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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 191


Chapter 191: The Star Scar Sword

Translator: Sherly Editor: Hitesh

There were seven or eight Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors in front of the crystal stand. Half

of them were just watching for fun, and the rest three of them were trying to bargain with the

shop owner.

’’This sword is too expensive, can it be cheaper?’’

’’If it's twenty thousand low rank soul stones, I will buy it now.’’

The owner was a friendly-looking old man in his forties with a bit of goatee on his jaw, he

shook his head, ’’Thirty thousand low rank soul stones, not one more, not one less.’’

’’How about twenty-four thousand low rank soul stones? This is all I have.’’

The friendly-looking man still shook his head.

After seeing his firm attitude, the rest of them who were interested in the sword had all given

up. Although they were all at Late Clasping Yuan Realm, but they all had twenty or thirty

thousand low rank soul stones at most. It was already quite a lot. Outside the Martial City, most

of the Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors did not even have ten thousand low rank soul stones.

And there was no way for them to use them all at once since they would need to use them for

training as well.

’’Thirty thousand low rank soul stones, I will take it.’’

Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng walked over.

The friendly-looking owner glanced at Ye Chen, he said with suspicion: ’’You want to buy it?’’ He

had been doing business in the Martial City for a long time. He knew that being able to take out

thirty thousand low rank soul stones would commonly be those old Late Clasping Reality Realm

warriors. And the boy standing in front of him was so young, even if he had come from a big

martial institutions, there was almost impossible for him to take out that many low rank soul

stones, unless he was one of the top disciples in his martial institutions and was lucky enough

to go to those ancient places to get treasures and exchanged them for soul stones.

Ye Chen did not say more, he took out three boxes of soul stones straight out of his storage ring.

’’Okay, the Star Scar Sword is yours now.’’ The friendly-looking owner looked quite happy. He

had recently found a low rank Earth Realm Martial Art which included a flying art, a palm art

and a skill art. If he just bought one book, it would only cost him ten thousand soul stones each.

However, if he wanted to buy it all together, then it would cost seventy thousand! Right now, he

was only twenty thousand soul stones out. As for those ten thousand extra soul stones, they

were for his trainings.

’’Damn, this little brat is so rich! Took out thirty thousand low rank soul stones just like that.’’

’’I am sure that he is definitely a genius disciple from a big martial institution, and has been

into the ancient places. Otherwise, there is no way for him to have so many soul stones in his

age, even if he saved it all up with four or five years of time.’’

’’Yah, you are quite right. Look at that masked woman right next to him. She seemed to be at the

peak of Mid Clasping Yuan Realm. However, judging from the zhen qi waves she sent out, she

seemed to be much more powerful than us, which meant she must have trained some kind of

extremely powerful martial art. Its zhen qi quality and quantity is extremely high. And walking

with her, the guy is definitely not a simple character.’’

All the Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors nearby kept discussing, some of them were simply

looking shocked, while some of them seemed greedy, and others were simply jealous. Murong

Qingcheng said in a low voice: ’’It is overpriced. The best low rank great weapon was only

twenty thousand, it would never be more than twenty-five thousand.’’

Ye Chen did not care and said: ’’I am not lacking soul stones right now, but I need a great sword.

It is okay.’’

The Star Scar Sword on that crystal counter was twelve centimeters, and the body of the sword

was not in its scabbard. Its whole body had a blurry sword shine with it, almost like the

sparkling stars in the sky, looking extraordinary. With one glance, Ye Chen knew this was one

of the top among all the low rank great swords. It was even a bit better than the one Lin Qi had

bought. If he did not buy it now, then he would definitely regret it when someone else bought it

before him.

’’Wait, I want this Star Scar Sword.’’

The friendly-looking owner was just about to hand over the sword when a hand stopped him

firmly. A voice said with not much emotion.

Everyone looked over following the voice. It was an evil-looking middle-aged man. He had a

long narrow nose, pair of small eyes, high cheekbones, and a really slim body shape. It was

almost like he would be blown away by a wave of strong wind. However, because of that evil

vibe he carried, no one dare to underestimate him just yet.

’’This guy is an inner master from the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School - the 'Blood Eagle Sword'

Yuan Zongbo.’’ Someone had recognized the middle-aged man and whispered.

’’Yah, it is him. Now we are in for a good show. This Yuan Zongbo is only of the old school Late

Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. A normal Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior is definitely not his

opponent, and will not last even one sword attack.’’

’’We could not get the Star Scar Sword, might as well stay for the good show.’’


The crowd scattered a bit, standing not too far away, waiting to see what was about to happen.

The expression on Ye Chen's face had changed. He looked over at that friendly-looking owner,

waiting for his reaction. If the owner still insisted of selling him the sword, then everything

would be fine.

The friendly-looking owner broke open Yuan Zongbo's palms, said to Ye Chen: ’’Little bro, this

Star Scar Sword is yours now. What you do with it has nothing to do with me anymore.’’

Letting out a breath, Ye Chen took over the sword.


Yuan Zongbo looked at the owner with an evil look, ’’Good. I see you are quite confident since

you did not care about who I am.’’

’’I am proud that I did not have any wrongdoings in all my life. Of course I am confident. This

Star Scar Sword was already paid for, and it belongs to him now.’’ The owner of the sword

showed no fear.

A murderous vibe flashed through Yuan Zongbo's eyes. If this wasn't the Martial City where

battling was forbidden, Yuan Zongbo would have already killed the owner, without any need to

chat at all. Plus, now that the sword was in Ye Chen's hand, there was really no point

threatening the owner.

