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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 20


Emerald Martial Palace

Picking up the Pure Yuan Art manual, Ye Chen turned to the first page.

’’Pure Yuan Art. The first Qi Coil strengthens the Qi;Second Qi Coil cleanses the body and mind;Third Qi Coil strengthens the body;Fourth Qi Coil accumulates and reinforces Qi in the heart;Fifth Qi Coil combines the six senses into one, attaining ekatra, the state of unity.’’

This is it!

With just a single glance, Ye Chen made his decision. If he reached Pure Yuan's Fifth Qi Coil, it would combine the six senses into a system of unity. The state of unity meant the combination of one's spirit, Qi, mind, hands, eyes, and body, attained harmony in unity.

While its attack and defense might not be as good as the others, its ability to refine Qi was the best in its class. In addition, within the Mortal Realm Arts, there were very few arts that could actually manage to reach ekatra, that state of unity.

Out of nowhere, Ye Chen realized there was another inner disciple standing right next to him, reading a manual. The inner disciple sensed Ye Chen's glance and smiled politely. As he saw at the manual in Ye Chen's hand, he asked in surprise, ’’Pure Yuan Art?’’

Ye Chen nodded, ’’Yes.’’

That inner disciple hesitated then said, ’’Pure Yuan Art is definitely a rare art. However, over the past century, not one person in the Sky Cloud Martial School has managed to reach the fifth coil, in fact, there were not many people who has managed to reach the fourth coil. I suggest you to choose another one, otherwise it will simply be a waste of your time.’’

Oh? Even more reasons for me to train it! Ye Chen was quite happy to hear that no one else would be training in the same martial art as him. The inner disciple said that no one had truly mastered it in the last century, that was because once Mortal Realm warriors reached the Condensing Reality Stage, they would gain access to Top Rank Mortal Realm Arts and would most likely give up their original art. Because even the High Rank Mortal Realm Art at its highest stage would still not be able to compete with Top Rank Mortal Realm art. This was the gap that separated the stages.

’’My time is up.’’ Excusing himself, Ye Chen took the two manuals that he chose and walked downstairs.

The inner disciple shook his head. He truly was being nice to give Ye Chen advice. However, it was not really his business if Ye Chen chose not to listen, they would most likely never see each other ever again.


On his bed, Ye Chen sat with his legs crossed and closed his eyes, his hands repeating the hand seals described in the manual, up and down, near his Dantian. Along with his breath, swirls of Qi from heaven and earth accumulated near Ye Chen, it formed a small tornado and that was rapidly being absorbed into his body, cycling through his meridians continuously.

If anyone with exceptionally perceptive eyes looked at Ye Chen right now, they would see that inside his Dantian there was another little Qi tornado forming inside his main Qi tornado, it was slowly spinning but firmly.

’’Whooo...’’ Ye Chen gradually released his breath and as he opened his eyes, a subtle light quickly flashed through.

Reached the First Qi Coil within three hours. I think I might have underestimated my potential. Ye Chen was quite satisfied with his results and sat in the moment.

However, it was only the beginning. The Pure Yuan Art had five Qi Coils in total, and each Qi Coil was harder than the last one. It would take at least a couple of days to reach the second coil, it would take twice as long for the third coil, and three times as long for the fourth coil. However, for the fifth coil, it would not be as easy as simply doubling the time of cultivation. It required an enlightenment to reach the fifth Qi Coil, which depended on the warrior's potential, talent, and comprehension.

Even though Ye Chen already had a basic idea of his power, he was still a bit surprised when he reached the second Qi Coil on the third day.

Right now, the second Qi tornado inside his body was already the one-tenth of the size of the Qi tornado from his Cloud Qi Cultivation of his Sky Fall Art, but it was purer and stronger and was like a clear crystal without any flaw.

On the sixth day, the meridians inside Ye Chen's body had been cleared and unblocked, the Qi of Pure Yuan Art circulated repeatedly and continuously without any restrain, slowly building his body and boosting his physical fitness, it also extracted an extremely pure Yuan Qi from his bones and blood and blended all together which made it spin even stronger and faster.

On the seventh day, Ye Chen achieved the third Qi Coil of the Pure Yuan Art.

