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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 193


Chapter 193: Power Increases

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Few days went by in the blink of an eye.

On the seventh day at noon.

The training room door was opened, and Ye Chen walked out of it.

'It turns out that it is not good to stay in the training room for too long. As the time passes by,

the zhen fire would make people feel anxious. If I continue training, I might end up in a bad

state, which might lead to horrible consequences. Ah well, I will take a little break... I could

train the Flo Three Mysterious Spell and the Void Shattering Finger'. For Ye Chen, the Flo Three

Mysterious Spell was really important, because the only way to escape danger was with fast

speed. As long as he had a high enough speed, there was always a way to survive.

’’I think I should go get some food first.’’ Letting out a breath of hot air, Ye Chen pushed open

the gate and started walking outside the field. Although a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior did not

have to eat for a long time, once they exited their training mode, they would still feel very

hungry, and Ye Chen was no exception.

’’Young warrior, this is from your friend.’’ Outside the field, the host who had served Ye Chen

and Murong Qingcheng had noticed Ye Chen, and hurried to hand over a note.

Ye Chen took the note and opened it.

’’Brother Ye, I still have some business to take care of, so I will leave for Sky Flying Devil Martial

School first. You be careful, okay? Hope I will see you again.

Murong Qingcheng’’

Closing the note, Ye Chen asked, ’’When did she leave?’’

’’Four days ago!’’

’’Thanks a lot. This is for you.’’ Taking out ten low rank soul stones from his storage ring, Ye

Chen threw them over to the host.

The host took the low rank soul stones he thought to himself, 'What a generous man! He had

tipped me ten low rank soul stones in an instant... It is more than enough for me to train for a


In a nearby restaurant.

Ye Chen had picked a window seat on the second floor.

’’Yuan Zongbo's power should not be underestimated. Before I leave the city, I should reach the

peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm first. And my Flo Rudra Three Mysterious Spell should also

be trained to the first realm. Along with my ace martial art - the Pure Sword Attack, I think I can

fight against him. Unfortunately, it is too hard to master the third movement of the Void

Shattering Finger... but if I could just know a little bit of it, it could increase my chance of

winning.’’ According to Ye Chen's guess, the Void Shattering Finger should probably be a

Heaven Realm finger art. It was precisely because of its high rank that the stone-like finger

could kill a Life and Death Realm demonic monster with only one attack.

Soon, the dishes arrived, along with a bottle of rice wine.

Ye Chen could not care to keep his manners, started stuffing his mouth with food.

’’Do you know? An Astral Reaching Realm warrior had been killed in Multi Mountain yesterday.’’

Third table to the right, a couple of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors sat together chatting.

’’What?! An Astral Reaching Realm warrior had died? Who killed him?’’

’’It was the Mountain Shocker Diao Kui. And that person who was killed was also quite famous,

he was called the Evil Blade and he had reached the peak of the Early Astral Reaching Realm.’’

’’Evil was him! Decades ago, he had killed the whole family of Mountain Shocker's

disciple, which Diao Kui had never let go. He must have caught him this time. Oh right, how

many movements did he use to kill him? Although Diao Kui is a Mid Astral Reaching Realm

warrior, but Evil Blade was not bad either. I heard he was able to fight evenly against Mid Astral

Reaching Realm warriors.’’

’’Three movements... Diao Kui had only used three movements to kill the Evil Blade.’’

’’Impossible! The Evil Blade was not able to burn his zhen yuan on time?’’

’’Huh, without the help of his zhen yuan, the Evil Blade would not have lasted even a single

movement. Diao Kuai started to burn his zhen yuan before his first attack, leaving Evil Blade no

chance to escape.’’

’’Well, it is not a bad thing that the Evil Blade died. He had taken countless innocent lives, and it

was only a matter of time for his turn to come.’’

