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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 211


Chapter 211: Blood Demon

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

The night had passed quickly, and the morning arrived. The first beam of sunshine shone right

out of that fog of beast Qi in the sky, bringing a little bit brightness on this battlefield.

’’Pal, we should go get some rest. I think you are also quite familiar with the consequences of

taking too many pills.’’

’’You are right. The quality of my zhen qi is dropping. Let's go back to the Gold Tripod City and

rest up.’’

Warriors were not like beasts. Once they lost the advantage of their zhen qi, their fighting

power would drop drastically. On the contrary, when beasts lost their beast qi, they would still

have their powerful bodies since the advantage of being a beast was the body. Therefore, all the

warriors would go back to the Gold Tripod City to replenish their zhen qi once they reached a


However, because of many warriors had to go back to the city, the rest of the warriors would

lose their winning position. The casualties increased rapidly.

’’I think it is our time to join the fight.’’ The Fire Spirit stood up.

The Black Crown Man activated his Black Crow Great Art. A pair of pitch-black wings appeared

out from his back, and he said as he nodded, ’’The beasts could last longer than the human

warriors. If we don't join the fight now, I am afraid all the remaining warriors would not be able

to survive. However, we cannot kill them all... maybe a half of them would be alright.’’

After reaching an agreement, all the Astral Reaching Realm warriors joined the battle.

’’Death Tornado!’’

The Black Crow Man performed the same martial movement as Wu Liangyu, but with twenty

time's stronger power. With one attack, at least thousands of beasts had been torn into pieces. A

vast area had been turned into a flat ground as easy as a daily routine.

’’Flow Blade Flame!’’

Fire Spirit's power was just as dominant as the Black Crow Man. As he walked, countless

enormous light blades that looked like fire had been shot out. Wherever they went, the beasts

were sliced open like trimming grasses. Each small movement could clean out a vast area. That

relaxed and casual feeling had shocked all the warriors still fighting on the battlefield.

’’This is the so-called Astral Reaching Realm's power?! There is no way I could fight against

that. No wonder the Thunder Man said that even if I mastered the sword intent and was at the

peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm, all I could do would be to run because I would have no

fighting power against that.’’ After one day and one night straight, Ye Chen did not go back to

the city and rest. Instead, he had been fighting until now. For him, an opportunity like this was

really rare, and if he did not try his best, he knew he would regret it later. After seeing all the

Astral Reaching Realm warriors joining the fight, a wave of energy came out of nowhere

suddenly and restored Ye Chen's energy level to its peak. There were some signs of him making

a breakthrough again.

’’Haha! Why saving up all the zhen yuan? Perform a couple of ace attacks, then it will solve


In the sky, an Astral Reaching Realm warrior had flown extremely high up. Both of his hands

raised up, looking like he was holding something. All of a sudden, a pile of silver colored

lightning ball appeared between his hands. The lightning ball grew bigger and bigger in the

wind. With each breath, it would expand by ten meters. With a simple glance, it looked like he

was holding a silver-colored sun in his hand.

’’Lightning Explosion!’’

He yelled as the huge lightning ball that he was holding was thrown out.


It was almost like the apocalypse had arrived. Within a few miles radius, the whole place had

been turned into a lightning world. The next moment, borderless unbearably bright light shone

in all directions, brightening the whole thousand miles radius. All of the warriors that were

below the Astral Reaching Realm hurried to close their eyes. They suspected that staring right

into that sun-like light would blind them.

When they opened their eyes again, the lightning world had disappeared. However, one could

still see the electrical sparks in the air, which kept moving around. All of those beasts that were

in the air had disappeared completely, along with the ten-meter-deep ground.

’’So impressive. He is at least at the Late Astral Reaching Realm. With only one attack, he killed

almost one million beasts.’’ A lot of people looked as if they had forgotten how to think, while

the Black Crow Man and Fire Spirit exchanged a deep, meaningful look.

