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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 165


Chapter 165 - Return

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Unwillingly, these Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders stopped fighting immediately and began gathering towards their Head Elder-six of these elders had fallen in this battle, this number was not that huge at all. As for those Sky Cloud Martial School's elders, they certainly didn't chase the enemies and gathered back around the Head Elder as well.

A small wasteland dyed in crimson blood and over ten corpses, a scene where anyone would be shocked at first glance, lied in between these two groups of people.

By now, all the others had seen the tablet held by the Rudra Martial School Head Elder, and they were all shocked as well.

’’Why on earth does the Rudra Martial School have this tablet?! They're only a rank 8 institution!’’

’’The owner of this Young Azure Dragon Tablet is not actually that terrifying, but what's behind that person is unspeakably powerful...’’

’’Exactly, the Young Azure Dragon Tablet appeared here in the South Zhuo Region, this isn't gonna be that simple. We have to warn the others about this when we get back. Tell them to not mess with the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder, don't even provoke any of their disciples. Anyone who does not listen to us will die!’’

’’Indeed, in case they make some huge, stupid mistakes and bring our institution a disaster.’’

The Head Elder of the Purple Sun Martial School popped up his eyes and gazed at the tablet held by the Rudra Martial School Head Elder;the embodiment of a cyan dragon coiling around the tablet was now spurting streams of dense smoke, and had been gazing at the world with its pair of frosty eyes, as if it was able to see through anyone's heart and shake people's souls.

’’How can it be possible?! Is she an offspring of that...person? What does she want from our Windy Nation?’’

The first person that popped into his mind was not the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder, instead it was Long Biyun, the Patriarch of the Rudra Martial School. That woman was a complete mystery, but now he finally grasped a trace of truth through layers of fog.

’’No wonder the Rudra Martial School have risen in only around ten years and became one of the five top-ranked institutions of the Windy Nation. It turns out that she's an offspring of that person...If I'm right, he had been expecting the resurgence of the Nine Evil Cult since long ago. He is just waiting for the right opportunity.’’

The Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder let out a long breath.

The Fourth Elder said worryingly, ’’I thought only a couple of not so powerful people were still alive among the remaining forces of the Nine Evil Cult, but it turns out that I was so wrong. Otherwise, that man wouldn't set a finger into the Nine Evil Cult in over ten years ago, as a preparation for what's gonna happen after today.’’

The Head Elder nodded and responded, ’’We're only a rank 9 institution, even though we're as powerful as rank 8 institutions, we are always as weak and inconsequential as a bunch of ants in those people's eyes. Therefore, we should not worry too much and mind only our own business. We won't even have a chance to deal with those big troubles.’’

’’You're right.’’

Smiling bitterly, the Fourth Elder rubbed his own jaw. He realised that he had been worrying way too much. If he took part in a battle among those people who were all in legendarily high grades, he would certainly die;a thousand martial artists at the same level as him would also die without question, even if they joined hand to hand. He should just work harder on cultivating himself and try to achieve the peak-level advance Clasping Yuan Realm as soon as possible, rather than worrying about these unpredictable things.

Going back to Luo Hanshan, Xujing and Zhu Mei, Ye Chen gave the sword back to Zhu Mei and said, ’’Senior sister, thank you for lending me your sword, it would be so much more difficult for me to defeat them if you haven't.’’

Zhu Mei grinned and said, ’’With your current power and potential, you'll soon have your own low-ranked great sword. I heard that your family possesses an inherited, legendary sword called Dead Shadow Sword. That sword is capable of breaking the air resistance and launching attacks at an amazing speed. It could even kill someone without being noticed.’’

’’Eh, that sword does exist, however, only the current Patriarch of our family can have it.’’ The Dead Shadow Sword was one of those top-grade weapons among all low-ranked great weapons. Its amazingly fast speed was its most effective features. It could allow its owner to defeat his enemies within the shortest time. However, Ye Chen had never thought about becoming the family Patriarch;after all, that was not what he wanted.

