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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 215


Chapter 215: Fire Dragon Fruit

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’The first item is a low-rank inner armor - the Black Scale Shell. Warriors that are below Astral

Reaching Realm could increase more than ten percent of their defense after wearing it. Besides

that, the Black Scale Shell is very sturdy itself. None of the blades and spears would be able to

stab through. The starting price is fifteen thousand low-rank soul stones. Each bidding price

should be no less than one thousand low-rank soul stones.’’ The host removed the silk cloth

that was covering the item as he yelled with a loud voice.

'Inner armor?'

Ye Chen touched his chest, he had also worn a low-rank light armor. If it weren't for this lowrank

armor, he would have not just broken a couple of ribs when Mr. Jin hit him with one Gold

Breaking Finger. Mr. Jin was an old generation Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior after all, and

the Gold Breaking Finger Art was also mid-rank Earth Realm finger art; it had great power in

breaking defense. Even if Ye Chen had already mastered the Pure Jade Body Boosting Art, it

would still have been hard for him to block out the attack face to face. It would definitely end up

with him having a huge bloody hole.

While Ye Chen was thinking, the bidding price of the Black Scale Shell had already broken

through the thirty thousand soul stones line. This price was basically twice the price of the

other low-rank great weapons. However, if one really thought about it, it was not that weird for

those life-saving things to be that pricey since they would be the lifeline at some point.

But of course, everything had its price limit. When the Black Scale Shell's price had been raised

up to fifty thousand low-rank soul stones, no one bid on it anymore.

After a couple of items being sold, the atmosphere of the auction field became really passionate.

’’Five Fire Yuan Crystals, the Fire Yuan Crystal has extremely pure fire yuan qi. Those of you

who trained the fire style martial art do not need any effort to abstract the fire yuan qi from it

and transform it into your own zhen qi or zhen yuan. According to rough numbers, each fire

yuan crystal would have the yuan qi of fifteen thousand low rank soul stones. Therefore five

Fire Yuan Crystal would be equivalent to seventy-five low-rank soul stones. For this item, each

bidding price should be no less than five thousand low-rank soul stones. The bidding starts


’’Eighty thousand!’’

’’Ninety thousand!’’

All of those Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who were quite wealthy had joined the bidding. They

were mostly at Late Clasping Yuan Realm; some of them were even at peak-level Late Clasping

Yuan Realm. A normal Clasping Yuan Realm warrior would not be able to put together fifty

thousand low-rank soul stones, so naturally, they would not be the ones join the bidding.

Inside the VIP room, the Fire Spirit who was sitting right next to the Black Crow Man raised up

his hand, ’’Two hundred thousand.’’

Once the price was heard, everyone in the crow went into silence. There were Late Clasping

Yuan Realm warriors who were able to afford this amount, but it would definitely be pushing it.

It would not really be worth it since they would have to train later on as well so that they could

not spend it all already. Plus, there was no point fighting against the Astral Reaching Realm

warriors anyways. Just like that bidding for the Sword-shaped Plant, if it were not for that

Astral Reaching Realm warrior that was involved, thirty million would be its limit. It would

definitely not be raised up to one hundred and fifty million gold. For Astral Reaching Realm

warriors, everything else was nothing compared to the mid-rank soul stones; no matter how

much they spent they would not care. However, all of the people who were below Astral

Reaching Realm cared about all this.

Over in the other VIP room, Tian Hao and the Great Master of the Alchemist Martial School were

sitting together. As for Meng Chao, he was still recovering. The elder said slowly, ’’Two hundred

and fifty thousand!’’

The Fire Spirit kept bidding, ’’Three hundred thousand.’’

'Astral Reaching Realm warriors are indeed generous.' In all seriousness, without the fortune

that he got from the Goat Head Mountain, Ye Chen had nothing to compete with the Astral

Reaching Realm warriors. The Sword-shaped Plants would definitely have been won be that


Guo Lanyue glanced at Ye Chen, ’’Only you would be stupid enough to compete with an Astral

Reaching Realm warrior with money.’’

