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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 216


Chapter 216: Reaching Peak Level of Mid Clasping Yuan Realm

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Guo Lanyue said with a serious tone, ’’That Astral Reaching Realm sword artist is a good man,

but the same thing cannot be said about the others. More importantly, the Gold Tripod City is

not like the Martial City; once you step outside the auction field, you would be stopped by

people. If you don't mind, you could come rest in one of our Moon Pavilion's branches. I believe

those people would not dare to fight in our Moon Pavilion. Even I have no idea exactly how

powerful the Moon Pavilion is, but one thing that is certain is that even the leaders of those

rank 7 martial institutions would be very respectful to our leader.’’

’’Eh... thanks!’’ Besides the Sword-shaped Plants, Ye Chen did not think that there would be

Astral Reaching Realm warriors wanting to fight him. Even if the other people would be at the

peak level of the Late Clasping Yuan Ream, he was confident that he would be able to fight back.

In the worst case, all he would have to do was to run away. With his Separating Shadow Flying

Art, it should not be too hard to achieve, but if he could use up the Fire Dragon Fruit and the

Sword-shaped Plants, it would be more effective.

’’Sir, he is out!’’ At the exit of the auction yield, Ghost was standing right next to the teenager

like an actual ghost. Without paying enough attention, people usually would unconsciously

ignore him.

The teenager nodded, ’’It is still the auction field here, let's not get into it yet. Wait until he's


Outside of the auction field gate was a huge plaza. A statue was located right in the middle of

the plaza, twenty-seven meters high, with a color of dark yellow. According to the rumors, the

statue was the founder of Gold Tripod City Auction Field, and the owner now was indeed his


Ye Chen walked right next to Guo Lanyue, while the Fourth and Sixth Night were on the other

side. The four left the auction field and appeared on the plaza.

Just like Guo Lanyue had expected, someone showed up trying to block them.

Seeing the Fourth Night that was standing right behind Ye Chen, the teenager hesitated for a

second, but he remembered that he had the Ghost with him, so he stopped worrying. He said

with a light voice, ’’I quite admire your wealth background. However, the Sword-shaped Plants

and the Fire Dragon Fruit are really useful for me, I wonder if you would sell it to me?’’

Ye Chen took a glance at the Ghost, who gave him quite a bit of pressure; he should be a peaklevel

Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, and that too not the normal kind. As for the teenager's

speech, Ye Chen found it hilarious, he said, ’’These three Sword-shaped Plants cost me one

hundred fifty million gold while the Fire Dragon Fruit was three hundred sixty thousand low

rank soul stones. How much are you planning to pay for them?’’

The teenager's expressed changed a little, he pretended that he was really happy and said, ’’I

don't have that many gold and soul stones at the moment. How about this, I will give you one

million gold and one hundred thousand low-rank soul stones, and I will double the rest and

give them back to you when I get the money.’’

’’Sorry, I don't leave an open account. Since you don't have the money, then there's nothing to

talk about.’’

The Ghost said with a creepy and quiet voice, ’’Little bro, you cannot live your life like this. My

master had already paid you so much respect.’’

Right then, Guo Lanyue took one step further, ’’He is a friend of our Moon Pavilion, you two

should move away now.’’

’’The Moon Pavilion!’’ The teenager and the Ghost's expression changed again.

Moving his attention back at Ye Chen, the teenager's eyes were sharp as knives. He said one

word at a time, ’’Traveling outside, it is always better to have a friend than an enemy. I just want

two sword-shaped plants and half of the Fire Dragon Fruit at the same price, how-about-that?’’

The teenager said the last two words with a threatening sound, while his eyes were fixed on Ye


’’If it was you, would you say yes?’’ Ye Chen looked exactly the same. A slight smile was still on

his face, but the killing intent that was hidden in the deepest part of his eyes intensified. This

fight was inevitable, if he did not kill him, then they would kill him. So if there were a chance

that he could take out both, he would take it.

’’Good, be careful when you are traveling, don't end up falling.’’

Leaving that one sentence, the two left.

On the street.

The Ghost used zhen qi to pass his voice, ’’Sir, what are you planning to do?’’

’’Kill him, of course.’’ The teenager said with a cold voice.

The Ghost nodded, ’’The Gold Tripod City is too big. We would have to pull a lot of people to

block out all the routes. Once he separates from the people from the Moon Pavilion, we would

move in.’’

’’Ghost, just in case, you have to bring some of the members from the Ghost Pavilion. I don't

want any surprises.’’


Ye Chen was about to go chill in the Moon Pavilion for a while when suddenly, two middle-aged

men with powerful aura walked up to them.

The one on the left side was a middle-aged man with a square face, a straight nose, and sharp

eyes. He wore a long blue robe; the one standing right next to him was a brutal looking man

with nothing covering his chest area. His face was full of mean, dark evilness, which was visible

at the corner of his eyes. With one glance, one could tell that he was a killer. The two looked

quite conflicting, one extremely just, the other extremely evil. However, there was a weird

balance between the two.

It was clear from the aura that the two were indeed the powerful Astral Reaching Realm


Guo Lanyue swallowed, the square-faced middle-aged man was indeed that good Astral

Reaching Realm sword artist. She had never heard about him killing the innocent. As for the

brutal-looking man, he was definitely not the good one. She was nervous to find out what they

wanted from Ye Chen.

’’Brat, my friend wants to buy a sword-shaped plant from you, do you agree?’’ The brutallooking

man said without hesitation.

Ye Chen said calmly, ’’One sword-shaped plant is negotiable.’’

The brutal-looking man was just about to say something again. The Square-faced middle-aged

man stopped him, and apologized, ’’My friend does not have manners, please do not listen to

him. I only want one Sword-shaped plant, and I will pay two hundred thousand low-rank soul

stones for it. But of course, if you don't want to sell it, I will not force you. About that, you won't

have to worry.’’

