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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 183


Chapter 183 - Terrifying Flesh-Eating Vines

Instead of going directly into the jungle, Ye Chen leapt down from the tree and darted away towards another direction.

For quite a long while, Ye Chen stared at the rugged rock hill in front of him and remained silent.

That dense jungle was surrounded by a series of thousands of meters tall natural rock hills. Beyond that was nothing else but the Bone-corroding Miasma that would kill a person with a single touch. Not a single current of fresh air could be seen between the miasma and the hilltops of those rock hills;which meant, one could never enter into the jungle through those rock hills.

Ye Chen bitterly smiled as he glanced at the miasma. Although the Bone-Corroding Miasma was only floating in the air about one thousand and two to three hundred meters from the ground, yet, who knew how wide its covered area was? If Ye Chen chose to get into the jungle by flying over the rock hills and the miasma, he might encounter some unexpected dangers or completely deplete his Zhen Qi;both of these two situations would make him fall directly and be corroded into a puff of ash by the miasma.

’’Well, it turns out that I have to get in through the entrance found by those people with blades, which might require violence.’’

Slowly heaving a long breath, Ye Chen went back to where he came from.


Also in the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range Range, but thousands of miles away from where Ye Chen was.


A thunderous boom bursted into the air.

’’Damn it! This Lunar Wind Wolf is way too powerful, I can't stop it!’’ Tian Chong's outfit by now had already been torn into shreds, while blood quickly dripped from his fingertips.

Qin Hao looked no better than him. At this moment, Qin Hao had been staring at the Lunar Wind Wolf stood on the hilltop in front of him, with a pair of frosty eyes.

Qin Hao and Tian Chong had been searching near the edge of the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range for a couple of days and found nothing, but today, they were somehow targeted by this Lunar Wind Wolf, the king of all level-6 demonic beasts for unknown reasons. This wolf had been chasing them all day long at its highest speed that was even faster than peak-level late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists' moving speeds;although both Qin Hao and Tian Chong were powerful and experienced martial artists, they couldn't possibly get rid of the wolf's chase.

’’We've got to find a way to rid of this wolf! We can't just start a fight against it!’’

Tian Chong let out a bitter smile as response. He was absolutely aware of that. If they truly started a fight against the wolf, they might not even be able to leave a slightest scratch on the wolf's body until they die.


The Lunar Wind Wolf abruptly gave a long, cold and resonant howl while it stamped its foot against the rock hill and smashed the entire hill directly;following with that, it dashed over towards the two young men as swiftly as an arrow in flight.

’’[Sky Dragon Battle Emperor Spear]!’’

’’[Air Splitting Palm]!’’

A faint golden stream of spear light instantly surged out, transformed into a Zhen Qi dragon silhouette and roared towards the wolf;following closely behind the dragon silhouette were lines of gigantic Zhen Qi palm silhouettes that had vacuumed the surrounding air and directed towards the wolf as well, seemingly as powerful as a lofty mountain. The dragon silhouettes and those palm silhouettes coordinated perfectly, clearly showing that this wasn't the first time that the two coordinated in a battle.

However, the Lunar Wind Wolf had torn the dragon silhouette apart by slightly swinging its claw;as for those palm silhouettes, they were shattered and dissipated by the enormous waves of beast power that gushed out of its mouth.


Neither of them had ever planned to hurt the wolf with their moves. All they wanted was to earn a bit of time to run;but of course, they were not stupid enough to flee by flying as the wolf was able to chase them up in absolutely no time. Their only chance for survival was the precipitous geographic weather of this mountain range.

Mountains were shattered one after another, that was the scene of the Lunar Wind Wolf chasing the two young men.

’’Look! There're people in there! It seems like Qi Shaofeng and Murong Qingcheng!’’ Tian Chong suddenly shouted out while pointing his finger at the front.

Hearing him, Qing Hao showed a surprised look and yelled, ’’Let's go over there! Let them take the danger for us!’’



Under a deadly danger, both of their moving speeds had reached a whole new level.

In a few miles away.

Qi Shaofeng spoke with a darkened expression, ’’These two bastards, they're trying to draw the Lunar Wind Wolf to us, bloody hell.’’

’’Let's go!’’

Murong Qingcheng didn't want to waste any time in dealing with the wolf. Therefore, she activated her Sky Devil Force Field that instantly twisted the surrounding air;at the same time, she swiftly darted out.

