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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 21


Childe Hanshan

’’Identify yourselves!’’

At the bottom of the mountain, four disciples on guard duty stopped the group.

The cold-looking teenager stepped forward and said loudly, ’’We are from the Emerald Valley. Along with us is our senior master Mu Fengyuan! Let us through at once!’’

’’Emerald Valley's senior master!’’ The guards were astonished because in the Windy Paths Nation, the disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace were always consider to be outstanding, not mention how astonishing their senior masters were. They were always treated the utmost respect, even the emperor himself would pay them respect.

’’Sir! Please enter through here.’’ The leading guarding apprentice smiled as he eyed the people next to him, ’’Go notify the warden elder immediately!’’

The news of the venerable visitors quickly spread throughout the whole Sky Cloud Martial School.

Inside the welcoming lobby of Sky Cloud Martial School.

Besides a couple of senior masters sitting on the left hand side, there was a middle-aged man sitting in the main seat who seemed about forty years old. With his huge body and tiger claw like hands on the armrests, he emanated a strong pressuring aura. He was the number one warrior of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Patriarch Luo Xinglie!

Normally, if it was just a normal senior master coming, Luo Xinglie would not usually show up, leaving the reception to the headmaster or even the vice headmaster. But this time, their guest were not so simple. While Mu Fengyuan was not the headmaster, he was one of the top ten senior masters in the Emerald Martial Palace, he had reached the Late Clasping Yuan Stage and was not too far behind Luo Xinglie in power. However, even if the top three senior masters of the Emerald Martial Palace were as strong as him, it would be hard for any one of them to suppress him. Since Luo Xinglie did not want his guests to appear to be stronger than his school, he had personally appeared to welcome the guests as he was the only one overtly stronger than his guests.

On the right hand side, Mu Fengyuan and the three young teenagers were seated in order.

’’Haha, master Mu, what has brought you here today? Please excuse our poor reception as we were not expecting guests.’’ Luo Xinglie laughed brightly as his eyes focused on Mu Fengyuan.

Mu Fengyuan smiled, put down the teacup in his hand, and replied, ’’I hope Patriarch Luo does not mind us showing up here uninvited.’’

The headmaster of Sky Cloud Martial School was an elder with a slightly obese body responded, ’’Nonsense, when the patriarch heard that you had arrived, he came out personally to welcome you.’’

Luo Xinglie nodded, changed his tone, ’’May we know what is master Mu's reason for this visit? Surely, you are not just visiting us?’’

’’Paying a visit is a must, but since I am here, I would like to handle my disciple's personal issues.’’

’’Your disciple's personal issues? What is the issue?’’ Luo Xinglie was a bit surprised.

Mu Fengyuan cleared his throat, asked, ’’I wonder if there's a outer disciple that goes by the name Ye Chen in the Sky Cloud Martial School? This is his sister Ye Xuan, and the other one was also related with him.’’

Hearing Mu Fengyuan's introduction, Luo Xinglie and the senior masters all looked at Ye Xuan and the beautiful young woman besides her, they could not help but praise them in their hearts.

Not only their beauty, but their cultivation was extremely high.

Ye Xuan seemed to be not even fifteen, but she had already reached the Early Condensing Reality Stage and by looking at her Qi which was still not completely pure yet, they could tell she had just reached this stage not too long ago. Regarding that level of talent and potential, Sky Cloud Martial School did not have too many geniuses, not to mention she was a girl.

The other beautiful young woman was even more powerful! She was only a little bit older than Ye Xuan but had already reached the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Stage. In a couple of months, she would definitely reach the Late Stage. With her outstanding talent, she could definitely be in the top three ranking in Sky Cloud Martial School, or perhaps even the top ranked disciple.

Luo Xinglie sighed in his heart. There are so many martial geniuses in Emerald Martial Palace, any one of them would be powerful enough to compete with our top disciples. No wonder they have retained their spot as the best martial institution in the Windy Paths Nation, even the Northern Snow Academy can compete against them.

