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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 170


Chapter 170 - Heavenly Great Thunder Art

’’Don't even try, today, you're going to die.’’

At exactly the same moment when he let out the word 'die', Ye Chen pulled his sword out of the sheath and swung it towards Zhu Lieyang, who was ten steps away from him.

Zhu Lieyang had been preparing for this since long ago;in an instant, he boosted up the fire power contained in his Zhen Qi, which then transformed into a gigantic flame ball, wrapping his entire body. The flame ball was scorching hot, to the point where even a sparkle falling from it burned a fist sized deep hole out of the grassland, raising a dense puff of smoke.

Protected by the flame ball, Zhu Lieyang gained some confidence and thought, 'I've already reached the level nine, the highest level of this Blazing Sun Protective Art. Even if I can't block his attack entirely, he can't possibly break my defence so easily either. As for that Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer Head Elder, he was probably wounded because of carelessness.'


A pale blue stream of sword Qi swiftly hacked on the flame ball along with a terrifyingly great power;countless dazzling fire sparkles were released as it collided with the flame ball.

Before Zhu Lieyang realized what had happened, the protective Zhen Qi flame ball was shattered already, and his right arm flew out from his body.

’’I'm an elder of the Purple Sun Martial School, don't you dare kill me! You'll definitely die as well if you kill me! Our people will chase you till the end of the world!’’ His face was even twisted because of the sudden and great pain. It was only at this moment when Zhu Lieyang finally realized that Ye Chen was way more powerful than him, and he could never ever fight evenly against Ye Chen. Zhu Lieyang immediately activated all of his Zhen Qi, even temporarily forgetting about his broken arm, in order to turn around and fled at his highest speed;in the meanwhile, he yelled at Ye Chen with a hoarse voice.


Ye Chen still had an emotionless expression as he released an even stronger stream of sword Qi.

Followed by another puffing noise, Zhu Lieyang's body was split into two and blood splashed everywhere, dying a huge piece of grassland red.

’’You're defensive power was actually not bad, but still not as good as Hong Qianjun's.’’

Shaking his head, Ye Chen raised his hand into the air and slightly crooked his finger. Along with his move, Zhu Lieyang's broken right arm flew towards him. The arm was crushed as it simultaneously dissipated in the air;only a storage ring that fell in Ye Chen's hand was left.

Ye Chen injected his Zhen Qi into the ring and easily crushed the last bit of Zhu Lieyang's remaining Zhen Qi;when Ye Chen opened the storage space inside the ring, he was immediately dumbstruck.

’’This guy is pretty rich!’’ Ye Chen showed a smile.

Fifty big boxes and thirty small boxes were piled up inside the storage ring. Each big box contained a hundred thousand gold, while each small box contained ten thousand gold;apart from these boxes, a massive pile of low-ranked magic stones were also contained in the ring. Ye Chen roughly measured the pile of stone and discovered that there were at least twenty thousand pieces of low-ranked magic stones, equivalent to eight hundred thousand gold.

The other small stuff contained in the ring were not worth mentioning in Ye Chen's eyes.

Raising his head, Ye Chan looked back at the Gale City and murmured, ’’He can't be the only one sent by the Purple Sun Martial School to kill me, more powerful assassins might show up later, I should just leave here as soon as possible.

Activating the Shadow-dividing Light Art, Ye Chen moved at his highest speed. In only a few blinks of an eye, he had already moved to miles away, and in another blink, Ye Chen had already disappeared without leaving a trace.

After quite a long while, three human silhouettes darted over. Their moving speed was amazingly high;long and dense purple airwaves were tailing each of them all the way, seemingly magical and powerful.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three people landed heavily on the ground, and a few huge and deep cracks emerged on the grassland from under their feet. One of them was a middle-aged man, who had a gloomy face, another one was a malicious looking elderly man, and the last one was a sturdy man, whose face was covered in dense and thick moustache. Although the three of them looked completely different, the senses of powers released from their bodies were similarly dangerous and fierce.

The elderly man let out a series of creepy laughter and said, ’’Our speed is almost as fast as the speed of sound, that kid can never run.’’

’’Let's just keep moving.’’

The sturdy man seemed quite serious, obviously, he was the leader of this small squad. Along with his voice, all three of them leapt up and darted out simultaneously, soon disappearing into the distance.


