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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 164


Chapter 164 - Young Azure Dragon Tablet

The sandy ground sank down when Ye Chen landed heavily.

Touching his own chest, Ye Chen felt the cold, smooth and solid armour. Just like everyone guessed, he had indeed worn a low-ranked great armour under his clothes. It was one of the more relatively precious great weapons that he had traded from Leng Wuqing.

With this low-ranked great armour, Ye Chen's defensive power improved by a hundred and fifty percent when he activated his protective Qi;however, this was still not enough to keep him safe from the explosion. He still had to stay as far away from the explosion's center as much as possible;after all, the low-ranked great armour was only capable of improving his defence, it could never shield him from such a great explosion.


Leaping into the air, Ye Chen employed the last form of the Shocking Clouds Art, lithely launching another sword attack.

The protective Qi of the three Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders all shattered as great thunders bursted out resoundingly. The most powerful one amongst them remained standing, while the other two fell on the ground. It was unknown whether they were dead or alive.


Ye Chen let out a heavy breath, then threw a round pill into his mouth. He didn't pursue the surviving outer elder. Although he was now a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, his martial skills were still too low;because after a great fight, his Zhen Qi had almost ran out. Fortunately, he had the magical medicine that he found in the tomb to replenish his Zhen Qi within a moment, otherwise, he would really be in great danger.

After fighting face on against Ye Chen twice, two of the Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders were struck down and had been possibly killed;this deeply shocked the Hidden Dragon Ranked young martial artists, such as Wo Wuxie. Silently, they all began calculating the possibilities of staying unharmed if they were the ones who had been fighting against Ye Chen. The outcome of their estimations was not favorable for them at all. None of them had any chance in defeating Ye Chen, not even if they used their most powerful skills.

’’This guy is insane, even the Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders couldn't kill him. In that case, he's going to suppress me forever, god damn it!’’ Yuanheng Ying had been sitting on the ground whilst he healed himself, but his injuries could not possibly recover within such a short period of time, instead, it would take at least two to three months;during this period, Yuanheng Ying would also have to take all kinds of medicines to replenish his Zhen Qi, otherwise, it would take even longer for him to get back to his peak level.

Recalling the move that Ye Chen launched at Zhuang Fei and himself back at the palace, even now, Yuanheng Ying couldn't help but shiver. At the time, he had already launched his strongest defensive move, and yet, he still failed.

’’Yuanheng Ying, you were injured by this kid, right?’’ The Head Elder of the Sky Eagle Castle suddenly threw out this question.

Yuanheng Ying didn't want to admit it, but based on the current situation, there was no reason for him to hide the truth any further. In everyone's eyes, Ye Chen was much more powerful than Yuanheng Ying, and it was completely reasonable for Ye Chen to defeat Yuanheng Ying. Thinking of this, Yuanheng Ying, who had a dark and icy look, nodded in response, ’’Both Zhuang Fei and I were injured by him, and he also got that book. I'll make him pay for this sooner or later.’’

The Head Elder of the Sky Eagle Castle said blandly, ’’You will only focus on rest and recovery. As for revenge, don't even mention it within two years, unless you reach the medium Clasping Yuan Realm. Apart from this, the next season Hidden Dragon Rank will start in a year and a half, that means, your first priority should be improving yourself.’’

’’No! I have to kill him for what he has done!’’

’’You don't even have a chance for that. Those Purple Sun Martial School's elders will never let him live. Just like twenty years ago, and they will still do the something after another twenty years.’’

’’Purple Sun Martial School?’’ Asked Yuanheng Ying frowningly.

’’Indeed, twenty years ago, the Sky Cloud Martial School was a top rank 8 institution, only slightly less powerful than rank 7 institutions, while the Purple Sun Martial School was a medium rank 8 institution, generally weaker than the Sky Cloud Martial School. When all institutions joined hand in hand and fought against the Nine Evil Cult, the Purple Sun Martial School entrapped the Sky Cloud Martial School, made a group of Sky Cloud Martial School's elite martial artists that had been besieged by those Nine Evil Cult's warriors;most of those elite martial artists ended up dying or badly injured. After that, the Sky Cloud Martial School couldn't forgive the Purple Sun Martial School and set a similar trap, killing the old leader and a few top-ranked inner elders of the Purple Sun Martial School. Since then, an unforgivable enmity had grown between this two institutions, neither of them has ever stopped trying to destroy each other. At this stage, they're both growing power as much as they can.’’

