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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 185


Chapter 185 - Void Shattering Finger

The second floor was no longer entirely dark, instead, countless noctilucent stones were emitting soft light that lit up the space.

Upon entering one of the rooms, even with Ye Chen's state of mind, he couldn't help but suck in a deep breath in shock.

Bountiful riches!

That's right, there were indeed bountiful riches-the items on the second floor did not only comprise of just one, and adding to that, all of these items were absolutely valuable.

Where the eyes lingered, multitudes of chests filled with gold could be seen stacked carelessly;with each chest capable of holding at least a hundred thousand taels of gold, and there being at least several hundred chest here, the total numbered at ten million taels of gold. This amount was comparable to the total amount of wealth possessed by a mid-scale family.

Next to the chests filled with gold were crates of precious stones, and contained within were rubies;emeralds, first-grade agate, crystal necklaces, black pearls, and jade pieces, each and every one these were a treasure worth at least a thousand jin in gold. The total value of these gemstones and jewelries was no less than the chests of gold.

Although gold and treasures, to a martial artist, was relatively easy to obtain, this unbelievably huge amount of wealth would still dumbfound any martial artist. The majority of martial artists could never earn this much gold in their lifetimes. Additionally, the difference was that they were accumulated their wealth bit by bit, which felt more natural, while Ye Chen was now gaining this much riches so suddenly.

’’Well, let me just pack these first.’’

Ye Chen waves his hands while murmuring. Following his move, the chests of gold and treasures flew into his storage ring.

’’Hm, this low-ranked storage ring is full!’’ These chests were too huge;there were only five hundred chests collected in total, and his low-ranked storage ring was already full after barely collecting one tenth of the chests. Fortunately, Ye Chen had a few more low-ranked rings and one mid-ranked storage ring.

Packing all the gold and treasures, Ye Chen's gaze fell to the side where crates with low-ranked spirit stones and a good amount of mid-ranked stones were. From these crates, astonishing spirit stone Yuan Qi converged in midair, transforming into all kinds of magical animal silhouettes;such as dragons, tigers, and phoenixes.

’’A hundred boxes of low-ranked stones, five boxes of mid-ranked stones;with each box containing ten-thousand pieces of stones.’’

Ye Chen's breathing quickened. He was only slightly shocked by the gold and treasures, but now, this much spirit stones left him literally stunned. He could say for sure that the Sky Cloud Martial School's ten years saving did not even have a million pieces of low-ranked stones, not to mention fifty-thousand mid-ranked stones.


Without any hesitation, Ye Chen threw everything into his storage rings as before.

In a short period of time, six-hundred large crates were removed from the room, making the second level seem many times emptier than before. Taking a quick glance, Ye Chen roughly counted the rest of treasures in this room,

He found three bottle gourds of magic pills.

One could replenish his consumed Zhen Qi, one could improve his spiritual power, and the last one could help cultivating his soul.

All three kinds of pill were supportive magic medicine, that would help to improve a martial artist's Zhen Qi, spiritual power and soul power. They may not sound so useful, but these pills were actually capable of effectively raising a martial artist's speed of improvement. The reason why some martial artists were called 'amazing geniuses', was that of all of their Zhen Qi, spiritual power, and soul power were extremely exuberant, allowing them to improve much faster than the others. For example, Ye Chen's soul power was extremely powerful, and allowed him an incredible comprehension ability. This was the reason why he could learn things so fast. If he could improve his Zhen Qi and spiritual power to the same level as his soul power, his improvement speed would definitely be able to reach the same degree as those amazing geniuses;but of course, he had to keep taking the Zhen Qi-replenishing pills and the spirit-improvement pills until he reached his desired level.

’’One bottle gourd contains three-hundred pills, if one pill is taken every three days, these three bottles of pills would last around nine-hundred days.’’ In Ye Chen's eyes, these three bottle gourds of magic medicines were genuinely invaluable. If these magic medicines were put on auction, even Astral Reaching Realm martial artists would want them, they might even go crazy for these pills. It should be known that, normally, all recipes of magic medicines were owned by large and influential martial schools;this meant that the powerful high-grade medicines were in the big martial schools' hands. As for ordinary martial artists, they shouldn't even dream of holding the powerful high-grade medicines.

