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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 219


Chapter 219: A Tough Kill

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

The night had turned darker and darker, as the moon slowly hid into the lotus shaped clouds.

Dozens of miles away in the Gold Tripod City, it was still crowded with people. The light shone

on the whole place, making it bright and clear. On the contrary, in this not-so-big forest, there

was barely any sound, which made it seem incredibly depressing.

In that quietness, cold lights suddenly exploded.

’’Piss off!’’

The ghost head shouted, his dried out palm tore apart the air. A couple of blue-purple claw

attacks shot out, which were extremely brutal and sharp. It clashed heavily with that cold light.


A sword had left a mark on his forearm. Ye Chen's body flashed and immediately blended in

with the night.

’’It seems like I had overestimated myself. I thought in this complicated environment, I could

threaten the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. But judging from the current situation, one sword

attack would not be fatal at all while dealing with a peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm

warrior who knows about the techniques of assassinations. And it would be even harder to take

on an Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Once one of the attacks failed, the furious fightback of the

Astral Reaching Realm warrior might just kill me.’’ Ye Chen could not be more familiar with the

horrifying power of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. He might have a chance before the

Astral Reaching Realm warrior activated his zhen yuan protective layer. Otherwise, Ye Chen

would not stand a chance, since the quality of the zhen yuan was incomparable to zhen qi.

Traveling around the ghost head like a ghost, making no noise and leaving no traces... Ye Chen

shifted his eyes, he lifted up his right-hand finger and pointed it out into the air.


In the distance, the ghost head looked like he had been struck by lightning. Both of his feet had

left the ground, his body had been blown and crashed into a huge tree.

The huge tree suddenly fell down, and all the leaves started to fall from the sky.

’’Perfect opportunity!’’

The Star Scar Sword had been hidden in the scabbard. Ye Chen's body kept flashing, separating

four zhen qi shadows. Those shadows started to run, following right behind his real body. What

was different was that the real body had no trace, almost as if it did not exist at all. Instead, the

zhen qi pattern from those zhen qi shadows was like light towers in the dark night, standing

out distinctly.

’’Four shadows. Which one is the real one? Or is none of them real?’’

The power of the Void Shattering Finger Art was way too weak so that the ghost head had not

been wounded at all. After standing up, he was a little bit stressed because he had no idea what

Ye Chen was doing.

'Ah F*** it! I shall kill them all!'

The ghost head roared once, and a brilliant blue-purple light started to shine. Using with both

of his hands, countless claw powers spread out, turning into a net and attacking towards all of

Ye Chen's zhen qi shadows.

Crack! Crack! Crack!...

The zhen qi shadow had been cut into pieces, which turned into the purest Yuan Qi.


A sharp sword light shot at the ghost head from behind.

’’I had been waiting for you!’’ The ghost head laughed. His body twisted as he shot out countless

claw attacks.

Crack! A sound of some kind of weapon breaking was heard.

The ghost head knew it was not a good sign. Ye Chen was for sure holding a low-rank great

weapon. It would never break this easily because even if it were an Astral Reaching Realm

warrior, it would still be hard for him to break a low-rank great weapon.

’’Rest in peace!’’

In front of the ghost head, Ye Chen held the Star Scar Sword and stabbed it right into his body.

It turned out that as those zhen qi shadows were being torn apart, he had once again separated

a zhen qi shadow and made it carry the normal great sword - the Dragon Fountain Sword. He

had successfully sneaked up on his back while all that mess was happening. Ye Chen had

created a perfect attacking scene while his real body got to stay in the front and attack the ghost

head eventually.

’’This will not be it! Beast transformation!’’ The ghost head's eyes were bloodshot. He pushed

his Purple Zombie Demon Art to its extreme. His zhen qi swam up to Ye Chen's Star Scar Sword,

then started to vibrate hysterically and eventually exploded.

’’A secret art!’’

