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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 163


Chapter 163 - Become Famous because of One Fight

An earth-shaking thunder burst out while a dazzling stream of sword Qi flashed across the air.

This move was made incredibly fast, to the point where the sword Qi stream fiercely struck on the protective Qi shield of the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Outer Head Elder, right in front of his own eyes.


The protective Qi shield was shattered as the Outer Head Elder spat out blood.

’’You?! How can this be possible?’’

After vomitting a huge mouthful of blood, the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Outer Head Elder pointed his finger at Ye Chen and yelled. He couldn't believe that he had failed to defend himself from a single sword attack launched by Ye Chen, and worse, even his protective Zhen Qi shield was shattered. Ye Chen was no one but an early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, even if he was indeed a genius, he couldn't possibly be able to defeat an elder so easily.

While yelling, the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Outer Head Elder couldn't help but let out another mouthful of blood. He still had a trace of the sword intent lingering around him. Hurriedly stepping back, the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Outer Head Elder was clearly injured, to the point where he couldn't even continue fighting.

Ye Chen sneered as he thought, ’’Both Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei combined couldn't even take this move, not to mention that you are only fighting by yourself. However, you're indeed a powerful martial artist, you could actually survive this attack.’’

’’Sword Qi and Thunder?! Did His sword Qi actually bring up a genuine thunder?! How fast could his attack be in order to achieve such a great effect?!’’

’’He is just a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, how could he possibly reach this level of the sword art? Because of the sword intent?’’

’’Exactly! Only the sword intent can improve the powers of sword skills to such a degree, with the sword intent, both speed and power can be improved by leaps and bounds.’’

Most of those people who had been watching this fight were elders of the other institutions, who were all experienced martial artists, therefore, they realised how special that sword move was. But at the first glance, none of them knew that at this moment, the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder was shocked even more badly than them.

’’This is the [Sword Qi Thunder]! The highest level of the Shocking Cloud Sword Art!’’

’’Such a great shame, I had been practising the Shocking Cloud Sword Art for so many years, but I still couldn't reach the level of [Sword Qi Thunder]. This kid is indeed the most amazing genius of our Sky Cloud Martial School for a whole century! I am willing to defend him with my own life, even if I die in this battle, that can be counted as my final contribution to our Sky Cloud Martial School!’’

’’Exactly! This kid is the biggest hope of our Sky Cloud Martial School! Anyone who wants to kill him is intending to destroy our school thoroughly! We can't spare them for their malicious attempts!’’




What Ye Chen did actually motivated the entire group of elders of the Sky Cloud Martial School, every single one of them managed to boost their Zhen Qi up and launch an even fiercer move. Some of them even broke their own limitations.

’’Damn! They are all agitated! Press their morale down! Quick! Don't let them take any advantage!’’ The Multiple Mountain Martial School's groups of elders were all taking an absolute advantage in this fight, however, within a blink of an eye, their advantage had completely vanished. Instead, waves of counterattack swooshed right through their faces without any break. All the Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders could only do whatever they could to defend themselves.

’’It's all because of that kid named Ye Chen! You! Go kill him!’’

’’If we can't kill him, he'll definitely become our deadly enemy one day!’’

The Multiple Mountain Martial School only had one more inner elder than the Sky Cloud Martial School, none of them could break out from the series of fierce attacks and attack Ye Chen at this moment. As such, a few powerful outer elders were sent to kill Ye Chen.

’’You rats!’’

The Fourth Elder swept the spear across the air, which struck the two Multiple Mountain Martial School's inner elders back, then he turned around and intended to help Ye Chen.

’’Don't even try!’’

With the low-ranked great spear, the Fourth Elder was now only slightly less powerful than the Head Elder. At this moment, another Multiple Mountain Martial School's inner elder, who was relatively more powerful, blocked the Fourth Elder's way. All the others from this two institutions had joined the fight as well. Within the area that had a radius of over ten miles, strong power streams had darted off everywhere as puffs of sands rose into the air, causing the sky to darken.

’’He is now famous because of this fight,’’ said the 'Prince Devil', Leng Wuqing, while letting out a faint smile. The other Brute Devil Martial School's disciples looked at him confusingly, wondering what had happened to their senior brother, who had always been extremely cold and bland, seemingly unable to smile.

Without a doubt, Ye Chen would become so famous among all the nine nations after this fight, and after a while, martial artists of the South Zhuo Region or other nations might even hear his name. He had injured the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Outer Head Elder pretty badly with only one sword attack, that, even many Hidden Dragon Ranked young martial artists couldn't possibly do it. No one would even think that before this fight, Ye Chen was no one but an ordinary kid.

Among the Emerald Martial Palace's group of people...

Liu Wuxiang and Ji Xueyan were both dumbfounded. Ye Chen's rapid and terrifying improvement had made both of them feet helpless for the very first time in their lives. He used to be so average and ordinary, but now the talent and power he had shown in the fight had thoroughly shocked everyone.

Facing three Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders, who were darting towards him swiftly, Ye Chen neither took a single step back or tried to dodge. Instead, he said with a resonant voice, ’’Only three? Not enough!’’