’’Well, an innocent man can easily become a sinner because of what he owns. These pills are valuable enough to make some Astral Reaching Realm martial artists become motivated to kill me.’’ Ye Chen murmured as he placed the three bottle gourds into a storage ring.

He then walked to a corner where there was a bookshelf holding multiple books.

On the top shelve were thirty-six top-ranked Mortal Realm martial art books.

The second shelve laid nine low-ranked Earth Realm martial arts books.

The third shelve had three mid-ranked Earth Realm martial arts books.

And on the bottom shelve, layed a high-ranked Earth Realm martial arts book.

Ye Chen directly threw all these books into his storage ring without even taking a look at the content. He wouldn't have the time to practice on these new arts anyway, even if he did read them.


Ye Chen let out a long breath then looked around. The second floor had already been emptied by him, and nothing was left.

’’I'll just head to the third floor then.’’

Swiftly, Ye Chen darted up the stairs again.

Unexpectedly, the third floor had nothing but a gate of light. It stood in the middle of the room and shone with a gentle and clear light.

Standing in front of this light gate, Ye Chen hesitated.

He didn't know where this light gate would send him to, and the unknown will always make people hesitate, even someone like Ye Chen.

’’I've spent quite an effort to find this place, I would definitely regret it one day If I don't go in.’’

Ye Chen quickly made up his mind and entered the light gate.


The surrounding space suddenly rippled like water, and in the next moment, Ye Chen disappeared in the light gate.

He had been teleported once before, thus, he was well prepared for it this time and was perfectly calm.

The teleporting might last for only a moment, or a couple of days. When Ye Chen felt a sudden looseness to his body, he had already arrived at a magnificent stone hall.

This stone hall didn't have any door;only smooth walls on all sides, and at the top of this stone hall, hung a huge crystal lamp that gave of a brilliant radiance. Below this lamp was a stone platform, upon which, suspended a huge key that measured about a small arm in length. This key was white in colour and seemed to be made from white crystal, while its shape was unusual yet simple in design.

’’So weird, unexpectedly there's such a big key.’’

He raised his hand and attempted to grab the key, but realised that the key was shielded by an invisible and especially strong force;completely impenetrable.


Ye Chen completely activated his Zhen Qi;turning his palm into a fist, he launched a fist strike to center of the invisible force.


The invisible force show no sign of breaking, instead, the tremendous force was struck back, sending Ye Chen flying;he nearly bumped into the stone wall behind him.

Face turned serious, Ye Chen pulled out the Dragon Spring Sword and released four streams of sword Qi in a row.

As the series of sword Qi surged towards the key, thunder sounds manifested.

In the next moment, all four streams of sword Qi were similarly reflected back with a power even more violent than before.

Ye Chen swung his sword and dissipated the fierce counterattack, while giving a bitter smile. Although he clearly knew that the white key had a huge function, with his current power, he had no way of retrieving it.

Therefore, Ye Chen temporarily stopped trying, and began observing the entire stone hall.


He found a similar stone platform in the corner, and on it, laid one piece of white jade slip.

He waved his hand, and this time with no strange invisible force, the jade slip flew into his hands.

He flipped the jade slip back and forth a few times, but failed to find a single character on it, or special use for it. Pondering briefly, he injected a stream of Zhen Qi into the slip.

Abruptly, a scene emerged in his mind. A demonic beast over a hundred meters tall with a pair of sharp gigantic horns on its head, was roaring. The beast opened its mouth and blew;a lofty mountain was immediately blown away. It stomped its foot and the earth cracked under it;lava spewed from these cracks to tower in the sky, dying the skies red. This destructive power was extremely powerful and was simply something never seen or heard before. Perhaps only Life and Death Realm martial artists could barely reach this level of unspeakably terrifying destructive power

Just when the beast pulled out a thousands of zhangs tall mountain, an enormous, stone pillar-like finger appeared in the air, and resembling a shooting star pointing the way, it pointed at the beast's forehead.