Ye Chen was surprised; he had almost dropped his Star Scar Sword. The next second, an

exploding power attacked right at him, which eventually landed on his chest.

Taking the sword, Ye Chen puked out a chunk of blood and was blown backward.


While its purple body dragged a long line in the air, the ghost head appeared in front of Ye Chen

almost within a second. His palms were no longer human. His claws attacked right Ye Chen's

protective zhen qi layer.

’’Shadow Melting Explosion!’’

In front of the extreme danger, Ye Chen was surprisingly calm. His body shook, separating out a

zhen qi shadow while his real body escaped from the incoming attack.

The zhen qi shadow that had been left there had been torn apart instantly, and the ghost head

opened his mouth and screamed at Ye Chen. His sound formed into a pile of solid sound wave.


Ye Chen pointed out his right finger into the sky, aimed right at the sound wave.

The sound wave started to twist drastically and suddenly exploded. It broke into countless little

sound waves and scattered around, cutting trees and the ground.


Right then, the ground suddenly started to shake.

As he flew backward, Ye Chen looked where the ghost head was. The latter was already no

longer in his human form, looking more like a beast. Right then, he plugged both of his hands

into the ground, using all his strength to tear open the ground. A ten-meter-square big ground

had been brutally thrown into the sky, attacking towards Ye Chen.

’’His wisdom seems to have been lowered.’’

Under the zhen qi pressure, the mud suddenly became extremely soft, which made Ye Chen sink

in rapidly, avoiding the huge piece of ground.

The large block broke into pieces. The beast like ghost head went through it, but he did not find

Ye Chen there.

’’I am here!’’

The sword light burst out from the ground, flashing once before disappearing.


The ghost head let out an inhuman roar. There was a deep sword mark that appeared in

between his legs. Normally, if a human were wounded by this sword attack, they would have

been temporarily paralyzed. However, the ghost head who had turned into a beast only cried

once. Then, the first thing he could think about was to fight back. So he bent his body, throwing

a punch onto the ground.

All the ground within the ten-meter radius started to crumble, as of they were in the middle of

an ocean.

On the edge of all that, Ye Chen flew out of the danger zone. However, he was extremely pale,

and his eyebrows could not be more twisted.

’’Although the ghost head, who has turned into a beast, has lost most of his human logic, he has

become even more brutal. The fact that he was no longer afraid of death alone makes him even

more dangerous. His defense seems to be no less than before. However, if that was it, then it

should not be a huge problem. However, the beast form has drastically increased his reaction

speed and agility, which has made him even more horrifying than beasts of the same rank.

What kind of martial skill is this?’’

Studying the ghost head who was full of sharp teeth, had a long face like the wolves and was

covered in fur, Ye Chen was having a bit of a headache. Some people were willing to increase

their fighting strength by turning themselves literally into a beast!

The ghost head stared at Ye Chen from a distance. In his beast eyes, there was only killing

intent and craving for blood.

He had gotten this beast evolving martial art in the trading palace in the Martial City. Unlike

other martial skills, the beast evolving martial art had to be combined with the similar spirit

and blood. Therefore, unless it was a life and death situation, he would not use this martial art.

Also, once returning back to the normal state, although he would still have his marital

cultivation, he would have to accumulate his zhen qi all over again. Without great medicine like

the Fire Dragon Fruit, it would take more than one and half year to fully restore his zhen qi,

which was the true reason he would not use it easily.


The ghost head roared again. Both of his legs bounced on the ground, as he jumped at Ye Chen.

His huge claws shone with an extra cold light in the dark night.

’’Void Shattering Finger! Break it for me!’’

Pointed out his right index finger once again and with his sword in his left hand, Ye Chen

attacked back.

With the powerful Void Shattering Finger's power, the ghost head's beast body froze in midair

as a sword light shot right at his forehead.


The ghost head moved up a little bit as he opened his huge mouth that was full of sharp teeth

and bit on the Star Scar Sword. Then he tilted his body, as a long skinny black shadow suddenly

appeared and wrapped around Ye Chen's body.

