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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 195


Chapter 195: The Great Use of the Void Shattering Finger Art

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Impossible!! I cannot believe it was blocked!’’

Yuan Zongbo had burned a lot of Zhen qi for the ’’One Astral Sword’’ attack. He had thrown out

around ten attacks before, followed by the extremely intense one. Right now, he had already

burned almost seventy percent of his Zhen qi, and with the remaining amount, he could

probably perform another couple of small attacks at the most. But the small-ranged attacks

could obviously not hit Ye Chen at all, which would be a complete waste of energy.

’’Although I don't know what kind of pellet you used to recover your Zhen qi, I have my Purple

Gold Qi Boosting pellet as well. It will recover almost thirty percent of my Zhen qi instantly. I

will keep up with the fight until you burn out yours.’’ Having used up all his ace attacks but still

unable to kill Ye Chen, Yuan Zongbo planned to try burning out Ye Chen's Zhen qi, because he

did not believe that Ye Chen would have Zhen qi better in quality and quantity than his. Plus,

the better quality of the pellet meant it was more valuable, having even the smallest amount of

which would make a huge difference.

He put a pellet in his mouth as he took out the great sword that was covered in bloody mist. He

then lowered his body, running towards Ye Chen at an unbelievably fast speed.

Ye Chen turned his body, facing Yuan Zongbo's attack. He thought to himself with disdain,

'Burn out my Zhen qi? I am afraid I will be alive and kicking even long after you are dead'.


The Star Scar Sword clashed with Yuan Zongbo's great sword as a light-reflecting blast wave

spread out in all directions. The ground that had survived in this extreme-gravityenvironment,

that was ten times stronger than outside, was cracked open layer by layer,

bringing up numerous horrifying mud waves.

’’Eagle Punch!’’

While holding the sword with his right hand, Yuan Zongbo threw out a punch with his left

hand. Yuan Zongbo's attacking style was like a thundery night, waves after waves, fully of

deadly danger, leaving Ye Chen no chance to react.

’’Tyrant Seasons!’’

Ye Chen had not used his Tyrant Fist Art in a long time. Ever since he trained his Sky Cloud

Sword art, the Tyrant Fist Art had been forgotten completely. However, today, it had shown its

power once again, as he performed the fourth movement which was never used before.

With this one punch, all the qi flow within a hundred miles radius started to move again, like a

wind coming out of nowhere. The fierce qi seemed as if it wanted to completely rule the world.

Yuan Zongbo's fist attack could not move even one inch further, blocked completely outside of

the tyrant fist qi. What was even more surprising was that after a couple of attempts, the fist

power of Yuan Zongbo was almost shattered completely, which numbed his whole arm, losing

control of his power.


A huge explosion was heard, as both the combatants were blown away and flew backwards.

Leaving ten deep steps on the grass floor, Yuan Zongbo could not be more shocked. 'What kind

of fist art was that?! My Eagle Fist Art is a low rank Earth Realm fist art, and along my late

Clasping Yuan Realm Zhen qi, it should have put me on the upper hand.'

Ye Chen was secretly relieved as his body slid back on the ground. He thought with his Tyrant

Fist Art to block his opponent's fist art, they would probably balance out. What he did not

expect was that it worked so much better than he had thought. But it was not that much of a

surprise, after all, the Tyrant Fist was one of the top among all the low rank Earth Realm fist

arts, each movement being more powerful that the one before. The power of the fourth

movement ’’Tyrant Seasons’’ was at almost Mid Earth Realm Fist Art level. Besides that, he had

also activated his sword intent as he performed that fist attack, which made it almost

unstoppable, giving him more advantage.

’’I don't believe that you could hold on much longer.’’

Yuan Zongbo could not be any more incensed. He could not handle the fact that neither his

sword art nor the fist art could cause any damage to his opponent who was supposed to be weak

enough to be killed with just a single attack of his. At that moment, all the blood started to boil

inside his body, as he threw out a sword and a fist attack at the same time.


The tip of Ye Chen's foot touched the ground, and in the next second, his body shot out like an

arrow, along with two Zhen qi shadows running with him on his right and left sides towards

Yuan Zongbo.

