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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 192


Chapter 192: The Mid Rank Training Room

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

In front of an ancient-looking but stylish building...

People were continuously coming and going. All those warriors who had gone in could not look

more serious. Among all the warriors that had come out, some of them could not be happier,

some of them could not be more depressed. There was a weird atmosphere in the air.

Ye Chen stopped where he was going, turned his head and said: ’’The second prince you were

talking about was the second prince of the Black Dragon Empire, right?’’

’’Yah, he was ranked No.34 in the Hidden Dragon Rank. And he was even slightly more powerful

than Qi Shaofeng.’’ Murong Qingcheng played with the gloves with golden lines in her hand.

Under Ye Chen's suggestion, they had gone back to that crystal stand and bought the gloves.

’’It seemed like you are quite intimidated by him?’’

’’It was not him I am intimidated from, it is the Black Dragon Empire that is behind him. In that

north Rudra region, a rank 6 martial institution is not the most powerful one, instead the royal

family in the top three nations are the real tyrants. According to the rank, the top three nations

are regarded as the top of the rank 6 martial institutions. They had a history of ten thousand

years or even longer. Even the most powerful Nine Ghosts Cult was not able to kill them all.’’

Speaking of the Nine Ghost Cult, Ye Chen could not help but ask: ’’What is the exact rank for the

Nine Ghost Martial Institutions? All of the different parties from the north Rudra region

combined could not fight against them?’’

’’Rank 5, and it has to be the top of all rank 5 martial institutions. They had thousands of Astral

Reaching Realm warriors, and more than ten Sea of Souls Realm warriors. And the leader of the

Nine Ghost Cult was indeed a warrior of the Life and Death Realm. If it wasn't for the Dragon

King and the Mysterious Queen hunting him together, the Nine Ghost Cult would have ruled the

north Rudra region.’’

’’The Dragon King and the Mysterious Queen killing him together?’’

Ye Chen gasped. In this true continent of souls, warriors of the Life and Death Realm were

definitely legends. A lot of people had not been able to see even one with their eyes before they


Murong Qingcheng looked passionate, as she explained: ’’The battle between the warriors of the

Life and Death Realm is not simple. Even if you are three percent more powerful than your

opponent, you would probably only be able to kick them back, not even wounding them.

Although the Dragon King was one of the legendary Life and Death Realm warrior, but the

Mysterious Queen was the real talented one. She was regarded as one of the most successful

genius for the past ten centuries. However, the leader of the Nine Ghost Cult was not a simple

Life and Death Realm warrior either. If they were to fight one on one, she would still not have

been able to hurt him. In this whole world, maybe only that one and only Surreal King could

wound the leader of the Nine Ghost Cult all by himself, but even for him, if he wanted to kill

him, it would still be almost impossible, unless there was a huge power gap between the two.’’

’’You mean, the leader of the Nine Ghost Cult might still be alive?’’

’’I don't know.’’ Murong Qingcheng shook her head.

Ye Chen forced a smile. With his cultivation, he could not imagine how powerful those Life and

Death Realm warriors would be. There was really no point in putting more thoughts into this


’’Alright, let's go in there.’’

Ye Chen did not continue the topic, as he walked towards that ancient-looking building.

’’Welcome. You two are here for the training room I assume?’’ In the lobby, a beautiful lady were

sitting there. Seeing the two, a numb smile appeared on her face.

Ye Chen nodded, ’’Indeed.’’

The Martial City was unlike the other places. There was Earth Zhen Fire under the city, and it

was extremely hot. Even if an Astral Reaching Realm warrior touched it, he would still be

burned into ashes within a second. However, what was amazing was that if the warriors trained

near the Zhen Fire, the speed of purifying their zhen qi would be so much faster, which made it

easier to make a breakthrough. Later on, a dozens of Souls of Seas Realm warriors did

something even more spectacular. They put that fire qi that had been pushed up by the Zhen

Fire together and built the special training room around it. Training in that room, it would be

even better than before. Therefore, one of the main reason that the Martial City attracted so

many warriors to come was so that they could train in that magical training room and have a

better chance of reaching a higher realm.

But of course, being able to train in the training room cost soul stones. There was no free lunch

in this world.

’’We have four different ranks of training rooms- low rank, mid rank, high rank and top rank

training rooms. However, high rank and above are only for the Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

So would you like to low rank or the mid rank training room?’’

Ye Chen answered: ’’Give us two mid rank training rooms.’’ The fire qi in the high rank training

rooms was way too strong, and warriors that were below the Astral Reaching Realm would not

be able to handle it at all. Otherwise, there was no need for the Martial City to limit the

warriors' cultivation, since they would pay the same amount of soul stones.

’’The mid rank training room cost one thousand soul stones per day. And it comes with the

access to the mid rank training field. Please pay for three days in advance please.’’

Ye Chen had known about the price of the training room before from Murong Qingcheng, so he

was not too surprised. He took out six thousand low rank soul stones and put them on the table.

Then he took over the two jade tags that were labeled with ancient Chinese characters - sixtyfour

and sixty-five.

’’Please follow me.’’ The host leaded the way.

Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng had followed.


The two followed the host to two fields that were next to each other.

