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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 177


Chapter 177 - Unexpected Reunion

’’A sword intent that has lingered for a whole five hundred years?’’

Once that fierce and enormous stream of power had spread out, Ye Chen recognised that it was a sword intent. After all, he was also a possessor of the sword intent, and his sword intent had already nearly reached a small success. Therefore, he knew a sword intent much better than others, but that was also the reason why he was affected worse than others. Confronted by the sword intent that came from the gorge, Ye Chen's sword intent was immediately crushed, making him ooze blood out of his mouth.

Just now, Ye Chen had heard from Xu Changjian that this sword intent belonged to the Battle Emperor and had lingered in this gorge for five hundred years. He couldn't help but become dumbfounded. As a stream of sword intent that hadn't yet dissipated even after remaining in this area for an entire five hundred years, it must be even more powerful than a sword intent that had already reached a large success, and should be at an immeasurably, legendarily high level that was way beyond the large success of a sword intent.

As for what kind of sword intent it exactly was, Ye Chen had absolutely no idea.

’’Those Life and Death Realm martial artists who are capable of dominating lands are indeed terrifying. I assume only another Life and Death Realm martial artist could possibly survive the sword intent's might if it was during the time when it had just achieved its present status decades ago!’’ Wiping the blood off his mouth, Ye Chen slightly sighed out as his heart was filled with a complicated and unexplainable feeling.

'Hm?' Ye Chen's expression abruptly changed.

The broken sword that had been quietly laying inside his storage ring all this time suddenly began shaking slightly, as if something was attracting it.

Clang, clang...

The broken sword was fragmented into two pieces, one was the sword blade while the other was the hilt, with a small part of the sword blade. At this moment, both of them had swiftly flown up and smashed against the spatial barrier of the storage ring, letting out loud and metallic noises.

’’Could this broken sword be...’’

Ye Chen thought of a possibility that this broken sword belonged to the Battle Emperor, or that it was somehow related to this Natural Moat Gorge. Back in the auction, Ye Chen remembered what the auctioneer had said, that this broken sword was five hundred years old, and that was exactly when the Battle Emperor fought against another Life and Death Realm martial artist in this place.

’’Amazing! This broken sword might've possibly been the Battle Emperor's sword, now it sensed the sword intent and is attempting to break out of the storage ring.’’ Ye Chen didn't worry that the broken sword might break out of the storage ring and fly away, because the inner space of the storage ring was especially firm that a broken sword, which had already lost its power, couldn't possibly break the spatial barrier, unless it formerly possessed a sky-shattering power.

The Ocean Beast sailed past the gorge beside, and when the ship was close to the gorge, the volume and frequency of the noise made by the broken sword by smashing against the spatial barrier inside the ring increased significantly. Within a single moment, the broken sword would at least smash against the spatial barrier for tens, even over one hundred times, resulting in a wave of dazzling sparks that had even melted a few low-ranked spirit stones which were close to it.

Nevertheless, the movements within the ring only lasted a short period of time. As the Ocean Beast sailed further forwards and left the Natural Moat Gorge behind, the noise made by the broken sword gradually lowered down. Soon, the broken sword completely calmed down, silently lying in the storage ring as per usual.

Taking a deep gasp, Ye Chen thought, 'Right now, I'm not yet powerful enough to head to the gorge. But when I grow enough power, I can probably go take a look in that gorge and see if this truly was the Battle Emperor's sword. I might also find that small piece of the lost sword blade in there.'

The final destination of this Ocean Beast was the Three River City, the biggest harbour city of the Spirit Speak Nation.

In the Three River City's port.

Large groups of people had been walking inside and out, while all kinds of ships were docked including cargo ships, passenger liners and warships. The total amount was more than one hundred.

’’People, this Three River City is where one of our South Chamber of Commerce's branch chambers of commerce located, and this is our final stop. Please get ready to go ashore.’’ The Ocean Beast stopped by the river as Xu Changjian stood on deck and spoke to all passengers.

’’Eh, I'm going to the Elephant Mountain Nation, it turns out that I need to board another ship.’’

’’I'm going to the Grey Mystery Nation, but that's quite far away. I'll take a short break in this Three River City for now.’’