Dang! Dang! Dang!...

Pong! Pong! Pong!...

The swords clashed together, and so did their fists. One could clearly hear the metal clinching

sound and the low sound of the fists hitting the defensive Zhen qi layer. The place where the

two met each other was completely blown apart.


Yuan Zongbo jumped up from the ground while letting the two Zhen qi shadow hit his

defensive Zhen qi layer. He then threw out a punch towards Ye Chen's skull.

Ye Chen tilted his head, and a small hill behind him ended up the victim of the force, as it was

shattered instantly. Before Yuan Zongbo was able to throw out another attack, Ye Chen took one

step forward, his left fist covered with extreme power, hitting towards his opponent's Dantian.

Once successful, Yuan Zongbo would no longer be able to practice martial arts ever again.

’’Qi Sea Sword!’’

Yuan Zongbo stabbed towards Ye Chen's chest with the sword in his right hand. Meanwhile, a

sharp sword qi burst out of his Dantian, facing Ye Chen fist power.


The Star Scar Sword blocked out the opponent's attack. Ye Chen's body flashed again, and two

human figures appeared the next second.

'Which one is real? Which one is fake?' Ye Chen was moving way too fast, and Yuan Zongbo felt

that he had only blinked once and there were two of them all of a sudden.

Without being able to give it more thought, he backed out immediately. His great sword that

was covered in a bloody qi mist cut out another couple of sword qi blades, creating a qi web in

front of him.

Pop! Pop!

The two human figures were shattered altogether.

Yuan Zongming suddenly tensed up. He thought to himself, 'sh**! They were all fake. This evil

brat!' His feet touched the ground, and he too jumped into the sky.


The ground was cracked open, as a sharp sword qi burst out from within.

’’Although you have a questionable personality, but you do indeed have a quite impressive battle

experience and reflection.’’ Coming out of the ground, Ye Chen lifted up his head and said to

Yuan Zongbo who was still in the air.

Floating in the air, Yuan Zongbo had looked as if he was pooped upon by a demonic beast horde.

If he had even hesitated for half of a second, he would have been wounded again, which would

put him in the worst situation. ’’Do I really have to use that movement?’’ Although Ye Chen did

not have that impressive a battling experience, his attacking style was unpredictable and

definitely out of his expectation. And up until now, Yuan Zongbo had even started to doubt if he

could actually be able to stop him. In the bottom of his heart, he started to think of escaping

this fight. But the thoughts had only flashed through his mind once, and he refused to give it

more importance. 'Am I kidding myself? An Early Peak-Level Clasping Yuan Realm warrior

could scare me away? That would definitely traumatize me, and I would never be able to make

any progress ever again!'

A blue light flashed in front of him, as Ye Chen performed his One Sword Attack again.

Seeing that, Yuan Zongbo knew he had to do what he had to do. He pushed all his boiling Zhen

qi towards his right arm. It was brutally compressed together and rushed into his blood and

flesh. His skin started to crack because of the force, and the blood and the Zhen qi melted

together, which made the Zhen qi even stickier and redder in color. Yuan Zongbo was then

covered with a bloody mist.

’’Little Blood Demon Escape Art!’’

His right arm which had just expended twice of its size threw out a sword attack.


The bloody sword qi spread out in the air, turning into a one-hundred-meter long sword qi,

crashing into Ye Chen's blue sword qi, causing the latter to fall towards the ground.

The horrifying sword pressure made the ground sink in, as a one-thousand-square-meter

gigantic hole appeared below the two.

Ye Chen did not wait before he threw out another three different sword qi with his sword in his

right hand. Meanwhile, his left hand suddenly formed a fist and started to punch out furiously.

His fist sometimes formed a blade making a slicing motion, and sometimes pointed out his

index finger making pointing motions.

