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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 186


Chapter 186 - The Parent of The Man Eatting Vines

In the pitch-black darkness of the first floor.

Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng were surrounded by a terrifyingly large group of cyan and red vines, and could not even move an inch. The floor of the first-floor was now covered in vine fragments and sticky cyan and red liquid.

’’I've already taken over a hundred Zhen Qi-replenishing pills in the past three days, now my Zhen Qi is extremely muddy and I only have less than three percent of my powers left,’’ Qi Shaofeng said with a bitter smile. Magic medicines were indeed powerful, but no martial artist should take too much of them. In a day, the intake of Zhen Qi-replenishing medicines should be no more than ten, otherwise, the Zhen Qi would become muddy and one's power would be reduced.

Martial artists who consumed over maximum limit also had to spend extra time refining their Zhen Qi, else some medicinal side effects may be left behind. This was also the reason why the majority of martial artists, before reaching the limit, would not use Zhen Qi-replenishing pills.

Murong Qingcheng's pair of beautiful brows knitted. Her major martial art was the Great Sky Devil Art, and compared to Qi Shaofeng, she had twice his Zhen Qi amount. She, however, had also taken about forty Zhen Qi-replenishing pills during the past three days, and by now, only had sixty to seventy percent of her powers left. If the Great Sky Devil Art wasn't so magical and powerful, and the Sky Devil force field hadn't been protecting them all this while, both of them would have been sucked dry already.


The Sky Devil force field was boosted once more, and it crushed a large group of cyan and red vines, clearing a small space out, but right at the following moment, more vines shot forward, filling the empty space back up in no time.

’’[Sky Devil Great Palm]!’’

Murong Qingcheng had yet to sleep for even a single second in these three days, and had been fighting ceaselessly. Despite the fact that she has always been a calm and confident person, she was now enraged;thus, she launched a powerful move of the Great Sky Devil Art - the Sky Devil Great Palm.

Along with this move, the vines several hundred meters ahead of them all floated in the air, and were disabled from moving. Followed by a thunderous boom, all the floating vines exploded and were quickly absorbed by the Sky Devil Force Field.

’’Go! Let's go upstairs!’’

The air was badly twisted by the massive explosion and Murong Qingcheng shouted out while darting towards the second floor.

’’What a powerful move!’’ Qi Shaofeng hurriedly followed suit.

Crack, crack, crack...

Fissures appeared in the steps ahead.

Suddenly, tens, or maybe hundreds of dark-red vines broke out from the stairs and blocked their way, each of these dark-red vines were as thick as a human leg. At this moment, these vines all straightened in front of them, resembling a thick, dark-red wall. It gave off a terrifying pressure.

’’We might die here.’’ The Sky Devil Great Palm had just consumed the greater part of Murong Qingcheng's Zhen Qi, and the Zhen Qi-replenishing pills she took earlier had yet to come into effect. It couldn't replenish her lost Zhen Qi in such a short time, and thus, it would be nearly impossible for her to break the dark-red wall of vines.

The launching speed of these dark-red vines far exceeded the speed of the red and cyan vines, and in the blink of an eye, these dark-red vines were about to ram into their defensive Zhen Qi. With their current strength, they could only accept certain death.

Suddenly, a roaring tornado appeared abruptly along with a series of splitting noises;it blew away all the dark-red vines, before wrapping around the both of them and bringing them out of the cave.


Murong Qingcheng didn't manage to struggle out from Ye Chen's grasp, and could only continue to let him hold her tightly. Her face held a look of surprise as she said this.

Ye Chen glanced at the broken dark-red vines, then responded blandly, ’’How did you get here?’’ He had the suspicion that they were following him.

Qi Shaofeng explained, ’’Murong and I came to find a magical herb, but a Lunar Wind Wold forced us into these jungle.’’

’’So it's like this!’’ although Ye Chen still felt that they were a bit suspicious, he continued to keep a bland face

’’Do you doubt us?’’ Murong Qingcheng asked.

