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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 194


Chapter 194: Fighting Yuan Zongbo

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’You spent thirty-five days in the training room. Subtracting the three days that had been prepaid,

you would have to pay the fee for thirty-two days. It will be thirty-two thousand low rank

soul stones. Thank you!’’ The beautiful lady said with a smile.

Ye Chen paid the soul stones. As he walked out of the place, he took a glance at that servant with

a weird look on his face.

Walking out on the street, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'it will not be long before Yuan Zongbo is

notified with the news of me leaving. And he would definitely try to chase up. Instead of

running away, I might as well fight him and show him who he tried to mess with.'

After making up his mind, Ye Chen walked faster towards the city gate.


’’Sir, the brat that you asked us to watch is running towards the city gate.’’ A teenager burst into

a private room of the restaurant.


The teacup were shattered, as Yuan Zongbo stood up and laughed brightly, ’’Little brat, where

do you think you are going? Today, this Multi Mountain is going to be where you will be buried.’’

Yuan Zongbo was not worried about Ye Chen running away. He knew that the central area of the

Multi Mountain had ten times greater gravity than the outside, and the lower one's cultivation

was, the greater one would be affected. And Ye Chen was at a lower realm than him, so

regardless, he was confident that Ye Chen would not be able to outrun him.

Seeing that Yuan Zongbo was about to leave, the teenager asked: ’’Sir, what about the other half

of the soul stones that you had promised?’’

’’Once I return, I will give you double what I promised.’’

By the time the teenager heard him, he could no longer see him anymore.


Once he got out of the city gate, Ye Chen's body flashed, and he landed on a thigh-thick chain.

Then he pushed out zhen qi from the back of his leg, as he just started sliding on the chain as if

he was skateboarding.

’’He's here!’’

Midway through, he could sense Yuan Zongbo with his soul power. The latter was running

towards him at an inhuman speed right now, and he would soon reach the gate.

Once Yuan Zongbo got out of the city gate, he saw Ye Chen who was almost reaching the other

side. He sneered as he flew into the sky with his zhen qi wings spread out. The next second, he

had already reached above the chain. Both of his legs kept moving rapidly in the air, drastically

increasing his moving speed.


Soon, Yuan Zongbo followed the chain and reached the top of the mountain, looking down on

the land. He could see a human figure moving at an insane speed while looking back constantly,

seeming quite anxious.

’’You think you could run out of this?’’

His clothes started to move on their own, as Yuan Zongbo jumped into the air with zhen qi

pushing down against the ground. A three-meter-long zhen qi eagle appeared in front of him

and expanded its wings. Swoosh! It dived down, drawing a spectacular bloody line in the air.

The two kept playing the chasing game at an inhuman speed.

’’Bloody Eagle Art... isn't that Yuan Zongbo? Who is he chasing?’’

’’Yuan Zongbo is definitely one of the famous Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. That person

running in the front seems to not have reached even the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm. It should be

only the peak-level Early Clasping Yuan Realm.’’

’’Yuan Zongming is quite famous for his brutality. I am afraid this guy will not be seeing the sun

tomorrow morning.’’

’’It is not our business, countless people die in the Multi Mountain. There was even an Astral

Reaching Realm warrior that had been killed.’’

The Multi Mountains were not humongous, plus with the high degree of traffic, the two had

disturbed quite a lot of warriors on their way, causing people to start talking.

’’Little brat, where do you think you are going?’’

Being wrapped by the zhen qi eagle, Yuan Zongbo took out his great sword and threw a sword



The bloody sword qi had been stretched in the air, and kept slicing through the air at a high

speed. All the things that got in its way had been cut in half. All the trees fell down one after

another, as he almost caught up with Ye Chen.


A little mountain had been blown up. It was almost like Ye Chan had grown a pair of eyes on his

back, that he suddenly changed his traveling route, running towards a small lane on the side.

’’Hehe, the further out the better. Then there will be no surprises.’’

