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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 214


Chapter 214: One Thousand and Five Hundred Million

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Without further ado, the host reached to reveal the item.

Three Sword-shaped Plants laid on the round tray quietly. The Sword-shaped Plants were just

like its name, shaped like a sharp great sword. The tip of the sword had a slightly intense aura

of sharpness which brought people chills.

’’The Sword-shaped Plant starts at three million gold. Each bid should be no less than one

hundred thousand. The bidding officially starts now!’’

’’Three million two hundred thousand!’’

’’Three million three hundred thousand!’’

The bidders were not all sword artists that had learned the sword intent. There were a lot of

sword artists with high cultivation but who had not learned the sword intent yet.

They were thinking the same, wanting to see if they could use the Sword-shaped Plant to help

them figure the sword intent out.

Ye Chen did not hurry to join the bidding, it was not time yet.

Seeing Ye Chen being so calm and relaxed, she could not help but think more highly of him. On

this true spirit continent, people having a fast improving speed, strong survival skill and being

able to stay remarkably calm were really rare. As a matter of fact, there was barely anyone.

In the VIP room next door, a teenager, and an elder were sitting there.

The teenager was wearing purple fancy clothes, the pride on his face was very obvious. The

elder had still a head full of black hair, his face seemed very skinny. What was bizarre was that

his skin somehow seemed blue and purple-ish. The skin of his face was extremely tight. On a

quick glance, he looked like a zombie.

’’This three Sword-shaped Plant might help me figure out the sword intent. And with the sword

intent, my cultivation would increase at least ten percent. Then I will be more confident in that

Hidden Dragon Rank competition.’’ One could easily see the passion in the teenager's eyes, he

then raised up his hands in the air and said, ’’Four million gold!’’

’’Four million, anyone else?’’ The host looked around the auction field.

’’Five million!’’

Someone had outbid him.

Guo Lanyue said, ’’Why are you still not joining?’’

Ye Chen said, ’’No hurry.’’

’’Seven million!’’ In that huge auction field, the sound could easily cause an echo. Maybe it was

only a hallucination, but all the people had sensed a sharp aura coming out, going through

everyone's heart.

'Impressive sword intent!' Ye Chen's expression changed. That sword intent was way more

powerful than his. Even if it was not expert level sword intent yet, it should not be too far away

from it.

Guo Lanyue reminded him, ’’That was indeed that Astral Reaching Realm sword artist.’’

’’Two million at once. Ghost, this is that Astral Reaching Realm sword artist?’’ The proud

teenager asked that elder sitting right next to him.

The zombie-looking elder said, ’’You go and bid on it as much as you want. This person has his

own principle, he would not kill people for their properties.’’

’’Good.’’ The teenager raised up his hand again, ’’Eight million!’’

’’Xu, I am not criticizing you, but you need to be tougher when it is necessary. You have to make

people fear you. Then those youngsters would not dare to compete with you anymore.’’ In the

VIP room that was towards the middle of the auction field, two middle-aged men were sitting

on the leather chairs. The speaker was a brutal looking huge man with a big beard, and the

person sitting right next to him was a man with a square face, looking extremely sharp such

that no evil could get into him.

The square-faced middle-aged man smiled and said, ’’You don't know my style!’’

’’Not that again.’’ The brutal-looking man forced a smile.

The former did not try to justify himself, as his voice spread out the auction field, ’’Ten million.’’

The host smiled. Three Sword-shaped Plants could sell for ten million was already at its limit

since although there were many Sword-shaped Plant in that Sky River Canyon, they were not

that rare either. Each year, a small group could be harvested. However, most of it went to the

big martial institutions.

Also, the Sword-shaped Plant only contained one small amount of sword intent; the chance of

increasing sword intent was minuscule.

The proud teenager bit on his teeth, ’’Twelve million!’’

’’Fifteen million!’’

The teenager had just placed a new bid when the other competitor had already outbid him.

’’Ghost. How many low-rank soul stones have you got? I will give it back to you when we get

back.’’ The proud teenager wanted that sword-shaped plant so bad. After all, no sword artists

would be willing to lose a chance to increase their sword intent.

The elder frowned, he said, ’’Three Sword-shaped Plants might not help you to learn the sword

intent, but I guess you would not just give up like this. How about this? Once the bidding price

reaches over thirty million gold, you will just give up.’’ Low-rank soul stones were not just lying

around on the ground all the time. Normally, even the leaders of the rank eight and nine martial

institutions might not have that many soul stones. The consumption of the whole martial

institution was quite a heavy burden.


The teenager nodded and raised up the price, ’’Twenty million!’’

’’Thirty million!’’

Tightening his fists, the teenager sat down in disappointment. He had a slim hope that the

other person would just give up. But it seemed like competing with an Astral Reaching Realm

warrior was just a silly behavior.

Guo Lanyue secretly was very shocked. In such a short period of time, the bidding price had

already reached thirty million gold. Even Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not have this

much gold. That Astral Reaching Realm warrior was probably planning to use his low-rank soul

stones to exchange for gold. As for mid-rank soul stones, it was quite impossible. There was no

one that stupid to use mid rank soul stones to exchange for gold. It was a complete waste. Gold

would be really easy to gain, however, mid rank soul stones were extremely hard to gain.

Normally, even if one had plenty of gold, people would not exchange their mid rank soul stones

with anyone.

’’If you don't have gold, don't forget to ask me.’’ Guo Lanyue smiled as she looked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not reply. He raised up his hand and said, ’’Fifty million!’’

’’What? Are you crazy?’’

The smile on Guo Lanyue's face froze.

The square-faced man was a little bit confused. Suddenly raising up twenty million. 'Great,

very brave.' He placed a bid again, ’’Sixty million!’’

