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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 22


Blue Murderous Qi

The two stood ten steps apart and accumulated their Qi.

Luo Hanshan's face began to give off a purple aura as his Qi accumulated. He yelled out in a low voice and began to run towards Liu Wuxiang, throwing his right palm forward.

His Qi wave reached Liu Wuxiang before his body did, the powerful Qi fluctuation made it so that you could see the visible waves in the air.

Liu Wuxiang face grew serious as the bricks underneath his feet suddenly broke under his strength. He pushed off the ground and rushed toward Luo Hanshan, striking forward with his own palm attack.

The air exploded out in different directions, which knocked over all the tables and chairs. Meanwhile, the two human figures were both pushed back a few meters.

Ye Xuan looked surprised, she did not expect the battle between two Late Condensing Reality Stage warriors to be this frightening. The collision, from before, even managed to knock over the heavy purple wooden tables nearby. As Ji Xueyan was one step away from the Late Condensing Reality stage, she was unsurprised by the strength shown in the battle, but she knew she was nowhere near those two in power, she probably could not even handle one palm attack.

The two did everything they could to control their bodies, and, coincidentally, moved closer to each other, they were close enough to each other that they easily felt strong killing intent from the other.

’’Well, I don't even need three moves to end this fight. With your ability, isn't the outcome of this match obvious?’’ Suddenly, a blue cloud flowed around Liu Wuxiang, and rotated around at a speed that split the air and caused an awful piercing howl.

’’Blue Murderous Qi!’’ Luo Hanshan whispered as his face grew even more strict.

However, Luo Xinglie, who was sitting in the top seat, was even more nervous than Luo Hanshan. The Blue Murderous Qi was one of the lost martial arts from the Emerald Martial Palace, as a Low Rank Earth Realm Art, its strong point was in its power to strengthen Qi output. It was extremely valuable, and not even ordinary core disciples could learn it, it had to be given to the top core disciples. Seeing the transformation of Liu Wuxiang, Luo Xinglie obviously sensed the power of his Blue Muderous Qi Stage 8 and could not help but appreciate Wuxiang's strength as a warrior, and, at the same time, he also worried about his own son.

Liu Wuxiang said without any emotion: ’’I think we should end here.’’

’’I don't think so!’’ Luo Hanshan took a deep breath, a vein popped out on his forehead, then there was a second one, then a third one... Suddenly, something horrifying happened. His pupils turned from black to read, then purple, and, eventually, two purple clouds shot out of his eyes.

’’Purple Pupils Frozen Heart Art Stage 8! Well done! Well done!’’ Luo Xinglie mouth hung open from shock before enthusiastically shouting in joy.

All the other senior masters in the room were all smiling. The Extreme Purple Art was a Low Rank Earth Realm Art with 9 stages, each stage harder than the last. Previously, they all had thought that Luo Hanshan was doomed to fail, but now they had nothing to worry anymore.

Luo Hanshan saw his father full of happiness and was secretly relieved. The past two years were, psychologically, very hard on them. Ever since he received the Top Four Young Masters title two years ago, he had failed every time in breaking through the Extreme Purple Art Stage 6 bottleneck. Then when he lost his place to the number one disciple, Zhu Mei, during the core disciple competition and everyone thought he had run out of potential.

Now no one would doubt him anymore!

This time, Liu Wuxiang attacked first, his palm wrapped in blue air flow suddenly punched out, it looked like it was about to ruin the whole lobby.

Luo Hanshan seemed to be fine, his palm reaching out toward his opponent, however, unlike Liu Wuxiang, his palm attack was silent, but everywhere it moved, the air started to vibrate like boiling water.

The two palms touched each other!

The floor suddenly cracked open. With them in the middle, a huge explosion occurred and traveled throughout the room like a hurricane, it was so powerful that it sliced all the tables and chairs into pieces.

Facing the incoming hurricane, Ji Xueyan accumulated her Qi and put out her palm to create a shield.

The power wave was blocked out, making huge noises like firecrackers. It was so powerful that Ji Xueyan's face paled a bit. Luckily, it was just an aftershock, which was only thirty percent of the original power.

Ye Xuan, who was sitting right next to Ji Xueyan, yelled: ’’If it wasn't for sister blocking it, I would be badly wounded just by that aftershock!’’

Ji Xueyan replied: ’’That Blue Muderous Qi specifically targets warriors' Qi. Add that with the pure Qi from that Extreme Purple Qi and the result is this destructive power.’’ Besides Ji Xueyan and Ye Xuan, the rest of people completely ignored the power wave. There seemed to be an invisible wall in front of them, protecting them.

Outside the lobby, Ye Chen was excited.

Is this the Late Condensing Reality Stage battle?! So intense! It's exactly like a martial art television series of the 21th century! I wonder when will I become this strong?

During the explosion of the palm attacks, Liu Wuxiang's body shifted, and he was forced back thirteen steps, with each step leaving a deep footprint on the floor. Meanwhile, Luo Hanshan was forced back fifteen steps and the last step broke the brick beneath him into pieces.

It turned out that Liu Wuxiang had won.

Gave Luo Hanshan a deep meaningful look, Liu Wuxiang then said: ’’After all, palm art is my expertise, how about we call it even this time?’’

Luo Hanshan said: ’’Let's do the third round!’’

’’That is unnecessary, I have already seen your ability, although you still haven't reached my big brother's level, but at least you have your reputation back.’’ Luo Hanshan paused, then nodded his head, accepting Liu Wuxiang's approval.

Luo Xinglie saw the battle was over and laughed: ’’The apprentice from Emerald Martial Palace is, indeed, powerful, just like your reputation! So young but so impressive!’’

Mu Fengyuan said: ’’Apologies for the trouble, leader Luo.’’

’’Haha, don't worry about it.’’ Luo Xinglie was very happy to see his son get his top genius title back. He smiled and said: ’’Hanshan, find yourself a seat.’’

Luo Hanshan nodded, he said to Liu Wuxiang: ’’Tell Fei Wushuang, I am back.’’

’’I will.’’

They both sat back at their seats, stopped talking.

Outside the lobby, Ye Chen regained his sense of self and bowed in front of Luo Xinglie and said: ’’Leader. Senior masters. I, apprentice Ye Chen, am here as requested.’’

The top senior master casually said: ’’Come in.’’

As he walked into the lobby, Ye Chen recognized Ye Xuan and Ji Xueyan, who was sitting beside her. He met her a couple of years ago, but she was no longer a little girl anymore, things had changed since they last saw each other. He had a basic idea of their purpose for this trip because he knew they were not close enough for a random visit like this.

Luo Xingllie controlled his emotions and spoke with majesty: ’’Ye Chen, do you recognize these two?’’

’’Yes, sir.’’ Ye Chen took a deep breath.

’’Since it is a personal affair, I will leave you to it. How about that?’’ Luo Xinglie didn't care for whatever they planned to do, he was not a core apprentice after all.


Ji Xueyan stood up and spoke to Luo Xinglie and Mu Fengyuan: ’’Please excuse us, I would like to talk to him in private.’’

Luo Xinglie and Mu Fengyuan nodded.

Walking in front of Ye Chen, Ji Xueyan motioned for him to follow her, ’’Let's talk outside.’’

Ye Chen did not say anything, he just followed her. Ye Xuan hesitated, she also excused herself from the elders and followed the two.


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