’’It's not important, getting out of here is the most important thing right now,’’ said Ye Chen. If Murong Qingcheng's and Qi Shaofeng's strength were at its peak, Ye Chen would have never rescue them. After all, both of them were above Ye Chen in strength, and if they joined hands, they would have been able to kill Ye Chen ten times.

’’Whatever it is, I owe you one.’’ Murong Qingcheng said then did not speak further.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The dark-red veins behind were catching up, and with the current dark-red vines' fierce launching speed, it sufficient for them to pierce the tornado, and tear all of their defensive Zhen Qi apart.

’’You, hold me tight,’’ said Ye Chen.

Murong Qingcheng hesitated briefly, but seeing all the fierce dark-red veins that were following closely behind them, she hurriedly put her arms around Ye Chen's waist. Seeing this, Qi Shaofeng's expression changed slightly.

Ye Chen finally freed his right arm and pulled out the Dragon Spring Sword. Without even turning his head around, he launched another large-scale sword move - Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.

Earth-shaking thunders burst out after another, while tens of sword Qi darted out from the tornado.

Along with a series of puffing noise, all the dark-red veins that had almost caught up to them, were all slashed into pieces;their heads, however, quickly grew back in literally no time at all, and they continued chasing the tornado which already moved a great distance away.

This was the fifth large-scale sword move that Ye Chen had launched in this jungle, this meant that he had already consumed a large amount of Zhen Qi.

Ye Chen took out an instant Zhen Qi-replenishing pill, and threw it into his mouth.

Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng hardly paid any attention to the pill that Ye Chen had just taken;they thought that it was only an ordinary Zhen Qi-replenishing medicine, which would make his Zhen Qi muddy if he consumed excessively. As for the reason why Ye Chen's Zhen Qi maintained at its peak, the only possible explanation was that, either Ye Chen hadn't been attacked by these vines before, or he had consumed a number of pills

Yes, that was the only explanation they could come up with.

Ye Chen had accurately predicted that they would think in this way, so he dared to take the pill right in front of them.


The tornado carried the three of them at an inconceivably high speed, and under Ye Chen's control, the tornado was incredibly flexible and could easily dodge all kinds of obstacles.

’’Brother Ye, this sword move of yours is really intriguingly and unusual! It is actually moving with us wrapped inside it.’’ Qi Shaofeng couldn't help but praise.

Ye Chen smiled and didn't explain that this move was something he adapted himself.

This jungle was the vines' main territory, and soon, more and more dark-red vines surged over from all directions like a tsunami

’’[Falling Star]!’’

’’[Sky Devil Force Field]!’’

Even though Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng were now all less powerful than Ye Chen, they still had some Zhen Qi left. Without any hesitation, they each launched a fierce move towards the vines.

As they had each launched a move, Ye Chen gladly took a brief break. The remaining powers of Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng surprised Ye Chen, especially Murong Qigncheng. Even right now, Murong Qingcheng's power was still greater than Lin Yue's power. Fortunately, Ye Chen was well aware of the consequences of consuming magic medicines excessively;without a couple of months of bitter work, one didn't even need to think of returning to peak condition.

Moving at its highest speed, the tornado quickly approached the edge of this jungle.


Suddenly, Ye Chen furrowed his brows.

’’What is it?’’ Asked Murong Qingcheng.

’’Underground, something especially powerful is coming over, and at a very high speed.’’ His soul power couldn't penetrate too deep into the ground, thus, he didn't know exactly how powerful that creature was, but without a doubt, he was sure of the threat that the creature posed.

’’What should we do now?’’

Qi Shaofeng and Murong Qingcheng thought that they could get out of this dangerous area soon, but now, before one treat even subsided, a new problem was arising. Struck by this bad news, neither Murong Qingcheng nor Qishaofeng knew what to do next.

Ye Chen took a deep breath, and said, ’’I know how to get us out of here, but that'll cost me a lot.’’

’’How much will it cost you? I'll make it up to you!’’ Qi Shaofeng said without any hesitation.

’’A Yuan Light Ball.’’

’’Yuan Light Ball?’’

