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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 199


Chapter 199: The Beast Wave (Part Two)

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Young warrior, all the people in the village are on their way to Iron City now, and it will

probably take them two or three days to get there.’’ The axman talked over to Ye Chen and

delivered the news. Ye Chen jumped off the wall, and asked, ’’Within the ten mile radius, what

other villages or towns are there?’’

’’There are Li Yang Village, Mountain Village, Lu Family Village, River Village, Yang Liu Village

and Yellow Mountain Town!’’ The axman answered without thinking.

Ye Chen said,’’ The beasts move quite fast; I am afraid they would catch up with us before we

reach the Iron City. You go notify all the village people to run towards the Yellow Mountain

town. More people would equal more security.’’

In the beginning of the beast wave, there would not be many beasts with high ranks. And the

rare rank 5 or 6 beasts, Ye Chen was able to handle it by himself. But most of the village people

were only mortals, and even a rank 1 beast would be able to tear them apart. So, they had to be

protected by a huge group of warriors. And with the Yellow Mountain Town as a town, there

should be a lot of Condensing Reality Realm warriors, maybe even a couple of Clasping Yuan

Realm warriors if they were lucky.

’’Young warrior, you are quite right!’’ The axman was not stupid, he knew Ye Chen was only one

man, and it was impossible for him to protect the whole town. Then, when the time came, even

the smallest attack from the beasts would be fatal for the village people.

’’Alright, let's go.’’

After performing his Tornado Broken Clouds, the horrifying tornadoes had killed and knocked

down all those flying beasts. Ye Chen grabbed the axman, running towards the rest of the


After one hour, the village people had met those from the Li Yang Village.

After three hours, the people from the Mountain Village had also joined the group.

The quantity of the group had grown from four hundred people to now thousands. This huge

group of people was rushing towards Yellow Mountain Town, which was ten miles away.

’’Gao, who is this young man killing all those beasts all by himself?’’ The leader of Li Yang

Village asked the axman.

The axman scratched his head, and said proudly,’’ He is a senior warrior. As for his name... I

didn't ask... regardless all that, he is just a really powerful warrior!’’

’’Yah! If it wasn't for him, all of us would be dead by now, I am afraid.’’ The leader of the

Mountain Village looked over to the corpse pile and said with a shaky voice.

This was the third group of beasts that Ye Chen had killed, each one of it having more than a

hundred beasts. The most dangerous time was when the beasts attacked from the front.

Obviously, those were the beasts from around Yellow Mountain City. Ye Chen was able to fight

against the Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors now, plus, there were a couple of massive

attacking range moves in his Sky Cloud Martial School, which along with his zhen qi repairing

pills, allowed him to barely keep all those people unharmed.

Even so, more than a hundred people had died during the past thirty miles or so.

’’There are another couple of beasts coming from that direction; there are so many of them! At

least a thousand of them!’’ Along the way, some of the passing-by warriors volunteered to

protect the people, most of them at Mid Condensing Reality Realm, while only one was a Late

Condensing Reality Realm warrior, who was speaking right now. He was a huge man in his

thirties, holding a huge bloody blade in his hand.

Ye Chen said,’’ I will go over there and try to kill them all. You guys protect the people here,


’’Okay! You be careful!’’ The huge man knew that Ye Chen was extremely powerful and those

beasts in the leading group should not be able to hurt him.


Ye Chen flashed his body, which was separated into three different zhen qi shadows. They ran

towards the beast wave shoulder by shoulder.

Ye Chen then threw out a Tornado Broken Cloud attack, while the three zhen qi shadow tryied

to block out the rest of the beasts with bare hands.

After killing around hundreds of beasts, Ye Chen could no longer hold on. He yelled at the

group,’’ Everyone! Prepare to fight!’’

’’Don't worry, we are not just decorations!’’

Ten Condensing Reality Realm warriors stood in front of thousands of village people. Although

there were not many of them, but the aura was still strong. Some of the people from the village

who reached above Mortal Realm level 5 had also stood up. They could not handle beasts above

rank 2, but they could help take care of the rank 1 or rank 2 beasts.


All the flying beasts in the sky had been cleared out by Ye Chen. The rest of them were beasts

that could not fly. Those beasts had run towards the group while roaring. With all the beast

roars, a lot of the children were scared and started to cry, making the women hold on to their

children while shivering themselves.




Following the ten Condensing Reality Realm warriors' lead, including the axman, all of the

village people who had some fighting power had run towards the beasts. Their eyes were

bloodshot and full of murderous intention.


