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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 190


Chapter 190 - The Trading Hall

Listening to Murong Qingcheng phrase it that way, Ye Chen was now determined to check out the inner city trading hall.

Entry into the outer part of the city would already cost a piece of low grade spiritstone, while entry into the inner city would cost a hundred times that amount. Merely the entry fee into the inner city already left the majority of Condensing Reality Realm martial artist isolated on the outside;they were not as extravagant yet as to casually spend a hundred low-ranked spirit stones, it should be known that the majority of them only had a net worth of no more than several hundred to a thousand low-ranked spirit stones.

Paying two hundred pieces of low-ranked spirit stones, Ye Chen and Murong entered the inner city.

’’There's four Astral Reaching Realm users drinking tea, and there's another two taking a stroll. It's only been a while, and we've already seen six of them. Truly unbelievable.’’ It was very difficult to see any Astral Reaching Realm martial artist outside, and yet, on the inner Martial city's streets there immediately appeared six, and one of them had a cultivation several times more terrifying than the Black Crow Taoist Priest, and it's only the f*king Mid Astral Reaching Realm martial artists.

’’Oh! This little miss wouldn't happen to be Muong, now would she?’’ Of the two strolling Astral Reaching Realm martial artists, the silver-gray haired elderly men wearing a smile on his face looked over here.

Murong Qingcheng politely returned the greeting, ’’Greetings Senior Diao!’’

The silver haired elderly man nodded, ’’Help me ask how your Sky Flying Devil Martial School's Elder Li is doing, just say that I will look for him for chess when I have the time, but you must tell him that he's not allowed to spend too long thinking about the next move. Last time, if it were not for me quickly clinching victory, who knew how many days it would have taken to finish that game of chess.’’

Murong Qingcheng let out a small laugh, ’’Haha, I'll will definitely let Elder Li know, although, this time Senior Diao would have to be careful;Elder Li has researched a tricky move that is specially used to deal with you.’’

’’Good, let him go ahead and try. I, Diao, may have a slightly lower cultivation than his, but my chess skills are even more amazing than his,’’ laughed the silver haired elderly man. He soon gave a glance at Ye Chen, and said teasingly, ’’Miss Murong, who is this fellow, he's not your sweetheart, is he?’’

’’Oh, no no, he's just a friend actually, his name's Ye Chen’’, said Murong Qingcheng

’’So he's a friend, try harder then.’’ The silver haired old man looked so kind, and did not even have a little of the airs of a Astral Realm martial artist, on the contrary, he teased Ye Chen.

Ye Chen on meeting them, could not become uninvolved, and with one fist cupped in the other, said, ’’Greetings to both Seniors.’’

The old man to the side faintly nodded his head and did not speak, while the silver haired old man waved his hand and said, ’’You must be busy! We still have some business to attend to.’’

’’Take care, Senior Diao.’’

Murong Qingcheng's eyes followed them as they left.

Ye Chen could not help but ask, ’’Who is this Senior Diao, his cultivation is extremely terrifying!’’

’’Senior Diao is not associated with any school or academy, but is very famous within the Black Dragon Empire. Among martial artists of the same level, the number of people that can surpass him are very very few. His self-created move, Mountain Shaking Fist, can shake a large mountain into dust;as a result, the Jianghu martial artists call him the Mountain Shaking Old Man,’’ replied Murong Qingcheng.

’’To make a mountain shake to dust, that's indeed frightening enough!’’

To break a mountain and to shake a mountain to dust- there was a huge disparity between the two. The ten people who came before them were not an opponent for the Mountain Shaking Old Man.


The trading hall was a long and broad hall over five miles long;the hall had 4 entrances, and at each entrance there was a martial artist inspecting.

’’You two, please show us your spirit stones for a moment, you will only be qualified to enter if you have two hundred thousand low-ranked spirit stones.’’ The heading martial artist saw that these two did not even have the cultivation of a Peak Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, and thus spoke in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

Ye Chen nodded his head. A faint light flashed across his storage ring, and a total of twenty large chests fell to the floor, with each chest containing ten thousand low-ranked spirit stones.

’’It indeed is two hundred thousand low-ranked spirit stones, you may now enter.’’