Only a few passengers knew beforehand that the final stop was the Three River City. Everyone else merely embarked on the Ocean beast because of its incredibly fast speed. In fact, other routes might be even shorter compared to the one they've just taken.

Ye Chen didn't directly begin his journey to the Grey Mystery Nation after getting off the ship. After all, he was still around two to three hundred thousand miles away from his final destination, and there was no need for him to rush.

Three River City was very much bustling in activities, and was also rather crowded.

Walking around the streets, Ye Chen could only see a dense mass of people everywhere.

’’Dear guest, I'm very sorry but all our rooms have already been booked. I suggest you go check out other hotels.’’

’’Dear guest, our rooms are unavailable as well. Other hotels still might have available rooms.’’

’’I am sincerely sorry, but you're right, hotels in the outer city are sold out every single day. You probably can only find available rooms in the inner city.’’

After checking seven to eight hotels consecutively, Ye Chen had failed to find an available room. He couldn't help but smile wryly. The density of population of Three River City was indeed astounding, but of course, this clearly showed that this city was thriving.

’’I should just go check the hotels in the inner city.’’

Well-known large cities usually had inner cities and outer cities, such as the Luo City, where Ye Chen's family lived in;the Happy City, where the Northwest Auction House was located;and the Gale City in the Great Devil Grassland. All of these cities had inner cities. Normally, only the nobility and especially wealthy people could live in inner cities.

After paying an excessively expensive entrance fee, Ye Chen walked into the inner city.

Compared to the outer city, the streets in the inner city were broader, but the density of population of the inner city was much lower than it in the outer city. At least, he didn't have to accidentally step on others' feet every time anymore.

’’Eh?! Ye Chen! You!’’

A voice that wasn't totally unfamiliar to Ye Chen came from behind.

Ye Chen turned around and saw the person's face. He grinned and said, ’’Lin Yue, it's been a long time. What are you doing in Three River City?’’

The young man who had just called Ye Chen's name was no one else but Lin Yue, the top-ranked disciple of the Elephant Mountain Nation's rank 7 institution, Dragon and Tiger Mountain martial school. Back in the Heaven Dream Ancient Region, he once fought against martial zombies together with Ye Chen and Leng Wuqing.

Lin Yue laughed out loud and said, ’’I was going to ask you the same thing! Our Elephant Mountain Nation is not that far, but your Windy Nation is way too far from here.’’

’’I came out for a self-tempering trip.’’

’’A self-tempering trip, hmm, such a good idea! Eh, but it's a shame that our leader said that I'm still not powerful enough to leave the school. He only told me to keep cultivating myself.’’

Ye Chen grinned. He understood the leader of the Dragon and Tiger Martial School. They had worked so hard to raise a Hidden Dragon Ranked young martial artist, there was no way that they would risk losing him before he matures.

’’I'm planning to stay in this city for one or two days, what about you?’’

’’I came for a party, why don't you come as well?! You can be counted as the most talented young martial artist amongst our nine nations. You're totally qualified to participate in this party!’’

’’What party?’’ Asked Ye Chen confusingly.

’’It's held by the Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists of this Spirit Speak Nation. All invited guests are the Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists from the few surrounding countries, and our Elephant Mountain Nation is just nearby.’’

’’I better pass. They didn't invite me anyway, it might be rude if I go without an invitation.’’

’’What are you even talking about? People always go to the party without invitations, you'll meet many of them this time too.’’

It seemed that Ye Chen had no choice but to agree in going to the party with Lin Yue.

They headed to a luxury hotel.

Lin Yue said, ’’Let's get in, the party will be held in the hotel's backyard.’’

Walking into the hotel, they straightly went through the lobby, then stopped in front of large groups of separated luxurious backyards behind the hotel's main building. The party would be held in the third backyard.

’’This way, please.’’

Waiters had been welcoming guests at the entrance of the backyard.

Lin Yue nodded, guiding Ye Chen as they walked in.

These series of luxurious backyard belonged to the hotel, and were specially made for VIP guests. Each backyard was broad and was decorated quite exquisitely with rockworks, pools, pavilions and other objects.