During the first contact, an Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior had been stabbed through

his chest by the teeth of a Wild Boar beast. He had died on the spot. Right after that, another

dozens of village people had been stamped to death by the beasts. The axman was pretty lucky.

The beast he was fighting with was only a rank 2 Fog Cow beast, which had only a big scary-

looking body but no strong power. The axman did not have to worry about other beasts coming

to attack him during his fight with the Fog Cow.


Appearing among the beasts, Ye Chen held his Star Scar Sword, throwing out a sword attack in

four different directions.


Four ten-meter-long sword qi cut open the ground; wherever it went, all the beasts were cut in

half. Blood was everywhere.

’’Tyrant Seasons!’’

The sword qi had just disappeared, when Ye Chen threw a punch on the ground.


The ground was shaking tremendously. A ten meter huge hole appeared at once, and all of the

beasts that were running in the front could not stop their bodies on time from falling into the

hole. The beasts in the back were also unable to stop their bodies, so they had also fallen into

the hole. All of a sudden, the hole had trapped more than ten beasts.

With no time to kill every single one of the beasts in the hole, Ye Chen rushed to where the main

group of people were because some of the beasts had been running towards that direction.

’’Mama, I am so scared!’’

Seeing a huge mouse beast running towards then, a little kid tried to get closer to her mom.

’’Don't be afraid! I am here!’’

The woman could not be paler, but she still tried to calm her baby in her arms.

The huge mouse beast was a rank 3 beast. Before this, it had already bitten off more than a

dozen village people's head which was extremely horrifying. Right now, it had been running

among the people without anyone being able to stop it.

Right at that critical moment, a fist landed on the head of that huge mouse beast. The intense

fist power had blown the beast into the air as its body fell into pieces.

’’Go tell the others to try to stick together.’’

Standing in front of the two, there was blood dripping down Ye Chen's sword.

’’Thank you so much!’’ A lot of people had died in this area, and there were not many people left.

The woman hurried to rush to where the rest of the group was with her kid in her hand. She

kept wiping the tears that kept bursting out from the corner of her eyes - her man had just been

killed brutally in front of her.

Killing, killing without stopping. During this day, Ye Chen had killed more than two thousand

beasts so far which were way more than what the rest killed combined. The intense killing vibe

even scared a couple of low rank beasts away. Even rank 4 beasts could not help but shiver

around him.

Within only fifteen minutes, the battle had already finished.

Thousands of beasts had died, and on the other side only two hundred people had died. It was

only because Ye Chen had an extremely fast killing speed. Otherwise, no one there would be

alive by now.

’’Let's go! Faster! Let's try to get to Yellow Mountain Town before sunset.’’

Among the group, Ye Chen was no doubt the leader. Everyone who had heard him stopped

crying over their dead love ones' bodies, grabbed the old people and kids and started their

journey again.

That Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior sighed loudly, ’’The beast wave is so scary. So

many people had died in such a short time.’’

Putting the Star Scar Sword in its scabbard, Ye Chen said with a deep voice,’’ Let's not start

mourning yet. Once the beast wave really starts, then there will be more than ten thousand

people dying at a time. All we could do is try to protect the village people until we reach the city.

Then we could use the city river as a blockade until the beast wave dies off.’’

’’Yah, it will be safer with the city river.’’

The sun was about to set. The beasts' roar came from different directions.

In the distance, the group could see that Yellow Mountain Town standing on the land.

’’We are almost there. Let's go a bit faster!’’ The big man standing right next to Ye Chen yelled,

but one could hear the tiredness in his voice.

Ye Chen took a glance at the huge man and the rest of those Condensing Reality Realm warriors,

and was quite impressed. Most of the warriors who was traveling past them did not want to be

stuck with the village people, because they were too slow. Only these good-hearted people

decided to help without thinking about themselves. During a couple of fights, half of the

warriors were eaten by the beasts, and the rest of them were all wounded. Some of them were

already disabled.

Ye Chen could not help but ask,’’ Why did you decide to stay and help them? If you just ran, you

could totally have made it to the city or the town by now.’’

The big man asked back,’’ Then why did you stay? I remember when I first joined, it was only

you protecting the village people.’’

’’I am a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, if I could help, why not?’’

’’Hehe, although I am not as powerful as you, but I was thinking the same. And I believe it was

the same for them.’’ The big man took out a cloth and started cleaning his blade that was no

longer sharp.

