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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 221


Chapter 221: Fist Art - Dragon Elephant

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

The reason Ye Chen headed to the trading palace was not only because he wanted to disguise

the true purpose of his trip, but he was actually looking for a Fist Art manual.

During the fight against the ghost head, his Star Scar Sword was bitten and controlled by his

opponent. He, who was bare-handed, had no way of escaping the situation. If it were not for

that Tornado Broken Clouds Art which was performed by his legs at that critical moment, he

would have already been another dead soul under the ghost head's claws. If he had trained a

powerful fist art, then maybe he could kill the ghost head with one punch, or at least badly

wound him and allow himself to escape that trap.

’’Right now, I am not powerful enough. Only training the sword arts is obviously not going to fit

into all kinds of fights. Therefore, the fist art must be powerful as well. As for the other kinds of

martial arts, I will not look into it... I don't think I have enough time.’’ The Void Shattering

Finger Art was powerful, but it was too broad of an art. With Ye Chen's current cultivation, he

would not be able to fully understand all of it.

To be able to enter the trading palace, one would have to have enough of wealth. Ye Chen took

out a storage ring that he had prepared beforehand and handed to the warrior that was

guarding the palace. After checking the contents of the storage ring, he returned the ring back

to Ye Chen and allowed him to proceed.

Inside the palace, it was crowded with people. Clasping Yuan Realm warriors were everywhere.

’’Burning Wind Godly Fist... No, it is too low in rank!’’

’’Mountain Cracker... Nah, it is not even comparable to the Tyrant Fist!’’

’’Small Planet Fist... It is indeed interesting, but I need powerful fighting power.’’


Along the way, Ye Chen realized that among all of the fist art manuals that were being sold,

more than ninety percent were low-rank Earth Realm fist arts. The mid-rank Earth Realm Fist

Art was really rare. As for top rank Earth Realm fist arts or even higher, they were nowhere to

be found. However, it was not hard to understand why. The high-rank Earth Realm martial arts

would be even considered as exclusive manuals for a rank 6 martial institutions. No matter how

many great treasures were in the trading palace, there would still not be top rank Earth Realm

martial art manuals.

Lowering his requirement, Ye Chen started to look at mid-rank Earth Realm fist art manuals.

After walking around the whole trading palace that covered few miles of ground, Ye Chen had

only found two fist art manuals that satisfied him. One of them was ’’Three Colors Fire Fist,’’

and the other one was ’’Five Mountains Godly Fist Art.’’ The Three Colors Fire Fist had three

movements, the first movement would create fist power that had a red color, the second one

would be purple, while the third one being gold. It was perfect for warriors that had trained fire

factor zhen qi. However, there was no certain characteristic for his Mysterious zhen qi, so it did

not matter what kind of martial skill it was, he would still be able to train. The Five Mountain

Godly Fist was a bit more brutal. There were five movements in total. Each one of them would

be more powerful than the one before. Performing each movement, it required a high quality of

the body. Otherwise, it would have the opposite effect of hurting oneself.

For the Three Color Fire Fist, it cost one hundred seventy thousand low rank soul stones while

the Five Mountain Godly Fist would be two hundred and ten thousand low-rank soul stones.

With both being the same mid-rank Earth Realm martial arts, there was a forty thousand price

difference between them.

’’Hey, I want to take this Three Color Fire Fist manual.’’

As Ye Chen was still thinking, the Three Color Fire Fist manual was taken by another peak level

Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior.

Ye Chen forced a smile and walked over to the crystal counter that stored the Five Mountain

Godly Fist manual.


Stopping where he was going, Ye Chen's eyes were caught by the corner of a crystal counter.

Inside that clear counter, only two or three treasures were waiting to be sold. And one of them

was indeed a fist art manual. It was labeled ’’Top rank Earth Realm Fist Manual (Incomplete)’’

’’Let's go check it out.’’ Before, he had searched too fast, so he had probably missed this crystal

counter. Otherwise, he would not have walked away.

There were quite a lot of warriors standing in front of the counter.