The whole auction field was completely silent. It was so quiet that one could probably hear the

sound if a needle were dropped on the ground.

Ye Chen looked like nothing had happened, ’’Seventy million gold.’’

’’Eighty million gold!’’

’’One hundred million!’’


The previously silent auction yield burst out in all kinds of noises. One hundred million gold!

Even if it was only gold, but it was the amount that even top rank 7 martial institutions would

not be able to afford at once. It was not that they did not have the money, it depended on the

person and what the money was for. Small things like buying sword-shaped plants, no one

would raise up the price to one hundred million. It was definitely not worth it.

Guo Lanyue's mouth was wide open, she did not know what to say at this moment. She thought

Ye Chen would ask her for her help. However, now that one hundred million gold was the limit

of the resource that she could pull, even if she wanted to help she would not have the power to

do so. After all, she was only an executive, not management level elder in the Moon Pavilion.

’’You have that much gold?’’ Guo Lanyue asked.

Ye Chen said, ’’Adding all those jewelry, it should be enough.’’

’’Have you robbed a small martial institution?!’’ Guo Lanyue wiped the sweat off her forehead.

’’I am not that crazy yet.’’

Over on the other side.

The middle-aged man laughed, ’’One hundred million, how could he even say that? Ah well, I

had only got this many low-rank soul stones. That leaves only those three thousand mid-rank

soul stones that I had counted in. I will need the remaining mid rank soul stones to train, so I

give up.’’

The brutal-looking man said, ’’What are you talking about? I still have some low-rank soul

stones, I can also throw in some mid-rank soul stones.’’ Without waiting for the square-faced

man to reply, the brutal-looking man placed a bid directly, ’’One hundred and twenty million


The host also wiped the sweat from his forehead, but that was the sweat from excitement.

Three Sword-shaped Plants selling for a hundred and twenty million was definitely the first

time ever. He said with a shaken voice, ’’ hundred and twenty million gold, who else? If

not, I will start the counting...okay!’’

’’One hundred and fifty million gold!’’

Under Guo Lanyue's shocked stare, Ye Chen raised his hand once again.

’’Damn, how much gold does that little brat have?!’’ The brutal-looking middle-aged man put

down the hand he was just about to raise up. As an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, they might

not have many low-rank soul stones because they would have used them all to exchange for

mid-rank soul stones. If he continued bidding, then he would have to use the ones he was

saving up for training.

’’One hundred and fifty million gold...who, who else...wants to bid on it?’’ The host had finally

learned about the thinking of rich people who did not even think of gold as gold. He was certain

that even the leader of a rank 7 martial institution sitting there would not be able to compete

with that. Who would spend one hundred fifty million gold on three sword-shaped plants?

Even after he waited for a while, there was no one answering.

’’One hundred fifty million gold going once, one hundred fifty million gold going twice, one

hundred fifty million gold going thrice! Sold! To the friend in the No.7 VIP guest room.’’

Guo Lanyue rolled her eyes, ’’One hundred fifty million gold on three sword-shaped plants,

what a waste! Even if the gold is not worth much, but still.’’

’’Gold is only gold, but these three sword-shaped plants would give me so much help, I might

never come across one again.’’ Ye Chen had his own plan. These three sword-shaped plants had

got the left-over sword intent from the Battle King. And he was carrying the sword from the

Battle King as well. He had a hunch that once the sword met the sword intent from the Battle

King, something would happen for sure. It would be an opportunity that he should never let off

like that. As for the gold, he actually did not care about it at all. He had forty million something

gold from that Goat Head Mountain, plus the ten million something he already had before. That

would make it almost sixty million in total. Adding all that jewelry, there should be around one

hundred and ten million gold with him. If he used the remaining forty million gold to exchange

for low-rank soul stones, it would only get him one hundred thousand of them. He carried

more than two million low-rank soul stones. What was more, besides all that, he still had four

mid-rank Earth Realm manuals. If it were five million gold for a low-rank Earth Realm

manual, then he would at least have one hundred and sixty million thousand gold in total for

those four manuals alone

’’Never mind, there will be the Fire Dragon Fruit in the second part of the auction. You have

already exchanged all the low-rank soul stones for gold so it would be tricky for the Fire

Dragon Fruit.’’ Guo Lanyue thought Ye Chen had invested all he had into it, including all the

low-rank soul stones. Otherwise, how would a normal person have one hundred and fifty

million gold? Even Sea of Souls Realm warriors did not have this much gold. For warriors, soul

stones were the most important things ever, a couple of hundred thousand gold would be more

than enough.

Three sword-shaped plants were soon delivered. Ye Chen did not put them into the storage ring

that stored the Battle King's sword. It was not time yet.

’’The second part of the auction starts now. From now on, gold would not be accepted. Only soul

stones would be accepted. The rule of the Gold Tripod City Auction Yield is that one mid-rank

soul stones can be changed for forty-five low-rank soul stones. However, low rank soul stones

would not be able to exchange for mid rank soul stones.’’

After resting for a while, the host walked up the stage again.

Hearing this, Ye Chen unnoticeably laughed. One mid-rank soul stones could exchange for fifty

low-rank soul stones normally. Even more than that was possible, but never less. Because

normally, not many people would trade their mid-rank soul stones for low rank soul stones,

just like how not many people would exchange their low-rank soul stones for gold. It seemed a

little bit self-conflicting, but it was common knowledge of the true spirit continent.

If he did not have enough gold or jewelry, Ye Chen would also not want to exchange his lowrank

soul stones, since gold would only be used in some small auction field. In huge auctions

like the one in the Gold Tripod City, being able to buy things with gold in the first part was in

itself quite rare.


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