Hearing that, Ye Chen went and kept his twenty large chests. Suddenly, the thought of Murong Qingcheng possibly not having the required amount to enter crossed his mind. However, what caused him to be surprised was that, Murong Qingcheng without needing to take out any spirit stones at all, took out a black jade tile;when they saw the jade tile, they immediately let her through.

’’Our Sky Flying Devil Martial School is a Rank 6 institution, all we have to do is show our core disciple tile and they'll let us into the hall,’’ said Murong Qingcheng.

Ye Chen sighed ruefully, precisely because super Martial Schools had a large reputation, core disciples could directly enter the trading hall;their status were equivalent to a Peak Clasping Yuan Realm user or higher.

The interior space of the hall was extremely vast, and inside, pillars built entirely of jade towered. These pillars were hundreds of meters tall and 5 meters thick, and had numerous carvings of different types of fish, birds, and insects on them. The hall's floors were made of very expensive jasper, which appeared extremely shiny and crystal clear to the eye;treading on it felt like walking on the serene waves, it really opened up the mind.

As far as the eye could see, there were crystal counters every twenty steps, and within these crystal counters there were items that were individually unique;there were treasure tools that sparkled brilliantly, demonic beasts' inner cores that emitted Yuan Qi in undulating waves, rare spirit grasses that gave off a pressing spirit power, and in addition, they had multiple rare books.

At this moment, almost every crystal counter was surrounded by a group of martial artists, and of them, eighty percent or more were Late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists, and the majority of the remaining were early or mid-level Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists. Occasionally, a few solitary independent Astral Reaching Realm martial artists could be seen as well.

After making a rough estimate, Ye Chen reckoned that the total number of Clasping Yuan Realm users in the hall exceeded fifty thousand, which was an astonishing number.

Following the crystal counters' sequence, the two of them walked as they observed.

Stopping in front of a crystal counter, Ye Chen looked up at the sign which read, 'Sixth level Demonic Beast, Three Headed Snake inner core, priced at fifty thousand low-ranked spirit stones.'

’’The Three Headed Snakes are only slightly weaker than an Ominous Wind Wolf, and normal peak-level late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist were entirely no match for it;but unexpectedly, Three Headed Snake inner cores were being sold here.

Ye Chen was very clear about this;the Three Headed Snake was quite possibly killed by Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists. Astral Reaching realm martial artists had better things to do, after all, fifty thousand pieces of low ranked spirit stones were not much to them. Furthermore, once their cultivation reached the Astral Reaching realm, low ranked spirit stones could no longer meet their regular cultivation needs, only the mid ranked spirit stones were capable of quickly letting them refine their Zhen Qi.

’’Don't underestimate the Martial Artists of the world, some of the not so famous Clasping Yuan Realm users are even more frightening than the Dragon Soldiers who are 10 years younger than them. To us, the Ominous Wind Wolf and the Three Headed Snake are unrivaled existences, but to them, perhaps all they need is one move to destroy them,’’ said Murong Qingcheng

’’One move to kill the Ominous Wind Wolf, is there anyone below the Astral Reaching Realm capable of doing that?’’ To the best of Ye Chen's knowledge, the Ominous Wind Wolf proved to be much stronger than Luo Xinglie, who was the leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School;at the time, Luo Xinglie was already a genius in his own right, and was now a peak-level late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist.

Stepping into the Astral reaching Realm level is extremely difficult. Even though there are some who are already at the Peak-late Clasping Yuan Realm level, they might be stuck at this level for a lifetime. Thus, they spend all their time trying to study a powerful method and train their strength to its absolute peak;this strength that they give out is absolutely terrifying. Simply because they lack the talent, it does not mean that this will stifle them, or else it would be seen as a major loss.

Ye Chen nodded his head, ’’Regardless of their methods, to be able to kill a sixth level Demonic Beast, the Three Headed Snakes, their strength has to be incredible. I can't see myself matching them anytime soon.’’

Looking at Ye Chen's strength, he was at most at the level of an ordinary late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist's level. Anyone slightly stronger than that and he would have to flee, and if he were to meet a Peak-level late Clasping Yuan Realm user, he reckoned that he would not be able to even run as the enemy would be many tiers higher than him.