’’Too bad. Normally an incomplete secret art manual would still have one or two movements

that were full. But this fist art has none of it, how am I going to train with this?’’

’’And it is still that expensive. Selling it for three hundred thousand low-rank soul stones,

which warrior that was below Astral Reaching Realm could afford it?’’

’’Maybe it was just put here to tease us.’’

’’What's to tease? If it were only thirty thousand low rank soul stones, I would still not buy it.’’

’’Let's go! Let's go! What a shame!’’

The crowd had come and gone. Soon, only three people were standing there chatting.

’’Hey, is there a way to lower the price? If it is fifty thousand low-rank soul stones, I will take

it!’’ suggested a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior who seemed to be quite interested in it.

The owner of the counter was an elder with gray hair. He wore brown robes, siting on the

croutons behind the counter with his feet tugged under his body. He did not move at all and

said, ’’If you are really interested, maybe you can have a discount of ten or twenty thousand.’’

’’Ten or twenty thousand, are you joking?’’ That warrior left as he swore. The other two had also

lost their interest in watching, and eventually, they had also scattered away.

In the end, there was only Ye Chen.

He did not start with bargaining. Instead, he picked up the manual and started to read it


The fist art manual had been separated into halves by someone. There was only the top part,

but there was no bottom part. Therefore, unlike normal incomplete manuals, this manual could

not be more broken. It was almost impossible to train. Unless someone was willing to spend

decades studying this, there might be some discoveries. However, dozens of years were way too

long a time. No one would be happy to spend their precious time on this, even if it was a top

rank Earth Realm art.

After all, with dozens of years of time, anyone with a brain would agree that it would be better

to train and try to reach for a higher cultivation.

Because it had been separated, that was why its name was also incomplete. Ye Chen could only

see the two characters in the beginning - ’’Dragon Elephant.’’ As for the rest of the title, there

would be no way of finding it out right now.

’’Can I take it out to see a bit more?’’ Ye Chen asked.

The elder in gray asked, ’’Are you sure you are going to buy it?’’

Ye Chen laughed, ’’If I like it, I will buy it; if I don't, then I won't... simple as that.’’

’’Alright! You have three breaths of time. Do not go beyond that time.’’

The owner opened the crystal counter, took out the half manual and handed it to Ye Chen. His

eyes were full of distrust, it was like he was afraid that Ye Chen would see too much.

Ye Chen forced a laugh, opened the first page of the manual.

’’The first movement, Dragon Elephant Great Power...’’

’’The second movement, Dragon Elephant Roar...’’

’’The third movement, Elephant Mountain Fighter...’’

’’The fourth movement, Dragon Ocean...’’


’’The seventh, unknown...’’

After quickly reading from front to back, Ye Chen realized there were seven movements in total,

and each one them seemed to have a weird name, which he was not able to guess. However, his

instinct told him that it appeared to be a real top rank Earth Realm fist art, maybe even higher.

’’Three breaths of time has finished.’’ The elder with gray hair grabbed the manual off Ye Chen's


Touching his storage ring, Ye Chen suddenly asked, ’’Quick question, do you know the rank of

this manual?’’

A hesitation flashed through the elder's eyes. After a long while, he sighed, ’’To be honest, I had

no idea. I had found it accidentally on a small island in the Star Region Lake. But according to

my judgment, its rank should be more than top rank Earth Realm, because its owner had died

for years, but I could still sense his creepy aura. It was deep as the ocean so his belongings

would not be worse.’’

'Even after death, there were still creep vibes?'

Ye Chen was surprised. 'Isn't that the sign of being in the Seas of Souls Realm?' As for the Life

and Death Realm warriors, it would be almost impossible for them to die, unless turning to

ashes and disappearing altogether. Otherwise, even if the warriors had only got one piece of

flesh left, they would still be able to reborn. The powerful ones would be able to be reborn from

one drop of blood. Therefore, there would be almost impossible for a Life and Death Realm

warrior to leave his or her bodies there. But of course, in this true spirit continent, nothing was

impossible. There might actually be Life and Death Realm warriors' corpses left somewhere.