Giving a contemplating look at the tablet held by the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder, Ye Chen abruptly asked, ’’What exactly is the Young Azure Dragon Tablet? Is it some kind of big deal?’’

Lou Hanshan, who was always the most knowledgeable one among all disciples, shook his head and responded, ’’I don't know either, maybe we're not powerful enough to learn that kind of information. Look, even outer elders from all institutions don't have any idea about that tablet, only some core inner disciples seem to know a little about it, but clearly, they didn't want to tell.’’

’’No matter what, the Rudra Martial School have just done us a huge favour.’’ Ye Chen was clearly aware of that, although the Sky Cloud Martial School was as powerful as all rank 8 institutions, none of the rank 8 institutions could still compare with this rank 7 institution. Generally, the Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders were slightly more powerful than the Sky Cloud Martial School's elders;although the Sky Cloud Martial School could fight evenly against them for a short time, in a drawn-out fight, the difference between these two institutions would be quickly exposed.

Xu Jing didn't talk, she was never a talker. She only took a glance at the Emerald Martial Palace's side, finding their Head Elder who had been fearfully staring at that Young Azure Dragon Tablet for a long time, with a bleak expression.

In the middle of the battlefield, the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder gradually descended from the air, landed back on the ground and said, ’’The Heaven Dream Ancient Region is a place of magical opportunities, but it's also a region of deadly dangers. Once our disciples enters the region, they should directly face their destinies. Not to mention that you do not have evidence, even if you do, you can't just avenge your disciples carelessly. Those dead disciples are no longer geniuses, they are not worth fighting for anyway.’’

The Head Elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School yelled out harshly, ’’If we don't avenge him, the death of our top-ranked disciple would be in vain!’’

’’Since you have sent him into that ancient region, you should have well prepared for his death. If every institution acts like your Multiple Mountain Martial School and have revenge for their fallen disciples, we would have to expect a great war.’’

’’How could they even compare with Hong Qianjun?’’ Said another elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School.

’’Two of our Rudra Martial School's disciples have fallen as well,’’ said the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder while her face darkened down, ’’Now I suspect that the people who killed our disciples were from your Multiple Mountain Martial School;should I kill you all and avenge our disciples? If so, I can just use this Young Azure Dragon Tablet, and this will destroy an entire area of thousands of miles in radius of your institution.’’

’’This is...How, how could it be our disciples...’’ A voice of one of the Multiple Mountain's elders lowered down. He didn't know how to refute the Rudra Martial School Head Elder's words. If he insisted on holding against the Rudra Martial School, he might truly bringtroubles to the Multiple Mountain Martial School. The Multiple Mountain Martial School could indeed be counted as one of the most powerful institutions among the nine nations, but comparing to the Rudra Martial School's background, the Multiple Mountain Martial School wasn't even worth mentioning.

’’Alright, this ends here. We shall go back to our institutions.’’

By now, the enormous rainbow stream that had directly connected the earth and heaven had gradually faded, and the light gate was already invisible. As for when it would appear again, it would be ten years later from now.

’’Blood Evil Martial School's people, let's head back.’’

’’Formless Martial School's people, we're going home.’’

’’White Deer Martial School...’’

’’Moonlight Martial School...’’

People from all institutions hopped on their riding beasts' backs and rose into the air in groups, then soon disappeared into the thick layer of clouds in a few blinks of an eye.

The Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder snorted coldly and silently glanced at Ye Chen with eyes brimming with killing intent. He then turned around and shouted, ’’Let's go back.’’

After people from the other eight nations left, the Emerald Martial Palace and the Purple Sun Martial School people left as well. Soon, only the Rudra Martial School's and the Sky Cloud Martial School's people were left on the scene.

The Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder cupped his hands, slightly bowed to the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder and said, ’’Elder Long, we owe you a big favour. We will report every detail to our leader after we get back.’’

Similar to the Rudra Martial School's leader, the family name of the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder was also Long. In response, she said blandly, ’’I didn't do it for you, I did it for that little kid.’’

