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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 218


Chapter 218: Purple Zombie Demon Art

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Over on the other side, two men in black were communicating using zhen Qi with a fifty meters

distance in between them.

’’Ghost six, what do you think master and the Ghost head were thinking? It was only a Clasping

Yuan Realm brat, why do we have to come?’’ The huge man in black seemed really pissed off. He

finally had a few days off and got some time to play with some women before he was suddenly

dragged here for this, which he was really not happy about.

The skinny man in black said, ’’Ghost nine, the master had said that once we killed that little

brat, each person would get thirty thousand low-rank soul stones. Don't be so pouty now.’’

’’If it were not for those thirty thousand soul stones, I would never have come. Oh right! Why

don't we just go attack and kill him now?’’

’’Do you not want to live anymore? If you ruin his plan, he would definitely skin you.’’

’’Hehe, I was only joking. Right, why the Ghost head is still not here?’’

’’Shhhh, he is here. Stop the zhen qi communication, in case he can sense the zhen qi vibration.’’

Hearing him, the huge man in black closed his eyes, infused his zhen qi into the air which then

combined with the soul power and spread out. Slowly, all of the things within few hundred

meter radius were printed in his mind. A teenager in blue was traveling towards their direction

while cautiously checking the surroundings.

’’Huh! Today is the day you die.’’ The huge man in black thought to himself.


The expression on his face froze. The head of the huge man in black had fallen down, which was

then caught by a hand. It laid it lightly on the ground, then sprinkled some white powder on top

of it to cover the smell of the blood.

’’I have not expected myself to be this important. All of the people who were spying on me were

older generation Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.’’ His soul power had locked on that skinny man

in black fifty meters away, as Ye Chen's body flashed before disappearing.

The skinny man in black seemed to be a bit anxious. He had been waiting here for a long time

now. According to the plan, he would have to wait for the attack until the ghost head and the

master had arrived. However, the target was about to escape the attacking zone, but the Ghost

Head and master were still not here. Maybe they had been held up by something?’’

'Never mind, I will wait a bit longer!'

’’Eh? Something is not right. This is not his real body!’’

The skinny man in black seemed to have discovered something. His lips moved a little as he

was about to use zhen qi to talk to the huge man in black. Unfortunately, he did not get the

chance to do so. An extremely sharp great sword had gone through his throat, which blocked

the voice to ever spread out.

’’Great, let's wait for the targets here!’’

Outside of here, Ye Chen might think twice about this elder who was seriously lacking facial

expressions. However, in this forest, he was only his target.

Few thousand meters away.

’’Master, Ghost Five is good at hiding his traces. With him doing the tracking, there will not be

any mistakes. Plus, Ghost six and Ghost nine are also ambushing in the front. That little brat

would not be able to escape even if he has wings.’’ Ghost was walking without any sound, as he

followed behind the teenager.

The latter said, ’’After it is done, Ghost five, six, and nine will get thirty thousand low rank soul

stones each, and the rest will all be yours. I only want the sword-shaped plant and the Fire

Dragon Fruit.’’

’’Thank you, sir.’’ The Ghost could not hide his happiness. Once someone reached his age, it

would be almost impossible to breakthrough to the Astral Reaching Realm. Therefore, he did

not want to miss any opportunity that would increase his fighting power. And all of those

fighting power boosting treasures would need a huge amount of soul stones.

The two were traveling extremely fast, few thousands of meters taking only a few breaths time.

’’Weird, why is ghost five still not appearing?’’ The Ghost head looked quite confused. They had

previously planned the whole attack: ghost five would follow Ye Chen, and the other two would

go to the front and ambush there as fast as they could. Then once they had arrived, they could

all attack Ye Chen at once, making sure he did not get away. And now they had already reached

the deepest part of the forest where ghost five should have appeared.

The teenager said, ’’The powerful warriors of the Moon Pavilion must have blocked us on

purpose so that they could stall for time for Ye Chen to escape. Huh! Let's go catch up with


’’Yah!’’ The ghost head nodded. They could have arrived earlier, but they were held up because of

that. Without questioning, he followed the teenager.


The sword light flashed once before disappearing altogether.

The teenager's running body slightly stopped for a moment, then slid down because of the

momentum. A human head flew up into the sky.

Because of how fast that sword light was, and how unexpected it was, the ghost head did not

have time to react at all.


The next second, the ghost head looked extremely twisted, his eyes totally bloodshot.

From the branch of the tree, Ye Chen jumped onto the ghost head. The Star Scar Sword in his

hand shook, the sword light dimmed, as waves of almost invisible patterns spread out in the air.

A killing movement - the Lone Peak Kill!

In front of that extremely fast sword power, the ghost head's body was not fast enough to

escape. He could only watch the tip of the sword expanding in front of him, attacking his



The blood spilled everywhere. The ghost head rolled up to the side.

Looking at the stiff ear on the ground, Ye Chen sighed quietly. He was a peak-level Late

Clasping Yuan Realm warrior after all. The mind and reflexes were definitely incomparable to

the others. With the great experience in all kinds of battle, he was somehow able to control his

body in such a critical time, avoiding the deadly attack.


The death of the teenager aggravated the ghost head. His body was still rolling, but his right

hand had already reached out. He made a grabbing motion.


Despite the distance, the ground under Ye Chen was torn apart. That angled power carried on it

attack, cutting the huge trees in the back into few parts.

Falling leaves covered the whole sky as a human figure shoot out.

’’How is that possible?!’’ The ghost head was frightened. Although that attack was hurried, even

a peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior would not be able to walk out without a scratch.

