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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 200


Chapter 200: Horn Dragon Snake Beast

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

The person who was guarding the north city gate was a Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warrior.

Before Ye Chen had to yet arrive, he was the mightiest person here. However, he was facing a

rank 6 beast - Four Feet Flamingo Beast, whose power was equivalent to a Late Clasping Yuan

Realm warrior. After using all of his ace martial arts, that warrior was still not able to kill the

beast, and instead, his arm had been scratched.

Seeing Ye Chen kill that beast with only one effortless sword attack, his eyes widened in

disbelief. He could not be more shocked.

’’I will leave the rest to you now. I am going to check out the other gates.’’ Ye Chen's body

flashed, flying over the Yellow Mountain City and arriving at the east gate.

The situation here was quite intense too. There were surprisingly two rank 6 beasts and with

only two Clasping Yuan Realm warriors - one at Mid Clasping Yuan Realm and the other at

Early Clasping Yuan Realm - they were both struggling to survive. Right then, the Early

Clasping Yuan Realm warrior was just about to be killed under the claws of that rank 6 beast.

Performing his Separating Flying Art, Ye Chen's body completely disappeared in the air. When

he reappeared, he was already between that man and beast. He threw out a sword attack

without a second's delay.


That lightning-like blue sword light broke through the rank 6 beast's protective beast qi and

landed directly on its chest. The next second, it exploded, its blasting wave spreading in all


The blood spilled everywhere. That rank 6 beast which was seemingly so powerful one second

ago had been completely blown away by the sword light, a huge sword hole appearing on its

chest. It brought one chills just by the sight of it.

’’You go to treat your wounds first!’’

Ye Chen said to that middle-aged man, who was severely injured.

’’Okay, thanks!’’

The middle-aged man was just like that guy before, full of shock. However, it was not the time

for him to be surprised right now. He followed Ye Chen's suggestions and stepped to the back.

He sat on the floor and started to meditate after swallowing a pill, hoping that he could

replenish most of his attacking power before the next wave of beasts arrived.

’’Oh! Little bro, you are really powerful!’’ A lady who seemed to be in her forties said to Ye Chen

while fighting against a rank 6 beast. She held a Round Moon Angled Blade, which made her

power almost equivalent to the beast. She kept throwing powerful attacks, leaving blood marks

on the beasts' body.

Ye Chen said, ’’The next wave of beasts will arrive any time. You don't mind me giving you a

hand, do you?’’ Clasping Yuan Realm warriors were normally quite confident about their power,

if Ye Chen just jumped in out of the blue, it might make her quite unhappy, since she had

already got the rank 6 beast under control.

’’Great! I was afraid you won't ask.’’ The beautiful lady smiled, not caring about false ego.


The floor cracked open, as Ye Chen flew with a tyrant aura towards that beast the beautiful lady

was fighting against - the rank 6 beast Two Headed Wolf King.


One of the heads of that Two Headed Wolf King breathed out a loop of light towards Ye Chen. Its

power was magnificent; wherever it went, the ground exploded layer by layer, bringing up

crushed rocks into the sky.


His body was still in the air when Ye Chen threw out a sword attack.

That loop of light had been separated from the middle, and the huge blue sword qi immediately

landed on Two Headed Wolf King's protective beast qi.

’’Eh? This Two Headed Wolf King seems to be not easy to handle.’’

The blue sword qi had been blocked by the defensive beast qi, and could not get through! Right

then, Ye Chen knew how powerful the beautiful lady actually was. She seemed to be above those

Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warriors guarding the south gate because before this, she was

controlling that Two Headed Wolf King all by herself.

The beautify lady warned him, ’’This is not a typical Two Headed Wolf King. It was mutated and

has a really strong beast qi as a consequence. Even with my angled blade, it was impossible to

cut open its beast qi with one sword attack. You have to use your ace martial art! Ah! It's


In the beautiful lady's sight, that blue sword qi did not disappear after hitting the protective

beast qi. It somehow turned into countless sword qi and kept attacking the protective beast qi.

Within two blinks of an eye, one of the Two Headed Wolf King's head had been cut off by it. Its

blood shot out ten meters far.

’’Angle Cut!’’

Once the protective beast layer had been broken, the beautiful lady threw three blade attacks at

an unbelievable speed, which killed the beast at once.

’’Interesting... Are you interested in joining our Moon Pavilion? Don't worry, we are only an

organization rather than a martial institution, so you don't have to leave yours.’’ The beautiful

lady was not stupid, she would not ask him to leave his martial institution; she knew that with

Ye Chen's age, he must be one of the geniuses in his martial institution.

Ye Chen said, ’’Not right now.’’

’’Hehe, you will be interested in the future.’’

The beautiful lady laughed. An obvious joy appeared on her face like a hunter seeing his target

in the woods after a long time.

Then, Ye Chen headed to the north gate to help out. However, there was no help needed there by

the time he reached.

The first wave of beast wave had completely been cleaned out. However, no one was daring to

fall asleep. So, they just sat outside of the town, resting, talking, and drinking. As for cleaning

up the beast bodies, they could not do it even if they wanted. In that crazy beast wave, there

were no whole bodies left anywhere; all one could see was a floor full of chopped up flesh and

bloody mud... there were not even whole bones left.