Hearing them, Ye Chen couldn't help but think silently, 'The Mountain Shocker looked so

friendly; he had even teased me in front of Murong Qingcheng. I cannot believe that he had

such a wild side when fighting. He had killed an Early Peak Astral Reaching Realm warrior with

only three movements... I am afraid my Heavenly Great Thunder Art would be nowhere near

capable of handling his three movements.

After lunch, Ye Chen came out onto the streets.

But soon he stopped walking. Because right in front of him stood Yuan Zongbo.

’’It seems like you have not reached the peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm yet. And I see that

your companion has left you as well.’’ Yuan Zongbo laughed with an evil intention while staring

at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said lightly: ’’Right now, this is your best chance of killing me. Too bad that this

opportunity is not in your hands.’’

’’Don't try to stimulate me. I am not stupid. Even Astral Reaching Realm warriors don't dare to

kill here in the Martial City... neither do I. But unfortunately for you, you cannot stay here for

your whole life.’’

’’Then have fun waiting. Maybe I will decide to stay here for three to five years.’’ Ye Chen

sneered as he walked pass him.

Yuan Zongbo's face sank. 'Staying in the Martial City for three to five years... if he actually does

that, there would actually be nothing I could do.'

’’Don't end up in my hands. Otherwise I will make you wish you were dead.’’

Ye Chen went back to his field, took some rest, and started to read the Flo Rudra Three

Mysterious Spell.

Another seven days went by in a flash.

In a small training field...


Ye Chen groaned with a low voice. Two surreal zhen qi shadows appeared from his body, and

then started running. In the blink of an eye, they had run one lap around the small field and

appeared in front of that metal training column, hitting right onto it with full force.

Boom! Boom!

Two fist marks appeared on the training columns.

’’Not too long from now, I should be able to reach the first realm for the Flo Rudra Three

Mysterious Spell. Then my Separating Shadows Flying Art will reach Mid Rank Earth Realm.’’

Right then, Ye Chen's Separating Shadows Flying Art had already made some progress, which

made it no weaker than any other low rank Earth Realm flying Art, only one step away from the

Mid Rank Earth Realm flying art.

The rest of the zhen qi shadow went back into Ye Chen's body while he stood where he was with

his eyes closed.

After a long while.

He opened his eyes, and a horrifying qi aura suddenly spread out.

He casually lifted his hand and pointed out his right index finger towards that training column.


In the middle of the training column, a deep obvious hole appeared, from which one could even

see the fingerprint.

But seeing that result, Ye Chen shook his head, ’’It is still not enough... I haven't obtained

mastery of even one-tenth of the martial art - the third movement of the Void Shattering

Finger Art is too hard - my cultivation is indeed not strong enough. It would be impossible for

me to master the Heaven Realm finger art any time soon... I might as well not waste any more

time on it for now.’’

During this period of time, besides the Flo Rudra Three Mysterious Spell, Ye Chen had also been

training the Void Flattering Finger Art; he wanted to see if he could make any more progress.

However, judging from his current status, it was not wise to spend all his time on that.

The time continuously passed like a river.

One day.

Ye Chen was moving extremely fast on his small training field. Midair, two zhen qi shadows

suddenly appeared out of nowhere, which then traveled at an inhuman speed and eventually hit

the training column.


Ye Chen and his zhen qi shadows threw out a punch at the same time, both landing on the

training column.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three loud sounds were heard at the same time.

’’Go back!’’

Ye Chen threw out another punch. The three shadows came together, as they all backed out

together using different routes, it was impossible to tell which one was the real one, while

which one was only a shadow. And compared to earlier times, the speed and effect had become

so much more powerful.

Calling back all the shadows, Ye Chen smiled, ’’I finally reached the first realm for the Flo Rudra

Three Mysterious Spell, and now my Separating Shadow Fly Art had also improved more than

fifty percent, allowing me to now combine it with my zhen qi shadow to attack my enemies.’’

On a serious note, the zhen qi shadow from the Separating Shadow Fly Art was meant only for

confusing the opponents, which provided almost zero attacking power. However, once it

reached the Mid Earth Realm, the power of the zhen qi shadow would drastically improve.