This Great Devil Grassland was ten thousand miles in radius, and was the habitat of multiple kinds of demonic beasts, including many sixth level demonic beasts.

At this moment, a sixth level demonic beast, Black Comb Serpent suddenly showed up and blocked Ye Chen's way.

’’This serpent can move even faster than me, and is even capable of flight with its beast Qi. Fortunately, it's only a sixth level beast, equivalent to a peak-level medium Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist that I can still defeat;otherwise, today, I would have to make some effort in order to leave.’’

Standing still, Ye Chen was silently observing this Black Comb Serpent. It was over forty meters long and lying on the ground with its body coiled, causing it to look like a small hill. Each scale on its body was as big as a human head, and was pure black and shiny. There was a black comb on its gigantic head, which looked creepy and terrifying.

The serpent let out a high-pitched scream. Different from other snakes and serpents, the sounds of Black Comb Serpent was nowhere near to the hissing sounds of normal snakes. Instead, it was shrill and sharp, which sounded like infants' scream, making people literally sick.

’’Highly Condensed Qi!’’

Before the serpent made any move, Ye Chen had already launched his first attack. The Dragon Spring Sword was taken out of the sheath as it released a huge stream of sword Qi.

The serpent was immediately infuriated;it swung its thick and muscular tail sideway and bumped against the sword Qi stream, causing a thick layer of grass and soil to be sliced off the ground by its tail.

Before the sword Qi stream could deliver any effect, it was shattered by the strength of the serpent's tail;it turned into countless small streams of sword Qi and darted toward all directions.

’’It's even more powerful than the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Outer Head Elder!’’

Ye Chen's expression turned serious. Swiftly, he flashed across the air and only a Zhen Qi silhouette was left on where he was standing.


The serpent tail crushed the Zhen Qi silhouette once after it emerged;meanwhile, the real Ye Chen had already risen into the sky, stably trodding on the air as he swung his sword down, quick and clean.

’’[Higher than Above]!’’

A fierce sword Qi stream darted out while an earth-shaking thunder burst out.

A huge cute appeared on the serpent's body, and grey-red blood gushed out of it in thick streams. The serpent raised its head and let out waves of howl in pain;strong sound wave spread out immediately, shattering all surrounding grass;grass clippings were rolled up by the wind, swooshing around and hazing the entire area.

Above the cloud layer, a middle-aged man, who had a sallow face and was wearing a blue loose robe, had been pouring wine into his own mouth from a calabash while looking at Ye Chen. He grinned and said, ’’Not bad, good kid, he has reached the highest level of the Shocking Cloud Art, Sword Qi Thunder, at such a young age, and he even possessed the sword Qi. No wonder that old bastard, Xian Yunzi, asked me to protect him and clear some lowly douches on the way.’’

This man in a blue robe was Thunder Freer, an Astral Reaching Realm martial artist.

Wiping the wine drops hanging on the corners of his mouth, Thunder Freer shook his head and continued, ’’However, a Black Comb Serpent is not something that you can easily deal with, all equal level martial artists will definitely do whatever they can to avoid a frontal battle against such a serpent. The Black Comb Serpent is one of the domineering beasts of this Great Devil Grassland. It is even times more powerful than the Windy Vulture which could move at the speed of sound.’’

Back on the ground.

The serpent, which was hurt by Ye Chen, instantly had its eyes turn blood-red as it spurted a black, fan-shaped stream of light out of its jaws, aiming straight at Ye Chen.

Wherever the black light swept across, a tens of meters wide deep pit appeared on the ground, which was filled with black, sticky and stinky liquid.


Ye Chen hurriedly moved;he flashed across the air for a few times, leaving multiple Zhen Qi silhouettes in the air.

Along with a series of popping noise, those Zhen Qi silhouettes were crushed by the black light one after another.

Dodging the black light, Ye Chen landed back on the ground hundreds of meters away;he murmured, ’’It seems that I have to use the [Heart Refining].’’

While murmuring to himself, his right foot took a step forwards as he gripped the sword hilt with both hands, In the next moment, he immediately launched the move.


The sword Qi condensed into a white beam of light and darted out at an incredibly high speed, hitting on the serpent's head.