Walking into the magnificent backyard, Ye Chen slightly narrowed his eyes as he found over ten young people in the broad yard.

As expected, each of them was a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist. Two of them were even in the medium Clasping Yuan Realm, and had been releasing a strong Zhen Qi vibration.

’’Haha, brother Lin Yue, you're here!’’

A handsome young man who was happily chatting with others, stood up and greeted Lin Yue with an amiable smile on his face.

’’Hehe, it seems that I'm a bit late.’’ Lin Yue cupped his hands and responded, then turned to Ye Chen and said, ’’This is the organizer of this party, Qi Shaofeng, ranked 38th of the Hidden Dragon. He has stepped into the medium Clasping Yuan Realm long ago, and is very powerful.’’

Hearing him, Ye Chan gave Qi Shaofeng a measuring glance. Qi Shaofeng looked slim and gentle. He didn't have that kind of fierce gaze that is normally seen from most martial artists' eyes. Instead, he looked as friendly and warm as a spring breeze. However, Ye Chen dared not to underestimate him just because of his gentle look. All top 50 Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists were in advanced Clasping Yuan Realm back when the last season Hidden Dragon Rank competition was held. Nearly two years had passed after that, and it was totally reasonable for those people to break through the medium Clasping Yuan Realm. Without a doubt, this Qi Shaofeng was definitely an amazing martial artist.

’’I was wondering who this was, then found out this was you, Lin Yue. It's been a long time since the last time we met, I assume you've improved more or less, haven't you? If you don't have any special skills, you might get weeded out of this new season Hidden Dragon Rank competition.’’ The seemingly unruly young man beside Qi Shaofeng stood up as well, then glanced at Lin Yue and said.

Lin Yue responded, ’’Haha, I'm just an average martial artist that can't even compare to you, Gao Yuan.’’

’’Who's this one? How come I've never seen you before? You're not thinking that we're holding some kind of lame party that anyone can come, are you?’’

Lin Yue laughed out loud and explained, ’’I brought him here. He's surely qualified for this party.’’

’’Hm? Do tell.’’ Qi Shaofeng seemed a bit curious about Ye Chen as well. He believed that Lin Yue wouldn't just randomly bring a stranger to the party.

Lin Yue introduced Ye Chen to the others, and said, ’’He's the most talented young martial artist amongst our nine nations, named Ye Chen. He had even defeated Yuan Hengying once. That Yuan Hengying is still probably recovering from the battle.’’

He had defeated Yuan Hengying once?!

Hearing this, the others turned their heads around, looking at Ye Chen.

Qi Shaofeng smiled and said, ’’Yuan Hengying is an impressively powerful martial artist. You're indeed qualified for our meeting since you've defeated him once. Come, just grab a seat.’’

Facing everyone's stare, Ye Chen stayed calm and found himself a seat. Soon, beautiful waitresses served him wines and drinks.

’’I thought he was such a huge deal, but it turns out he did nothing but defeated Yuan Hengying. To be honest, your nine nations don't have any properly talented martial artists at all.’’ Gao Yuan took a sip of his tea, then spoke nonchalantly.

Sitting beside Ye Chen, Ling Yue said, ’’That guy named Gao Yuan is a bit arrogant, but he's quite powerful, ranked 47th in the last season Hidden Dragon Rank. Now he's a peak-level medium Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, and is much more powerful than Yuanheng Ying and Wo Wuxie. Apart from this, I've heard that he had some special experiences, and had even mastered a legendary martial art.’’

More or less, Lin Yue had his own purpose in bringing Ye Chen here. For example, he wanted to let the others know that, the nine nations did have talented young martial artists.

’’People, I, Mu Rong Dao Chen, am late.’’

A ringing voice abruptly came from outside, following which, a young woman in a purple dress walked in. She was about twenty years old, had a wonderfully shaped body and was wearing a veil. Although people couldn't directly see her face, merely judging from the perfect shape of her face, made people think that she was definitely a breathtakingly beautiful woman. A breeze blew through the yard, bringing an orchid-like scent from her body that was even more intoxicating than the flower aroma in the backyard.


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