The second beast wave had arrived.

This time, the attacks were way more intense than the one before. There were a dozen of rank 6

beasts! There were three or four of them attacking from each direction. And for rank 5 beasts,

there were few hundreds of them. And the most horrifying part was the low-rank beasts; it was

nearly impossible to tell how many beasts were there judging from that endless horde of


One hour later, the second wave of beasts had been all killed.

The fighting members of the Yellow Mountain City had been decreased from the original eight

hundred to less than three hundred now. Half of the people had been killed under the claws of

those beasts. And the normal people in the town were not able to survive either; few thousand

of them had died during the beast wave. The remaining population had survived by either

hiding in the basement or being saved by Ye Chen and the group.

Besides that, the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had also been wounded. One Early Clasping

Yuan Realm warrior had been killed, and another three were severely injured. One of them had

lost an arm.

’’We will not be able to survive another wave.’’ Tian Hao said with a sad voice while he was

covered in blood.

Ye Chen had also gotten holes in his cloths, but he was not wounded at all. He said, ’’The sun is

about to come up. We have no time to waste, let's take everyone and run to Iron City.’’

’’Yah, it seems to be the only way.’’

Fifteen minutes had gone by.

About one thousands of them had left the Yellow Mountain City, or at least what was left of it.

They walked towards the sun coming up on the east side. All of them could not look any paler.

Obviously, the attacks at night had exhausted them. The good thing was that there was still

hope in their eyes; they had not given up yet.

On the backside of the group...

Tian Hao had changed into a clean robe, forced a laugh and said, ’’I had killed more beasts than

all those years combined. How can there be so many beasts?’’

The beautiful lady said, ’’The beasts have a great sense of territory. However, in a thousandmile

mountain, there are at least one hundred thousand beasts. What we are facing is only a

small fraction of them.’’

’’You are right. I only hope there will not be a rank 7 beast in the beast wave.’’

Ye Chen looked quite serious. He knew he could use a greater quantity of people to fight against

a rank 6 beast like the Wind Wolf, but once a rank 7 beast appeared in front of them, nether the

people fighting together nor the city river would be able to block it out. Only an Astral Reaching

Realm warrior with the same cultivation would be able to fight against such a ferocious entity.

Tian Hao looked over into the distance, ’’There are at least two hundred miles to go until we

reach the Iron City. We have to hurry up.’’

The same time, different direction.

There was no way of estimating the total number of people that were rushing towards the Iron

City right now.

Iron City...

Mayor's house...

’’Mayor, people have been crowding up the city. In the next few days, there will be more and

more people gathering. This will be a huge burden.’’ An old man in expensive clothing said to

the middle-aged man sitting in the top seat.

The middle-aged mayor said, ’’The normal people sit on the ground while asking all those

warriors to go up to the roof. Then there will be space, right? Right now, it is not a problem of

overpopulation. Instead, we should worry about losing them. So yeah, if they all gather here in

Iron City, it would be for the best.’’

The elder said with respect, ’’Mayor, you are right!’’

’’I asked to check out how many Clasping Yuan Realm warriors are there in the Iron City, have

you gotten the report?’’ The mayor asked.

’’Yes, I have finished my research. Although the Iron City is a small city, but there are two

hundred and forty Clasping Yuan Realm warriors here and increasing, including all those

Clasping Yuan Realm warriors from big martial institutions.’’

’’Indeed. The beast wave is indeed dangerous. But it could be great for training. All the leaders

of the martial institutions must have thought about it. Oh! Are there any Astral Reaching Realm

warriors coming?’’

’’Not at this moment.’’

The mayor frowned, as he mumbled to himself, ’’This is not good. Right now we don't know if it

is a small beast wave or a medium sized one. If there is a rank 7 beast, then the Iron City would

not be able to survive. I hope that will not happen.’’

’’I think it is quite impossible! There would only be one or two rank 7 beasts in a medium-sized

mountain or a huge forest. There is neither of those in the ten thousand radius around our Iron

City. The biggest mountain groups we have only comprise of small mountains, which were few

thousand miles away from here.’’

’’I sure hope so!’’


After traveling for a day and night, everyone was completely exhausted. A lot of people who

were already wounded had died along the way out of exhaustion; many of them were killed by

the attacks of the beasts.

’’People keep being killed. We have less and less people, I wonder when we would be able to

reach the Iron City.’’ Glancing at the crowd, Ye Chen sighed. There were only less than one

thousand people left, which was equal to only three villages combined. Ye Chen glanced at the

axman who was not far from him, and laughed. He was pretty lucky to survive such a bad battle.

Not only that, he had somehow reached the Mortal Realm level 9. After this beast wave, he

might be able to reach the Condensing Reality Realm.

Tian Hao glanced at Ye Chen with envy written all over his eyes, ’’You alone have killed six

thousand beasts. And I haven't even reached one-third of your score.’’