Walking another few hundred meters ahead, Ye Chen's eyes suddenly had a red light flash across.

The dazzling red light came from the third crystal counter on the left, where at the same time, a severe and powerful Qi aura assaulted their senses, oppressing the mind.

Both of them looked over.

’’mid-grade treasure tool------ the Blood Yang Axe, worth thirty thousand pieces of mid-ranked spirit stones!’’

Murong Qingcheng said in surprise, ’’There is someone selling mid-grade treasures, but the price is too high;there are very few people below the Astral Reaching Realm level that can afford it’’

’’What's the general price for mid-grade treasures?’’ Ye Chen could feel the power emanating from the Blood Yang Ax, and as soon as his spirit power got close to it, he felt it being crushed, which prompted the quick question.

’’The price of Common mid-grade treasure tools is not anything below thirty thousand pieces of mid-ranked spirit stones, and this Blood Yang Ax should be counted as one of the better mid-grade treasure tools.’’

’’Normal mid-grade treasure tools already cost thirty thousand pieces of mid-ranked spirit stones, and I recall that they only increase your attacking power by thirty to forty percent, whereas a low-grade treasure increases it by twenty percent, so why does the price differ by a hundredfold?’’

Murong Qingcheng shook her head, ’’You misunderstand, low grade treasures only increase attack power by twenty percent when in the hands of a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, but in the hands of a Astral Reaching Realm martial artist, to be able to increase the power by twenty percent is already an extremely difficult feat in itself. Whereas for a mid-grade treasure tool, it increases the attack power of an Astral Realm Reaching martial artist by thirty to forty percent, the two can't be compared. It's a shame that there are very few mid-grade treasure tools, even for my Sky Flying Devil Martial School's Elder, very few of the them have one.’’

’’So it's like this, then what if it were in the hands of a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist?’’ Ye Chen was very clear on common items, but he only had a smattering of knowledge on rare treasures. No one has ever told him about it, and the information could not be found in books. As for the Astral Reaching Realm martial artists, although they would know of this, however, you cannot expect them to talk about daily life with you, and tell you all about the relatively high-end stuff. Let alone the fact that Ye Chen was only familiar with the Thunder Freer person, and judging from his actions, he did not have any mid-grade treasure tools either.

’’It's very difficult for a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist bring out the full potential of mid-grade treasure, at most, their attacking power would increase by thirty to forty percent, the same as an Astral Reaching Realm martial artists', but you must keep in mind, even if you have a mid-grade treasure tool, do not take it out. It can't be said for sure that some of these Astral Reaching Realm martial artists won't kill to seize the treasure.’’

’’Thanks for the heads up.’’

Ye Chen nodded his head, the other party was worthy of being a core disciple of a super Martial School;the things she knew were more, and compared to her, his own knowledge was non-existent.

’’The Blood Yang Ax, my luck isn't bad.’’ A broad and muscular middle aged man that appeared to be fifty years old came over, his eyes fixated on the Blood Yang Axe.

Ye Chen's pupils constricted, suprisingly, this man was an Astral Reaching Realm martial artist.


The broad and muscular middle aged man pulled the crystal counter's cord, and inside the walls behind the counter, the tinkling of bells sounded. Soon after, an old man with an aura as deep as the ocean came out from behind a door, and with his Zhen Qi undulating, he appeared to be even more powerful than the board and muscular middle aged man.

’’You wanna buy the Blood Yang Ax?’’

’’Not bad’’

Seeing the two men form a business deal, Ye Chen shook his head. Previously, the Astral Reaching Realm martial artists were rarely seen, and yet in this Martial City, they could be found everywhere- he was already numb to it.

The interior space of the trading hall was very large;with its length and width being more than five miles long, it was bigger than some of the small towns outside the city. The two took their time and walked around along a rows of crystal counters.

’’En! It's the low tiered treasured sword, I've finally found it.’’ Extremely clearly, Ye Chen's soul power sensed a sharp sword power that came from the right, a hundred meters ahead.

’’Lets go over there and see’’

As they were talking, Ye Chen was already walking over there, while Murong Qingcheng followed beside him.


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