’’Young lady, what is your name?’’ The headmaster could not help but ask curiously.

The young woman seemed relaxed, ’’Greetings, headmaster. I am Ji Xueyan.’’

’’Ji Xueyan, are you a member of the family Ji?’’


Luo Xinglie laughed, ’’The heavens have blessed the Ji family! With a daughter like you, their status in the top eight family is even more stable, congrats!’’

’’Fortune!’’ The other senior masters nodded and agreed.

’’Someone, go find Ye Chen and bring him here.’’ Luo Xinglie did not know who Ye Chen was at all, but as the patriarch of the institution, no one would dare to not obey his words.

With Mu Fengyuan's permission, the cold-looking teenager who had not said a word stood up and said, ’’Patriarch Luo and senior masters, I, Liu Wuxiang, have a presumptuous request. I hope to compete with Childe Hanshan before Sister Ji finishes with her business.’’

Luo Xinglei froze a little, ’’You mean my son Luo Hanshan?’’

Mu Fengyuan smiled, ’’Liu Wuxiang is one of the four core disciples at our martial institution, competing with Childe Hanshan would only be a friendly spar. How about it?’’

’’Naturally. It's just that my son is having issues with his body, he probably won't be able to handle this.’’ Luo Xinglie seemed troubled, and if you looked closely, you could see a deep sadness flickering in his eyes.

Liu Wuxiang was a little bit disappointed. He opened his mouth in preparation to say something, but was stopped by Mu Fengyuan.

’’Father!’’ Suddenly, a teenager in blue appeared outside the lobby.

Luo Xinglie looked at that teenager in surprise, ’’Hanshan, how come you are here?’’

The teenager in blue looked at Liu Wuxiang, said, ’’Father, I will take on the challenge, I would like to see 'Palm Termination' Liu Wuxiang's true power.’’


’’Don't worry, I know my limit.’’ The young man in blue was indeed Childe Hanshan - Luo Hanshan, son of Luo Xinglie, rank two among the core apprentices, right after the 'Gentle Fragrance Sword' Zhu Mei.

Liu Wuxiang stood up, ’’Two years ago, the four most powerful people among the younger generation in Windy Paths Nation were revered as the 'Top Four Childes', it included the top disciples Emerald Childe, Snow Childe from the Northern Snow Academy, Childe Duanmu from the Mu Family, one of the top eight ranking families, and the Childe Hanshan from Sky Cloud Martial School. When this disciple and the North Snow Childe underwent closed door training for the Clasping Yuan Stage, you lost your title as the number one disciple. I found it quite unbelievable.’’

Luo Hanshan replied humbly, ’’Zhu Mei beat me fair and square, I think you all know about her ability.’’

’’'Gentle Fragrance Sword' Zhumei, is definitely strong. But frankly, she was still far behind you. How much have you changed?’’

Luo Hanshan tired about the subject and said, ’’Cut the crap, how would you like to compete?’’ The opponent was one of the four core apprentices in Emerald Martial Palace, who was called the ’’Palm Terminator’’ among the young generation in Windy Paths Nation. He had extremely powerful Qi and palm art, which was only below the Emerald Childe according to rumors. Luo Hanshan would not dare to underestimate him.

’’Nothing much. Just three palm attacks. It is actually is not ideal for us to truly fight yet.’’

’’As you wish. Let's just do it right here.’’

Luo Xinglie, Mu Fengyuan and the rest of the senior masters who were present were all staring at the two young men. The battle between the top warriors of the young generation did not happen often. Especially for Luo Xinglie, his face was full of worry but deep down, he was also a bit excited.

Ji Xueyan and Ye Xuan's eyes were sparked with excitement. Being able to witness Brother apprentice Liu Wuxiang battling Childe Hanshan, this trip was definitely worth it.

’’Please!’’ Luo Hanshan walked few steps forward with one of his hand behind his back, and the other hanging in the air.

Liu Wuxiang walked big steps, ’’I hope you would do your best, otherwise you would not be able to beat me.’’

’’Of course!’’


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