Soon, they had reached the Yellow Mountain Village.

’’Great! Another Clasping Yuan Realm warrior!’’ When the city gate opened, a twenty-two-yearold

young man welcomed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw the broken walls of the city, and asked,’’ Were you under attack as well?’’

The young man nodded, ’’Ever since this afternoon, there had been five waves of attacks. The

most dangerous one had around six thousand beasts. They were everywhere. A lot of the people

had already rushed towards the Iron City. I am only staying to protect the rest of them.’’

’’I am Ye Chen, and you are?’’

’’Tian Hao.’’

’’The Yellow Mountain Town is not going to last. But it is quite late already. We might have to

hold on for another night. Let's fight guys!’’ Being able to see a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, Ye

Chen was also quite happy. During the beast wave, only warriors that were above Condensing

Reality Realm could throw attacks with massive attacking radius. With one pair of extra hands,

Ye Chen felt a little bit more confident.

Tian Hao laughed,’’ There are more than one Clasping Yuan Realm warriors in Yellow Mountain

Town. The other ones are at three other gates. Adding you, there are seven of us in total. Three

of them are Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. So holding on for one night should be fine since

the real beast wave takes longer time to form. By then, we would make it to the Iron City I


’’Yah, seven people, it should be enough.’’

Ye Chen let out a huge breath; seven Clasping Yuan Realm warriors in one town. It's the luckiest

thing that could happen in an event of tragedy.

Although the town was not too big, but because a lot of people had left, now even with people of

three towns here, it still did not look crowded. But of course, there were people from other

villages nearby but they were not as lucky as the people from Zhun Yang Village and Li Yang

Village. Because they did not have the protection from Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, a lot of

people had died. Only less than a hundred people had made it to the Yellow Mountain Town.

In all the restaurants.

’’Everyone! Eat as much as you want! The owners have already left for the Iron City. So

everything is free of charge.’’

Inside all the weaponry shops.

’’Everyone grab a weapon! Don't take too much and don't take too less. Your life depends on it


Facing the beast wave, everyone started to work together which was something that would

never happen in a peaceful time.

On the street.

Seeing the people and warriors come and go, Tian Hao said,’’ I will take you to meet the other

Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Tonight, we will fight along each other after all.’’

Ye Chen nodded.

The meeting was quite pleasant, and everyone was really happy with the new Clasping Yuan

Realm warrior. They knew with one Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, it could replace ten

Condensing Reality Realm warriors. The attacking power and range was incomparable.

The night had arrived.

The atmosphere became extra serious, and so did Ye Chen.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

There were beast roars coming from not too far away.

Soon, the roaring sound covered the whole place. With the moon shining, the people with

weapons in their hands could see a huge pile of dark shadows moving quickly towards them.

They were all beasts. Rank 1 and 2 beasts were running in the front, followed by rank 3 and 4

beasts. In the end were some rank 5 and 6 beasts. These beasts were not in a hurry to attack the

Yellow Mountain Town. They were taking their time, moving step by step.

The leading part of the human side.

Tian Hao said with a hint of joy,’’ There seems to be only one rank 6 beast over this side. And

judging from its beast qi, it should be equivalent to a peak-level Mid Clasping Yuan Realm

warrior. You and me working together, let's take it out first.’’

Ye Chen said,’’ Don't have to be so complicated. You go help the others. I will take care of the

rank 5, 6 beasts.’’

’’Alone?’’ Tian Hao looked confused.

Ye Chen did not answer, instead, he reached out his hand. His Star Scar Sword appeared in his

hand. The sword was out of its scabbard and waved towards the beasts.

The ground suddenly was cracked open. All of the beasts that were running in the front fell on

the ground. The sword qi kept exploding in the beast groups, killing another eight rank 3 or 4

beasts until it stopped.

’’What a powerful sword qi.’’ Tian Hao was shocked. He was also at the peak-level Early

Clasping Yuan Realm. Although he did not make it in the top seventy-two in the Hidden Dragon

Rank, but he thought this time for sure he could make it. He assumed Ye Chen's attacking

power to be below his, not expecting him to be this horrifyingly powerful, killing ten beasts

with one sword qi.


That rank 6 beast saw Ye Chen killing all those beasts, and started roaring all of a sudden. Its

beast qi spread out in the whole area, and it soon appeared in the front of the beast group. It

opened its mouth, as a huge fire wave appeared and attacked towards Ye Chen.