The serpent didn't have any chance to dodge as the sword light directly hacked on its head and left a huge cut, even puncturing its skull. This old and powerful serpent, which had already gained a little bit intelligence, dared not to fight back anymore;instead, it suddenly boosted up the Beast Qi which was wrapping its entire body up and sent it darting out;within a single moment, the serpent had already ran three meters away,


Let out a long breath of relief;Ye Chen was slightly startled. The serpent was only a sixth level beast, yet it was so fierce and powerful;if Ye Chen didn't have the [Heart Refining], a powerful ancient sword skill, he would be the one fleeing now, and he might not even survive.

Once the serpent ran, Ye Chen sensed something else.

Turning around, he clearly perceived three streams of incredibly powerful Zhen Qi, which had been moving towards him. These three streams of incredibly powerful Zhen Qi were even faster than the fleeing serpent, which meant, he had already lost his chance to flee.

’’Haha, die!’’

Miles away, three human silhouettes darted over. The middle-aged man, who had a gloomy face, raised his right hand and pressed on the air;followed by his move, an enormous, scorching hot Zhen Qi palm swooshed towards Ye Chen.

Facing this sudden and deadly attack, Ye Chen was startled again, however, he remained perfectly calm as he launched the [Heart Refining] once again.

A white beam of light pierced through the Zhen Qi palm and both of them exploded in the next moment.


The middle-aged man furrowed his brows. Although he had launched this move from quite a long distance, he used seventy to eighty percent of his powers, which was more than enough to smash a medium Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist. However, this kid had actually managed to block his attack. No wonder people said that he was the most talented martial artist among all nine nations.

’’We can't let him live!’’ Said the sturdy man with a cold tone.

The other two nodded. Lately, the Purple Sun Martial School had lost too many talented disciples, to the point where they were now far less powerful than the Sky Cloud Martial School. If Ye Chen survived and grew into a real powerful martial artist, the Purple Sun Martial School would never be able to suppress the Sky Cloud Martial School again, even worse, the Sky Cloud Martial School could totally subdue them;the Purple Sun Martial School could never endure this.

Moving at an amazing speed, a couple of miles only took these three people a few blinks of an eye.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All three of them landed on the grassland, staring at Ye Chen with a weird look, as if they were staring at a corpse.

’’Are you Purple Sun Martial School's people?’’ Ye Chen's look remained unchanged.

The malicious-looking elderly man gave an evil grin as he said, ’’You're pretty calm, aren't you? Hm, you can indeed become a big deal. You're right, we are leaders of the assassin group, our job is to hunt all enemies of our school down. You've become our target in such a young age, you should be so proud of that.’’

’’I'm not gonna die today,’’ said Ye Chen blandly.

’’Hehe, you don't think someone is gonna show up and rescue you, do you?’’ said the gloomy middle-aged man with a creepy smile. They were in no hurry to launch their attacks, all three of them were advanced Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists, therefore, no matter how talented Ye Chen was, he couldn't possibly defeat them all at once.

’’You probably don't know this yet. Before I left, I had a secret conversation with our school leader and the Head Elder. They said that they would send a powerful martial artist to protect me until I left the Windy Nation. If that's true, I guess that the powerful martial artist is nearby at this moment, and he will probably show up soon.’’

What Ye Chen said was true. He was deeply aware of that;although he was the most powerful one among all Windy Nation's younger generation of martial artists, compared with those older generation martial artists, he still had a long way to go. Therefore, the school leader and Head Elder arranged a powerful martial artist to protect him until he left the Windy Nation;however, Ye Chen didn't know who that person was.

’’I would like to find out where your powerful protector is hiding, hehe, get out if you hear me!’’

The middle-aged man with a gloomy face didn't believe Ye Chen's words, besides, this grassland was flat and broad. With a single glance, the surrounding area could easily be observed, and there completely nowhere to hide. If there was truly any another powerful martial artist around, they would know for sure.

Before his voice faded, a meter-thick lightning bolt suddenly swooshed down from the heaven, straightly striking on the middle-aged man.

As an advance Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, this man didn't even have a chance to struggle, before he was entirely struck into a puff of ash. A huge and nearly a hundred meter deep hole appeared on the ground from where he was standing on.

Not only Ye Chen, even both the sturdy man and the elderly man gasped deeply in shock;at this moment, each and every strand of their hair stood on end.


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