Plus, he had clearly seen Ye Chen being torn apart; he would definitely not be able to survive


To be fair, it was not weird that he reacted that way since when he and the teenager arrived in

the Gold Tripod City, it was already after the beast wave. Therefore, they had not seen Ye Chen's

Separating Shadow Flying Art.

’’Purple Zombie Demon Art!’’

Ye Chen's sword art was way too sharp and powerful. Ghost head had no confidence in being

able to walk away free, so instead of running, he activated fully his most powerful defensive

martial art. He then formed his right hand into a claw, trying to tear open Ye Chen from a

distance. He was sure that Ye Chen would definitely be wounded more severely than him.


With once sword stabbing into the ghost head's heart, Ye Chen started to sense danger. His

body was suddenly separated into few different figures that scattered around the place.

The full strength claw attack had only just torn apart dozens of shadows instead.

’’What a powerful defensive zhen qi and body!’’

Ye Chen frowned. In his eyes, ghost head's skin shone with a strong blue-purple color like

metal, like hard wood. And there was a sword hole where his heart should have been. It was

more than five centimeter deep, but there was no blood coming out. It did not look like a human

body at all, more like a zombie's body.

Ye Chen was shocked. However, ghost was even more shocked. Of all the martial arts that he

had learned, the most impressive one was the body boosting martial art - the Purple Zombie

Demon Art, which was a mid-rank Earth Realm martial art. It was separated into eleven levels.

Once he reached the eleventh level, most of the same level warriors would not be able to break

his defense, and the color of his skin would also turn purple. However, obviously, he had not

reached the eleventh level yet, but he was already at the peak of the tenth level. His skin was

already blue purplish. With the peak level ten of his Purple Zombie Demon Art, he was still

stabbed five centimeters into his body, which almost wounded his heart. How could the ghost

head not be surprised? And the most horrifying thing for him was that Ye Chen had escaped

when he sensed danger, which meant if he had enough time, that sword attack would have

stabbed through his heart.

’’I can never leave him a window of opportunity!’’

Ghost head touched his wound, the sword hole was slowly healing itself.

’’This old man is not going to be easy to take on. He was not prepared for the first two sword

attacks at all, but if I attack recklessly right now, I am afraid it will not have as much effect.’’

Seeing that the ghost head had shelled up completely, leaving zero exposed weaknesses,

without any hesitation, Ye Chen's body flashed and disappeared into the deeper part of the


’’Escaped!’’ Ghost head had the feeling that his attack had just complete failed, and was

extremely frustrated.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see the teenager's head and body, causing the frustration

in his heart to augment even more. He could not imagine how mad his true master would feel

when he found out that his son had died. He would probably kill him with one palm. The Ghost

head knew that even if he had trained his Purple Zombie Demon Art to its peak eleventh level,

he would still just be an ant in front of his true master, without any chance of fighting back.

’’I should get out of here as soon as possible! It is not safe here.’’

The Ghost head had the feeling that Ye Chen would not let him go easily. In this forest, Ye Chen

was barely leaving any traces and kept popping out unannounced. Even if he had all the power,

there was just no way for him to perform any attacks. Once he reached out of this forest, then

he would have the chance of killing him.


His feet touched the ground, flying back where he had come from, leaving the teenager's body



He had just flown back dozens of meters before he was blown backward and eventually landed

back where he was just at.

Few leaves fell down on the floor as Ye Chen showed up on the branch of the tree. If one did not

look directly with their eyes and all the attention, one would never sense that there was

someone there.

Hanging down his right arm, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'The Void Pointing Finger was still

quite weak. However, its zhen qi breaking power was indeed more powerful than the Lone Peak

Kill. Plus, you could never see it coming.'

Being right back at where he was, the ghost head's eyes popped out a little bit. It seemed like he

was about to puke out blood.

’’Who do you think you are messing with? Brat! Be careful, I will torture you in every way I can.

By then, you would literally beg me to kill you.’’

The Ghost head yelled as he punched on the huge branch of the tree on the side.


The huge tree was broken in half, the sound so loud that it would give most people a fright.


The time slowly passed, as the sky darkened.

’’I am going to go crazy. I want to see how you are going to kill me!’’ The Ghost head had tried

countless times to attack Ye Chen, but each single time he would be blocked by Ye Chen. He did

not even know where Ye Chen exactly was. If it were not for his strong mind, he would have

gone crazy already.

Calming his breath and extending his body, Ye Chen quietly blended into the darkness.


There was no air tearing sound, but only a light air pattern.

Ghost head did not even think before he turned around and threw out a claw attack.


All of a sudden, countless huge trees had been broken open, clearing up a huge space.

In the dark, Ye Chen did not panic. He kept producing all the illusions and using his zhen qi

shadows to confuse his opponent, creating a little opportunity for his real body. However, Ye

Chen would have to admit that the Ghost head was the trickiest opponent he had ever met. He

had not only extremely high defense but also extra powerful attacks. Otherwise there was no

way for him to last this long.

His eyes had a light purple shine in them. The Ghost head slowly calmed his breath. He was

fully focused, sensing everything around him. Up until now, he had already given up Ghost Five,

six and nine. Because he knew without any surprises, they would have already been killed under

Ye Chen's assassination.

’’Huh! I have been through harder fights. Wanting to kill me? In your dreams!’’ The Ghost head

was the leader of the Ghost Union, who was specialized in secret killing skills. After calming

himself, he had finally been able to adapt Ye Chen's fighting style. He wanted to see which one

of them would collapse first.


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