’’Let's see who could kill more beasts with one movement. Burning zhen yuan is not allowed.’’

’’Huh. I train fire factor zhen qi, which definitely has a bigger killing range than yours.’’

’’We will see!’’

For the mighty warriors of the Astral Reaching Realm, the horrifying battlefield was only a

playground. They started to compete with each other, performing one ace movement after

another. Each time, they would kill ten thousand beasts. It was really impressive knowing that

Ye Chen right now could only kill around one hundred beasts with one movement.

But of course, fighting power could not only be measured by the killing range. For example, the

attacking sword movement with largest killing range was the Tornado Broken Clouds; with one

attack, he could kill around one hundred beasts. However, the Lone Peak Kill could only kill few

beasts, sometimes only one beast, but one could not just say that the Tornado Broken Clouds

was definitely stronger than the Lone Peak Kill. On the contrary, the Tornado Broken Clouds

was nowhere near the Lone Peak kill, there being almost zero comparison between the two.

Even so, facing the mighty Astral Reaching Realm warriors with only peak-level Late Clasping

Yuan Realm, one could already imagine the power gap since the Astral Reaching Realm warriors

could easily cover a vast area with a casual movement, which left people with nowhere to

escape. Even if they managed to escape, they would be exhausted and have no power to fight


Reaching this level of cultivation, Ye Chen had to consider the situation where he had to face an

Astral Reaching Realm warrior.

Not even fifteen minutes had passed, yet the beasts on the battlefield had decreased by more

than a half. However, the remaining beasts were still a few times more than the total number of

warriors in the Gold Tripod City.



All the warriors got a chance to rest a bit while all the Astral Reaching Realm warriors were

killing the beasts, which included Ye Chen. Right now, the beasts were way less, which was

definitely a good thing.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

One sword attack killed one beast, which was obviously not as efficient as Clasping Yuan Realm

warriors. However, the speed of Ye Chen throwing out sword attacks was unbelievably fast.

With each breath, he would have already traveled among the beast wave for two to three

hundred meters. During this time, he had already thrown out sixty-seven sword attacks and

consequently killed sixty-seven beasts. The killing speed was almost as fast as his wide-range

attack - Tornado Broken Clouds.

Standing on a massive beast's corpse, Ye Chen looked into the distance. Outside of the Gold

Tripod City, the ground had been dyed a bloody color. On that bloody land, the total amount of

all the remaining beasts was less than one million, and the human warriors were about four

hundred thousand. Adding to the other half in the city, there would be eight hundred thousand

in total.

Only eight hundred thousand warriors out of those two million warriors had survived so far.

The death rate was horrifying.

’’Without being able to reach the Clasping Yuan Realm, it would be walking on a blade when

trying to fight in this kind of a huge battlefield. The good thing is that the Gold Tripod City was

huge, there was no way for those beasts to rush in at once. If we were at a huge grass field

without any obstacles, the twenty million beasts could easily take out two million warriors that

we had.’’

Ye Chen carried on killing after cutting an incoming beast in half with his sword.

’’Alright. I have been suppressing it till now. But finally, it is time to let you all see the true

power of the Lone Peak Kill.’’

Shaking his wrist, Ye Chen stabbed right into the neck part of a cow-shaped demonic beast.


More than ten beasts in the same direction had been punctured through by the sword qi, as fast

as lightening.

’’Although I had used a close-up sword movement, it does not mean I can only kill one target.

With the help of my Lone Peak Kill, the sword qi carries a horrifying puncturing power.’’ Ye

Chen did not use the movement before because there were too many beasts, and he had to

control the burning speed of his zhen qi.

Right now, the quantity of the beasts had decreased drastically, and he did not have to worry

about it as much. He could finally start to kill without holding back.

During the time the beasts were being killed, the dark clouds in the sky that formed because of

the intense beast Qi had finally started to scatter. The golden sunlight shone upon the ground,

brightening up the whole place.


