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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 205


Chapter 205: Competitions (Part One)

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Guo Lanyue said, ’’Alright, let's go in first.’’ She saw the two walking towards the gate and went

out to accompany them. The Seven Nights were higher ranked than the executives, almost like

leaders who did not do any admin work. All this meant they had basically all the access and the


Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The three extended their bodies, appearing on the city wall instantly.

’’Tian Hao, you said the person who saved your life was almost as powerful as me? Are you

kidding? What did he rank in the last Hidden Dragon Rank?’’

Meng Hao sneered at Tian Hao. In the Alchemist Martial School, Meng Hao was almost the

most powerful one. He thought Tian Hao was just being jealous and trying to find someone to

make him feel bad.

Tian Hao said, ’’If I am not wrong, he will definitely come to the Gold Tripod City. Then you can

find out yourself if it is true or not.’’

Meng Chao could not care less, he said, ’’Two years ago, I might not have been his opponent. But

now, two years after, I have not just grown a little bit. My power has increased more than two

times. I had already mastered he top martial arts in our martial institution - the top rank Earth

Realm Burning Great Art - to its ninth level. What does he have to compete with me? As for the

sword intent that you had mentioned, it does not mean anything. In the last Hidden Dragon

Rank, I had beaten a sword artist with sword intent.’’

Maybe for most of the people, the sword intent was very rare and impressive. But for powerful

young warriors of the Hidden Dragon Rank, they had seen too many warriors with sword

intent. Besides the older generation, in the young generation alone there were dozens of people

who had learned the sword intent. There might be a lot of people who had not gotten a powerful

enough cultivation, so that they were not able to join the competition yet. Therefore, for Meng

Chao, what he cared was power; sword intent and all the other kinds of things did not bother

him at all.

Tian Hao said, ’’Anyways, you will see when he is here.’’ Honestly, he was not very sure himself

that Ye Chen would be able to defeat Meng Chao or not. As the head disciple of the Alchemist

Martial School, Meng Chao had trained the top of the top martial arts in their school, such as

the Burning Great Art. Only some of the core masters were able to train that martial art, and

even he did not have access to learn it. Besides that, the martial skill he had trained was the

Burning Great Palm Art, which was a joint martial art with the Burning Great Art. The two

martial arts matched each other, bringing up its general power which was even more powerful

than the two martial arts individually. As for the reason he decided to bring up Ye Chen was a

pure accident. He mentioned the story of Ye Chen without putting in too much thinking, and it

was too late when he realized the impact it had made. So, he had to stick with the story since Ye

Chen was indeed quite powerful, and even a rank 6 beast was killed by one sword attack of his.

The Great Master from the Alchemist Martial School said, ’’Alright, alright... stop with that. Tian

Hao, my boy, it was not like you have not seen your head disciple's power. Not everyone had the

ability to compete with him, son.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’ Since the Great Master had spoken, Tian Hao would not dare to say another word.

Dozens of young warriors who were all quite famous where they come from landed on the city

walls. They exchanged a look with each other, and one could feel the fighting intent in the air.

The Sixth Night took a glance at Meng Chao, and said with an evil smile on his face, ’’Among all

the people here, only he has some competing power. I wonder if we could exercise a little bit

with each other.’’

Guo Lanyue forced a smile. The Seven Nights in their Moon Pavilion all had different

personalities. The sixth night was famous for his arrogance and evilness. However, he was

indeed quite powerful, and even she could not handle three attacks of his. Furthermore, that

would even be under the condition of him not using all of his strength.

The Fourth Night said without much emotion, ’’They are here.’’


The Sixth Night and Guo Lanyue followed his eyes and looked over beyond the city. Across that

endless, lifeless ground, a human figure with pitch-black wings on its back was flying towards

them at an incredibly fast speed. That wing should be almost five meters long and was looking

quite alive. One could even make out the line of every single sharp feather. Wherever it went

through, all the air around had been instantly torn apart. Its speed had almost reached the light


The Fire Spirit focused his eyes, and laughed, ’’Crown, your disciple is here.’’

The Crown Man laughed too, ’’This brat, what is he wandering around here for? I thought he

was training in the school.’’

’’Don't complain now. Your disciple had trained the same martial art as you - the Black Crow

Art. He should probably have reached the tenth realm by now right?’’

’’Just reached the tenth level three months ago.’’

’’I see. The Black Crow Great Art is a top rank Earth Realm martial art which contains thirteen

levels. Having mastered the tenth level already, I think he could compete for the top twenties in

this year's Hidden Dragon Rank.’’

As the two spoke, the competitive aura within the young generation had gone through the roof.

Meng Chao kept on staring that teenager with the wings, and said slowly, ’’Wu Liangyu, ranked

twenty-five. This time, we will see who the winner is.’’ In the last competition of the Hidden

Dragon Rank, he had lost to three people in total. The Black Crow Man's disciple - Wu Liangyu,

was one of them. He was one of the most famous young warrior in the entire South Rudra


The Great Master of the Alchemist Martial School said, ’’I am afraid he has already mastered his

Black Crow Great Art to its tenth level. If you could train your Burning Great Art to its tenth

level, then you would have an excellent chance of beating him.’’

Meng Chao said, ’’My Burning Great Art and Burning Great Palm Art are a series of martial arts,

which contain great power when performed together. With my power now, it is not impossible

to win against him.’’

The elder shook his head. 'It will be hard, very hard. The Black Crow Great Art is not like the

other top rank Earth Realm martial arts. It is not only extremely fast, that pair of wings also

have great attacking power. It is as tough as great steel, only slightly worse than the low-rank

great weapons. But among the same rank weapons, it is still one of the top.'

Over the other side...