Ye Chen forced a smile, he knew she was still struggling with what had happened. His thoughts

were quite simple: he would not let go anything that would potentially help him make a

breakthrough. The true spirit continent was a world of power, it was not a world of wealth. As a

warrior, if he could not see the priority then sooner or later he would fall.

’’Three hundred thousand soul stones had already gone beyond its original value. There is no

point in competing anymore.’’ The Great Master shook his head and stopped bidding.

Eventually, the five Fire Yuan Crystal had ended up in the hands of the Fire Spirit.

’’The twenty-fifth item, one Fire Dragon Fruit. Although there is the word 'Fire' in its name, it is

not a fire style spirit fruit. It was only a name. Also, there is no yuan qi in the Fire Dragon Fruit.

Instead, there is plenty of spirit qi. The spirit qi is almost the same as zhen qi. Warriors would

simply transform the spirit qi from the fruit into their own zhen qi instead of training very hard

for it. In other words, it will save you a huge amount of time to accumulate zhen Qi. For

example, if you are at Early Clasping Yuan Realm, one Fire Dragon Fruit could help you reach

the peak level; if you are at Late Clasping Yuan Realm, it could also do the same. But of course,

the Fire Dragon Fruit could not do everything. It functions as a zhen qi booster; it cannot help

you make a breakthrough which you all should really remember, in case you, later on, say that I

was lying about the effect.’’

The host explained without rushing.

Putting down the teacup, Ye Chen smiled. 'The Fire Dragon Fruit is finally out. I am at Mid

Clasping Yuan Realm, and if I want to reach the peak-level Clasping Yuan Realm, I would need

plenty of zhen qi. It might take more than one year if it happens slowly, and half an year at the

fastest, which is way too long for me.'

’’Your competitors are the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Normally, the Astral Reaching Realm

warriors do not get involved because the effect of the fruit for them is almost nothing. Without

three or four hundred thousand low-rank soul stones, it would be impossible to win. A lot of

people had not put in a bid before because they were waiting for this Fire Dragon Fruit.’’ Guo

Lanyue cautioned.

Ye Chen said, ’’Since no Astral Reaching Realm warriors is competing with me, then this Fire

Dragon Fruit would definitely be mine.’’

’’That confident?’’

Guo Lanyue raised her eyebrows. She had no idea where Ye Chen got those fortunes. Soul stones

were not like gold, they were limited resources. The soul stones were collected from the spirit

fountain, and each power party would not have that many spirit fountains since there were

limited spirit mountains out there in the whole true spirit continent. Using one soul stone was

one lesser in the world. On the contrary, gold was not expendable. It traveled from one owner to

other, but the total amount never changed.

’’The Fire Dragon Fruit starts at one hundred thousand low-rank soul stones, each bidding price

should be no less than ten thousand. All of you who are interested, start bidding!’’

Within the next five second, the bidding price had raised by fifty thousand.

Ye Chen surprisingly started the bidding early this time. He bided two hundred thousand.

’’Sir, this little brat is your competitor.’’ The Ghost said to the teenager.

The youth sneered, ’’He had spent one hundred fifty million gold, which definitely included

quite a lot of low-rank soul stones, I don't believe that he could win against me.’’ For this trip,

he had brought three hundred fifty thousand low-rank soul stones just for that Fire Dragon

Fruit. That Sword-shaped Plant was not planned at all, and he did not try his best at bidding

since he wanted to save it up for the Fire Dragon Fruit.

’’Two hundred twenty thousand!’’

The teenager said his price.

’’D***, f*** it. I had just reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm three months ago. Without any

surprises, it will take me at least two or three years to reach the peak level.’’

A warrior in the crowd raised up his hand and yelled, ’’Two hundred fifty thousand.’’

’’D***, I give up. I will take my time.’’