During each beast attacks, Ye Chen would run into the beast wave by himself, killing all those

dangerous rank 6 beasts. And each time, he would be able to walk away without any wounds,

which greatly impressed Tian Hao and the group. In their minds, even though there were

people of the same cultivation as him or even higher, they were still not able to do what he did

and as effortlessly as he did it.

’’Little bro, join our Moon Pavilion. I guarantee you resources and opportunities to increase your

cultivation in no time.’’ The beautiful lady never gave up on recruiting Ye Chen.

Ye Chen forced a smile and said, ’’I am not interested right now.’’

’’Then you give it a little more thought. It will not do you any harm. If you think the Moon

Pavilion is not good enough, you can leave anytime you want.’’

The lady was quite confident about her Moon Pavilion. She thought once Ye Chen joined, he

would not think about leaving. But the problem right now was that he had not joined yet.

Another half of the day had gone.

A ten-mile-radius city river appeared in front of the group.

’’The Iron City is finally here. It is finally here!’’

’’Let's get in there now! Once we are in there, we will be safe.’’

All of the people who had survived cherished their lives even more. They started running as if

nothing mattered, completely forgetting how dead they were feeling just now due to the


The beautiful lady flew in the air, yelling out with all her power, ’’Open the gate! Quickly!’’

Before she was about to yell for the second time, the massive city gate was opened. Groups of

solders came out and formed two lines. The leading solder said, ’’All of you come in at once. Do

not waste time.’’

After entering the Iron City, everyone let out a breath of relief. Some of them had reached

beyond their limits, and could not help but faint.

’’So many people!’’ Looking at the Iron City that was filled with people, Ye Chen was shocked.

Tian Hao said, ’’It sounds like all of the people from nearby have also gathered here. Next, we

would have to fight against those beasts. I hope we can keep the city safe.’’

’’Without rank 7 beasts, it should not be a problem.’’

A Clasping Yuan Realm warrior that they hadn't met said.



The second Ye Chen and the group had entered the city, endless beasts started to run towards

the Yellow Mountain Town. It was incredibly horrifying.

Inside that beast wave, the rank 5 beasts were uncountable, and there were hundreds of rank 6

beasts. The most frightening thing was that behind all those beasts, a gigantic shadow was

crawling on the ground. Wherever it went, a small mountain would crash and fall down,

shaking the land. It was as if there had been a small earthquake.

It was a snake that was almost one thousand meters long. It had two long horns on its head,

and its whole body had blue-yellow-ish scales which were the size of a bucket. A casual flick of

its tail would crack open the ground, throwing all those rocks in the air. When it opened its

mouth, a rotten smell instantly poured out, forming endless qi flow that looked like dark

clouds, covering its whole body.


The Two Horn Snake passed by the Yellow Mountain Town, and the whole town was shattered

at once. In a flash, one could no longer tell that there had been a city standing here before.


The beast's roar shook the ground.

’’What?! There is a rank 7 beast?’’

A Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior was shocked at the sight of the shadow of that Two Horn

Snake from far away. He hurried to fly towards to the Iron City.


The Two Horn Snake had its eyes on him; it opened its huge mouth. All of a sudden, endless

beast Qi accumulated in its throat, and a pitch-dark light column was shot out.

Ten miles of distance was only a matter of a blink of an eye for the attack. That Late Clasping

Yuan Realm warrior had been burnt to ashes without him being able to react at all. It seemed

like it was still not enough, as that beast shot out another couple of pitch-black light columns,

forming huge holes in all those mountains nearby. Rocks kept falling down from the top of the

mountains, making loud noises.

The beast traveled extremely fast. Within only a couple of hours, it had already arrived ten

miles away from the Iron City.

The Two Horn Snake lifted up the top part of its body, which was almost a mountain tall. It

opened its huge mouth again, shooting out another pitch-black light column towards the city

walls that was ten miles away.

The city wall had been shattered like a piece of tofu. Countless people had died under that

pitch-black light attack which included four Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.

Some warrior had recognized the Two Horn Snake, and said with a shaky voice, ’’It's... a rank 7


’’Rank 7 beast Horn Dragon Snake!’’

’’How is this possible?’’

’’How can we stop a rank 7 beast? Let's run!’’ Some of the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors started

to think about bailing.

On the other side of the city walls, Ye Chen began to feel stressed out. He had not expected the

appearance of a rank 7 beast, especially not this early. With all of the Clasping Yuan Realm

warriors combined, they might still not be able to take out the rank 7 beast. After all, horrifying

geniuses like the Mysterious Queen were not everywhere. Moreover, the cultivation of the rank

7 beast was still unknown, and it might be equivalent to a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior,

which would be impossible to fight against even with a genius like the Mysterious Queen.

’’I don't know if I could beat a rank 7 beast after I reach the Late Clasping Yuan Realm. I had

heard about it before that it seems to be hard, and I might still have to try to run even if I

completely master the sword intent.’’ Ye Chen had not seen a rank 7 beast yet, nor an Astral

Reaching Realm warrior. It was impossible for him right now to figure out exactly how

powerful was a rank 7 beast or an Astral Reaching Realm warrior compared to himself.


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