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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 188


Chapter 188 - The mountain of falling

A dim light flashed across Ye Chen's storage ring, after which, a thick book appeared in Ye Chen's hands.

Ye Chen opened it and began reading.

’’Three Fuluo Mysterious Codex, a secret high-ranked Earth Realm martial art!’’

A secret art?

Ye Chen's heartbeat quickened after only reading these few words. Normally, anything that involved the words 'secret art' in its title, were marvellous items. As the title stated, 'secret arts' were rare and mysterious, and ordinary people could not even see one in their whole lives;'secret arts' were also much more valuable and precious than other same grade martial arts.

Taking a deep breath and calming down, Ye Chen kept reading.

’’This secret martial art is a supportive and improving art, created specifically to improve movement arts. This art includes three levels;reaching the first level, the martial artist will be able to raise a movement art that he or she had already mastered, to a higher grade. Reaching the second level, the movement art can be improved two grades higher, and reaching the third level, the movement art can be improved three grades higher;the martial artist can continuously improve a certain movement art until the grade of the movement art reaches top-rank Earth Realm.’’

Closed the book, a big grin emerged on Ye Chen's face. This book showed up just in time.

His Shadow-dividing Light Art was an excellent art, with which, he could release Zhen Qi silhouettes to confuse his enemies when facing a life-threatening danger. However, as his power level was constantly improving, the weakness of the Shadow-dividing Light Art was becoming more and more obvious. The biggest weakness of the Shadow-dividing Light Art was its relatively slow speed.

Among same level movement arts, the speed of the Shadow-dividing Light Art could still be count as better than average. It was just that, every single talented young martial artist that Ye Chen had met on his journey, had mastered a mid-ranked or top-ranked movement art, and in the future, he might also encounter geniuses with top-ranked movement arts. Compared to those higher level movement arts, the speed of Ye Chen's Shadow-dividing Light Art would certainly become a weakness.

Now it would not be a problem at all, all he had to do at this moment was to achieve the first level of the Three Fuluo Mystery Codex, and to improve the Shadow-dividing Light Art into a mid-ranked Earth Realm martial art, or even reach the second level and improve the Shadow-dividing Light Art into a top-ranked Earth Realm martial art. If he could achieve the third level of the Three Fuluo Mystery Codex, his Shadow-dividing Light Art would become a top-ranked Earth Realm martial art. This meant that the Three Fuluo Mystery Codex equaled to a top-ranked Earth Realm martial art, and could raise the speed of the Shadow-dividing Light Art to a desired degree, or even faster than desired.

’’Secret arts are usually difficult to cultivate. I assume this Three Fuluo Mystery Codex is as difficult as any top-ranked Earth Realm art, and I possibly won't reach the top level in a short time. But I will be able to improve the Shadow-dividing Light Art to a higher grade just with the first level of the Three Fuluo Mysterious Codex, and that will be enough for a long period of time.’’

The sun was rising in another one or two hours, and Ye Chen didn't want to continue sleeping at all;thus, he sat on the bed and crossed his legs, and began cultivating his Great Mystery Zhen Qi.

Before he cultivated, he had taken a spirit-boosting pill, a Zhen Qi-replenishing pill and a soul-improving pill, and then gripped a low-ranked stone in each of his hands. Soon, he entered an extremely concentrated state.

The pills quickly delivered their effects. Surprisingly, Ye Chen found that his cultivating speed, which had not been slow at all, has been raised by thirty percent. That is to say, his past cultivation of thirteen days was equivalent to his present cultivation of ten days;in another word, with those pills, he could save around eighty days per year.

’’Breaking into the higher levels becomes more and more difficult after the Clasping Yuan Realm, these three kinds of pills can certainly save me some time.’’

Ye Chen settled his mind down and went back to his cultivation.

In the next morning inside the hotel's lobby.

Ye Chen, Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng sat around a table near a window, and were having their breakfasts.

’’Ah, brother Ye, why are you still using an ordinary sword? Your power can definitely be raised by at least ten percent if you have a low-ranked great sword.’’

’’A suited low-ranked great sword is not that easy to find, I am indeed thinking of buying a low-ranked great sword.’’ said Ye Chen.

