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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 202


Chapter 202: Sword Attacks Combined

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’There are way too many beasts, and we can't even make a loud noise.’’

Facing all the beasts and that endless beast qi, the beautiful lady frowned.

Ye Chen was also struggling. The Horn Dragon Snake was right behind them and would notice

them if they were too loud. Then, even if they had the greatest tricks, they would not be able to

escape their death. In that case, all they could do now was to push their flying arts to their


Without much hesitation, Ye Chen reached out his hand and grabbed the smooth palms of that

beautiful lady. Then his body slightly shook, letting out dozens of zhen qi shadows while his

real body had already left with that beautiful lady. Although his speed was not that fast, it was

like a fish dodging all the rocks in the river as he avoided all the beasts.

’’You!’’ The lady instinctively wanted to take back her palm, but she stopped after realizing Ye

Chen was just using a unique flying art. She used her zhen qi to pass through her voice,

’’Although this flying art is very unique and was able to separate shadows from the real body, it

is also very easy to attract all the beasts around us. You know, those beasts can tell the

difference between the shadows and real body.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’How could we know before we try it?’’

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Their bodies kept flashing, making was extremely hard to tell whether they were real or fake. A

lot of low-rank beasts were confused and clashed together.

Right then, a slim long object attacked them out of nowhere, its speed as fast as lightning.

’’Be careful!’’ The beautiful lady held her breath; she was not unfamiliar with that slim long

object. It was indeed the tongue of that Three Eye Toad. The third eye of that beast was able to

see through all illusions. As long as there was not a huge gap between it and its opponent, no

matter how well one disguised himself, there was no way to fool it.

That tongue full of needles was way too fast. As the beautiful lady yelled, its tongue had already

tingled around their bodies. Then it gently tightened.


Their bodies fell into pieces! But luckily, it was only a zhen qi shadow.

The beautiful lady asked, ’’How on earth did you manage to avoid that?’’

Ye Chen replied, ’’As long as its tongue's shooting speed is not too fast for my reflex, then I will

find a way to avoid it, for which you could completely trust me.’’

’’Hehe, you really don't want to join us in the Moon Pavilion?’’ The beautiful lady kept trying to

convince him to join their organization.

’’Let's worry about getting out of here first!’’

Continuously producing zhen qi shadows had been exhausting for Ye Chen, as it all took a lot of

zhen Qi to maintain. And in such short period of time, he had already lost more than ten zhen qi


Putting another zhen qi repairing pill in his mouth, Ye Chen increased his zhen qi output,

pushing his speed to his limit.


With the help of his zhen qi shadows, the two had run all the way though that thick beast qi,

and completely out of the beast wave.

’’Finally...’’ The beautiful lady breathed in as hard as she could.

Ye Chen did not plan to let go of her hand, he grabbed her and flew towards the mountains


The beautiful lady half-joked, ’’Brat, we are already out of the danger zone... How long are you

going to hold my hand for? ...although I don't really mind... haha.’’

Ye Chen replied calmly, ’’You can let go if you want to die.’’

’’What do you mean?’’

The beautiful lady knew that Ye Chen would not say stuff like this for nothing.

’’It's simple. We had been targeted by that Horn Dragon Snake. The good thing is that it hadn't

chased up yet.’’ The Horn Dragon Snake was a rank 7 beast, but the speed was not one of its

specialty. But, hunting two Clasping Yuan Realm warriors was still easy like drinking water for


’’Maybe it's because that it can't be bothered by us.’’ The lady was indeed not daring to let go of

his hand. Without the help of Ye Chen's Separating Flying Art, there was a big chance for her to

die here, especially after seeing how Ye Chen took her out of that life and death zone.

Within the beast wave...

The Horn Dragon Snake lifted up the top part of its body like a skyscraper. Its eyes shined with

cold light as he locked onto Ye Chen and the lady in the distance through that intense beast qi.

Just like the beautiful lady had said, as a rank 7 beast, it could not be bothered to chase the two

people itself. A wave of beast qi would be more than enough.

Opening its huge mouth, endless beast Qi started to accumulate. The Horn Dragon Snake beast

shoot out a pitch-black light column which had broken through the beast qi blockage within a

second and appeared miles away the next second.

Ye Chen's heart was as calm as a peaceful lake. He yelled with a low voice.


Their body shadows suddenly started to explode. Huge pieces of broken zhen qi shadows shot

out in all directions.


Eighty percent of the zhen qi shadows had not dodged the attacking radius of that pitch-black

light column and disappeared completely. They could not slow down that light column even by

the slightest; it went through a steep mountain which was even further away.

that mountain...

Because of the beast wave, the places where beasts generally gathered had been emptied.


Ye Chen could not hold in any longer, puking out a chunk of blood, as his body started to


A palm grabbed Ye Chen's arm, and the beautiful lady carried him to land on that twisting

mountain road.

’’You are wounded!’’ The lady was shocked. Only she had just learned about the price that Ye

Chen had to pay to perform that movement.

Swallowing an expensive repairing pill that was worth ten thousand gold, Ye Chen sat on the

ground with his legs tugged under his body, and said while having a pale look, ’’Three zhen qi

shadows were normally my limit. Five zhen Qi shadows would disturb my zhen qi. I had just

produced that many zhen qi shadows at once, which had wounded my meridians and organs

quite a bit. You cover for me, let me rest a bit.’’

’’Okay. Aren't you afraid of me killing you?’’

’’You can try.’’

