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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 181


Chapter 181 - Head To The Grey Mystery Nation

As the battle between Murong Qincheng and Wei Renjie ended, the others were perfectly agitated and began their own battles, including Qi Shaofeng.

What Qi Shaofeng had been using was a rare pair of branch weapon called Waning Moon. With only one move, his opponent who was a peak-level late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist was sent flying directly into the air. A ten-meter long, half a zhang deep, arc-shaped cut appeared on the ground between them.

Lin Yue couldn't help but whisper to Ye Chen, ’’Don't let Qi Shaofeng's nice and gentle look confuse you. In fact, he would never hesitate in launching a deadly attack.’’

Ye Chen nodded. Some people looked as nice and friendly as a sheep, yet, they were actually as fierce as a wolf. This kind of people usually seemed nothing special but once they were enraged and exhibited their real powers, they could be even more terrifying than genuine wolves.

Putting the pair of Waning Moon back, Qi Shaofeng raised his head, looked at the sky, then grinned and said, ’’My dear friends, the party is over. Feel free to hang around this place for as long as you like. All of your expenses will be covered by me. I believe I can surely afford that.’’

’’Ah, the delicacies in this Three Rivers City is quite famous. I have been drooling over it for a long time! Since our dear brother Qi is so generous, I'll probably take this opportunity and try those famous delicacies!’’

’’Hehe, if you want to taste some Three Rivers City's authentic delicacies, you'd have to go to those nice boat-hotels!’’

Most of these young martial artists were energetic and vigorous young men. None of them was a virgin anymore. The delicacies served by those boat-hotels was merely a perfect excuse and a nice side dish. Their real interests were in those beautiful and young girls who worked on those boat-hotels as entourage. Although these young men were clearly aware of each other's thoughts, none of them could say it out loud since Murong Qingcheng and a few other female young martial artists were still there.

Leaving that nearly damaged backyard, the group of young martial artists walked in separate ways.

Late at night.

The Three Rivers City was still ablaze with lights, showing no sign of quieting down.

Inside the bedroom, Ye Chen had been sitting on a king-sized bed with his legs crossed, and working on his Zhen Qi cultivation concentratedly;all those noises coming from outside couldn't affect him even by the slightest amount.

Those people he met at the party today, such as Murong Qingcheng and Qi Shaofeng, had given Ye Chen a great pressure. Among those young martial artists, some had mastered legendarily powerful martial arts, some possessed great martial skills. Even the sword skill which always allowed him to defeat opponents at a higher level than himself, seemed less impressive today because Wei Renjie had attained the blade intent which was equally legendary to the sword intent. Moreover, he had also reached a small success on his blade intent, just like Ye Chen did on his sword intent.

If he attended the Hidden Dragon Rank with his current power, he could never make into the top 40. Perhaps, even the top 50 would also be a dream to him. It had been two years since the last season Hidden Dragon Rank ended, who knew how much had those low-ranked martial artists improved during this time period? Some of them might've been immature and were lacking in practice back when they last attended. But in the past two years, those young and talented martial artists could have already reached a whole new level and probably could make into the top 30, or even the top 10 this time.

Ye Chen felt a slight pain from his meridians. Therefore, he cut off the connection between his meridians and the spirit stones held in his hands, then slowly opened his eyes.

’’Pressure is a good thing, but I have to be patient and strengthen myself bit by bit. After all, no one can grow enough muscles in only one day. Anxiousness can't help anyway. At this moment, I'll have to concentrate on reaching the top level of the Grey Mystery Art.’’


On a tall building were two dark human silhouettes.

With the dim moonlight, you could find that they were a man and a woman. The woman was wearing a purple dress and veil;just like you thought, it was none other than Murong Qingcheng, the second-ranked disciple of the Sky Flying Devil Martial School, while the man was Qi Shaofeng.

’’Brother Qi,’’ a soft breeze gently blew across Murong Qingcheng's veil while she spoke in a bland tone, ’’you asked me to come all the way here. Not only for the small party, I assume.’’

’’Surely not.’’ Responded Qi Shaofeng with his typical smile.

’’Hm, then I'd like to know the real purpose of yours.’’

Murong Qingcheng seemed calm and careless, but abruptly, she thrusted her hand out and clenched her fist. Along with her move, a bat nearby which was searching for food, got instantly crushed by a sudden and invisible emerging force field.

