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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 196


Chapter 196: The Pretentious Mr. Jin

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Cut the bullsh*t, you have to leave something before you go.’’

Ye Chen pointed out his right hand index finger. Countless invisible finger powers shot out,

blocking his opponent from all the different directions, leaving only one wave of finger power

in the middle.

The expression on that middle-aged man in brown had changed. That distant finger power was

able to break through his zhen qi palm attack, and if it landed on him, he would definitely not

be able to walk away without being badly wounded. However, he thought wrong. The power of

the Void Shattering Finger Art was only able to wound him a little bit, and definitely not kill

him; it was only able to cancel out zhen qi.

’’Gold Shattering Finger Art!’’

The middle-aged man's right hand thumb and index finger had turned into a golden color, then

he flicked his fingers and threw out an attack.


The two finger powers met in the air, and the blasting wave spread out different directions.

’’Hm, the power of my Void Shattering Finger Art has been canceled out... it should be a Mid

Rank Earth Realm Finger Art.’’ Ye Chen understood, although the Void Shattering Finger Art had

a great rank, but he had not mastered even one-tenth of its true power. It was equal in power to

only mid-level low Earth rank finger art at the moment. If it was not for its zhen qi shattering

effect, it would probably be shattered by his opponent's finger power easily.


Ye Chen pointed out his left hand index finger, shattering all the zhen qi attack in front of him,

while his right hand held his sword and waved it in the air. His sword qi was so intense at the

moment that it could kill a man instantly. His power had been pushed to its limit, which was a

level he had not imagined before.

The middle-aged man kept backing up. After a couple times of exchanging attacks, he had

basically figured out the strategy of Ye Chen's finger art. He suspect it should only be a type of

finger art that was especially targeted at breaking zhen qi attack and protective layers. Its

attacking power was not that impressively high, and with his current intensity of his defensive

layer, it should be able to cancel out around seventy percent of his opponent's attack. Thus the

rest of his attack should not be able to do much damage, leaving some small scratches at the

most. On the contrary, he knew that his Gold Shattering Finger Art had a stronger attacking

power, and along with a similar powerful effect on breaking opponents' zhen qi layer, its power

should be even slightly more powerful. But obviously, Ye Chen knew about it as well. That was

why he decided to perform the finger art with his left hand to attack his defensive layer, while

using his right hand to perform the sword art and attack his weakest part. He knew that Ye

Chen was waiting for a moment for him to let down his guard and kill him on the spot.

’’Flower Finger!’’

Taking a deep breath, the middle-aged man groaned. His middle finger that was resting on his

thumb started to bounce in an extremely fast speed, leaving a blurry shadow. Countless light

golden finger powers clashed in the air, one after another, forming a beautiful golden flower in

the air, which then attacked towards Ye Chen.

’’Impressive attack!’’

Once the golden flower had appeared, Ye Chen could immediately sense its structure, which

contained a horrifying powerful cutting power in each one of those thin petals. He knew then

his protective layer would not be able to defend him, and he was afraid it would get through his

king kong body boosting art. Immediately, he popped three zhen qi boosting pills into his

mouth. He swallowed one and hid the rest of the two inside of his mouth preparing for the

unpredictable. The zhen qi inside Ye Chen's body started to move at a crazy speed, which

eventually was compressed into one small pile and pushed into his right arm. Following a

special meridian, it came to the tip of his index finger. His whole index finger started to look

unreal, as all of the air around started to get twisted.


Ye Chen pointed out his finger. Suddenly his surreal finger was expended ten times bigger,

almost an arm thick. It hit the middle of the golden flower like a falling star.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The golden flower exploded, and the surreal finger then disappeared completely.

The middle-aged man could not look more surprised. The Flower Finger was the last

movement of the Gold Shattering Finger Art, and was supposed to be the most powerful

movement of the art. Somehow, it was completely blocked.

'What kind of finger art is that? Is it possible that I had underestimated him?'

’’Mr. Jin, let us kill this brat together. Otherwise, he will become a big trouble in the future.’’

Yuan Zongbo appeared behind the middle-aged man out of nowhere. With blood dripping down

his lips, his right sleeve where his right hand should be looked empty, lacking flesh and blood.