In the distant part of that corpse mountain, the human-shaped blood mist suddenly started to

scream. After being shone by the sunshine, it suddenly turned into smoke.

’’What are those?’’

Including Ye Chen, a lot of people could not believe their eyes.

Standing on the city wall, the Fire Spirit forced a smile, ’’Indeed. During a huge fight, there will

surely be blood demons.’’

The Black Crow Man said, ’’It is actually really hard for blood demons to form. There could not

be any sunshine, and there has to be enough of blood and abomination. These are all low-rank

blood demons though, nothing to worry about.’’

Just as Black Crow Man finished talking, a pile of smoke rose up from the lake-like blood pond

on the ground. Then, a bloody shadow could not help but rush out and ran towards the dark

corners. However, the sun shone right upon that blood shadow, and smoke also appeared from

it as a result. However, unlike the human shaped blood mist, its body did not disappear at once.

Instead, it was only slowly melting like a snowman in the sun.

’’Low-rank blood demon has been formed!’’ Some Astral Reaching Realm warriors were shocked


’’Look! A mid-rank blood demon!’’

Someone pointed at the dark part of the corpse mountain. There was also a bloody shadow over

there. Its shape was extremely similar to a human body. However, its facial features were quite



A rank 5 beast had unknowingly traveled past there. Without being able to avoid it on time, it

had been ambushed by that blood shadow, and an unexpected scene occurred. That blood

shadow had gone into the beast's body without any difficulties. It burst out after a while, the

blood light on its body shining even brighter, one could even see its facial features much more

clearly. However, on the contrary, the rank 5 beast that was standing right behind it had turned

into a dry corpse.

’’What an evil existence. No wonder you could see a lot of human dried corpses at night. I

thought it was due to some beasts that fed on human blood.’’

Ye Chen frowned.

While the beast Qi formed dark clouds started to disappear, more and more blood shadow had

appeared. They jumped at the beasts one after another. As for those human warriors, they were

standing quite far away and also in the sun, so there was no blood shadow attacking towards

them for now.

’’If I am not mistaken, these blood demons had started forming since yesterday. They had

increased their power from absorbing blood and qi from the beasts and human. It is alright,

there is still no top rank blood demon formed yet. Otherwise, even with all our power combined,

we could still probably not be able to stop it. Let's kill them all before it happens!’’ The Fire

Spirit's body flashed, and after a couple of breaths, he had landed in the middle of the

battlefield. Casually throwing out an attack, the fiery blade qi was like the archenemy of the

blood demons. Once touched by it, all the blood demons would start to burn and disappear

altogether at once.

’’So reckless!’’

The Black Crow Man shook his head, followed him and joined the battlefield.

The rest of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors had also joined. However, they all looked quite

serious, worrying about the formation of a top rank blood demon. Although it took a lot for a

top rank blood demon to be formed, there were so many top rank beasts and warriors, and once

they absorbed enough of same rank blood and qi, there might actually be a top rank blood


While cleaning up all the blood demons, the Astral Reaching Realm warriors would kill all the

beasts at the same time, leaving no blood for the blood demons to feed on.

Ye Chen and the rest of the young warriors headed back to the Gold Tripod City without being

told so because they knew it was no longer their fight anymore. Instead, they stood on the city

wall, watching what was happening down below.


Fire Spirit had the biggest impact on those blood demons. With one attack of his, no blood

demons could escape. After all the blood demons had been killed, the Astral Reaching Realm

warriors still did not stop. They started to use their zhen yuan to vaporize all the blood. As for

those small amounts of blood, it was okay since the formation of a blood demon needed an

enormous amount of blood and abomination. And also, the small pond of blood would dry out

quickly under the sun anyways.

However, what everyone did not know was that there was also an enormous amount of that

blood existed under the ground. A blood river had been formed from all the blood being

absorbed into the ground. A blood shadow slowly appeared, the facial features of which were

very clear, just like a real human. And right at that moment, he was sneering. The evil in his

pupil was so raw that it could make one shiver.


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