But that would be another topic for another time.

’’Then why don't you write top rank Earth Realm since you don't even know its true realm?’’

The elder forced a laugh, ’’If I wrote top rank Earth Realm, people would think I was lying. Then

they would not pay attention at all. Plus, I had studied this manual carefully, and I had not

found anything special yet. To tell you the truth, there was an Astral Reaching Realm warrior

who came by yesterday. He took a look, but then eventually he shook his head and left, saying

that without the bottom part of the manual, even if it were a Sky Realm fist art, it would still be


Ye Chen thought to himself for a while. That Astral Reaching Realm warrior was probably right.

Guessing the rest of the manual from the one-half of the manual would be harder than just

creating one himself. After all, while creating a martial art, he would be able to choose its

structure. But guessing other people's martial arts, it meant he would have to fill in the

structure of someone else's, which brought a lot of limitation.

’’One hundred thousand low-rank soul stones, if more then I walk.’’ Ye Chen stared at the elder.

’’Isn't that a bit too less. It was from a powerful warrior after all!’’

The elder was unhappy about the price.

Without saying a word, Ye Chen lifted up his feet about to leave.

’’Wait! One hundred and fifty thousand low-rank soul stones!’’

’’One hundred and twenty thousand soul stones!’’

’’D*** it! One hundred twenty thousand then!’’

Ye Chen smiled, and as he paid the elder, he said, ’’I only want to buy it so I can study it properly.

What do you think?’’

The elder rolled his eyes, ’’It was only because you looked like you actually wanted it. Those

people before wanted to buy it for fifty thousand soul stones... well, keep on dreaming!’’

Putting away the half manual, Ye Chen walked over to the counter that stored the Five

Mountain Godly Fist.

It was priced at two hundred and ten thousand low-rank soul stones. Obviously, it was a bit

overpriced. Normally, a top Mid-rank Earth Realm fist art would not go beyond one hundred

and eighty thousand low rank soul stones. However, this was the trading palace, and the prices

were decided by the warriors themselves. No matter how expensive they wanted to sell it for,

they could do it.

Ye Chen who had just had a huge income did not hesitate and bought the manual instantly.

Leaving the trading palace, he went back to his training room.

Three days later...


Ye Chen purposely dressed up and walked towards the gate discreetly.

’’Haha, once you arrived in the martial city, I knew you would try to leave secretly.’’ On the

second floor in a nearby restaurant, Yuan Zongbo sneered.

Right next to him there were another four people. On the far left side, it was Mr. Jin, who was

full of smiles right then. The other three people had incredibly huge bodies and were all at Late

Clasping Yuan Realm.

’’I was wondering who you tried to take on that would want us to be here to support you. But he

is only a peak level Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. Do you really need us here?’’

’’My bro is right. Yuan Zongbo, what the heck are you thinking? I am telling you, if we don't

make money from this, I will take it from you.’’

Yuan Zongbo was aggravated, he said, ’’Back then, it was me who underestimated the situation

and got ambushed. But don't think of him lightly, his flying art was really powerful. Mr. Jin can


Mr. Jin smiled, ’’Brother Yuan is right. He had mastered an impressive flying art which allowed

him to separate zhen qi shadows to confuse his opponents.’’

’’Being able to separate zhen qi shadows, it does sound a bit tricky. But you two must have been

careless. Otherwise, two against one, how could you let him escape?’’

Yuan Zongbo was a little bit embarrassed. He had not told them about Mr. Jin and him being

badly wounded by Ye Chen. Otherwise, they would have laughed at them. ’’Indeed, Mr. Jin and I

had been careless. We did not pay enough attention to him. That was why I asked you three

brothers to come this time, mainly in case he runs away. Also, among all of his things, I only

want that low-rank great sword, the rest would be all yours.’’

’’That sounds more like it. That little brat has reached the peak level Early Clasping Yuan Realm

at such a young age, he must have a lot of goodies. I hope he will not disappoint us.’’


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