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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 212


Chapter 212: Mastered Half Sword Intent

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

The battlefield was few hundred miles huge. By the afternoon, dozens of Astral Reaching Realm

warriors had finally vaporized all the blood rivers.

’’Luckily, there was no top rank blood demon yet!’’ The Fire Spirit said with relief.

The Black Crow Man responded, ’’There are still powerful and weak top rank blood demons. If it

is only an average top rank blood demon, I think I should be able to kill it altogether; if it is a

more powerful one, I guess only you with your fiery zhen yuan could suppress it. As for the top

of the top blood demons, I am afraid it can only be controlled by the rare sun zhen yuan.’’

Another Astral Reaching Realm warrior approached, as he laughed, ’’The blood demons grow

incredibly fast in the beginning. However, once they reach the top rank level, even if it absorbs

blood and qi from one hundred people or beasts at the same level, it would not make much

difference. Only if it could somehow absorb extremely powerful blood and qi from powerful

resources like Soul of Seas Realm warriors maybe it could carry on growing. Speaking of which,

the blood demons have such a powerful potential. We had to spend decades to reach the Astral

Reaching Realm, while they could do it in the blink of an eye if they had enough blood and qi.’’

The Black Crow Man laughed, ’’I rather train slower than turning into a blood demon. Blood

demons would always be afraid of sunshine, flame, and lightning until they become blood

devils. And even if they have become blood devils, the powerful pure zhen yuan could still

suppress it. Also, don't forget the fact that the blood demons have to grow by absorbing blood

and qi. When they start to lose themselves, it will be the end of their lives.’’

’’Yah, you are right! The biggest weakness of the blood demons is that they are easily broken

down and lose themselves. The faster they absorb, the faster they lost their consciousness. In

the residential areas, there normally wasn't any blood demon able to transform into a blood

devil. And a blood warrior was even rarer. However, this time, we were indeed careless. I guess

we had forgotten a lot of horrifying things after thousands of years.’’

At this, the rest of the people remained silent.

In the human history, there had been a couple of times of blood demon disasters. The first time

it had happened was so distant from the now; it was in the ancient era. The second time was

fifty thousand years after the first time, while the third time was one thousand years ago. There

were not many detailed official records about the first two times since it was such a long time

ago. However, the third had been carefully recorded.

Right then, it was the peak time of the beast wave outbursts on this true spirit continent. There

would be a small beast wave in a country almost every three days; every half a month, a

medium-sized country would have a medium-sized beast wave. There would even be huge

beast waves in huge nations every half an year. This lasted for a whole year. During those

endless battles and fights, both beasts and humans had horrible losses. The magnitude of death

reached around three billion. The bloody atmosphere shot right into the sky, dying all the

clouds red, turning even the rain bloody. A lot of the warriors had been ambushed by the blood

mist and turned into murderers; there were also a lot of people who lost themselves and died

due to breakdowns.

That kind of horrifying place was designed for the blood demons. Countless blood demons had

been born in those mountains of corpses. In the beginning, there was only a small group of

them, but because the people back then did not kill them all on time, it led to the result of

endless blood demons being born. Eventually, after the beast wave had died off, the quantity of

the blood demons had reached more than a billion, including hundreds of blood warriors. And

because of some particular reason, a half-blood devil had also been born.

Maybe to the whole human population, those hundreds of blood warriors and a half blood devil

were nothing, but a disaster would not disappear on its own just because how powerful the

human race was.

A billion blood demons had destroyed countless countries, absorbed few hundred millions of

people's blood and souls, even that of a lot of Soul of Seas Realm warriors and one Life and

Death Realm warrior. This was especially severe as even during the fight against all those beast

waves, there was still no Life and Death Realm warriors that had been killed.

Therefore, since then, as long as there was a battle with more than ten thousand people or

beasts involved, there would be people there especially for cleaning up the blood demons to

prevent another disaster. However, not knowing why, there had not been too many blood

demons after the beast waves, and even if there were some, they would only be a small amount.

Most of them would be low-rank blood demons, and the medium-low rank blood demons were

few in number too. Maybe that was the reason that after a long time, no one had cared or

worried about the blood demons.

’’Alright. The beast cloud has already scattered. This area is fully covered with sunshine... there

should not be any new blood demons. Let's get back.’’

’’Yah, there should be armies from the Gold Tripod City to clean up the field soon.’’

On the battlefield, the beast corpses were all broken, a lot of them were completely destroyed.

However, if one collected carefully, there would still be a lot of beast material and pellets.

On the huge streets of the Gold Tripod City.

Ye Chen and Guo Lanyue were walking right next to each other, preparing to go back to their

own hotels.

’’If the beast wave did not happen, today would be the annual auction day for the Gold Tripod

City. But I guess it will be delayed for a while.’’ Guo Lanyue said with a smile on her face.

Ye Chen said, ’’Good. Then I will have time to digest the battling experiences.’’

After a long time of fighting, there would be a lot of things that one would not be able to revise.

Ye Chen would have to train carefully, turning all improvised techniques into his own skills

when he could still remember things clearly.

’’Haha, what a workaholic. But our Moon Pavilion indeed lacks geniuses like you.’’ There was a

burning passion sparkling in Guo Lanyue's eyes. She was certain that once Ye Chen joined the

Seven Nights of the Moon Pavilion, it would bring the Seven Nights to a brand new level.