The middle-aged old man smiled and said, ’’I am only here to stop the fight. And I am not

interested in getting in your conflicts.’’

Yuan Zongbo sneered, ’’Mr. Jin, maybe other people do not know your background, but I know

enough. With your so-called 'stopping the fight', you had ruined countless warriors and

accumulated a huge fortune.’’

’’Hehe, you sure know a lot.’’ The smile on Mr. Jin's face had not changed at all. However, in

Yuan Zongbo and Ye Chen's eyes, that smile looked immensely dangerous.

’’So what do you say?’’

Although Yuan Zongbo had said so, but he was secretly concerned about his opponents. He was

wounded quite badly. His right arm and back had been almost completely drained by his Little

Blood Demon Separating Art, and there was barely any blood left in his dried-out skin. If he

kept performing his martial art, he might turn into a dried out corpse, and even the greatest

medicine would not be able to save him. Wanting to corporate with Mr. Jin was because he

wanted to kill Ye Chen once and for all. However, he was more afraid of Mr. Jin turning his back

on him, killing him after killing Ye Chen. But the good thing was that he still had enough power

to defend himself, and he believe all his opponents knew about this as well.

’’I was planning to only stop the fight. However, this little brat has such a strong killing

intention, killing everyone he laid his eyes on. He needs to learn how to let things go. The god

has its plan, in order to keep everyone else safe from him, I will work with you against my will

and kill this evil man.’’ Mr. Jin always hung around the Multi Mountain. He would get involved

when there were warriors fighting with each other. He would help the wounded party by

’’trying’’ to stop the fight during which he would ’’accidentally’’ kill him. Then the wounded one

would no longer be able to fight against him for the fortunes. But of course, if conditions

allowed, he would kill the wounded as well, earning twice the fortune. However, he had made a

bad judgment this time. Although Ye Chen did not have a very powerful attacking power, but

that finger art of his was definitely a concern.

Ye Chen looked very serious. Mr. Jin's power was indeed not simple comparing to Yuan Zongzo

before who was wounded. Especially comparing with that Gold Shattering Finger Art, his Void

Shattering Finger Art was slightly weaker. As for his ramble, he could not care less. In this

warriors' world, one always had to grow by standing on corpses. If someone wanted to kill

them, they would just have to kill him.

With Mr. Jin's agreement, Yuan Zongbo looked at Ye Chen with confidence, ’’I have told you

before... This is the place you die.’’

Ye Chen replied, ’’Next time I see you, I will beat you into a dried corpse.’’

’’You!’’ A chunk of blood traveled back up in Yuan Zongbo's throat, and a massive murderous

intention appeared in his eyes.

Mr. Jin shook his head, ’’Killing each other is never the solution... I will give you a chance. If you

leave the storage ring on your hand as Brother Yuan's compensation, I will let you leave in

safety. As for me, I will take nothing, but that finger art manual. I want you to burn it right


’’Can you say something normal?’’

With the pills that could refill his zhen qi instantly, Ye Chen was not afraid to burn his zhen qi.

He performed the Void Shattering Finger Art again, pointing out his index finger towards the


’’You little evil brat, I will have to teach you a lesson.’’

Mr. Jin's finger flicked in the air at an inhuman speed, and a golden flower appeared.

Meanwhile, he said to Yuan Zongbo: ’’I will block him... You break his zhen qi layer with your

sword qi!’’


Yuan Zongbo grabbed a bright red spirit plant and stuffed into his mouth. He swallowed it after

a quick chew, suddenly feeling so much better. His body flashed, leaving a long bloody line in

the air, as he reached behind Ye Chen and threw out a sword attack.


The Star Scar appeared in Ye Chen's hand, as he blocked the incoming attack easily with his

sword qi. With the momentum of the sword qi, his finger power shot towards Mr. Jin with an

even faster speed. His attack had almost covered the whole sky.

’’Great timing!’’

Mr. Jin knew how Void Shattering Finger Art worked, and he was not afraid of fighting hands

on. So he turned to face Ye Chen, finger towards finger, as if he wanted to see who would last


Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!...