Murong Qingcheng said, ’’Auctions for great weapons are usually only held once a year, or even longer. Why don't you just go to the Martial City of the Black Dragon Empire, hundreds of martial artists go to that city every day, and eighty percent of them are above the Condensing Reality Realm. Most of these martial artists have been travelling around the world for a long time, and they might have some spare great weapons gained from their journeys unsuitable for themselves. Great Weapon exchanges happens all the time among these martial artists, and you can also buy a sword since spirit stones are now the accepted currency in the world of martial artists.’’

’’The Martial City?’’

Ye Chen hadn't heard of the city before.

Qi Shaofeng nodded and said, ’’Indeed, I've been there once. Millions of martial artists gather in that city, and Murong was right, eighty percent of them are above the Condensing Reality Realm, including many Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists and Astral Reaching Realm martial artists. You can even meet Sea of Souls Realm martial artists there. The Martial City is very famous in the entire South Zhuo Region, and if you're willing to pay, you'll get a low-ranked great sword easily.’’

’’Hm, I'll certainly pay a visit to that city then.’’

A low-ranked great weapon can improve a martial artist's power by ten to twenty percent, and that made low-ranked great weapons much more valuable than ordinary weapons. Ye Chen quickly made a decision;his next destination would be the Black Dragon Empire. Since long ago, he had been curious about the Black Dragon Empire, one of the three biggest nations in the South Zhuo Region.

Murong Qingcheng then said, ’’I am going to the Black Dragon Empire too, so we can travel together.’’

Hearing her, Qi Shaofeng's look suddenly changed. He then gave a helpless bitter grin. He had been planning to spend a couple more days with Murong Qingcheng, but that was not going to happen.

’’Good then!’’ Ye Chen nodded.

Finished with breakfast, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng left for the Black Dragon Empire right away.


The Spirit Speak Nation was only about seventy to eighty thousand miles away from the Black Dragon Empire, with an average speed, a week was more than enough for them to get there.

During the journey to the Black Dragon Empire, Ye Chen practised the Three Fuluo Mystery Codex stringently every single day. He tried his best to reach the first level and upgrade the Shadow-dividing Light Art as fast as he could.

As for Murong Qingcheng, she cultivated her Zhen Qi especially hard during the journey. As she had taken too many medicines in the past few days, her power was reduced to sixty and seven percent. Even though she had the secret Zhen Qi cultivating art possessed by the Sky Flying Devil Martial School, her power had only currently recovered to about eighty percent.

Of course, Ye Chen was extremely shocked by this amazing recovery speed. He estimated that Murong Qingcheng's power would recover to at least ninety percent by the time they arrived at the Black Dragon Empire.

’’Rank 6 institutions are truly as powerful as people say they are, indeed amazing. This secret Zhen Qi cultivating art is already powerful enough to suppress all rank 7 institutions.’’

However, Ye Chen still underestimated Murong Qingcheng and the rank 6 institution she came from.

On the sixth day of their journey.

Murong Qingcheng finished her daily cultivation, and standing up from the ground, she activated the Sky Devil Force Field with all her power;instantly, a hill near her became unable to bear this great force field that suddenly emerged and was crushed to pieces.

’’Is your power already completely recovered?’’ Ye Chen asked in surprise.

Murong Qingcheng nodded and responded, ’’This time I actually hadn't taken too much Zhen Qi replenishing pills. Two years ago, another rank 6 insertions had started a fight against our Sky Flying Devil Martial school, and in that fight, I took a whole fifty pills in a day and killed over twenty Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists.’’

’’A war between two rank 6 institutions?’’

’’Nothing but a small fight, if it was a real war, I wouldn't be able to stand and talk to you here now.’’

Ye Chen shook his head. He couldn't even imagine exactly how powerful those rank 6 institutions were.

After another day, they finally arrived at the border of the Black Dragon Empire.

In front of them, was a three-thousand Zhang tall, lofty mountain, and despite the enormousness of this mountain, it looked like nothing special from the outside. Nevertheless, the mountain exuded an imposing aura that caused people to feel fearful. Ye Chen had also found that, many other martial artists would rather take a detour than to directly go over the mountain.

Murong Qingcheng explained to Ye Chen, ’’According to legend, a Life and Death Realm martial artist once died on this mountain;his blood even dyed the entire mountaintop red and his strong spiritual power had merged with this mountain, forming an extremely terrifying sense of power. If ordinary martial artists get too close to this mountain, they might suddenly lose their minds and die.’’

’’What is this mountain's name?’’

’’The Mountain of Falling.’’


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