With few hundred meters in between, Ye Chen threw out a sword attack.

The blue sword qi sliced through the air like a fallen star. It had not only cut open the fire wave,

but also hit right at the rank 6 beast's body. Before the rank 6 beast was able to throw out its

powerful attack, its body was cut in half, blood spilling out everywhere.

’’Impressive! I thought you were about to struggle for a while. I guess not! Haha!’’

Tian Hao was shocked at first, then filled with joy. With Ye Chen being here, the rank 6 beasts

were no longer a threat. All he needed to do now was to kill all the beasts that were below rank


The beasts had not gotten close yet, and all the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had already

started their attacks. The rest of the warriors were waiting for their time to come, preparing to

throw their bodies at the beasts.

’’Tornado Broken Clouds!’’ ’’Mountains Attacks!’’ ’’...’’

Ye Chen preformed all of his wide-range attacks. His sword qi shot out in all directions, killing

groups and groups of beasts.

’’Night Attack Eight Directions!’’

Tian Hao's power could also not be ignored. A long pitch-dark blade appeared in his hand,

which he waved in the air, as ten blade qi spread out immediately towards different directions.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!...

With only two men's power, a lot of the beasts were already too scared to come close. Most of

them had been killed by the endless sword and blade qi once they got into the three-hundredmeter

radius. Even the rank 3 and 4 beasts were not able to survive. Only rank 5 beasts were

able to go through the blockage of sword and blade qi.

However, what was waiting for them was a fist. A powerful fist that had absorbed all the yuan qi

from few hundred meters was thrown out.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!...

Four rank 5 beasts exploded in the air.

’’So expressive! It was almost impossible for us to get involved!’’

’’They had killed at least few hundred beasts. Plus all those beasts from the back, they were also

killed once they got close. Even those rank 5 beasts!’’

’’This seems to be dangerous. Let's go help them.’’

All warriors in the back could not do much but discuss.

Ye Chen heard what they had said, and yelled,’’ Half of you go guard the other places. It is safe

here with us.’’

Tian Hao said,’’ Brother Ye is right.’’

Hearing them, half of the one hundred people had left, leaving only fifty people.

The first wave of the beasts was not too large. There were only around three thousand beasts at

Ye Chen and Tian Hao's side. And within the short period of time, half of those beasts had been

killed by them.

’’Another rank 6 beast?! An Eagle Tiger Beast!’’ Tian Hao yelled.


Tian Hao had just finished his sentence when that Eagle Tiger Beast was cut in half by an

extremely fast sword qi. It was almost like a lightning, so mind shockingly horrifying.

Tian Hao found himself speechless. 'What the heck? A rank 6 beast was not even able to last one

sword qi attack from him - that Eagle Tiger Beast is equivalent to a normal Late Clasping Yuan


Putting a pill into his mouth, Ye Chen could not look calmer. Unlike a normal rank 6 beast,

wanting to kill it with one sword attack, Ye Chen would have to use a little trick which in this

case would be the last movement of his Sky Cloud Sword Art - the Astral Shocking Clouds. As

for the One Sword Attack, he could not just use it whenever he wanted as it burned a lot of qi

and energy.

After fighting intensively for a long period of time, Tian Hao's zhen qi had been burned out at a

drastic speed. However, he had also carried quite a lot of pills, among which included the zhen

qi repairing pills that could boost almost thirty percent of his zhen qi at once. He said,’’ Brother

Ye, if you run out of pills, I have some here as well. The martial institution I am from - the

Alchemist Martial School, specializes in making medicines, mostly martial pills.’’

Ye Chen said,’’ No need, I have plenty of them as well.’’

Besides the bottle full of zhen qi repairing great pills, he also had got a couple hundreds of

normal zhen qi repairing pills which cost him about one hundred thousand gold. Normally, the

normal pills were already enough, and there was no need to waste those pills that could repair

all of the zhen qi at once.

All of the beasts over their side had been killed, while the others were still struggling over their


Ye Chen said,’’ I will go help the others, are you fine by yourself here for now?’’

’’Yes, of course, you go! I think they might be struggling over there. Rank 6 beasts are still quite

powerful for people like us.’’ Tian Hao sat on the ground with his feet tugged under his body,

while he meditated.


Ye Chen expanded his body, and soon arrived at the South Gate of the Yellow Mountain City.

Without any hesitation, Ye Chen threw out a sword attack at the rank 6 beast that was attacking

one of the Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. That beast roared after being hit, and fell on the



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