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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 179


Chapter 179 - Break It with a Single Move

Without a doubt, among all kinds of Zhen Qi, the attacking effects of the lightning Zhen Qi were the strongest;the earth Zhen Qi and gold Zhen Qi were good at defence;while the water Zhen Qi had the greatest recovering power. As for the other rare kinds of Zhen Qi, some of them were more powerful than the others, for example, ice Zhen Qi was an incredibly powerful kind.

Nevertheless, the natural quality of Zhen Qi was only a small element of a martial artist's comprehensive power, it couldn't twist the overall situation of a martial artist. A martial artist's personal cultivation was always the most important thing.

’’Lin Yue, take this!’’

Dazzling lightning bolts suddenly darted out from Gao Yuan's body as he swiftly moved towards Lin Yue;along with a thunderous boom, he threw out a heavy punch. He moved amazingly fast, as if the distance of twenty meters between the two of them didn't even exist.

So fast! Lin Yue was slightly surprised, but immediately, he released huge waves of cyan-yellow airwaves that surged out of his body and spread out like a tsunami;the waves neutralize the fierce power contained in Gao Yuan's punch.

Following a series of ear-piercing popping noise, countless tiny electric bolts burst out, flashing across the air.

’’Do you truly believe that you are capable of withstanding ten moves of mine with your crap defence?’’ Gao Yuan sneered and said as he thrusted his left fist out. An even brighter and thicker stream of lightning bolts roared out and clashed against those cyan-yellow airwaves released by Lin Yue. Because of the high speed, the lightning bolts stream had even let out a shrill noise;judging from which, the speed of this move made by Gao Yuan was as high as the speed of sound.

Standing beside Murong Qingcheng, Qi Shaofeng said, ’’Lin Yue might lose the fight. Gao Yuan has lightning Zhen Qi, which is not only powerful, but also allowed him another advantage, which is that amazing speed.’’

’’Indeed, but I don't think Lin Yue's going to be defeated so easily.’’ Although Murong Qincheng was a reticent person, she still responded.

As those cyan-yellow airwaves were shattered layer by layer, Lin Yue finally launched his counter attack.

’’Ten moves are far from enough if you want to defeat me! Down!’’

Lin Yue didn't step back, instead, his fist abruptly swooshed out. An enormous stream of power instantly transformed into a three-feet tall Zhen Qi cauldron in the air, bumping against Gao Yuan's fierce fist power.


Two different kinds of Zhen Qi clashed against each other, generating a sharp and great shock wave that had even sliced a thick layer of the ground off within a single moment. In the next moment, the shock wave struck the backyard wall, which was quite far away from the battlefield, causing it to collapse.

’’[Lighting Strike]!’’

Their bodies immediately separated after a single slight contact. In terms of the power grade, Gao Yuan was slightly more powerful than Lin Yue, therefore, he quickly regained control of his body, which was fiercely pushed backwards by the great shock wave, that his feet had even deeply gullied the ground. After which, two large spheres of lightning bolts grew out from his palms as he suddenly put his palms together and squeezed a water-tank thick lightning bolts out, striking it towards Lin Yue.

Lightning bolts flashed across the air;wherever it swept over, the ground would began to crack as it got charred black.

’’[Cauldron Stabilized the World]!’’

Gao Yuan was more powerful than Lin Yue thought, but at this moment, Lin Yue couldn't think that much. He boosted his Zhen Qi up as much as he could;with his feet apart and his arms raised, those thick cyan-yellow airwaves surrounding him transformed into an over three-meter tall Zhen Qi cauldron, firmly shielding Lin Yue behind and blocking the thick lightning bolt.


A high-pitched bang erupted along with eye-piercing lightning bolts;fierce sound waves contained countless electric bolts roared towards every direction, even affecting the surrounding people.

By now, anyone could easily tell the differences between the power levels of all these people. The slightly weaker people were forced to buid thick Zhen Qi screens to shield themselves from the roaring shocking wave, while more powerful ones directly shattered the shocking wave that had affected them, or simply boosted their protective Zhen Qi up. Among all those people, Qi Shaofeng, Murong Qingcheng and another medium Yuan Realm martial artist were clearly the most powerful ones.