’’Head Elder, are you saying that, the Purple Sun Martial School don't want the Sky Cloud Martial School to surpass them?’’

’’Of course, after all, the Sky Cloud Martial School have a solid foundation. Although they lost many of their powerful martial artists twenty years ago, they have never stopped cultivating younger generation martial artists. The Sky Cloud Martial School's power have already recovered to a rank 8 level in five years ago, and they were under the protection of Top Elders all the time;no institution dared to easily start a war against them. Now, a genius disciple, who can even defeat multiple Hidden Dragon Ranked young martial artists all at once, has emerged from the Sky Cloud Martial School, the Purple Sun Martial School will certainly spare no effort to kill him, by whatever possible method.’’

Hearing this, Yuanheng Ying felt a bit annoyed. He wanted to kill Ye Chen by himself so badly, yet, Ye Chen was crazily powerful and he would only die if he truly goes challenge Ye Chen.

Snorting scornfully, Yuanheng Ying murmured, ’’You're gonna die soon anyway, and I don't even need to do it myself. Let's just find out who can laugh till the end!’’

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders had a red light fire bomb, seeing that Ye Chen's strength showed no sign of dwindling after such a long while, they threw out their bombs one after another.

Instantly, three Sky Cloud Martial School's outer elders, who didn't manage to dodge in time, had been struck by a bomb right on the chest, dying immediately and falling to the ground.

’’You think only you have powerful weapons?! We do too! Blast them!’’

Some Sky Cloud Martial School's elders took out dark-cyan metal balls from their storage rings, aimed at their enemies and threw out swiftly.

Ear-piercing thunders immediately burst out, along with dazzlingly silver lightning bolts, that flashed across the air like fierce, silver serpents. A few outer elders of the Multiple Mountain Martial School were struck by the lightning bolts and killed right away, falling directly on the ground while puffs of black smoke rose from their bodies.

’’The Sky Cloud Martial School people have silver light thunderbolt bombs! Who would have thought of that?!’’

’’The thunderbolt bombs are just as powerful as the red light fire bombs. They are made from the thunder Yuan Qi of the Surprising Sky, and powerful enough to tear a small mountain apart.’’

’’Quite a few outer elders have already fallen in this battle, while those inner elders still stay fine, however, they might eventually die or get injured if this battle lasts a bit longer.’’

Such a great fight between two top-ranked institutions was not something that you could see every day, therefore, all the others didn't want to leave, and had been continuously whispering to each other with all kinds of expression.

’’[Highly Condensed Sword Qi!]’’

After taking the medicine, Ye Chen didn't waste any time to wait for Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders to attack him, instead, he darted out and launched attacks initially. But of course, he was not dumb. Rather than rushing into the group of inner elders, Ye Chen chose to go to the area where outer elders had gathered in;additionally, he released his soul power, shrouding the area five meters in radius around, in case any inner elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School come to attack him.

Breaking one outer elder's defensive Qi, Ye Chen then launched the deadly move and killed that outer elder, after that, he knitted his brows. The current situation seemed not good for the Sky Cloud Martial School! Among the outer elders, both sides had winners and losers, and the same number of them had already fallen or gotten injured. However, inner elders of the Multiple Mountain Martial School had more advantages than the Sky Cloud Martial School's inner elders. At this stage, the Multiple Mountain Martial School had already won the fight halfway through. Ye Chen clearly understood that his strength was far from enough;he could only barely deal with one Multiple Mountain Martial School's inner elder, not to mention change the overall situation.

’’If this goes on, the Sky Cloud Martial School will be crushed. I have to find a way to take out one of the Multiple Mountain Martial School's inner elders.’’

Swiftly moving around where those outer elders had been fighting in, Ye Chen swept across the entire area with his eyes, then quickly located his target. That person was now standing on the edge of a group of outer elders, and had been fighting against the Ninth Elder of the Sky Cloud Martial School. The Ninth Elder was a master of sneak attack, but in a frontal fight, he seemed to be slightly less effective. If he didn't have that low-ranked great dagger given by Ye Chen, he would be seriously injured or even killed long ago.

’’He'll be the one!’’

The Sky Cloud Martial School and Multiple Mountain Martial School had the nearly same number of inner elders, therefore, losing one inner elder could completely turn the situation around, otherwise, Ye Chen would never risk attacking an inner elder.

’’[Heart Refining]!’’