The zhen qi eagle wings flapped in the air, wrapping Yuan Zongbo within, traveling in an

insane speed.

Soon, one could no longer see anyone around anymore. The grass on the ground seemed like it

hadn't been trimmed ever, tall and as thick as a human arm. But obviously, the gravity in Multi

Mountains had boosted all the surviving plants in different ways; their strength and toughness

would definitely stronger than the ones outside.

Three hundred meters!

Two hundred meters!

One hundred meters!

Yuan Zongbo laughed: ’’Little brat, I suggest you stop running. You can only blame yourself for

pushing your luck to this point. Don't ever dream about outrunning me.’’

In the front, Ye Chen answered in a cold tone.

’’We will see who will be laughing.’’

’’Bluff away. I will see how you would laugh later.’’

Yuan Zongbo really did not appreciate Ye Chen's tone before. Up until now, Ye Chen was still

oddly calm, almost like nothing could terrify him. And on the contrary, that kind of calmness

made Yuan Zongbo feel that he was the one being anxious, and could not wait to not only kill

him, but his confidence as well.

Both of the two were flying just ten meters above the ground.


Ye Chen started to fall, and then started to run on the ground.

Yuan Zongbo froze a little in the beginning, then started to laugh with joy, ’’The gravity around

here is extremely strong. It burns zhen qi ten times faster than outside. What an advantage,

let's see how are you going to escape from this. Eagle Punch!’’

With a punch being thrown out, an eagle scream suddenly was heard.

All of the grass in front had been shattered into crumbs by the powerful pressure of the fist. At

the same time, the surface of the ground, it sank few meters deep.

’’Eh? It missed.’’

Yuan Zongbo was confident that his punch would be enough to wound his opponent. He did not

expect Ye Chen increasing his speed and was able to dodge the fist power.

’’Fine. I haven't played this chasing game for a while now.’’

Right then, he suddenly felt there would be no fun if he just killed Ye Chen, especially after

waiting for him and being mad for over a month. He needed to take his revenge slowly and


However, he could not gloat for long because the hair on his back suddenly stood up out of



After countless intense fights, Yuan Zongbo could sense danger almost out of instinct. He

subconsciously increased the intensity of his protective layer. The bloody zhen qi eagle that was

around him had been compressed to two times smaller, resulting in it becoming two times

thicker, all of which had happened in a blink of an eye.

The next second!

A spectacular sword qi burst out from the ground, which precisely landed on Yuan Zongbo's


’’Brat, you are going to die.’’ shouted Yuan Zongbo, as he puked out a chunk of blood. Although

he had sensed the incoming danger, he could not tell where the danger would come from. The

part he was attacked at was the lower part of his body, which was the weakest part of his

defensive zhen qi. His defensive layer had been torn open instantly by the sword qi, which

caused him quite a bit of internal damage.

The ground was cracked open. Ye Chen's body appeared from within.

’’Zhen Qi Broken Shadow!’’ Yuan Zongbo's pupil intensified. He was not stupid, it was not hard

for him to figure out how Ye Chen got into the ground.

It turned out that the second Ye Chen landed on the ground, he had performed his Separating

Shadow Flying Art, leaving a broken zhen qi shadow above the ground to distract Yuan Zongbo,

while he hid himself under the ground. Using his soul power and super senses, he could easily

track Yuan Zongbo's movement.

Ye Chen did not plan to let his opponent rest. He threw out another sword attack. The huge

light blue sword qi twisted and rushed towards the sky, forming a qi flow and eventually a

tornado. It attacked towards his opponent at an inhuman speed.

’’Huh. A piece of cake! Right now, I will let you know even if I am slightly wounded, I could still

easily kill you. Blood Eagle Three Swords!’’ Yuan Zongbo sneered as he threw out three sword

attacks in a row.

With two sword qi blades being on top and one at the bottom, the top two ones seemed like the

wings of an eagle, while the one below was like the sharp claws of the eagle. Facing the tornado,

it flew right through it. The tornado was cut into three parts, turning back into air and pure

yuan qi streams and disappearing in the nature.

