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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 213


Chapter 213: Sword-Shaped Plant

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Ta! Ta! Ta!...

A quiet knocking sound was heard from right outside the guest room. In fact, this noise could

be heard daily.

Getting out of bed, Ye Chen said, ’’Come in!’’


The door was opened, and the servant held a pile of golden cards as he walked in, ’’Sir, these are

the VIP cards that your friend asked me to give to you.’’

Ye Chen took them over, on which it was written, 'Gold Tripod City Auction Yield VIP Card.'

’’From a lady?’’ asked Ye Chen.

’’Yes, sir.’’

Without guessing, Ye Chen knew who it was from, so he asked again, ’’How many days are there

until the auction? Is there any news about it?’’

’’It should be tomorrow, I believe!’’

’’Oh! Prepare some food for me.’’ Putting away the VIP cards, Ye Chen gave his order.

After fifteen minutes, all of the dishes had been served. Ye Chen sat in the dining room, slowly

enjoying the food.

Three blocks from Ye Chen's hotel...

In the guest room of a fancy restaurant, Guo Lanyue and the Fourth and Sixth Night were there

discussing something.

’’Executive Guo, are you sure you want to bring him into the Moon Pavilion?’’ The Sixth Night

was playing with a small dagger as he spoke.

Guo Lanyue said, ’’Of course. This kind of talent will be a waste if we don't take him on board.’’

The Fourth Night was still in the healing process. She looked slightly pale as she said, ’’It would

be hard.’’

’’Every genius has his own way of doing things. It would be weird if it were easy. Just like the

other three people in the Seven Nights, they are all top geniuses from different martial

institutions, and I had spent so much effort to bring them in.’’

The Sixth Night laughed, ’’It seems like Executive Guo has already gotten a plan.’’

’’Not a plan, precisely, I could only try to be nice to him. Then when the time is right, I will make

him feel he owes us something. For example, during this auction, if he finds something he likes

but cannot afford, I would not mind to lend him some money.’’ Guo Lanyue smiled a little bit. As

the executive of the Moon Pavilion, although she was not high up in the management level, she

still had a certain access to the resources.

’’Ah, it looks like I will have to start training harder. Otherwise, I might be eliminated from the

Seven Nights.’’ The sixth night could feel the pressure even though he did not want to admit it.

The second day...

In the morning...

There were more warriors on the street, a lot of them still wounded.

’’I heard there would be a Fire Dragon Fruit in this Gold Tripod City auction. I wonder if it is


’’Fire Dragon Fruit, that is some good stuff. For us Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, it is definitely

a top pellet. Too bad, we can never afford it.’’

’’Yah! All of our money combined would not be able to afford a tiny bit of skin of the Fire Dragon


’’Forget it. We are here.’’

In front of the huge entrance of the auction field, a couple of people walked in.

’’Fire Dragon Fruit! Good stuff.’’ Hearing their conversation, Ye Chen thought to himself.

He was at the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm right now, and if he wanted to reach the peak-level Mid

Clasping Yuan Realm, he would have to accumulate zhen Qi, which was impossible for him to do

in a short time. However, with a Fire Dragon Fruit, he would be able to reach the peak-level Mid

Clasping Yuan Realm in a short time, which would save him a huge amount of time and effort.

Entering the gate, one could see a fancy looking pathway on the right. Two warriors were

guarding the lane.

’’It is probably the VIP entrance!’’ Ye Chen walked over and flashed his VIP card.

The warrior said with respect, ’’Here, sir.’’

Walking out of the other side of the tunnel, Ye Chen saw Guo Lanyue, who was standing right

outside the No.7 VIP room. The VIP card in his hand also said ’’No.7’’.

Guo Lanyue laughed, ’’Ye Chen, here.’’

Ye Chen scanned through the fancy VIP room after entering, then sat on the leather chair that

was right in the middle of the room, while Guo Lanyue sat on the side.

’’I heard there would be a Fire Dragon Fruit in this auction.’’ Guo Lanyue said, trying to sound


Ye Chen nodded, ’’I know.’’

’’This Fire Dragon Fruit is not some normal natural treasure. It would be impossible to even join

the competition for it if you don't have three hundred or four hundred thousand low-rank soul

stones. However, I could lend them to your temporarily.’’

Ye Chen smiled but did not say anything.

Soon, the auction had officially started.

The host, who had gray hair, walked onto the stage. He first introduced the history of the

auction field, then said, ’’Just like every other auction before, the Gold Tripod City Auction is

separated into two parts. The first part would be using gold as the trading currency, and the

second part would be using soul stones. I am sure that the first part of the auction would not

lack great treasures. Some of the great treasures might even have greater value than the ones in

the second part. If you are interested in one of the items but are not having enough gold, you

could use soul stones to exchange for gold. The exchange rate is one to three hundred and fifty.

Of course, our Gold Tripod City Auction Yield only accepts soul stones for gold, the other way

around is not allowed. Okay, now, let the auction begin. Bring up the first item!’’

As soon as the host stopped talking, everyone went quiet. A beautiful servant walked out from

the backstage with a tray in her hand.

’’The first item is a top rank Mortal Realm manual, named River Spell. It had the inspiration

from the unstoppable clear river. The trainer would have much stronger and purer zhen qi than

normal top rank Mortal Realm martial skills. The starting price is thirty thousand gold. Each

bid should not be lower than one thousand gold.’’ Taking off the silk cloth covering the tray, the

host announced the name of the manual and effect smoothly.

’’Thirty-two thousand!’’

’’Thirty-five thousand!’’