Qi Shaofeng gave his explanation, ’’Three months ago, I've got the information about how someone gained a Sky Devil Serpent's scale in the vast mountain area of the Grey Mystery Nation.’’

’’Sky Devil Serpent's scale? Are you serious?’’

Murong Qingcheng stared at Qi Shaofeng with a sharp and piercing gaze, while a subtle and weird look flashed across her eyes.

Breathing slightly heavier than before, Qi Shaofeng turned his eyes away from Murong Qingcheng's face embarrassedly, then he smiled and continued, ’’It should be true. That Sky Devil Serpent's scale was then purchased by me with one hundred thousand gold and five hundred pieces of low-ranked stones. I have it right now, you can take a look yourself.’’

His storage ring shone with a dim light and along with that, a human-head sized scale appeared in Qi Shaofeng's hand. He took a deep breath, then handed the scale to Murong Qingcheng.

Taking the scale, Murong Qingcheng activated her Sky Devil Zhen Qi and injected it into the scale.


The surrounding air slightly rippled, while a black layer of light emerged around the scale.

’’It's indeed a Sky Devil Serpent's scale, because only the scales of Sky Devil Serpents can make connection with my Sky Devil Zhen Qi.’’ At first, Murong Qingcheng showed a surprise look on her face, but soon gave a bitter smile and said, ’’However, judging from the shape of this scale, this serpent should still be in its growth stage, level 7 or above. That means even if we join hand in hand, we couldn't possibly survive a casual attack launched by it. Not to mention even taking the Sky Devil Bloom.

Murong Qingcheng cared so much about this. It wasn't because that she wanted something from the serpent itself;instead, what she truly wanted was a Sky Devil Bloom, that had been guarding by Sky Devil Serpents. According to the ancient legend, Sky Devil Blooms were nourished by the ancient Devil King's blood and contained an extremely great power. If she could have a single petal of the Sky Devil Bloom, she could probably break into the eighth, or even the ninth level of her Great Sky Devil Art within a short amount of time. If she obtained the entire bloom, she could even reach the top level of the Great Sky Devil Art. In the history of the Sky Flying Devil Martial School, apart from some legendarily powerful martial artists who had already fallen, not a single one had ever managed to achieve the top level of this Great Sky Devil Art.

Qi Shaofeng grinned and said, ’’I surely won't waste your time by letting you come all the way here for nothing. Look closer and see if this scale is complete?’’

Hearing him, Murong Qingcheng looked down and checked the scale again. Just as Qi Shaofeng said, there was a crack on the edge of that scale which she didn't notice earlier because she was too excited.

’’This serpent was wounded!’’

Murong Qingcheng clearly knew that Sky Devil Serpents had amazingly great defensive power, same level demonic beasts could hardly hurt them. That would mean the scales of Sky Devil Serpents wouldn't fall off easily. Unlike ordinary snakes and serpents, Sky Devil Serpents would eat their own exuvial skins. Therefore, no scales would ever fall off during ecdysis.

’’Even if it's an injured growth stage Sky Devil Serpent, we can't possibly handle it. Unless it has severe internal injures and can't recover in a short time.’’ Despite that she wanted a Sky Devil Bloom desperately, Murong Qingcheng remained perfectly calm.

’’That day, a thunderstorm appeared in the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range, not far away from the person who found this scale. I assume that thunderstorm was meant to be the serpent's tribulation, and other demonic beasts or martial artists had tried to kill it when its tribulation came because that would be in its weakest moment. By now, the serpent might already be dead, and yet you are able to make a connection with the Sky Devil Bloom with your Sky Devil Zhen Qi. As long as the distance is not too big, we most likely can find it.’’

Qi Shaofeng tried so hard to help Murong Qingcheng obtaining that Sky Devil Bloom for one and only one purpose, that was to earn her heart. Ever since he met Murong Qingcheng at the last season Hidden Dragon Rank, he was totally obsessed with her because of her beauty and talent. He had been attracted to her too deeply that he couldn't even control his desire of loving her, just like many other young male martial artists.

’’I owe you one.’’

More or less, Murong Qingcheng understood why Qing Shaofeng had been doing all these for her. But she didn't want to accept his love and neither was she willing to give up on that Sky Devil Bloom.