The two exchanged attacks at a tremendously high speed. Within a second, they had already

exchanged ten finger attacks. And each one of them had canceled each other out, no one able to

hurt the other.

’’Blood Eagle Three Swords!’’

Yuan Zongbo had a headache. 'This brat is full of evil tricks. He definitely thought this through

before deciding to fight up close with Mr. Jin, knowing that he would be at a disadvantage only

if I joined them in that direct fight, otherwise I would not be able to be involved at all in the

result.' He had been waiting for a right moment for that attack for a long time now.

It was almost like having a pair of eyes in his back. Ye Chen walked out among his zhen qi

shadows, letting one of his zhen qi shadow taking an attack, as he jumped towards Mr. Jin


’’Ah! I don't believe we can't kill him!’’

Yuan Zongbo's body flashed, as he joined the fight.

The two's corporation would not be regarded as perfect, but they still worked quite well, locking

Ye Chen in a limited area.


Ye Chen's expression did not change at all. His body shook, and four human figures were

separated from him, without one being able to tell which one was real and which was fake.


Yuan Zongbo cut open two human figures with one sword attack, while the other two were

completely blocked by Mr. Jin. After the final attack, the rest would be Ye Chen's real body.

’’Separate! Again!’’

Swallowing another pill that was hidden in his mouth, Ye Chen's zhen qi went back to its peak

again, as he performed his Shadow Separating Art another couple of times in a row. Another six

human figures appeared. They all layered together, attacking the two from different directions,

giving them no chance to help each other.

’’It's too tricky. How can he have endless zhen qi?’’ Mr. Jin was full of regrets. If he had known

that Ye Chen was full of tricks like this, he would not have gotten himself involved at all. Right

now, if he did not kill him, he was afraid that he would be looked for revenge in the future,

which was never the way he did things.

Yuan Zongbo yelled in exasperation, ’’Mr. Jin, don't hide your ace attack any more. You should

see it by now that he is a trouble.’’

’’Alright, I will not hold anything back today.

Mr. Jin pointed on his own body for a couple of times, and his zhen qi suddenly increased

drastically. It seemed to be an attacking power boosting art. But quite obviously, this secret art

was still not completed. After performing this art, Mr. Jin could not help but puke out a chunk

of blood, as his face turned pale.

Trying to cancel out Mr. Jin's finger attack with his own finger attack, Ye Chen was immediately

blown away. He thought to himself, 'His attacking power has increased more than two times... I

cannot leave it for any longer.'

Up until now, Ye Chen had used mainly his Shadow Separating Art. Without it, he would not be

able to avoid a lot of the attacks; and although his Void Shattering Finger Art was great at

breaking zhen qi, its power was still unable to compete with the Shadow Separating Art. Now,

there would be only one sword attack for him to use in this situation.

The One Sword Attack would grow along with the the growth of the cultivation, and it still was

his ace attack. Moreover, Mr. Jin's defensive zhen qi was obviously not as good as Yuan


Using one finger attack to lure Yuan Zongbo away, Ye Chen's body kept shaking. Countless zhen

qi shadows appeared, forming an army of people. Some of them were standing right next to

each other, while some of them were floating up and down; some of them were flying at an

extremely fast speed. And what was the most horrifying part was that a lot of zhen qi shadows

had layered together, which made them unable to be distinguished from the real Ye Chen.

Two zhen qi shadows rushed towards Mr. Jin, and Ye Chen's real body was hidden within.


Boom! A loud sound was heard.

A human figure had been shattered, and the other one was only chipped. But it revealed the real

Ye Chen who was hiding right behind it.

Ye Chen held his sword with both of his hands, as he put all his attention into his Star Scar

Sword. He sliced his sword from up to down, as a light blue sword light formed a line.

One Sword Attack up close!

Mr. Jin knew it was not good. His Gold Shattering Finger Art was already too late to block out

the attack, so he hurried to activate his protective zhen qi to intensify the protection in front of

him. Meanwhile, he put his right hand's middle finger on his thumb, preparing to attack Ye

Chen's body the second he blocked his sword attack.


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