’’The Tail!’’

It was a long slim tail full of fur that had twisted around Ye Chen. It was a little bit like a snake

without its scale and was soft. So, the more Ye Chen fought back, the harder it tightened.

With his body being all wrapped up and his sword blocked, Ye Chen did not think at all when he

turned his right hand into a fist and punched on that huge chin of the ghost head.

Ye Chen punched repeatedly, the heavy sound of impact being heard over and over. Blood

dripped out from the corner of the ghost head's mouth, and one of his sharp teeth was also

broken. A low groan came out of his throat, his two beast claws attacking towards Ye Chen.

Without a choice, Ye Chen let go of the Star Scar Sword that was held in his left hand. He

reached out with both of his hands, blocking out the ghost head's beast claws. Meanwhile, his

body twisted, the momentum pushing the tail that was wrapped around him. Even if it got

slightly loose, he would be able to escape.

The string of movements had all happened in midair. Soon, the ghost head landed on the

ground first, while Ye Chen, who was still tangled up in the tail, had both of his feet still in the


’’Tornado Broken Clouds!’’

Using his foot instead of his sword, Ye Chen's right foot was lifted up into the sky. His

Mysterious zhen Qi formed a sword qi, twisting up the qi flow. Shortly after, in that narrow

space between the two, a small tornado appeared, continually blowing and expanding, attacking

both Ye Chen and the ghost head's bodies.

Earlier, the ghost head had the upper hand. He had all the control over Ye Chen, and his beast

claws were just about to break through Ye Chen's defense. However, the tornado started to

attack both of them recklessly, and his tail unconsciously got loosed a little because he could

not see anything with his eyes in the tornado.

Nor could Ye Chen. But because of his powerful soul power, he could see better without his eyes.

Enduring the pain from the tornado, his body started to shake, and within a second, he had

escaped from the trap of the tail. Then, with a weird pose, he started to blend in with the

tornado. Without looking, his palm reached out, taking the Star Scar Sword out of the ghost

head's mouth.

With the Star Scar Sword in his hand, along with the twisting power of the tornado, Ye Chen

kept on performing his Lone Peak Kill again and again...

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!...

At such close distance, the ghost head could not escape at all. His body had been stabbed by the

sword repeatedly, eventually looking like a water bucket that was full of holes. The blood kept

pouring out of his body from all those stab wounds.

The tornado was not made from the sword qi after all. After couple times of attacks, the

twisting power got weaker and weaker, eventually disappearing completely. Ye Chen stopped in

midair, and a sword attack was thrown out like lightning, which disappeared on the forehead of

the ghost head. The tip of the sword reappeared from the back of his head.

The needle-like fur suddenly disappeared. The ghost head turned back into his human form,

but the llife in his eyes had disappeared completely.


Taking out his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen could feel his feet becoming soft. He looked down to

see his clothes were all damaged, showing the low-rank light armor beneath it. The low-rank

light armor did not have even a scratch. If it were not for it, that tornado he had made with all

his power would have wounded himself badly as well since it was formed in between them,

which meant there was zero distance for any possible safety. But of course, without that

tornado, the situation would be unimaginable. The beast-form ghost head was even more

frightening than a normal beast. His speed and reflexes had reached a whole new level. If he

attacked him from the front, the Lone Peak Kill would never be able to lock on. Only in the

situation where the ghost head could not move at all would it have worked.

Unable to help but puke out a chunk of blood, Ye Chen wiped his mouth and forced a laugh. This

fight was the trickiest and most dangerous fight after he had come to this true spirit continent.

Even the slightest mistake would have cost his life. Just like Murong Qingcheng had said, those

peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who had no chance of reaching the Astral

Reaching Realm were extremely dangerous. Because of being hopeless, it made them want to

increase their fighting power even more badly. They would literarily do anything to achieve

that even if it meant they would look nothing like themselves.


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