’’Never mind. You are scarily calm all the time... you must have some tricks in the bottom of

your drawer.’’ The beautiful lady shook her head. Although she had not known Ye Chen for long,

no matter how dangerous the situation was, she had never seen any emotions on his face. With

her experience, she obviously knew that Ye Chen was not someone that she could mess with. If

she wanted to trap him, it would almost be impossible, not that she had ever tricked anyone in

her life.

Closing his eyes, Ye Chen soon entered the repairing mode.

After one hour.

Ye Chen let out a breath with a hint of bloody smell and slowly stood up.

’’This place is not suitable to stay for a long time, let's go to the big cities.’’

The beautiful lady nodded, ’’During the beast wave, there would be endless beasts coming

towards here. It is definitely not a simple small beast wave.’’

Shoo! Shoo!

The two used their movement arts flew towards the cities.


Soon after the two had left, two human figures had appeared on top of Iron City - or where it

used to be.

’’Ah... I guess we are here too late!’’

’’Along with the Iron City, there had been twenty cities destroyed. More than thirty million

people have been killed.’’

’’Judging from the degree of the damage in the city, there should have been a rank 7 beast here.

The good thing is that there was no rank 8 beast here yet. Otherwise, even some medium sized

city would not be able to survive.’’

’’Small beast waves would not have many rank 7 beasts usually...this time should be an

exception; there were almost a dozen rank 7 beasts.’’

’’There was no sign or warning before the beast wave, and the martial institutions far away had

still not gotten the news yet. I guess we would have to be busy and take care of this rank 7 beast


’’Yah! It's okay to be a bit busy.’’

The two flashed their bodies. Their speed was even faster than that Great Master of the

Alchemist Martial School.


During the beast wave, there was no safe zone within the ten thousand miles radius even

further ahead. Normally, there would be another group of beasts attacking even if one had just

escaped from one group previously.

’’Angle Cut!’’

As the beautiful lady killed a rank 6 beast, she forced a laugh and said, ’’Fighting almost a dozen

of fights a day, I am afraid we would exhaust ourselves to death before we are able to make it to

the big cities.’’

Ye Chen did not say anything. For the past few days, they did not dare to fly in the sky because it

would be too obvious and make them the target for those top rank 6 and rank 7 beasts.

However, in that case, their traveling speed was depressingly slow. They could only walk one or

two thousand miles per day on an average. And during that, it was not all safe, as they kept

being discovered by a small group of beasts.

’’In a couple of days, wait until the Astral Reaching Realm warriors from the other regions come

here. The situation would become better.’’

The lady said, ’’Indeed, the beast wave had exploded too sudden and too fast. If there was a sign

beforehand, there would not have been these many casualties.’’

Along their way, endless villages and towns could be destroyed by beasts. One could even smell

the blood in the air; it was like hell on earth.

Ye Chen had a lot of thoughts on his mind. Before, he had spent so much effort and finally

brought all three villages full of people to the Iron City, but they still were not able to dodge

their destiny. In front of a beast wave, people under the Clasping Yuan Realm would not have

any chance of survival. Once surrounded by a huge group of beasts, it would be hard for even a

Clasping Yuan Realm warrior to escape. According to the lady's analysis, this should just be a

small beast wave without exceeding a limited number of rank 7 beasts. The medium-sized

beast wave would affect more people, cover more land which would probably be many times

bigger than the small beast wave. It would include rank 8 beasts, and sometimes even rank 9



A demonic cow beast with wings on its back had attacked Ye Chen. The horrifying beast Qi had

even shaken the air, forming visible patterns.

’’Lone Peak Kill!’’

Facing the demonic cow beast's attack, Ye Chen still looked remarkably calm as he threw out a

sword attack.

The beast could sense the power of the sword attack and was about to avoid the attack. The next

second, it realized that no matter how it tried to avoid, it was not about to get out of that

attack's blasting zone. It felt the attacker was standing on an exceedingly high mountain, and

with the height of the mountain, that sword attack was filled with deadly murderous intention.

With an extra sword hole on the forehead, the beast's body wobbled before it fell face down.

The lady's eyes brightened, ’’I did not see you perform this movement before. Although it was

not that powerful, it would be probably hard for even me to dodge.’’

’’I had just thought about the movement.’’ Ye Chen did not tell the complete truth.

The Lone Peak Kill was actually him combing all seven movements of the Lone Peak Thirteen

Swords, which made it a combined sword attack. A long time ago, he had started experimenting

combing sword moves. Later, he had found out that the Sky Cloud Sword Art was too high in

rank and with his cultivation, he was unable to combine them together. So he had to start with

the top rank Mortal Realm sword art - the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords, which turned out to be

surprisingly successful.

Before the beast wave, Ye Chen had only combined four movements, and its power was roughly

the same as the last third movement of his Sky Cloud Sword Art, which was not that powerful.

However, during these few days of chaos, he had killed more than ten thousands beasts, and

when he tried to combine the three movements, its power had increased drastically, which was

even above the Sky Cloud Sword Art. The combined sword attack burned less zhen qi than his

One Sword Attack, but it had a higher mentality than the Lone Peak Kill; it could also work

perfectly with his sword intent.

As for why Ye Chen knew that the reason he was able to learn the sword intent was because of

the mentality of the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords. Therefore, there was some degree of

connection between the sword intent and the mentality of the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords.

’’Once I combine the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords into one attack, its power will definitely be

stronger than the One Sword Attack. But of course, it will only be temporary. The One Sword

Attack would only become more and more powerful as I get stronger and stronger. One day, it

will be stronger than the combined sword attack.’’

As he killed beasts after beasts, thoughts went through his mind.


Another mid-rank 6 beast had been killed without any chance to fight back.


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