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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 208


Chapter 208: The New Lone Peak Kill

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Eh? His ace kill has just become stronger! Why is it changing so fast?’’

Even with just one peek, Guo Lanyue was drawn by Ye Chen's sword art instantly. That one

casual looking sword attack seemed to be able to swallow everything it touched and kill the

beasts at an impossible angle.

’’Executive Guo, do you know him?’’ The Sixth Night licked his lips as he looked at Ye Chen.

Guo Lanyue nodded and said, ’’I have only known him for half a month. Speaking of which, I

was thinking about recruiting him into our Moon Pavilion. Too bad, he rejected the offer.’’

’’He did? What? He despises our Moon Pavilion and the Seven Nights?’’ The sixth night was

naturally a bit cold-hearted, plus, he was extremely proud of the Seven Nights' reputation.

Hearing her, cold light shone out of his squeezed eyes. His body flashed, turning into a blurry

shadow, attacking towards Ye Chen.

’’Don't be impulsive!’’ Guo Lanyue was quite helpless. 'Besides the personality that was a bit of a

handful, he was still a good guy... but this is too reckless!'

The Fourth Night said lightly, ’’Let him go. I also want to see how exactly powerful that guy is.’’

’’I guess there's not much of a thing we could do now.’’

Although Guo Lanyue had forced a smile, deep down in her heart, she was also a little bit excited

herself. One of them was the Sixth Night, who was ranked six in the Seven Nights, and the other

one was a young warrior she had high hopes for. The clashes between the two must be so


'Ye Chen, take out all your power!'

The Sixth Night's speed was extremely fast and tricky, almost like a huge snake with a power

waiting to explode. He traveled through the gaps between the beasts, and as he went through, a

row of beasts was sliced open, their blood shooting out in a projectile motion. All these blood

columns were shot out into different directions, creating a bloody path for the sixth night.

’’Little brat, you are really arrogant, you know that?’’ In the distance, the cold voice of the sixth

night came into Ye Chen's ears.

Ye Chen turned his head, ’’How so?’’

As he spoke, the Star Scar Sword in his hand had not stopped because of being distracted. It was

somehow even sharper and more unpredictable.

’’Take my attack first! Hundred Snake Kill!’’

Extending both of his arms, a thigh-thick zhen qi snake came out of the Sixth Night's palm,

which shot out towards Ye Chen at an extremely fast speed. Wherever it went, one could see a

wavy pattern in the air caused by its fast speed, which made the air compress together.

Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!...

After learning the Poetic Prospect, the zhen qi huge snake's speed was not that fast for Ye Chen.

He waved his Star Scar Sword in the air, blocking out the huge snake's attack.

’’Not bad. Hundred Snake Explosion!’’

The Sixth Night sneered. His both hands made a grabbing motion in the air, then closed them

together brutally.

All of a sudden, those zhen qi snakes that had been cut in half by Ye Chen suddenly shot out

with Ye Chen as the center. After shooting out, they all exploded one after another. However,

there was no spark or flames; only the shattered air and the bumpy ground could show how

powerful that explosion was.

’’If you want to fight, I will fight with you!’’

Ye Chen appeared right behind the Sixth Night as his voice was heard.


The Sixth Night was shocked. He was sure that he just saw Ye Chen being surrounded by his

zhen qi huge snakes. 'When did he get out? How could I not sense it at all?! '

Biting on his lips, the Sixth Night performed his ace martial art in that critical moment -

Hundred Snake Halo! Countless snake-shaped zhen qi strands crawled out from under his skin.

The next second, they had all come together and formed a huge light loop, spreading out in all


Ye Chen did not move even an inch. He held his sword with both of his hands and sliced out at a

tilted angle.

The noise of fabric being torn was heard. That incoming halo was quickly sliced open by that

unbreakable sword light. Naturally, Ye Chen was unharmed.

During that time gap, the Sixth Night was able to turn around his body, but his eyes were wide


He could not believe his eyes. His Hundred Snake Halo attack had been cut open just like that.

’’Alright, let's use you to test out the power of my Lone Peak Kill.’’ Ye Chen could tell that the

Sixth Night was really powerful he could probably compete with a Late Clasping Yuan warrior

from the older generation. However, right then, Ye Chen knew he was more powerful, and could

completely ignore opponents at this level. But it still would be a great opportunity for him to try

his new martial art movement.

Shaking his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen stabbed towards the Sixth Night casually.

’’So fast!’’

This is the first impression the Sixth Night had after seeing that incoming attack. In his eyes,

there was nothing, only the slightest air pattern vibrating around him. However, his

subconscious was warning him about the incoming danger and to fight with all his power. But

somehow, his body was out of his control, and there was nothing else he could do but watch the

sword attack about to wound his body.

’’Ye Chen, go easy.’’

Seeing that, Guo Lanyue hurried to stop it.


Some of the black hair that was on the Sixth Night's shoulder had been cut off. Ye Chen's sword

had appeared on the sixth night's neck before he could realize it. Right then, the Sixth Night

had just regained the control over his body. However, he dared not to move even an inch even if

he could move now. The Star Scar Sword was extremely sharp, and even if he moved slightly,

that sharp sword qi would still wound him badly.

Taking away his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen turned his head to look at Guo Lanyue, ’’What's going


Guo Lanyue seemed quite embarrassed, ’’It was just a misunderstanding. A complete

miscommunication. Thank you for going easy on him.’’

’’I hope there will be less misunderstanding. I will not stop every time.’’ If it was not for Guo

Lanyue, that one sword attack would have stabbed the Sixth Night. Of course, it would not kill

him since they were in the middle of a beast wave.

The more beasts had appeared, the higher their rank had gotten. Ye Chen had run back into the

beast wave, performing his Lone Peak Kill repeatedly.