Most of the people that were bidding were Condensing Reality Realm warriors. Although some

of them had trained top rank Mortal Realm martial arts, many still had only high-rank Mortal

Realm marital arts, while some of them did not even have those ones. Therefore, at each

auction, they would try their best to bid on things.

Soon, that River Spell manual had been won by a Condensing Reality Realm warrior for fortyeight

thousand gold.

Taking a sip of the tea that the servant had brought him, Ye Chen looked extra relaxed, sitting

on the leather chair. At the beginning of the auction, there would not be too many great items,

so he naturally would not get involved. However, seeing people being so passionate and into it

was amusing for him.

After a period of time, the value of the items had been raised.

’’The next item, you guys should be quite familiar with it. All of you blade lovers would

definitely be interested. The thirty-seventh item, low-rank great weapon - Blue Light Blade.’’

All of a sudden, the people started to boil up. They were quite surprised that there would be a

low-rank great weapon in the first part of the auction. No wonder the host seemed so


’’The starting price for the Blue Light Blade is one million. Each bid should be no less than fifty

thousand. If you are interested, start bidding!’’

’’One million fifty!’’

’’Two million!’’

’’Three million!’’

Within a few breaths' time, the price of the blade had been raised up drastically and had reached

three million. However, Ye Chen was wondering how come that top low rank great blade,

Breaking Sky Blade, in the north-west auction field of the Wind Nation only started at three

hundred thousand gold? 'This Blue Light Blade seemed to be not even as powerful as that Break

Sky Blade, but it still started at one million. Of course, the result should be roughly the same,

Lin Qi had bought that blade for five million seventy gold. I imagine this blade to go for nothing

less than that number since the Black Dragon Nation is not Wind Nation, they are simply way


Just as Ye Chen had expected, the Blue Light Blade had ended up with a Late Clasping Yuan

Realm warrior for Five million fifty thousand gold.

’’The first part of the auction is almost finished. Now, it is the last item of the round which we

had been saving for this very moment. Those of you who do not have enough gold, don't forget

you can exchange your soul stones for gold. The exchanging rate is one to three hundred and


A lot of the people rolled their eyes. Outside of the auction field, normally one low-rank soul

stone was worth four hundred gold. There might be slight changes, but it should always be able

to exchange for at least four hundred gold. It was one to three hundred fifty in here, which was

a total ripoff.

Guo Lanyue laughed, ’’Maybe a lot of people seem like they could not care less. But once they see

something they like, there will still be a lot of people wanting to exchange for gold.’’

Ye Chen nodded. The last item of the first round of the auction would not be something normal.

Some of the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors might not be lacking soul stones. They might be

lacking gold since there was no need for them to have gold most of the times.

The beautiful servant laid the round tray on the auction table. The host revealed the item, he

said with a loud voice, ’’Final item, three Sword-shaped Plants.’’

Sword-shaped Plant!

Ye Chen frowned, he had not heard about this kind of spirit plant before.

On the contrary to Ye Chen's reaction, in the other guest rooms, a lot of the Clasping Yuan

Realm warriors had been intrigued, including one or two Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

The host said with a calm voice, ’’I think you all are quite familiar with the great River Sky

Canyon near the Falling Crane River, right? Back in the days when the Battle King broke open

the Sky Column Mountain and created the River Sky Canyon, the remaining sword intent was

still there after five hundred years. It had continuously occupied the internal part of the River

Sky Canyon. If one entered without caution, one's soul would definitely be crushed by that

horrifying sword intent. Rumor says, once an Astral Reaching Realm warrior had entered the

canyon and no one had seen him ever since, who was most likely dead.’’

Within the River Sky Canyon, no plants would survive. Even if one purposely tried to grow

anything there, the remaining sword intent would take away its life.

However, there was always something being able to slip through the crack. On the outer wall of

the Sky River Canyon, there was one plant that had survived. It was called the Iron Rock Plant,

which was incredibly strong. An average person could not cut it down at once with a sword or a

blade, which was also why this plant was able to survive the Battle King's sword intent. It

slowly transformed into a brand new plant - the Sword-shaped Plant. Of course, not every Iron

Rock Plant could turn into a Sword-shaped Plant, the chance was depressingly low. Even one

out of ten thousand of them might not succeed.

Once it turned into a Sword-shaped plant, the plant would absorb a small amount of sword

intent, which had no shape no substantial texture. However, it had great value for sword artists

who had learned the sword intent. According to rumors, someone had found the door to sword

intent with the help of the plant and mastered the entry level of the sword intent; someone

mastered the expert level...there are plenty of examples which you all can just go and confirm.’’

Inside the VIP room...

After hearing the host, Ye Chen thought to himself, ' That makes so much sense. The Battle

Kind's sword intent is definitely way too powerful for me. If I just run to the Sky River Canyon

trying to learn the sword intent, it would be simply suicidal. However, it would be different with

the Sword-shaped Plant. It does not carry much of the sword intent, which would not be

harmful at all.

’’What? Are you interested? It is quite a popular item. You have bad luck though. Because of the

beast wave, there were a lot of sword artists who had come to the Gold Tripod City. A small

amount of them had already learned the sword intent, which included an Astral Reaching

Realm warrior, and I doubt he would let this opportunity slip away.’’ Guo Lanyue seemed to be

quite peppy, seeing Ye Chen being interested in the Sword-shaped Plant. She knew she would

have a chance to help him out and let him owe her one since Ye Chen would not be able to

compete with the Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

Ye Chen did not care much about it. He did not have much, but he had plenty of gold. If gold was

not enough, then he still had plenty of jewelry and manuals, even millions of soul stones. It was

only a Sword-shaped Plant after all.


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