Qi Shaofeng used his palm as a blade, swiftly swinging it in the air;along with his move, the strong shock wave that had swooshed up to him was straightly cut into two like a piece of paper, then it dissipated. Another medium Yuan Realm martial artist straightened his palm in front of his body;once that shock wave made a contact with his palm, it was crushed just like beans in a millstone.

As for Murong Qingcheng, who was in the highest grade among all these people, she gave a faint smile while slightly crooking her long and slim finger, then she flicked it.


The shock wave bounced back against her beautiful finger, as if her slight flick had changed the motion trail of the fierce shock wave.


Although Ye Chen had been observing the others all this time, he didn't forget to defend himself from the shock wave. He straightened the first and middle finger of his right hand and slightly swung them upwards in the air, easily cutting the shock wave apart.

Back to the empty area.

Slight streams of blood gushed out at the corners of Lin Yue's mouth, and his clothes were slightly burned.

Gao Yuan laughed out loud and said, ’’It turns out that I have still overestimated you, you're not as good as you've claimed since you can only take three moves of mine, haha!’’

’’Too early to say that, the winner is still undetermined. Take this!’’

Lin Yue abruptly launched an unknown art, that in an instant, the cyan-yellow air streams around his body grew thicker and denser than before as they swooshed up into the air. After which, he gave a resonant growl and spread out his arms, aiming at Gao Yuan.


A ten-meter tall and twenty-meter-wide gigantic cauldron descended from the air, right onto Gao Yuan's head.

’’Are you trying to suppress me?!’’

Gao Yuan instantly knitted his brows as he suddenly felt that his body had become heavy and stiff;his protective Zhen Qi was even squeezed back into his body. At that moment, he was almost disabled from moving. In the following moment, the ground under his feet couldn't stand the great pressure as it cracked and sank down into a one-meter deep pit, which had a similar shape with the gigantic cauldron.


Gao Yuan let out a resonant and furious growl, and at the same time, that dazzling and explosive electric bolts burst out of his body once again;following which, a lively lightning fist rose up into the air and heavily punched on the gigantic Zhen Qi cauldron.

Despite the huge size of that Zhen Qi cauldron, it was still a bit blur and rough in shape. Having been struck by the lightning fist, the Zhen Qi cauldron was shattered immediately.


Lin Yue spat out a mouthful of blood as his face turned ashen.

’’You're already quite impressive since you've pushed me this far, but now you're going to lose!’’ Standing in the pit, Gao Yuan threw another heavy punch out towards Lin Yue along with huge streams of lightning bolts.

’’Lin Yue can't take this punch.’’

Without any hesitation, Ye Chen's body transformed into a hazy silhouette, darting towards Lin Yue. At the same time, he pulled the Dragon Spring Sword out and hacked on the lightning fist.

Strong lightning bolts darted out of the lightning fist when Gao Yuan gave a malicious and scornful grin back in the pit. This punch was powerful enough to shatter a small mountain, even ordinary peak-level medium Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists couldn't possibly take that.


The lightning fist was split into two from the middle, while Ye Chen stayed perfectly unharmed.

’’Did he just broke that punch? No! How is it possible?!’’ Gao Yuan paused in shock as he couldn't even believe what he had just seen.

All the others who had been watching the fight were as shocked as him.

’’Gao Yuan's [Thunderbolt Punch] was hacked apart! Is that even real?!’’

’’I suppose Gao Yuan didn't launch the punch with hundred percent power! After all, this punch was meant for Lin Yue, that he must have taken twenty to thirty percent of his power back.’’

Turning around, Ye Chen said to Lin Yue, ’’I got this.’’

’’Be careful,’’ Lin Yue wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and seriously said, ’’He's much more powerful than he was two years ago. He can almost fight against advance Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists evenly.’’

’’I know.’’

Ye Chen turned his eyes back to Gao Yuan after Lin Yue stepped back.

Leaping out of the pit, Gao Yuan chuckled and said, ’’Good, you have broken a punch of mine, that was launched with eighty percent of my power. It's more than enough for you to be proud of.’’

’’What would be different even if you launched it with hundred percent power? Just show whatever you can!’’

’’I wish you can stay so confident later.’’