Guo Lanyue looked back at the Sixth Night, ’’You are too reckless. Luckily, Ye Chen was not a

blood craver. Otherwise, how was I going to explain it to the Moon Pavilion?’’ Actually, the most

shocked one out of them was she herself. She did not expect Ye Chen's sword art to have grown

to this level in such a short time that even the sixth night was not his opponent.

If she could not recruit this scarily-powerful young man, it would be her biggest regret.

The Sixth Night let out a deep breath, ’’What a scary sword art. Facing his sword art, I was as

hilarious as a little kid.’’

The Fourth Night said thoughtfully, ’’That was a fatal sword attack. If you were not able to block

that attack, you would have been killed. You were very lucky.’’


The Sixth Night could still feel the chills.

’’Alright. It is not a time for chitchat. Let's kill as many beasts as we can. Do not let them run

into the Gold Tripod City.’’ said Guo Lanyue to disperse the situation.

The beast wave was not like a regular group of beasts. The leading group was full of low-rank

beasts which could be considered as cannon fodder; when it got to the middle and later part of

the beast wave, the beasts' level would get higher and higher. There would be almost no beasts

under rank 3 at that point. Countless beasts would form a beast flood, continuously attacking

the Gold Tripod City and the warriors within.


’’Although this beast wave is quite dangerous, it is an opportunity to make a fortune. If I gather

all the materials from the beasts below rank 3, it would still be an unbelievably huge income.

And the beasts above rank 3 would have inner beast pellets which would be worth even more.

By then, all those materials and pellets would be ours.’’

’’If it were not for all the money that we will make, I would never have considered coming to the

Gold Tripod City in this crazy beast wave. It is too dangerous after all. Even the slightest

mistake would lead to death.’’

’’Yah! Two billion beasts! It is almost an apocalypse.’’

On this true soul continent, there was an unofficial rule: After the beast wave, all of the beast

materials and inner pellets would belong to the warriors who had fought in the battles. Anyone

else would get nothing no matter how powerful they were. Otherwise, they would be cut out by

all of the warriors around the world, which would be bad for their reputation. Although the rank

one beasts' material was not worth anything, when millions of them combined together, it

would still make someone enviably rich. Not to mention the rank 2 or higher beasts.

But of course, all of that fortune would not belong to one person. They would would belong to

all of the warriors that were involved. After being divided, there would not be much left, but it

would still be quite a good income, something a lot of people would not be able to make even in

a decade.




Beams of light flashed through the sky like falling stars, as a lot of Astral Reaching Realm

warriors had rushed here for the battles.

’’The Horn Dragon Snake beast was indeed a powerful Ancient Era creature... even after being

wounded badly, it was still so tough.’’ Midway, an Astral Reaching Realm warrior said with


The Astral Reaching Realm warrior on the side said, ’’During the beast wave, those beasts

seemed to become crazier and crazier. If it wanted to escape, there was no way we could have

stopped it. Oh right, how's your wound?’’

’’It's alright. It is just my meridians that had been damaged from burning zhen yuan, but it

should recover after a half month of rest.’’

’’Hehe, let's go check out the Gold Tripod City!’’

Astral Reaching Realm warriors traveled extremely fast. Soon, they appeared on top of the city.

’’Good, everything is under control. Let's go watch it from the city walls.’’

’’Unless it is a very critical moment, let's not get involved.’’

Seeing all those Astral Reaching Realm warriors appear on the city walls without offering help,

all of the warriors on the ground did not complain at all. They knew that if all the Astral

Reaching Realm warriors helped out with all of their power, the small beast wave would soon

disappear completely, and there would be nothing for them to do. But the thing was that all the

Astral Reaching Realm warriors were quite proud. They would not help out unless the Gold

Tripod City was facing destruction.

The Black Crow Man and the Fire Spirit had also shown up.

The Fire Spirit scanned through the place and soon found Wu Liangyu. He then he said with a

laugh, ’’Your disciple is working too hard. Somehow, he has already found a top rank 6 beast to

fight with.’’

The Black Crow Man looked over to where he was looking, said with a sigh, ’’Liangyu is always

quite competitive. Ah well, let me see how much he has grown.’’

Wu liangyu's opponent was a top rank 6 beast - Black Wind Snake. It was one hundred meters

long, and when all curled up together, it looked like a small mountain. It kept making a hissing

sound. Its power was not weaker than the Iron Scale beast, it was even slightly stronger.

However, as it was being attacked by Wu Liangyu, it was already full of wounds; its tail had been

cut off, and blood spilled everywhere.


Wu Liangyu's body flashed, going right past the neck part of the Black Wind Snake.


The huge head of the Black Wind Snake had fallen onto the ground, its gigantic body twitched a

couple of times after which it stopped moving altogether.

’’The top rank 6 beast - Black Wind Snake - has been killed by Wu Liangyu?! How can this be?’’

Someone in the crowd yelled out.

’’That was a top rank 6 beast! Although it did not have the ancient beast bloodline, it was still

equivalent to a peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior! Does this mean that Wu Liangyu

has already gotten the power to kill a warrior that powerful?’’

’’In this coming Hidden Dragon Rank competition, Wu Liangyu will definitely stand out from

the crowd.’’

On the city wall, the Black Crow Man smiled. 'Great progress! He already has the power to kill a

Black Wind Snake by himself... I think even that Murong Qingcheng brat would not be able to

manage that.'

’’Fire Spirit, my disciple is....’’


Turning his head to talk to the Fire Spirit, the Black Crow Man just realized that he was looking

somewhere else.

Out of curiosity, the Black Crow Man looked over where he was looking as well.

In their sight was a teenager in blue walking casually in the beast wave. As he threw out sword

attacks one after another, beasts fell down to the ground one after another.


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