Looking at where she was glancing, the Head Elder said in surprise, ’’Ye Chen?’’

’’Indeed, he has superb talent and potential, I could barely watch him die in this unfair fight. But of course, he has to earn a bright future only by himself, none of the others can ever help him. Even any of those powerful martial artists never relied on help.’’

The Head Elder nodded. She was absolutely right, every single powerful martial artist depended on nothing else but their own power. As for those so-called geniuses who grew up under strong protection, they were all as fragile as flowers in a greenhouse, and could never truly become powerful martial artists;only people who had been through all kinds of difficulties had a chance to become a truly powerful martial artist.

’’Regarding the Young Azure Dragon Tablet, just keep it to yourselves, these kids don't need to know about it, that information won't do them any good anyway.’’ Said Elder Long.

’’I am aware of that.’’

The Head Elder was a clever and thoughtful person, thoroughly understanding many things with only a hint. If he guessed right, Ye Chen was temporarily chosen. However, he couldn't be the only chosen kid. Countless talented kids could be found in this Southern Zhuo Region and the rest of the world. Some of them showed amazing talents when they were young but turned back normal when they were older, while some ordinary kids might've abruptly turned out to be real geniuses;no one could tell which kid was truly going to become a powerful martial artist. The only way to find out was to widen the range of choice and gradually weed out those who were not qualified.

Guided by Elder Long, the Rudra Martial School's people hopped onto their riding beasts' backs and left quickly as well, heading back to the Windy Nation.

Clearing his throat, the Head Elder said, ’’None of you shall ask too much about what transpired today.’’


Ye Chen and the other three disciples nodded and said.

’’Good, let's go home.’’

Wind vultures let out shrill songs. Tens of Sky Cloud Martial School's people carried the bodies of the fallen elders and hopped onto the vultures' back. The group of windy vulture darted into the air swiftly then soon disappeared.

Ten days later, they returned to the Sky Cloud Martial School.

That night, a high-level meeting was held in the school.

The next day, Ye Chen traded what he gained from the ancient region into a stunningly huge amount of magic stones.

He wasn't going to hand the Great Mystery Art to the school, but only planned to trade another book that recorded a secret palm art;however, that great fight that had happened at the desert touched his heart, because he saw those elders risking their own lives to protect him. 'Why should I hide this book from the school? With the addition of two powerful mid-ranked Earth Realm arts, the power of Sky Cloud Martial School could certainly reach its peak-level in only a few years, or even upgrade into a rank 7 institution.'

Ye Chen had gained a lot from this journey to the Heaven Dream Ancient Region. Except for the two mid-ranked Earth Realm martial books, he had traded all the other objects for a hundred thousand pieces of low-ranked magic stones in total. With the two mid-ranked Earth Realm martial books, he made a hundred thousand low-ranked stones and six-thousand mid-ranked stones in total;if he exchanged them all into low-ranked stones, that should be four hundred thousand pieces of low-ranked stones.

With this huge amount of wealth, Ye Chen would never worry about running out of magic stones for cultivation for a very long time.

Nevertheless, what he had been worrying about was totally reasonable.

In the early Condensing Reality Realm, a martial artist only needed to consume a piece of low-ranked stone every five days for his cultivation;however, Ye Chen consumed double the amount, which was two pieces of low-ranked stones every five days.

In the medium Condensing Reality Realm, Ye Chen needed to consume two pieces of low-ranked stones every three days.

In the advance Condensing Reality Realm, Ye Chen needed to consume two pieces of low-ranked stones each day.

And in the early Clasping Yuan Realm, the number of low-ranked stones he would consume daily would be raised to ten, that meant three hundred pieces of low-ranked stones every month, and three thousand and six hundred pieces of low-ranked stones per year.

With his old savings, he could only afford three years of cultivation;after he ran out of stones, he had to complete missions for the school and earn stones, or find some valuable stuff to trade for stones, just like this time. As for how many he could earn, that would entirely depend on his dedication and luck.

In another word, once a martial artist stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm, a martial artist would no longer worry about money.


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