Four people and a horrible beast chased each other, letting out sky-shattering booms from time to time.


All those ground-shaking noises could easily attract other terrifying beasts or even some mysterious beings. Therefore, Murong Qingcheng raised her right arm and following her move, a ten-meter tall hill was pulled up from the ground by her Sky Devil Force Field, and then threw towards Tian Chong and Qin Hao. From Tian Chong and Qin Hao's sights, even the sky darkened.


Qin Hao's mouth corner twitched intensely while he launched a palm move against the small hill that had been thrown over.

The small hill was shattered right away and countless rock pieces fell to the ground like a heavy rain of rocks.

Within a short span of time, the Lunar Wind Wolf had already caught up to them and widely opened its mouth, letting out a thick, cold stream of beast power.


A hoarse scream came out of Tian Chong's mouth. He only felt that his blood was all frozen within a moment and his body was paralysed. Before he could even ask for help, his body was thoroughly smashed by the wolf's claw and blood splashed everywhere.

’’Tian Chong, be at peace. I'll avenge you.’’ Murmured Qin Hao while his eyes, which were filled with a greedy and dirty look, were fixed on Murong Qingcheng.

Murong Qingcheng didn't pull up another hill to attack Qin Hao because at this moment, he was the wolf's target and once he died, Qi Shaofeng and herself might become the new target of the wolf;therefore, attacking Qin Hao was really not a wise move based on the current situation.

’’There's a dense jungle! Let's head in!’’

Qi Shaofeng had been observing the surrounding environment all this long. Just now, he saw the dense purple miasma at the front then found the thick jungle beneath it. The trees in the jungle were over a hundred, even hundreds of zhangs tall and all gigantic. He was slightly relieved after he found this jungle as once they got into the jungle, the wolf wouldn't be able to find them again despite its marvelously great power. Besides, all those trees were towering and gigantic. Even though one tree was far from enough to stop the wolf, all those trees together as a jungle should be able to stall the wolf for a long while.

Murong Qingcheng nodded.

Outside of the jungle.

’’Elder Teng! Some strangers showed up again, and a beast!’’

’’Ah! It's a Lunar Wind Wolf! Bastards! They're drawing the Lunar Wind Wolf over!’’

Those Long Blade Martial School's people who had been guarding outside the jungle instantly fell into a panic.

Elder Teng's face darkened immediately as well and said, ’’Four days ago, a young man broke into the jungle which was still fine as he didn't hurt any of our people. But now, these three people have drawn a Lunar Wind Wolf over, this is an intentional attack on us! They want to wipe us out! Unforgivable!’’

’’Elder Teng! What should we do? We can never deal with the Lunar Wind Wolf! Even our Patriarch can't either!’’

Took a deep breath, the Elder Teng gave the order in a cold tone, ’’Everybody, get into the jungle right now!’’


’’But what?! Just get in if you want to live!’’

Hearing the elder's order, all of those Long Blade Martial School's people rushed into the jungle and soon disappeared. Not a single trace was left outside the jungle.

’’Let's get in as well!’’

While speaking, Murong Qingcheng activated the Sky Devil Force Field and pulled up hundreds of zhangs tall tree, throwing towards Qin Hao like a javelin. She had disliked him since long ago.

’’Murong Qingcheng, you better don't ever let me catch you, or I'd make you beg for death.’’ Yelled Qin Hao with a badly twisted face.

’’Qin Hao,’’ said Qi Shaofeng after he sneered, ’’Even if you can survive today, I'll kill you soon.’’

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Qi Shaofeng and Murong Qingcheng swiftly darted into the jungle before the voice faded.

Qin Hao was the only one left outside the jungle by now. After being tangled by the huge tree that was thrown by Murong Qingcheng a short while ago, the Lunar Wind Wolf was just about to caught up with him.

’’Damn it! I was going to save this Yuan light ball for a more important occasion!’’

Qing Hao couldn't afford to hesitate any longer, and quickly took out a cyan crystal ball from his storage ring. Except for the colour difference, this cyan crystal ball looked exactly the same as Ye Chen's blue crystal ball.

Qin Hao then crushed the crystal ball in his hands. Following his move, a one-foot thick, cyan layer of light that have dense streams of cyan air flowed inside it, bursted out and entirely wrapped Qin Hao's body. Obviously, the defensive power of this cyan light shield was incredibly great.