’’When do you want to go for the bloom? I am not as powerful as you, but I can try my best to help.’’ Said Qi Shaofeng.

’’Three days later, I need some time to prepare.’’

’’Good, I'll see you then.’’

After Qi Shaofeng left, Murong Qingcheng turned around, looked down at the Three Rivers City while sighing slightly. She had a good impression of Qi Shaofeng, but that was all. She was deeply aware that nothing real would ever happen between Qi Shaofeng and herself. Moreover, her focused martial art was the Great Sky Devil Art which made her nearly immune to love. Nevertheless, although she couldn't easily fall in love, once that happened, it would never change till she died.

The air slightly twisted and at the same moment, Murong Qingcheng disappeared.


Mornings in the Three Rivers City were always lively, all kinds of noises were mixed together and gushed into hotel rooms.

After Ye Chen brushed his teeth and washed his face, he then walked out of his room.

The streets were filled with people, bustling in activity.

’’Passenger ship to the Grey Mystery Nation! Three seats left! Anyone who intends to go to the Grey Mystery Nation, please head to dock number 23 as quickly as you can!’’

Ye Chen stopped, asked, ’’How fast can the passenger ship travel?’’

’’Our South Chamber of Commerce's ships are always fast! Four thousand miles a day! This ship is purchased from the Black Dragon Emperor!’’

Ye Chen was slightly surprised, but then he shook his head. Three Rivers City was the location of South Chamber of Commerce's branch. One could surely find lots of ships belonging to the South Chamber of Commerce. However, the moving speeds of those ships were far slower than Ocean Beasts. As the ship could only move four thousand miles a day, it would take fifty days from here to the Grey Mystery Nation. That was too slow.

’’I'll just pass then.’’

Ye Chen decided to travel to the Grey Mystery Nation on foot instead of taking any ship. With his current power, he could travel at least ten thousand miles daily.

After leaving the Three Rivers City, Ye Chen leapt into the air, then flew swiftly along the Wild Goose Falling River.

As he gradually flew far away from the city, fewer people could be seen around him. At last, he couldn't find a single person in the surrounding area. What continued accompanying with him was nothing else but the vast river and endless mountain range.


Punching a flying demonic beast that had rushed towards him away, Ye Chen remained a great speed and flashed into the thriving mountain area.

Moving along the river was not a shortcut at all. He now needed to move across the Spirit Speaking Nation's mountain range in order to arrive the Grey Mystery Nation as soon as possible.

Time flew as quickly as the rapidly flowing water.

After half a month, Ye Chen finally arrived at the Grey Mystery Nation.

Opening a map of this nation, Ye Chen pointed his finger on the map while murmuring, ’’This Grey Mystery Nation is basically formed by mere mountain ranges. Here should be the Ancient Trail Mountain Range, and Triangle Mountain Range. If I go further straight, after the Triangle Mountain Range, I will have to travel across a desert in order to get to the edge of the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range. After that, I don't know exactly where to go. After all, the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range looks tiny on the map, each peak can't be marked individually on the map. Therefore, I'll have to find it by myself. Well, fine then, I should just head to that place first.’’

After he packed the map, Ye Chen glanced at the sky then darted out.

Mountains in the Grey Mystery Nation were far more dangerous than the mountains in the Windy Nation. Therefore, Ye Chen dared not to recklessly rush into the mountains because that might cause the attention of some powerful demonic beasts.

In this way, he might take longer than he expected.

Nevertheless, although he had been extra careful, he couldn't possibly avoid all trouble. After Ye Chen traveled across the mountains for three days, he had encountered seven level 6 demonic beasts and two peak level 6 demonic beasts in total. For level 6 demonic beasts, Ye Chen could still handle the situation. Although he couldn't defeat them, he had easily managed to escape. However, both of the two peak level 6 demonic beasts had almost injured him while he had spent quite an effort to escape their chase. Even for once, he had clearly seen trails of a level 7 demonic beast. Fortunately, the beast had already gone far away from him.

Gazing at the golden and seemingly boundless desert in front of him, Ye Chen let out a long sigh of relief and murmured, ’’I finally arrived at this desert! I should be able to enter the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range after travelling across this desert.’’

Instead of keeping moving forward, Ye Chen found a shade and sat down, then took a break. During the past few days, he had been too nervous which made him feel a bit tired.

In the next morning, Ye Chen left the mountains and walked into the desert.


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