The host said: ’’The one on the left is the No.64 mid rank training room and on the right is the

No.65. Before you guys check out, they belong to you. Without your permission, no one is

allowed to enter.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Ye Chen took out ten low rank soul stones and threw it to the host.

’’Thank you, I hope you achieve your goals.’’ The host showed a genuine smile. He was only a

Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior, and ten low rank soul stones were already a lot for him.

Waiting after the host had left, Ye Chen said: ’’I might train for a long while this time. If you are

in the hurry, you could leave early, just put the soul stone fees on my tab.’’


Murong Qingcheng was indeed not going to stay for long since her cultivation was not

anywhere close to a breakthrough. Even with the help of the training room, it was still quite

unlikely for her to reach the next level. If she was not able to make a big progress, she would

have to go back to the Sky Flying Devil Martial School. And after preparing, she wanted to go to

One Million Mountain, searching for the Sky Devil Flower.

Leaving Murong Qingcheng, Ye Chen went into the No.64 field.

’’Oh wow, this training field is indeed quite nice. It should be able to take quite a bit of big hits.’’

In front of him, there was a thirty square meters small training field which was layered with

extremely strong blue iron stones. Each one of them were layered very nicely and neatly. In the

middle of the training yield were three training columns which were made of metals. There

were a lot of scratches such as sword and knife marks, and even palm marks. It was obvious

that quite a lot of people had trained here before.

Ye Chen took out his Star Scar Sword, let out a breath, and threw out a sword attack.


The light blue sword qi sliced through the air, leaving several deep sword marks on the training


Because Ye Chen had no idea how strong the training column was, he took out his Dragon River

Sword and threw out a sword attack, leaving another slightly more shallow mark.

’’Um, it increased my attacking power by about 15 percent. The low rank great sword is indeed

great; it is nothing a normal great sword could compete with.’’

Ye Chen was very satisfied with the power of the Star Scar Sword. However, what he preferred

more was the toughness of the low rank great sword. With the Star Scar Sword, there should

not be any more incidents where the great sword was snapped in half.

The field was not too big, and besides the small training field, there was only one other


Inside that building, there was the living room right in the middle, with the bedroom on the

left, and the training room on the right.

The training room's material was quite unique; it was not made of stone or metals. It looked

like some kind of iron wood. It felt hard and a bit cold when one touched it.

When he entered, Ye Chen had sensed the obvious temperature change. However, what was

weird was that he would not feel hot when he was in the training room. On the contrary, his

body felt quite warm, and his zhen qi that was running slowly in his body started to become

active like an endless river.

Letting out his soul power, Ye Chen wanted to figure out what was so special about this training



He found there was a light red gas rising up from the ground, and was gathering into the

training room. Because of the unique material in the walls and ceilings, it had the function of

blocking the light red gas, stopping it from getting out.

’’This should be the fire qi from the Earth Zhen Qi. I wonder what the real Earth Zhen Qi looks


Ye Chen mumbled to himself as he walked over to the cushion in the middle of the training

room and sat down. He took out a Qi Replenishing Pellet, a Soul Replenishing Pellet and an

Energy Boosting Pellet, and put them all into his mouth. Then he took out another two low rank

soul stones and held them in both of his hands. He was determined to reach the Early Peak

Clasping Yuan Realm, because only if he could increase his cultivation, would his power

increase overall.

Closing his eyes, Ye Chen slowly got into his prime.


’’You meant that brat had gone to a training room?’’ In the booth of a restaurant, Yuan Zongbo

said to the Condensing Reality Realm warrior who was standing right in front of him.

The guy answered hurriedly in affirmation.

’’Keep watching him. I want to know the second he leaves that place. You would surely be paid

plenty of soul stones.’’ Yuan Zongbo looked extra cold.

’’Yes, sir.’’

This man looked very happy. In the Martial City, the Condensing Reality Realm warriors

normally did not have much respect. It would be extremely hard to earn soul stones the normal

ways. However, luckily, there were always some dramas between the warriors who had entered

here. And normally, warriors who had unfinished business would want people to watch their

opponents, which would obviously cost money. And in this case, money meant soul stones.

’’You can go now!’’

Yuan Zongbo waved his hand in the air.

Waiting after he had left, a great evilness appeared on Yuan Zongbo' face. Little brat, the

training room has got no magic. You are only an Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, and

probably could reach the peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm in a short time. But you still won't

be able to fight me. Once you leave the Martial City, it will be the day you die. As for that Star

Scar Sword, it will be mine too.


In another luxurious field...

’’Second Prince, we had followed all the way. And we discovered that this guy and Miss Murong

are not very close, they should only be normal friends.’’

The elder in black said with great respect.

Hearing him, the second prince laughed: ’’Normal friends...just like I had said! Qingcheng is a

woman with pride, how would someone like her be willing to be with anyone. Plus, that brat

was only an Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior.’’

The elder in black rolled his eyes, he thought to himself: no one had said they were together, but


’’Since that was the case, then there is no need to keep watching them anymore. Murong

Qingcheng has a lot of normal friends, it is unnecessary to watch them all.’’

Knowing that Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng were only good friends, the second prince was

very happy. He decided he would not mess with Ye Chen anymore, since there would be so

many friends a genius could have, and it actually would be weird if she didn't have any.

’’Yes, your highness.’’


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