One of the bidders sat down with great disappointment. He felt both relieved and disappointed,

he was happy that he did not have to spend that huge amount of soul stones, but he was upset

that he had lost the Fire Dragon Fruit.

’’Two hundred eighty thousand!’’

Ye Chen carried on bidding.

’’Be careful. You might get robbed.’’ Guo Lanyue said in an annoyed fashion.

Ye Chen laughed, ’’It is about to reach my limit.’’

’’I could get two hundred thousand low-rank soul stones, although I will have to explain it to

the management level of the Moon Pavilion. But if you join us, then it would be all good.’’

’’Let's hope that the price of the Fire Dragon Fruit would go beyond my limit then.’’

A cold light flashed through the proud teenager's eyes, ’’Three hundred thousand.’’

After that, besides Ye Chen, no one had bid on it. If one exchanged the three hundred thousand

low-rank soul stones into gold, it would be almost one hundred million gold. If one exchanged

it outside of the auction field, it would probably be one hundred thirty million gold. But of

course, it was easy to change from soul stones to gold, and it would be hard the other way

around. And usually, it could only be changed in small quantities. Therefore, even for most of

the powerful and wealthy Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, three hundred thousand soul stones

were still a big number.

’’Three hundred and twenty thousand.’’ Ye Chen would not give up on the Fire Dragon Fruit.

The teenager's face sank.

’’Three hundred sixty thousand!’’

Ye Chen was trying to be careful, not bidding the way he did with gold.

Throwing himself with all his body weight onto the leather chair, the teenager gave up the

bidding. Ghost was confused, he said, ’’Sir, I still have a couple of hundred thousand soul


’’No, no need. I was going to buy it with three hundred fifty thousand soul stones. Since he did

not show me some respect, then don't blame me for being cruel.’’ He was unlike that Astral

Reaching Realm warrior. Since he could not win by wealth, then he would win it with power.

And he would make him pay.

The host was quite disappointed. He thought that the Fire Dragon Fruit would set a new record

again, but it seemed like it was not going to happen at this point. However, three hundred sixty

thousand low rank soul stones were already quite a good number. Normally, the final price of it

would be around three hundred thousand soul stones. In rare cases, it would be four hundred

thousand. It had never reached beyond that.

’’Three hundred sixty thousand going once, three hundred sixty thousand going twice, three

hundred sixty thousand going three times. Sold! Congratulations again to the friend in the No.7

VIP room.’’ The host banged the hammer on the table.

For the second half of the auction, the Fire Dragon Fruit was obviously not the most valuable

item. In fact, it was barely in the top five. The fifth last item was a top rank Earth Realm martial

skill manual - Sky-Tearing Godly Claw Art, which was bought by an Astral Reaching Realm

warrior at the price of three hundred eighty thousand mid-rank soul stones. The fourth last

item was a whole bottle of repairing wonder. It could effectively cure an Astral Reaching Realm

warrior's wound, which was bought by the Black Crow Man at the price of four hundred midrank

soul stones.

As far as the last three items were concerned, they were quite impressive. They were a midrank

great weapon, a top rank Earth Realm martial skill manual, and a thirty-percent chance

enhancer for the Astral Reaching Realm.

The mid-rank great weapon was a blue stick, which ended up selling at a price of four hundred

twenty thousand mid rank soul stones.

The top rank Earth Realm marital skill manual was sold at six hundred thousand mid rank soul


And that chance enhancer had also ended up in the hands of the Black Crow Man, its price had

reached a surprising eight hundred thousand mid-rank soul stones, which would be four

million low-rank soul stones and sixty thousand million gold in the market. All of the people in

the auction field were shocked, and even Ye Chen was jealous.

’’The Black Crow Man was the inner master of that rank 6 martial institution - Flying Sky

Demon Martial School. Their wealth cannot be compared with some lone Astral Reaching

Realm warrior, which was one of the advantages of being a part of a powerful martial



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