When facing a powerful opponent, the user could easily block out his opponent for a brief

second, which was more than enough to kill the opponent.

’’The internal heat from the zhen fire has pretty much all gone. I think I can try reaching the

peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm this time.’’ Being able to reach the peak of the Early Clasping

Yuan Realm from the Early Clasping Yuan Realm was all because of the accumulation of zhen qi

over time. With the enhancement of a pellet with zhen qi or some treasures, practitioners might

be able to reach the same goal within few days. However, not every man was able to get their

hands on those kinds of pellets and treasures. Only genius disciples from rank 7 or super

martial institutions were able to do so. For example, Murong Qingcheng had reached the Mid

Clasping Yuan Realm to its peak with the help of a Dragon Fruit. And according to her, all other

powerful warriors from the Hidden Dragon Rank had done the same.

With no time to spend being envious of those genius disciples, all Ye Chen could do now was to

train little by little.


’’What?! That little brat had gone training again?!’’ Inside a private room of a restaurant, Yuan

Zongbo exclaimed furiously.

The teenager who delivered the news replied: ’’Yes, I used some of the low rank soul stones you

gave me to bribe the servants there, and they had not seen him leave yet.’’

’’Keep watching him. I don't believe that he will stay here for three to five years.’’ Yuan Zongbo

was really worrying that Ye Chen would not leave the Martial City; after all, it was not like this

hadn't happened before. A lot of people had hidden themselves in the Martial City for decades

and decades, trying to hide from their enemies. They would not dare to leave until their

enemies got killed by someone else.


This time, Ye Chen had stayed in the training room for more than half a month.

During this period of time, Ye Chen had not drunk a single drop of water, only fully focusing on

his training. He had used hundreds of low rank soul stones, along with dozens of qi boosting

pellets. If a normal Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior had done the same, there would be a

huge chance of going to the extreme and never coming back. However, with Ye Chen's supreme

soul power, he could extend the time by two times, otherwise he would never be so reckless.

Every day, there would be different servants coming to check him. The servant who had

received a tip from Ye Chen was really anxious because he had been living in the Martial City for

a long time, and had seen it all to know that there was someone trying to target Ye Chen.

Under the surveillance of those servants, Ye Chen finally came out of the training room.

’’The fire qi is so fascinating. Even after training for such a long period of time, the meridians

are not damaged at all. But I guess the qi boosting pellets and qi repairing pellet had a role in

that as well.’’ Normally, a warrior would train for couple of hours tops, before taking a break,

because their meridians would not be able to handle all the zhen qi which might cause some

damage. However, training inside the training room, Ye Chen would only stop for couple of

hours after half a day, and would continue to train after getting some rest.

Letting out a breath, Ye Chen opened the door, and mumbled to himself: ’’I have already reached

the peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm... I don't think I could go any further any time soon.’’

Pom! Pom! Pom! ...

Someone was knocking on the front door.

Ye Chen made a pulling gesture in the air, and the door was opened. ’’Come in!’’

It was the servant who had served him before.

’’Yes?’’ Ye Chen said.

’’Don't leave the city at the moment... I think someone is on to you. They had arranged quite a

few servants watching you!’’

Ye Chen smiled, ’’I know, thanks!’’

He knew way before that Yuan Zongbo had sent someone to keep an eye on him. But his

cultivation and movement art had both been improved, and there was no reason for him to be

afraid of Yuan Zongbo anymore

’’You knew? It seems that I have been worrying for nothing.’’ The servant laughed, letting out a

sigh of relief.

Ye Chen said: ’’You should go now... Don't get yourself into too much trouble.’’

’’Yah.’’ The servant had risked a lot to come to inform Ye Chen. Although he was not going to

leave the Martial City for the next couple of years, but there could always be danger.

Morning of the second day...

Ye Chen closed the gate of the field, preparing to check out of the training room.


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