All those movements had been performed in the blink of an eye. It was so fast that it was

unimaginable, and it was so smooth that it seemed like a work of art. If there were some other

powerful warriors here, they would definitely be shocked. Fighting against an equally powerful

warrior, Ye Chen should be occupied to his maximum. Unless he had trained some secret

martial art, it had not yet been seen that someone had thrown out six attacks at the same time

with all of them being different movements. It could be almost considered as multitasking six

things at the same time. But obviously, there was still a gap between the true masters of


The hundred-meter-long bloody sword qi started to burn out after attacking his opponent

furiously. It was only few meters long by the time it reached Ye Chen.


The bloody sword qi that had been drastically weakened was shattered. Ye Chen took a step on

the ground, as his body shot into the sky while forming dozens of Zhen qi shadows.

These Zhen qi shadows were extremely real. Some of them were blurry, some of them were

clear in the front and blurry in the back. None of them were identical to each other. With this

attack, it aimed to confuse Yuan Zongbo so that he would not know where Ye Chen actually was.

’’No matter how many shadows you make, I will break them all with only one attack.’’

Yuan Zongbo had bought this Little Blood Demon Escaping Art from an evil martial artist.

According to the rumor, it was the simplified version of one of the ghost warriors of the one

hundred and eight warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult. Although the power of the martial art

had been weakened after being simplified, it did not have the self-exploding risk anymore, and

it would not damage his body too much. However, the side-effect was still quite severe. His

right arm would be dried out and drained. Without the medicine to reinvigorate the blood and

flesh within, he would lose his arm.

His slowly-thinning arm was covered with a bloody mist, as an evil expression appeared on

Yuan Zongbo's face. He threw a sword attack at that group of human figures.

It was like the bloody sunset, and all of the human figures were shattered at once.

’’After performing that evil art, your reaction has gone slow.’’ out of the blue, Ye Chen's voice

came from the behind Yuan Zongbo.


Yuan Zongbo was frightened to his core. His back suddenly burst open, and his Zhen qi and

blood melted together to form a bloody qi armor behind him.


Ye Chen had only made a pointing motion with his one finger. A small hole instantly appeared

on that bloody armor. The power of Ye Chen's finger landed on the back of Yuan Zongbo

without actually touching it.

Yuan Zongbo's body was pushed as he flew towards the front. He yelled out in pain and fear,

mixed with anger and shame, ’’That's impossible!! There is no way for you to break my Little

Blood Demon Escape Art with only one finger!’’

Ye Chen shook his head, and caught up immediately, as he thought to himself, 'I did not realize

it before... it turns out that the Void Shattering Finger has the effect of clearing up Zhen qi.

Right now, its power might not be as strong as the sword qi, but it is definitely more powerful

in breaking Zhen qi layers. Combined with my sword intent, this one finger attack should be

unstoppable for Zhen qi.

One of the six different movements that he had performed together was the Void Shattering

Finger Art, which made Ye Chen realize it. The Void Shattering Finger Art could cause more

damage when facing Zhen qi as compared to sword qi itself. However, unfortunately, its

attacking power to its opponent was not as strong as it should be. Otherwise, with that finger

attack, Yuan Zongbo would have been either dead or seriously wounded.

’’Young warrior, you should go easy on people when you have the chance.’’

When Ye Chen was just about to catch up with Yuan Zongbo, a human figure jumped out of

nowhere and blocked in front of him, following up with a palm attack.

With the incoming palm attack, a huge Zhen qi palm was attacking towards Ye Chen with

extremely heavy pressure; it was so powerful that Ye Chen could easily see the finger print on it,

about to grab Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen had a bad look on his face, as he pointed out his finger repeatedly, which all landed on

that Zhen qi palm.

Suddenly, the Zhen qi palm was full of holes, no longer powerfull.


That person looked a little bit surprised, and he backed out with a smile on his face.

’’Where do you think you are going?’’ That palm attack was obviously targeted at him. How

could Ye Chen not know? It angered him, and so Ye Chen gave up on chasing Yuan Zongbo, and

started to chase his attacker. He checked out the intruder who wore brown clothes and looked

to be in his fifties. He had a smile on his face this whole time like everything was just a joke.

Seeing that Ye Chen had chased up to him, he frowned and said: ’’Young man, I was only there to

stop the fight. Why are you chasing me now? Don't be so unreasonable!’’


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