The beast's body instantly shattered into pieces and completely dissipated.

As Ye Chen widely opened his mouth in shock, that heavenly great finger turned around, and pointed towards him. He couldn't flee, and couldn't even move. In the next moment, the finger pointed at his forehead.

At that moment, Ye Chen felt like his brain was about to explode, and that an overwhelmingly large amount of information had suddenly filled up his brain, but soon, that information automatically sorted out into writing and a Zhen Qi flowing pattern.

This was a martial art called Void Shattering Finger, but what Ye Chen had just gained was not the complete art, instead, it was only the third move of it. According to what Ye Chen had watched in his own mind, this mere move was already this incredibly powerful. After all, that beast he saw was a Life and Death Realm one, yet, it hadn't survive this move. But of course, he was also deeply aware that without enough power, he would not be able to kill any Astral Reaching Realm martial artist even if he mastered this move, let alone a Life and Death Realm beast.

To martial artists, even the most powerful martial skill had to be launch using genuine power, if one didn't have enough power to launch the learned martial skills, all those skills would be meaningless. All in all, cultivation was the most important thing of a martial artist.

Apart from the third move of this Void Shattering Finger, the information in his head also told him that, if he wanted to break the invisible power screen and take the white key, he had to learn a bit of this move;it did not require much, only a little bit was need. He had three days, if he couldn't get the key in three days, he would be automatically teleported back, and would never have another chance to reach this white key.

’’Three days, I can only try!’’

Sitting down and crossing his legs, Ye Chen began learning the third move of the Void Shattering Finger.

After one day.

Ye Chen thrust his finger out, along with this move, the air twisted and let out a muffled pop.

Shaking his head, Ye Chen closed his eyes and continued learning.

In the second day, he opened his eyes and slowly raised his finger. He pointed at the key.


Faint ripples emerged on the invisible power screen surrounding the white key, but soon disappeared, as if nothing had ever happened.

’’Still not working, I only have one last day!’’

Originally, Ye Chen gave a bitter smile, but immediately after, he activated his sword intent and eliminated all kinds of useless thoughts in his mind;he sat back down and went back to his learning. On and off he would recall the screen where the beast was shattered by the gigantic finger with a single point.

Time flew by. Ye Chen's brows were sometimes knitted, and sometimes smoothed out. This switching back and forth occurred who knows how may times in a moment.

In the third day's afternoon.

A terrifying power suddenly of exuded from Ye Chen's body. He abruptly opened his eyes. His pupils were all grey, nearly had no difference between the whites of his eyes.


From a long distance, Ye Chen pointed his finger at the key with all of his power.


The invisible power screen was finally shattered, no, technically it was unlocked. In the current stage, the power of Ye Chen's Void Shattering Finger was actually no better than his sword intent, however, the invisible power screen was closely connected with the Void Shattering Finger, that was how Ye Chen 'unlocked' the invisible power screen.

Learning the Void Shattering Finger had consumed a great among of energy. Ye Chen whipped his forehead then took out a Zhen Qi-replenish pill, a spirit-boosting pill and a soul-improving pill, and threw them all into his mouth.

Resting for a short while, Ye Chen stood up and walked to the white key.

That key was roughly as long as a small arm, and had an ancient character 'four' inscribed in the front, apart from these, Ye Chen couldn't figure out anything else regarding this key, neither did it cause anything strange.

At the exact same moment as when Ye Chen picked up the key, a faint and sparkling light gate appeared in the hall, seeming like it could disappear anytime soon.

Daring not to waste another second, Ye Chen threw the key into his storage ring, and rushed into the light gate.

When he came out again, he was back at the third floor of the cave in the goat-head mountain. Immediately after, he heard a slight buzz, and the light gate dissipated completely. He knew that he could never get back into that stone hall. No one knew where the stone hall actually was, or if there even was any other entrance.

Just as he prepared to leave and go one floor down, Ye chen's brows slighty knitted, as his soul power perceived another two people on the first floor, these two people were none other than Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng.

’’What are they doing here?’’

For a moment, Ye Chen had some doubts.


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