The second Qi tornado was already the one-fifth size of the first Qi tornado and, not only it was unbelievably pure, but its spinning speed was also ridiculously fast, it was almost like a powerful engine, pumping huge amount of Yuan Qi and Qi from the first tornado.

Ye Chen thought to himself, The Qi of the Pure Yuan Art is at least two times purer than the Cloud Qi from the Sky Fall Art. Well I guess it's time refine my Cloud Qi, otherwise it will hamper my future cultivation by having two different types of Qi inside my body, and make it extremely hard to reach the Fourth Qi Coil not to mention attaining ekatra in the Fifth Qi Coil.

Making up his mind, Ye Chen engaged the Pure Yuan Art, forcibly blending the Qi from his Cloud Qi Spell into the Pure Yuan Qi revolution.

The Cloud Qi sensed the foreign attack and tried to fight back by creating a blockage with the large amounts of Cloud Qi.

However, the Pure Yuan Qi was much purer. It was like a sharp knife, slicing one layer after another while continuously refining each layer of Qi to strengthen itself. It was like a snowball, the longer it attacked, the stronger and larger it got.

Sensing the powerful Qi of the Pure Yuan Art, Ye Chen could not help but think, Quality truly is much more important than quantity. The quantity of Cloud Qi was five times more than quantity of the Pure Yuan Qi but the Cloud Qi still could not resist the overbearing Pure Yuan Qi.

Tick tock, time flew by.

When the Cloud Qi tornado was only one-fifth of its original size, the Qi tornado suddenly collapsed. Qi scattered about in a chaotic manner, the chaotic cloud of Qi no longer had any resistance to the Pure Yuan Qi.


Once the Cloud Qi from Sky Fall Art had completely refined into Pure Yuan Qi, Ye Chen's Dantian bloated up causing Ye Chen to frown as he felt it strain before breaking through to the Late Mortal Realm Stage 6.

Pleasantly letting go of a huge breath, Ye Chen stretched a little, causing all the bones in his body to crack loudly like a firecracker.

It only took me ten days of hard word to reach the Late Mortal Realm Stage 6, this Pure Yuan Art truly is a High Rank Mortal Realm Art!

Training arts were extremely important to warriors. In a situation where people had the same potential, the warrior who trained in a high rank martial art would always be stronger than the one who trained in a low rank martial arts, this was an undisputable fact. Ye Chen reached the third Qi Coil of Pure Yuan Art in ten days, but had already accumulated a lot of high quality Qi, and now that he had managed to refine all his Cloud Qi, his power had reached a new level.

As Ye Chen was celebrating his achievements, a group of guests arrived at the bottom of mountain of the Sky Cloud Martial School. They were two men and two women.

Their leader was an old man about sixty years old, his wrinkled face was expressionless. He wore a long green robe with an emerald jade mark tied around his waist.

Next to the elder, there were three young teenagers. One of them was a young man about seventeen years old, his facial features were as white and stiff as jade which almost looked like they had been carved onto his face, leaving a cold impression. On his left side, there was a pretty teenage girl who was about fifteen years old, wearing a green dress with a long sword tied around her waist. On her right, there was another teenager who seemed to be a bit older than her. She was an extremely beautiful young woman that had a prideful lonely aura. Looking at her, people would always automatically connect her with a lonely orchid blooming at night or a lone peony, the king of flowers.

The teenage girl in the green dress said to the latter, ’’Sister Xueyan, no matter what you do, I will respect your decision.’’

’’Ye Xuan, I am not a picky person. My mother and Ye Chen's mother were both outer court masters of the Rudra School and are like sisters to each other. She used to babysit me and treat me so nicely... But I don't want other people deciding my marriage, and I don't want my future husband to live the rest of his life in my shadow.’’ The beautiful young woman's voice was perfection, only adding to her beauty and aura to be even more attractive.

Ye Xuan nodded and kept quiet.

Then, the indifferent elder said, ’’Don't worry. Our Emerald Martial Palace, the top martial institution in the Windy Paths Nation, would never push you to do anything you don't want to do. With your talent and potential, you would definitely become an inner court master in the future, so there is no need to waste time on this kind of business.’’


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