Although the last move of the Shocking Cloud Art was powerful and incredible, the [Heart Refining] was still the most powerful move of Ye Chen. The [Heart Refining] would become more and more powerful as Ye Chen's power was ceaselessly improving, and it's effect would grow greater and greater as his sword intent become more and more mature;therefore, Ye Chen could still use this move as the final attack even when he stepped into the Astral Reaching Realm. His swiftly moving body suddenly stopped. He trod on the air and swung his sword downwards.


A stream of sword Qi condensed into a beam of white light and darted out at a lightning speed.


That inner elder's protective Qi was cut open immediately, then a bloody slash appeared on his back. He let out a great howl then roared out.

’’You damn little bastard! You'll die!’’


Directly swinging his arm backwards, the inner elder launched his counterattack. A ten meters long blade Qi burst out like a thunderstorm;only after its gale cut off a huge and deep crater into the sand ground did it finally stop.

’’Ye Chen! Watch out!’’ The Ninth Elder didn't have enough time to defend Ye Chen. He could only take the opportunity that was created by Ye Chen to launch a series of fierce attacks on the enemy.

’’[Highly Condensed Sword Qi!]

When he launched the Heart Refining, Ye Chen was already well prepared for the counterattack, therefore, even though that stream of blade Qi had swooshed over at a terrifying speed, Ye Chen managed to block it. He threw out a stream of sword Qi, which was as huge and thick as a mountain, that clashed against the blade Qi.

A wave of ear-piercing noise rang out.

The Highly Condensed Sword Qi's effect was not delivered within a moment, instead, supported by Ye Chen's Zhen Qi, it lingered around the blade Qi and rapidly neutralized it. When the sword Qi dissipated, the remaining blade Qi couldn't hurt Ye Chen anymore, and it was shattered by Ye Chen with only a punch.


Ye Chen had just created a chance for the Ninth Elder. On the other side, another Sky Cloud Martial School's inner elder was sent flying into the air while vomiting blood.

Seeing this, Ye Chen had no choice but to hurriedly rushed over. His fate will be exactly the same as these elders of the Sky Cloud Martial School, that meant, if these elders were defeated completely, he could never survive on his own. However, if he tried his best, he might create more opportunities for these elders to win this fight.

However, another change happened at this time.

The Rudra Martial School's Head Elder was a beautiful lady. Seeing the Emerald Martial Palace showed no intention to intervene, she slightly frowned, then swiftly moved to the middle of the battlefield.

’’People, this fight is not necessary at all, just stop from here!’’

Hearing this, an inner elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School gave a sneer and said, ’’Who the hell do you think you are? You have no qualifications to step into this battle.’’

Currently, they were already holding a definite advantage, and they would be able to defeat the Sky Cloud definite sooner or later. None of them thought that someone else would wade in this fight, therefore, those Multiple Mountain Martial Elders turned around and glared at the Head Elder of the Rudra Martial School in anger.

Among the others, the Head Elder of the Purple Sun Martial School's face had darkened. He sniffed coldly and said, ’’The Rudra Martial School has developed for only around ten years, why is she acting so recklessly? Just let that Sky Cloud Martial School be destroyed!’’

Since there was already an enmity between the Purple Sun Martial School and the Sky Cloud Martial School from twenty years ago, the Purple Sun Martial School's people would love to watch the Sky Cloud Martial School be thoroughly crushed. However, now that the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder abruptly stepped out and tried to stop this fight, those Purple Sun Martial School's elders felt like killing her.

The face of the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder was ice-cold. From her storage ring, she took out a tablet that was one foot long and two inches thick, and was entirely wrapped by streams of cyan light;a fierce cyan dragon was embossed on the tablet, making it seem like imperatorial.

’’People, you still don't want to stop?’’

After glancing at the tablet held by the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder, the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder suddenly had a change of expression. He said word by word,, ’’Young Azure Dragon Tablet! Where did you get it?! Why do you have it?!’’

’’You don't need to know, you should just remember the name of the person who owns this Young Azure Dragon Tablet.’’

The face of the Head Elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School suddenly darkened. He then growled, ’’Multiple Mountain Martial School's people, listen to me, stop fighting!’’

’’What? Why?!’’

’’Head Elder, we're about to beat them up!’’

Many outer elders of the Multiple Mountain Martial School didn't understand why they had to stop the fight now. Only some inner elders seemed to have thought of something;just like their Head Elder, the faces of these people darkened immediately as well.


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