Gao Yuan gave a shrill long shout, and afterwards, those lightning bolts surrounding his body suddenly boosted up. Obviously, he didn't use his full power before, as he didn't think Lin Yue deserved that. If Ye Chen didn't break his lighting bolts with a single sword move, he would still take a part of his power back, but now he didn't want to do that. Instead, he wanted to knock Ye Chen down with the next punch and the next punch alone;he wanted him to lose completely.

Taking a step forward, Gao Yuan stamped the ground, causing it to crack. Meanwhile, lighting bolts wrapped up his entire right arm, making it look like an arm of thunderbolts, which then swooshed out along with a domineeringly great power.

’’[One Thunderbolt Double Blinks]!’’


The enormous thunderbolt fist exploded in the air, splitting into two slightly smaller fists, darting towards Ye Chen from both sides at a literally lightning speed.

’’Not enough!’’

Ye Chen still remained calm, yet his body immediately split into two silhouettes as well, each breaking a thunderbolt fist right away.

’’Shadow-dividing Light Art?Hm, just a small trick!’’

Gao Yuan was a bit disappointed since he had failed to defeat Ye Chen with the punch. However, soon he forgot that disappointment as he took another long gasp. Those lightning bolts surrounding his body suddenly shrunk and tightly attached on his skin. It formed a blurry lighting armour that was in a magnificent shape, which made Gao Yuan look like an ancient warrior who was brave and violent.

’’Damn! Gao Yuan has already gained the [Thunderbolt Armour]! It's said that once after a martial artist gained the Thunderbolt armour, the power of his or her Thunderbolt Punch will increase by fifty percent!’’ Said Qi Shaofeng with a surprised tone.

Murong Qingcheng said, ’’Ever since the last season Hidden Dragon Rank ended, everyone had been improving rapidly. The next season Hidden Dragon Rank is going to be more competitive.’’

’’That's for sure, now that the general situation of the younger generation martial artists in the South Zhuo Region is at the peak status, it's gonna be unimaginably difficult if we want a higher rank.’’

While this conversation was happening, Gao Yuan gave another great growl.

’’[Heavenly Thunderball]!’’

Before that move was made, a large piece of ground under Gao Yuan's feet began to crack and sink down, as if an invisible power had been tearing the ground apart;after that, those broken stone pieces that were paved on the ground floated up into the air, filling the entire space with countless electric bolts that flashed everywhere.

Right in the next moment!

A bright stream of light, which looked like a shooting star, swished out from Gao Yuan's palm. It was tailed by tens of meters long lightning streams that was coiled around by thick, crackling lightning bolts that were shaped like snakes. Moreover, those large stone pieces floated in the air were dragged along by those electric bolts as they swooshed towards Ye Chen, as if the entire space was pressing onto Ye Chen's head.

’’This move is more than enough to defeat an advance Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, Gao Yuan has already won.’’

’’Well, it's better this way. Those reckless kids should learn a lesson anyway. They have to know that this world is vast and their nine nations are nothing, nothing at all.’’

Even though this punch hadn't struck on Ye Chen's body yet, all the others believed that Ye Chen was going to lose the fight.

’’Still not enough!’’

Ye Chen showed a cold, fierce gaze as he spoke. His clothes rose and fluttered backwards without being blown by the wind. He gripped the Dragon Spring Sword with both hands and simply swung it down. The move he made seemed to be slow, but in fact he moved so fast and incredibly forceful. When he swung the Dragon Spring Sword, the surrounding people seemed to fall into an illusion. They all faintly felt an invisible power that had stirred the entire space and quieted everything and everyone down;the space had suddenly become so quiet that one could even hear a needle falling to the ground, the sounds of wind blowing across grasses and leaves, and even the sound of the blood flowing in the surrounding people's own body.


What broke firstly were those stone pieces and small electric bolts flowing behind the great thunderbolt. Under the effect of this sword move launched by Ye Chen, a completely invisible and great force field was created, which seemed to be able to crush the entire world. Even more dazzling thunderbolts flashed over right after those stone pieces were crushed, but a clear stream of sword light struck down towards it accurately;this tremendous, shooting star like thunderbolt looked exactly as powerful as a genuine lightning descending from the heaven, which could seemingly destroy everything in the world. However, facing that clear stream of sword light, it was easily and quickly chopped into two right from the middle.

’’He broke Gao Yuan's attack once again...with a single move...’’

Someone murmured.


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