Turned his head to look at Ye Chen, Yuan Zongbo said: ’’Little bro, just say the price. I will buy

the Star Scar Sword off your hand, and then we could talk.’’

Putting away the sword, Ye Chen said: ’’Sorry, it is not for sale.’’

’’You should think it through first.’’ Yuan Zongbo squeezed his eyes.

’’This is the answer after carefully thinking. Now, we still have things to do, farewell.’’ Ye Chen

did not want to mingle with Yuan Zongbo any longer because he knew that Yuan Zongbo was

not someone who would easily change his mind by some words, so he might as well not waste

his time.

’’Little brat, you are looking for death. Don't expect the Martial City can protect you forever.

Once you are out of the Martial City, I, Yuan Zongbo would make you hand over the Star Scar

Sword. Of course, by then, it would not be just simply handing over the sword... I would make

you pay the interest fee.’’ Yuan Zongbo was so mad he almost puked blood, the continuous

frustration making his face quite red as his fists tightened, showing all the veins under his


Ye Chen pretended he did not hear a word. If he were to be scared just because something Yuan

Zongbo said, then what would be the point for him to leave the Sky Cloud Martial School? He

could have stayed there all his life under the protection of those Astral Reaching Realm

warriors in the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Watching the back of Ye Chen, the crowd was pretty surprised.

’’This little brat is quite brave. He did not even say a word to Yuan Zongbo.’’

’’But it would be quite hard for Yuan Zongbo to kill him! That masked girl next to that guy

seemed quite powerful. Combining them both, they might even hurt Yuan Zongbo.’’

’’Under the protection of lady, how does that solve anything?’’

Hearing everyone's word, Yuan Zongbo sneered. He obviously had realized how powerful

Murong Qingcheng was, but he was confident that he could kill Ye Chen. He walked away

knowing that Murong Qingcheng and Ye Chen were only friends, which meant they would be

separated at some point. Then, it would be the time for him to kill Ye Chen and make him pay

the price of messing with him.

He waved his sleeves in the air, and turned to leave. He was going to find some people to watch

Ye Chen, making sure he did not escape without him knowing.

On the other side of the palace.

Murong Qingchneg said: ’’That Yuan Zongbo is not simple. With you power now, it might be a

bit of a stretch.’’ She did not want to hurt Ye Chen's feeling, so carefully phrased the sentence.

Honestly, having Yuan Zongbo as an opponent, all Ye Chen could do was escape. As for whether

he could actually escape successfully or not, it would be debatable.

’’If there is no danger in the training then it would be boring. It's good, adding a bit of spice.’’ Ye

Chen was not worried at all. He had already gotten the training methods to master the third

movement of the Void Shattering Finger. Plus, with the new secret art - Fuluo Three

Mysterious Spell, he only needed one month before stepping into a new level. Then, not only

would he not be afraid of Yuan Zongbo, he would even make him feel intimidated. But if he

could reach the peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm, then he would be even more confident.

’’You are right.’’

Murong Qingcheng nodded.

After buying the Star Scar Sword, the two did not leave immediately. There were countless great

treasures in the trading palace, and there might still be something they needed.

As they walked around, Murong Qingcheng suddenly stopped in front of a crystal stand.

Inside the crystal display, there was a pair of gloves with golden strings lying in it. It seemed

quite light and thin, but it released incredible strong power waves.

Seeing the price of the gloves, Murong Qingcheng shook her head, not planning to buy it.

Ye Chen asked: ’’This pair gloves look quite good, why don't you buy it?’’

’’I don't have these many low rank soul stones right now. I will leave it for later, since I already

have a pair.’’ As the second disciple in the Sky Flying Devil Martial School, Murong Qingcheng

had gotten a pair of low rank gloves ages ago, however, comparing to the pair in front of her,

the power gap was quite huge.

’’It is only twenty-three thousand low rank soul stones. I will pay it for you as a thank-you gift

for you taking me here.’’ Ye Chen took out two big boxes and three small boxes which were full

of low rank soul stones. For him, twenty-three thousand low rank soul stones were nothing. He

had more than twenty million low rank soul stones and sixty thousand mid rank soul stones,

which might make him even richer than some normal rank 9 martial institutions.

’’Then in that case, thank you.’’ Murong Qingchen had trained devil art, so she had quite a

straight forward personality.

’’Qingcheng, no need for him to pay it for you. I will give it to you as a gift.’’

Right then, a well-dressed teenager beat Ye Chen, took out the low rank soul stones and paid

the owner of the gold string gloves.

Seeing the newcomer, Murong Qingcheng did not have any expression on her face, ’’Second

prince, what a coincidence!’’

’’Yah, indeed!’’ The teenager did not count as handsome, but he did have a kingly vibe. Behind

him, there were four old men in black, all of which were even more powerful than Yuan Zongbo.

The guy in the front was obviously at the peak of Late Clasping Yuan Realm.

’’I don't think so. I don't even like the gloves!’’

Murong Qingcheng did not plan to accept his gift.

The teenager turned around, ’’What? Weren't you about to buy it?

’’What happened before is before, now I don't want it anymore. Ye Chen, let's go.’’ Murong

Qingcheng turned to leave, and Ye Chen followed her, knowing there was nothing he could say.

The smile on that teenager's face froze a little. It was okay for Ye Chen to pay for her, but not

me. What the heck?

’’Master Liu, you send a couple of people to watch them. I want to know what kind of

relationship they both have.’’

’’Yes, second prince.’’ The leading master responded respectfully.

’’I hope there is nothing between them. Otherwise, don't blame me for being too cruel.’’

He stared at Ye Chen with an evil intention for a while, after which the teenager put down the

gloves and walked away.


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