’’Two hundred thousand low-rank soul stones?’’ To be honest, Ye Chen was a bit surprised. Two

hundred thousand low-rank soul stones would be eighty million gold, which had gone way

beyond when he bought one sword-shaped plant for. He though he would only pay fifty

thousand low-rank soul stones tops, maybe even less since he was so much stronger than Ye

Chen. So even if he were offered ten thousand low-rank soul stones, he would still have to sell


’’What? Is that not enough? Those are the only low-rank soul stones I have right now. How

about adding one thousand mid-rank soul stones?’’ The square-faced middle-aged man saw

that Ye Chen was hesitating, so he said.

Ye Chen shook his head, ’’Two hundred thousand was in itself too much. I didn't expect you to

offer this much.’’

The middle-aged man laughed, ’’Originally if I did not join the bidding, the three Sword-shaped

Plants would not go beyond three or four hundred million gold. So yeah, you lost some money

after all.’’

Without saying anything, Ye Chen took out a sword-shaped plant from his storage ring and

handed to him. ’’This storage ring is yours now.’’ The square faced middle aged man threw the

low-rank storage ring with low-rank soul stones to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not look and just put it into his own storage ring.

The square-faced middle-aged man was about to leave, but seeing Ye Chen's behavior, he froze

a little, then said with a bright voice, ’’Little bro, my name is Song Yan, what's yours?’’

’’Senior Song, I am Ye Chen.’’

’’Ye Chen, great name... I will remember you.’’

Waiting until Song Yan and the brutal-looking man had left, Guo Lanyue wiped the sweat and

said to Ye Chen, ’’You did well, a real man would not be arrogant for his pride. I thought you

would never sell it.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’We are here to survive. In the condition that was not conflicting with one's

dignity, I believe every logical man would do the same.’’

Hearing him, the Fourth and Sixth Night seemed to be thinking about something.

The Moon Pavilion was very big, consisting of twenty fields in total, a couple of lobbies and one

welcoming hall. Upon entering, Ye Chen discovered a lot of people that were even younger than

him training there, their sweat dripping down like rain. Some Clasping Yuan Realm warriors

were teaching them. The content was all different, it was not only about martial arts. Instead, a

lot of those classes were about the way of being a good person. In Ye Chen's opinion, only after

being able to be a decent man first could one focus on becoming better in strength. It was

useless to just train and do nothing else.

’’The Moon Pavilion would take in a lot of talented teenagers each year. And the best of them

would be selected and sent to the headquarters for testing. Whoever passes the tests would

become the backup members of the Seven Nights. The ones who failed would still become the

ones that the Moon Pavilion pays attention to.’’ Guo Lanyue explained to Ye Chen as they


Ye Chen did not say a thing. He had not seen the headquarters yet, but just a little branch could

tell him a lot. One small branch was nothing, however, with hundreds and thousands of

branches combined together, it would be scary to just think about the extent of influence and

power. With this well-thought and strict system, every year the Moon Pavilion would train

plenty of talented warriors that would be no weaker than the ones from martial institutions,

and they would be the new blood for the organization, keeping it young and powerful.

In some way, the system of the Moon Pavilion might be better than the martial institutions. But

of course, if there's an upside, there would be a downside. Compared to the martial institutions,

the power of the Moon Pavilion would be no doubt quite scattered. It would be easy to take

down them just one by one unless the reputation of the Moon Pavilion was strong and loud

enough so that the enemy would not dare to attack easily.

’’You can stay here for now, it has been cleaned.’’ In front of the gate to a beautiful small field,

Guo Lanyue stopped.

Ye Chen said, ’’Thanks a lot.’’

’’Hehe, no need to say thank you. I was only trying to recruit you into the Moon Pavilion.’’ Guo

Lanyue laughed.

Ye Chen said seriously, ’’Once I have fully learned about the Moon Pavilion, if I am interested

then maybe I would actually join.’’

’’Oh? Is that so?’’ Guo Lanyue's eyes brightened. 'It could work!'


The night slowly arrived, the moonlight clear like water.

In the neat bedroom, Ye Chen sat on the bed with his legs tugged under his body.

His finger wiped gently on his storage ring, and a small red fruit appeared on his head. The fruit

itself was crystal clear, and there was a light pattern on the surface. If one looked closely, they

would realize that the pattern was not chaotic. Instead, it was spreading out systematically. At a

quick glance, it looked like a dragon pattern made of countless simple lines, making it a bit

more mysterious.

Without hesitating, Ye Chen picked up the fruit and put it in his mouth.


Biting into the fruit, it melted instantly, turning into liquid and sliding down Ye Chen's throat.

All of a sudden, a gentle qi spread out in his whole body. Ye Chen knew it should be the spirit qi

that the host was talking about, its level no less than the zhen qi.

Accumulating his Mysterious Great Art, Ye Chen closed his eyes.

With almost every full circle of the meridians, Ye Chen could feel his cultivation increase a little

bit, during which, there was zero blockage, the whole process being extremely smooth.

After three hundred and sixty full circles.


A clear pattern spread out in the air with Ye Chen being in the center. The windows that were

not nearby started to vibrate, and the wooden table right next to his bed was pushed out by the

qi flow by a few meters.

Opening his eyes, Ye Chen slowly let out a breath.

’’Transforming the spirit qi into zhen qi was easier than I thought. I thought it was going to

take way longer time.’’ In just a couple of hours, Ye Chen's cultivation had increased drastically.

He had already reached the peak level Mid Clasping Yuan Realm, and his zhen Qi had already

gotten thicker by more than thirty times.


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