. Jin nodded, ’’This forest is only ten miles big. If there is a fight, you would be able to sense it

from a very far distance. It should be ok.’’

’’Okay! Let's go!’’ Yuan Zongming thought about it for a second and then agreed with the plan,

starting to chase the ’’Ye Chen’’ on the right.

The three brothers of the Wolf Head Mountain looked at each other and exchanged a look.

’’Brother, Second brother, Yuan Zongming and Mr. Jin thought so highly of that guy, he must

have carried some treasures. Why do we have to work with them? All we need to do is to kill him

and take his storage rings.’’

’’Awesome. Little brother thought just like me. We three brothers also have each other's back.

Yuan Zongming and Mr. Jin would not be able to do anything to us.’’

’’I dare him. If it was not because he was with Yuan Zongming, we could kill him too.’’

’’There might be a chance. Let's catch up with that guy first.’’

’’Let's go!’’

The three had evil thoughts in their heads as they ran after the ’’Ye Chen’’ on the left side.

Although the forest was not very big, because of the thick branches of the trees, they were not

able to push their speed. The three with one in the front, one in the back, ran around the

obstacles and followed right behind Ye Chen.

’’Little brat, where do you think you are going?’’

The third brother shook his wrist, and a palm-sized sword shot out. Its speed was fast as

lightning, touched the edge of the tree and hit ’’Ye Chen's’’ body.


Ye Chen's body shattered, disappearing into the air.

’’It is a fake one after all. What a bad luck. Yuan Zongming and Mr. Jin should be chasing the

real one.’’ The second brother looked quite disappointed.

’’Second bro!’’


The eldest brother and the youngest brother's terrified eyes were looking at the back of the

second brother.

In that crowded forest, a sword light shot out at a seemingly slow but extremely fast speed. It

had only flashed once before disappearing into the rear side of the second brother's heart.

’’Kill my brother, I will kill you!’’

The eldest brother groaned. The muscle on his right arm expanded, making bone-cracking

noises. The next second, he stepped out his left feet and threw out a punch towards where the

light had come from.

That punch was incredibly powerful. The fist power had not arrived, yet all the air around there

had been sucked out, forming waves of invisible tornados.


A huge hole appeared on that huge tree that needed ten people to go around, it had been gone

through brutally by that fist power. On the edge of the hole was a helix pattern which was a

symbol of extremely strong twisting power.

’’The second one!’’

Ye Chen appeared in the left front part of the eldest brother as he threw out a sword attack.

’’So fast!’’

That was the only thought that popped up his mind.

One sword went straight into his throat, Ye Chen switched his attention to the youngest of the

three, whose expression had changed multiple times, from fury to surprise, then to absolute

fright. All he could think of was to run, run as fast and as far as possible. Ye Chen was way too

scary. He had not only killed his second brother with only one sword attack, but he had also

killed his eldest brother face to face. His attacking speed was inhuman and unimaginable.

’’Ghost Shadow Steps!’’

The third brother was not famous for his martial skills, but for his movement art. This Ghost

Shadow Art was a mid-rank Earth Realm art. With it, the three brothers were able to do

whatever they wanted, hunting those lone warriors who were also great with movement arts

but with less power.

Right now, he could not care about anything else at all. He performed his Ghost Shadow Steps

art, his body looking like a ghost, floating around in that crowded forest. In the blink of an eye,

he had already arrived a hundred meters away.

’’Competing in movement arts with me?!’’ Ye Chen's feet touched the ground, and his body

turned into a shadow. The next second, he suddenly appeared on the huge branch of the big tree

on the other side. By the time one could look there again, he had already landed on another tree.

So he kept flashing, sometimes appearing, sometimes not. There was almost no way of

knowing where his real body really was.

Hearing the wind sound in his ears, the last brother was finally relieved. 'Finally made it... The

Ghost Shadow Steps Art was indeed mid-rank Earth Realm. In this complicated location, there

were barely any obstacles for me.' However, with the thought of his eldest and youngest

brother dying, the last brother could not help but feel his heart tightened. He swore to himself

that this time when he went back to the Martial City, even if it meant it would cost every single

soul stone of his, he would hire a hit man to kill Ye Chen.


All of a sudden, that huge tree in front of him started to shake, and all of those leaves began to

fall down.


The last brother was frightened. He immediately turned around and ran back where he had

come from.

’’You think you can escape?’’

The fallen leaves had been flicked away by the protective zhen qi while Ye Chen's body was still

flashing. The sword light in his hand kept changing, like a poisonous snake preparing its


’’If you want to kill me, I will bring you with me!’’ The last brother had seen Ye Chen's sword

attacks. He knew that once Ye Chen got close to him, he would not stand a chance. Therefore, he

had no choice but to attack back. He then reached out his hand, preparing to shoot out all of his

hand swords, trying to make holes in Ye Chen's body.


However, his hand had just been lifted up when Ye Chen's sword was already back in its

scabbard. It was not that Ye Chen had given up on attacking. On the contrary, it was because he

had finished his attacks. Because of the movement of the Star Scar Sword, blood suddenly

started to shoot out from the last brother's heart, and he could feel his life slipping out of his


’’It turned out it was not that he became faster, it was me becoming slower.’’ Up until the second

he was about to die, the last brother then understood that Ye Chen's sword was not that fast. It

was only because the space between them had been stretched infinitely as Ye Chen threw out

the sword attack, creating an illusion that it was still very far away. That illusion made him let

off guard a little bit too much, and at exactly that moment, Ye Chen's sword had shown up 'out

of nowhere,' seemingly breaking out of the trap of space.

The last brother was already dead when his body crashed into that huge tree by the momentum

of the sword power.

’’He figured it out! Unfortunately, it was already too late.’’ Ye Chen looked a little bit surprised.

The Lone Peak Kill's secret was to confuse the opponent's sense of space, making them feel it

was still far away when the attack was already in front of them. And once they had figured it all

out, their reflexes would be too late to save them from the actual attack so they would have to

see themselves being killed.

Waving his right hand, the storage ring automatically fell off the last brother's hand and landed

on Ye Chen's head.

’’It's time to take care of Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin.’’

Using his soul power to scan through the forest, Ye Chen soon discovered the location of the

two. They were running towards him at an extremely fast speed.

’’Brother Yuan, I have a bad feeling about this.’’ While flying, Mr. Jin frowned as he

unconsciously slowed down.

Yuan Zongbo said while being confused, ’’What's wrong? You think that brat could have killed

the three brothers by himself? Back then, he had to run when facing just the two of us. Plus,

those three brothers combined are even stronger than us.’’

’’That is true, but there is still a possibility.’’

’’What do you think we should do? We cannot just let it go, can we?’’

’’Maybe I was just overreacting, let's go!’’ Mr. Jin thought about all the consequences, and he

could not imagine those things actually happening since the three brothers were indeed very

powerful. Even if Ye Chen was that powerful, it was still quite impossible for him to take those

three out easily. It must have been the fight last time traumatizing him. Clearing his mind, Mr.

Jin increased his speed while he pushed his zhen qi protective layer to the fullest.


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