’’An old-school Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior is indeed impressive.’’ holding the Star Scar

Sword in his hand, Ye Chen's body jumped up towards Yuan Zongbo.


Yuan Zongbo sneered, and the bloody zhen qi eagle flew out of his body.


The zhen qi shadow was torn apart, and Ye Chen's real body arrived less than ten meters away

from Yuan Zongbo.

’’One Sword Attack!’’

Ye Chen's body suddenly straightened up, as he held his sword with both of his hands, making a

slicing down motion.


The light blue sword qi flashed past the eyes, leaving a light blue line in the air, which attacked

directly towards Yuan Zongbo.

’’What?! That is so fast!’’

It was not Yuan Zongbo's first time seeing sword qi being this fast. But this definitely was the

first instance in case of a Peak-Level Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. Right then, there was

obviously no time for him to escape that attack, so he yelled and threw out a sword attack with

both of his hands on the sword.


The sword qi and the great sword clashed with one another, causing a horrifying blasting wave

to explode and spread out. An eight-meter huge hole suddenly appeared on the ground. From

edge of the hole, a spider-web like sword mark kept spreading, cutting down all the grasses

and plants as it traveled.

Yuan Zongbo's body had been blown away by the blasting wave, and the paleness on his face

also increased. Combined with his skinny dry look, he looked like a weathered candle, extremely


’’Little brat...great! I guess I had underestimated you. But even if you have all your smart tricks,

it will still not change your destiny of dying today.’’

He was indeed surprised. Although he had been wounded by sword qi before, it had not affected

his battling power that much. It was still more than 80 percent functioning. Plus, with 80

percent of his power, a normal Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior was still not his opponent.

Killing a Peak-Level Early Clasping Yuan Realm brat should not be any difficult. However, he

knew now that Ye Chen was a genius warrior that could do cross-realm battles which could not

be compared with other normal warriors.


With one step, Yuan Zongbo cracked open the ground below him. He stared at Ye Chen as if he

was looking at a dead man. He held his great sword backwards with both of his hands, then

plugged it into the ground brutally. He groaned with a low voice: ’’One Sword Attack!’’


It was always Ye Chen being the one sneak-attacking someone, and had never been sneakattacked

himself yet until this point of time. After seeing Yuan Zongbo plug his sword into the

ground, he could feel a strong wave of sword qi growing under him. Once exploded, it could

easily shatter him into small pieces without a doubt.

His body flashed a couple of times, as Ye Chen formed three other zhen qi shadows.

All of a sudden...

The ground was suddenly cracked open. A waist-thick bloody light column burst out of the

ground. It easily went through the zhen qi shadows, attacking towards Ye Chen's real body

without a predictable route.

With the help of his powerful soul power, Ye Chen managed to avoid the attack a couple of times

with critical timing.

’’How could this be? How could he know about the location that the sword qi would explode

from?’’ Yuan Zongbo's eyes widened. He could not avoid the sword attack that he had thrown

out himself, so he was confident that Ye Chen could not too.

Yuan Zongbo's zhen qi poured out like water. He bit his teeth as he pushed almost half of his

remaining zhen qi into his great sword again, which ran into the ground right after.


An eight-meter-thick bloody light column covered the area that Ye Chen had been hiding in,

and rushed towards the sky.

’’Mountain Condensing Sword QI!’’

With both hands on his sword, Ye Chen sliced down his sword with all his power. All of a

sudden, a wave of heavy sword qi rushed towards the bloody light column, cancelling out its

attacking power.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The attacking range the bloody light column had covered was too big, and even if Ye Chen was

able to block out most part of the attack, there was still a small amount of sword qi that

damaged Ye Chen's defensive layer. Right then, it was time for the use of his Great Mysterious

Art. He performed the peak of the ninth stage, which boosted up his zhen qi quality, allowing

the thin layer of defensive zhen qi to continuously protect him.


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