’’Wu Liangyu. I am not going to be able to beat him.’’ Out of Guo Lanyue's expectation, the Sixth

Night had just admitted that he was not an opponent for Wu Liangyu.

Guo Lanyue said, ’’Although our Moon Pavilion is not a martial institution, we are still stronger

than a typical rank 7 martial institution. And in some areas, we are even close to the rank 6

martial institutions. As long as you try hard enough, we will definitely try our best to support

you, and make the Seven Nights' name known in the entire South Rudra Region, and even the

entire True Soul continent.’’

The Fourth Night did not say a word. She was trying to analyze Wu Liangyu's power by judging

his qi and aura. Finally, she came to the conclusion that his power should be able to compete

with the Third Night. As for herself, she knew she could compete with him since she had fought

against the Third Night before, and had only lost by one movement.


The pitch-black wings were put away. Wu Liangyu appeared right next to the Crow Man, and

greeted with respect, ’’Teacher.’’

The Crow Man nodded, ’’You are right on time. I hope you can make some breakthroughs in

these beast wave battles.’’

’’I will. This Hidden Dragon Rank competition, my goal is to reach the top ten.’’

’’Great! Ambitious. But ambition alone is not going to get you anywhere. There are many

geniuses in the South Rudra region. It will not be only you who has increased their power.

Everyone is trying their best to train. Oh, I forgot to introduce... He is the Fire Spirit that I have

been telling you about - my archenemy.’’

’’Fire Spirit, sir, greetings!’’

After greeting, Wu Liangyu looked around. Besides looking at the fourth night for a little longer,

he had scanned through the others without even thinking.

’’Wu Liangyu is also here. He is the third disciple from the Sky Flying Demon Martial School. His

power was right after the head disciple Monster Eye and the second disciple Murong


’’What I find quite strange is that Murong Qingcheng is ranked after Wu Linagyu. Then why is

she still the second disciple? Wu Liangyu should be the second disciple, shouldn't he?’’

’’I have no clue about this. There might be something else to it.’’

’’Do not underestimate Murong Qingcheng. Last time in the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, I

think Murong Qingcheng did not even use all her power. Plus, the martial arts she had trained

were way above the Black Crow Great Art. It was one of the exclusive martial art of their martial

institution - the Sky Demon Great Art.’’

Wu Liangyu's arrival had cause lots of discussions.

’’Eh? Another powerful young warrior. Who is that? It seems like he has a great cultivation

already, already reaching the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm.’’ Some of the people had already

noticed another figure that was flying towards the city. Although he was not as fast as Wu

Liangyu, his cultivation was almost the same.

’’I don't think I have seen him before. He must be some new warriors that has just risen up, still

lacking recognitions.’’

’’Yah, great cultivation. But I wonder how his fighting power is. The only thing that matters

when competing among the younger generation is the fighting power... everything else is after


Hearing them, Tian Hao unconsciously looked over there, and could not help himself but yell

out, ’’That is him! Brother Ye Chen.’’

Meng Chao said, ’’No wonder you look up to him that much... He is a Mid Clasping Yuan Realm

warrior after all. But cultivation does not mean everything.’’

Instead of arguing with Meng Chao, Tian Hao waved his hand at Ye Chen, ’’Brother Ye! Over


Flying in midair, Ye Chen heard Tian Hao's voice. He hesitated for half a second then flew

towards that direction instead. His body dragged a long qi flow in the air.

The second Ye Chen had reached the city walls, Meng Chao took one step forward and said

lightly, ’’Then let me test out how weak is this person you admired.’’


The burning red fire wave appeared around Meng Chao, which he then threw at Ye Chen.

Wherever it went, the air had been vaporized immediately, turning into a vacuum space.


Ye Chen's expression did not change at all. His hand formed into a blade, cutting through that

fire wave.


The fire wave had been cut in half from the middle, and Ye Chen had already appeared right

next to Tian Hao.

Tian Hao said to Meng Chao with a hint of anger in his tone, ’’Meng Chao, what are you doing?’’

Meng Chao did not care for Tian Hao's attitude. He studied Ye Chen and said, ’’Not bad, being

able to break my casual attack... you do have some power.’’

Ye Chen said lightly, ’’I see, no wonder it was so weak.’’

’’You!’’ Meng Chao's eyes sank. How could he not understand what he meant? He knew Ye Chen

was saying that his casual attack was feeble.

’’Brother Ye, Let's talk over here.’’

Tian Hao did not want Meng Chao and Ye Chen to start a conflict because of him. He was

already quite sorry when he phrased the whole story so poorly.


Ye Chen walked right past Meng Chao and stood right next to Tian Hao.

’’I hope you are this majestic when you are on the battlefield.’’

Meng Chao was not someone who would lose their temper when things did not go his way. For

him, the goal of this trip was to fight against the high-rank beasts. And during the big battles,

everyone's power would be quite obvious. Since there would be billions of beasts here without a

certain degree of power, the warriors would definitely look quite out of place.

’’How could this be?! This little brat has already reached the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm?!’’ Guo

Lanyue, who had spent almost half a month with Ye Chen, was very surprised. 'A few hours ago,

he was still at the peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm. And now, after few hours, his power is

already no longer at the same level. Judging only from the training speed, it is definitely

extremely horrifying. It must have been that tough battle with the Iron Scale Beast that had

made him breakthrough his own limitation.

Great, now the Fourth Night and the Sixth Night are here too! This little brat will be able to feel

a great pressure. Maybe then he would want to join us in the Moon Pavilion, and try to become

the official member of the Seven Nights to prove his power.'

The corner of her mouth lifted up. It seemed like Guo Lanyue was in a great mood.


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