Although right now, his power was probably not as powerful as the third night yet.

Ye Chen shook his head and said, ’’When I find a purpose, I might actually join the Moon

Pavilion. But for now, I don't have much interest in the Moon Pavilion yet.’’

For Ye Chen, everything needed a purpose. Doing things blindly just because people told one to

do so was irresponsible. He currently did not have a reason and purpose to join the Moon


The more Ye Chen rejected her, the more Guo Lanyue wanted him to join. She planned to report

to the management level and the leader about Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had arrived at his hotel, so he greeted Guo Lanyue and the two separated.

’’Sir, your shower is ready.’’ Right outside the room, the servant said with great respect.

Giving him ten silvers, Ye Chen opened the door and walked in.

Inside the bathroom.

Finally, Ye Chen was able to relax. His eyes were half shut, as he remembered the details of the

battles. Maybe it was because of his soul power, some of the details that he had overlooked

before were once again remembered, such as some sword attacks, some random escapes, some


’’There seem to be some angle issues there...’’

’’The avoiding route could be shortened.’’

’’The killing was not sharp enough.’’

The more he thought about it, the more mistakes he found. It was not because his power had

been weakened, it was because there had been hundreds and thousands of attacks, and it was

hard to keep every single one of them perfect. The mistakes were almost unavoidable, even for

Ye Chen.

Slowly letting out a breath, Ye Chen opened his eyes and mumbled, ’’So many mistakes. I guess

this is the weakness of being a human - full of uncertainty.’’


Standing up from the shower pool, Ye Chen's slim but muscular body was blurry in the room

full of steam. Right now, Ye Chen was already seventeen and had already almost fully

developed, which made him look more powerful.

Putting on some clean clothes, Ye Chen went back to his bedroom and started his meditation

and training.


Over that battlefield, teams of solders were collecting beast materials and inner pellets in the

huge wooden cart right next to them.

’’So many beast materials, how much money would it be worth? Should we hide a couple of

beast inner pellets? The expensive kind?’’

’’I suggest you don't do anything stupid. Don't you see people are watching us? Once you get

caught, you would be executed instantly.’’

’’Hehe, I was only joking.’’

’’This kind of joke is not funny. The beast wave had been taken care of by those warriors, we did

not do much. Plus, it is not like we will get nothing from it. As long as we collect all the

materials and pellets, all of us will get five percent of everything. After splitting, it would be

worth two months of our income. Therefore, just do your job... Don't think about anything


The soldier captain explained to him slowly.

In the deep part of the ground.

Inside that blood river.

The blood shadow could sense all the people standing on the ground and was a little excited.

After a long while, it finally got calm.

’’No, these people are too low rank. Absorbing them would have no use for me, and would only

make me break down faster. Ah well, let me rest up in this blood river for a while, stabilizing my

power.’’ The blood demons were bizarre creatures. They were formed from the blood and

abomination, and full of information in their consciousness. But without a doubt, once they

reached a certain rank, they would be able to connect all the information and form a unique


It sneered as it slowly sank into the blood river.


Days after days, Ye Chen was in a close-up training mode.

On the fifth day.

There was a sharp qi in the living room, and the peaceful air started to vibrate.


Opening his eyes, two sword qi like lights shot out from his eyes, as Ye Chen yelled with a low



The air was soon sliced open. An unreal sword shadow flashed once before disappearing. This

sword shadow was invisible to others, and only Ye Chen could sense it.

A weird noise had been heard, making Ye Chen look upwards.

The pot plant in front of him slightly shook, the leaves on the plant hanging off the branches.

There seemed to be an invisible power that sucked all the life right out of the plant, turning it

into a dead plant instantly.

’’Thirty percent of the sword intent is entry level, ninety-nine percent of the sword intent is an

expert level. And right now, I am at around fifty percent.’’

The sword intent was almost like a tale. Normally, it was really hard to start and would get

relatively easier in the later stage because, in the beginning, one would not know what to sense.

Being able to understand the sword intent required people with a sharp mind and excellent

understanding of the sword arts. Ye Chen had already learned the sword intent, and then he

mastered the entry level of sword intent. Right then, he had already gotten a degree of

understanding of the sword intent which gave him an idea of what was needed for making


However, the part regarding it being easier in the later stages was only in relative terms. A lot of

people zero progress on their sword intent because of limited resources and environment, and

they would not make any major breakthrough in their whole life. Therefore, although few

people managed to master the entry level of the sword intent, rarely anyone made it to the

expert level; as for the full sword intent, there was barely anyone in this whole true spirit

continent at that level. And the ones who were able to make progress above the full sword

intent so far were still unknown.

The way Ye Chen understood it was that the sword intent was like an enhancement. For

example, a normal sword qi could slice open great steel. But with the help of the sword intent, it

could probably cut open two great steel. As for the reason, it was because the sword intent

altered the structure of the sword qi, which made it stronger and tougher. However, the process

of the changes was uncontrollable; the sword artist could not foresee or alter the change. In

other words, with Ye Chen's cultivation right now, there was no way for him to make an impact

on the sword intent instead of only using it.

However, the sword intent obviously was not a mere enhancement. Because of its unreal

nature, it could cut through emptiness, and no evil could break into it. For example, that sword

attack earlier was invisible as if it did not exist at all, but still could cut down the very life out of

the plant, instead of just simply destroying the plant.


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