Qi Shaofeng's eyes popped wide. He had heard about this kind of extremely rare life-saving treasure, it was said that a Yuan Light Ball could block any attack launched by any martial artists under the Astral Reaching Realm. To Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists, a Yuan Light Ball was valued even more than a mid-rank, even top-rank great weapon, after all, no great weapon could guarantee the safety of their lives, while a Yuan Light Balls could.

’’I'll give you a hundred-thousand low-ranked stones and three-thousand mid-ranked stones!’’

’’I'll give you two-hundred-thousand low-ranked stones and three-thousand mid-ranked stones!’’

Before, they did not possess this much stones, but the both of them had earned quite a number from the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region. Just like Ye Chen, they had each gained a good amount of treasures from the ancient region and traded them for stones.

Ye Chen remained silent. Seeing this, Qi Shaofeng said, ’’Brother Ye, it's still not enough?’’ These stones equaled to tens of inner elders' total wealth, ordinary Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists could only dreams of having this much stones. After all, not everyone had the chance to enter into an ancient region and gain a bunch of valuable treasures from it.

Ye Chen said, ’’I saved the Yuan Light Ball as a life-saving treasure, if I use it now, I would have no life-saving treasure left. What can be more valuable than life?’’

Qi Shaofeng didn't respond. Ye Chen's words were perfectly reasonable, if he was Ye Chen, he wouldn't be satisfied by the price either.

Murong Qingcheng said, ’’What if I add a mid-ranked storage ring?’’


Qi Shaofeng didn't think that Murong would offer a mid-ranked storage ring.

Murong Qingcheng shook her head and said, ’’It's just a ring. Brother Ye is right, nothing can be as valuable as our lives.’’

Ye Chen was shocked as well. He didn't think that Murong would offer a mid-ranked storage ring either, as a mid-ranked storage ring could be immeasurably valuable. Who didn't want a higher ranked storage ring? After all, the inner space of a low-ranked storage ring was only as big as a room while the inner space of a mid-ranked storage ring could be as huge as a hall. The inner space of a mid-ranked storage ring was ten times bigger than the inner space of a low-ranked storage ring, and a mid-ranked storage ring was a hundred times more valuable than a low-ranked storage ring.

At this stage, what Ye Chen needed the most was a mid-ranked storage ring, as the six-hundred boxes of gold, stones and treasures had already filled up all of his low-ranked storage rings, and his mid-ranked storage ring only had around sixty percent of its inner space left empty;which may not be enough for his future needs.

’’Good, deal.’’

Ye Chen understood that what Qi Shaofeng and Murong Qingcheng had offered were all that they had;they could not afford a higher price. Besides, even if he left them and ran away by himself, that horrible unknown creature underground probably might still not give up on chasing him, and he would still have to use the Yuan Light Ball.

Very quickly, they gave Ye Chen what they promised, as for how they did it, it was done very simply and conveniently. When the storage ring is activated, a light screen would appear and you could directly throw what needed to be put into the ring into the light screen.


At exactly this moment, the ground behind them suddenly churned and sank down. An enormous, human-shaped monster bore out. The monster was over a hundred meter tall, and its single body was connected to countless vines, some of these vines were cyan, some were red and some were dark-red, there was even a kind of purple coloured vine that Ye Chan and the other two hadn't seen before.

It was the parent of those man-eatting vines.

Seeing this terrifying scene, all three of them couldn't help but suck in a long deep breath in shock. They now began wondering if the Yuan Light Ball could really save their lives from this horrible monster.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

An overwhelmingly large amount of vines swiftly shot forward towards them. Among these vines, the number of purple coloured ones were the fewest, yet, they were also the fastest ones. The speed of these purple vines were even faster than the sound speed, and Ye Chen and the other two people only saw the purple vines flash across the air like purple lightning bolts, before it pierced the tornado and shot to less than three-feet away from their bodies.


Those purple vines were stopped by a thick and clear blue light shield, which was a foot thick and had blue airstreams flowing quickly around inside it, releasing an amazing defensive power.

The dreadful thing was that, these purple vines had already pierced into the blue light shield by around thirty percent of its thickness, clearly, these blue vines were even more powerful than that Lunar Wind Wolf.


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