Along with a series of creaking noise, the light shield was squeezed twisted by the wolf. At the same time, the wolf slammed Qin Hao into the jungle with its enormous claw. Qin Hao flew straight into the jungle, during which, countless towering trees were smashed broken by his body;if he wasn't protected by the light shield, he would've already been smashed into a pile of meat paste long ago.

As the wolf had been chasing Qin Hao and Tian Chong for such a long time but only managed to kill one of them till now, it surely was furious at this moment. Without any hesitation, the wolf flashed into the jungle as well.


Trees in this jungle were indeed amazing. Apart from the incredibly great heights of those trees, they were all as thick as walls that if one were to excavate these trees out, the inner space could definitely contain an entire skyscraper building which was huge enough to accommodate thousands of people. Only the gods knew how these trees had grown gigantic.

Ye Chen stood under a great tree, and felt that his own self was as tiny as an ant.

’’It has been four days since I came in, yet I haven't ran into any demonic beast so far, but what happened to these drained and horribly withered human corpses? They're everywhere. Did they kill each other?’’ Ye Chen was a bit confused by the absence of demonic beasts. Running into a fierce beast wouldn't be so bad as he could always try his best to escape, but the total absence of demonic beasts was quite bizarre. Besides, this place where it didn't even have a trace of living beasts was covered by withered corpses, belonging to both people and beasts.

’’Ah! Ah!!’’

From deep inside the jungle, a series of howls came out one after another.

’’What's that?’’

Ye Chen instantly tightened his face, swiftly and silently moving to the source of the voice. In the meantime, he released his soul power as much as he could, in case any other unexpected situation happened.

Deeper inside the jungle were hundreds of people, and each had a cyan long blade embossed on the sleeve. Without a doubt, these were the Long Blade Martial School's people.

’’Patriarch, another ten died! We couldn't even see the attacker! All those dead fellows were all drained like their blood and flesh had been completely sucked out!’’

Said an elder with a deadly pale face.

The Patriarch was a sturdy, middle-aged man holding a two-meter long, huge blade that had sawtooth at the edge. He responded with a calm voice, ’’Everybody, listen to me! Don't panic! Keep watching each other's back and remain vigilant! Report if you see anything! Don't make any move before that!’’


All the others shouted out in response to their patriarch's order, yet their voices were clearly trembling.

’’Brother Three, what, what do you think is attacking us? It, it can drain a man completely within the blink of an eye, only, only leaving the bones and skin.’’ Among those people, a young man who was around twenty years old, swallowed and said to the slightly older one next to him.

The slightly older young man shook his head and said, ’’This jungle is strange. It's in the middle of the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range, but not a single beast can be found in here. Just try your best to protect yourself.’’

The young man couldn't respond any longer because his body began shriveling, becoming more and more skinny. At the end, only a skeleton wrapped by dried skin was left, falling to the ground and seemed unspeakably terrifying.

The slightly older young man popped his eyes out in shock while a stream of blood gushed out of the corner of his sight. Subconsciously he looked at the front and saw a thin silhouette rushing over. It was a cyan and red vine that had an opening at the end;within which, were layers of tiny yet sharp teeth lined up in a spiral form.

’’It's vines! Be careful...Ahh!!! No!!!’’

Terrified and shrill howls rose from his mouth. Just like the young man, this slightly older one was quickly drained as well into a dry and terrifying corpse, then fell to the ground.

Around one thousand meters away, Ye Chen witnessed this scene with his soul power, and he couldn't help but get startled badly.

’’Those vines are nothing nice. Those are probably some terrifying ancient plants. It seems that they love to feed on human blood and flesh very much. All those corpses in this jungle were the result of their own works.’’

By now, Ye Chen finally realised the only reason why he hadn't seen any demonic beast in this jungle. It was because they were all consumed by those vines. With his current soul power, he couldn't tell for sure just how huge those vines' attack range exactly was, and only felt that this entire jungle was dominated by those horrible vines.

At the center of the Long Blade Martial School's group.

’’Form into battle formation!’’ Growled the Patriarch abruptly.

Following his order, all Long Blade Martial School's people moved close to each other while facing the jungle, forming a large-scale circle that was a complete battle formation. Every single one of them fixed their eyes on the trees without blinking;cold sweat dripped down from their hands that had the hilts of their long blades gripped. Meanwhile, gulping noises came out of their throats from time to time.


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