’’Shut up!’’

’’Reckless little bastard!’’

’’You'll die right now!’’

Badly infuriated by Ye Chen, these three outer elders growled out. Judging only from their strength and cultivation, these three were no worse than inner elders of the Multiple Mountain Martial School. They firmly believed that they could undoubtedly kill Ye Chen with their strength combined, but Ye Chen had just teased them. They couldn't help but instantly release a fierce killing intent as well as streams of pure Zhen Qi, raising clouds of sands that looked like the end of the world.

’’[Mountain-Shattering Stamp]!’’

’’[Ten Shadow-Splitting Blade]!’’

’’[The Natural Qi]!’’

All three of then launched their move immediately, sending out waves of fierce power streams towards Ye Chen;countless hue and deep slashes appeared on the ground right away.

’’[Clear the Sky]!’’

Ye Chen was never a fan of rules, he always added his own ideas into his sword moves. Originally, after launching this move, a stream of sword Qi would rose into the air, stirring the airwaves to form a tornado that would attack the enemy, but this time, Ye Chen put himself in the core of the tornado. By standing there, he couldn't even feel a breeze;moreover, the sandy tornado had firmly wrapped him up and constructed a natural and powerful defence. Standing inside the tornado, Ye Chen let out more streams of sword Qi.

Sword Qi darted out from all directions, swiftly flashubf across the air at a lightning speed;even more terrifying was, with the rotational acceleration provided by the tornado, that sword Qi didn't only darted out towards every direction, but also became sharper and more destructive.


One of the three Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders, who were slightly less cautious, had one of his arm chopped off by a stream of sword Qi, causing him to let out a great howl.


’’Step back!’’

The other two were forced back quickly as well.

At this stage, all those audiences had lost the capability to describe their feelings.

Some said, ’’This kid can make his moves in whatever way he wanted, that is just amazing. He'll certainly become a marvellous martial artist in the future. Oh, but of course, he has to survive first.’’

’’Those disciples who were ranked before thirty or fifty in the last season of the Hidden Dragon Rank Tournament had already grown mature, and they won't be afraid of the older generation martial artists anymore. If this kid is given more time, he'll probably achieve that level too.’’

’’It is still too early to say this. After the Clasping Yuan Realm, a breakthrough will become more and more difficult, that means he won't be able to gain a sudden and great improvement, unless he has a fortuitous encounter.’’

’’You're right. This Heaven Dream Ancient Region can be counted as a public great opportunity, otherwise, they could never step into the Clasping Yuan Ream so quickly.’’

’’The world is vast, broad and nearly boundless. Noone knew exactly how big this world was. Hundreds of billions of people had been living in this world, if one genius can be found among every ten-million people, millions of geniuses are expected to exist in this world. Not every single one of those geniuses could become a legend, once they ran out of talent, they could only work harder and harder and accumulate as much power as they could. However, to cultivate as a martial artist meant that one had to try to go against the heavens;perhaps, when you finally managed to accumulate enough power, you have already run out of time for your further cultivation, and you could only feel shame for yourself.’’

’’However, a very few amount of people could always stay extremely lucky, gaining a great opportunity before their talents ran out, letting them achieve an amazingly great improvement within a short time. Those people become one of the rulers of the world. Such as the Mysterious Queen, who had been dominating a piece of land;she had stepped into the Life and Death Realm at the age of thirty-five and became one of the most powerful martial artists in this world, gaining an equal status with the Void Emperor, Dragon Emperor and Evil Emperor. She could live for a thousand years and she could easily rebirth from a single drop of blood, not a single ordinary method could actually kill her.’’

’’Therefore, a great opportunity is an essential part of a legendary martial artist's life, and almost no one could achieve the top level without a great opportunity. If anyone managed to reach the top without a great opportunity, he or she could be counted as a total miracle because of their limitless talents;after all, all of our talents had its own limitations, only the word 'miracle' could be use to describe a person with limitless talents.’’

’’[Limitless Fierce Clouds]!’’ ’’[The Sword of Fleetness]!’’ ...

Ye Chen launched the Shocking Clouds Sword Art's moves one after another and continuously forced the three Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders back. While stepping back, the three elders' clothes were all gradually dyed red with blood.

When the three of them were about to die under Ye Chen'ss word, one of them abruptly took out a dark-red iron ball from his storage ring as he showed a twisted and malicious look.

’’Shameless! In addition to bullying one kid in a group, they are going to use the red light flame bomb!’’

’’These few people are humiliating the Multiple Mountain Martial School.’’

’’This kid is in danger. One red light fire bomb could easily kill an ordinary early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, and iit could even hurt a medium Clasping Yuan Realm severely.’’

’’Once he get injured, he would truly fall into a fatal situation.’’

Many elders from the other institutions disdained the few Multiple Mountain Martial School's outer elders for their movements, however, they didn't think that Ye Chen would be killed by the bomb either. Geniuses always had their own defensive skills, nevertheless, the situation of this fight would instantly reverse once this bomb caused a serious injury to Ye Chen.


This outer elder yelled out while injecting his Zhen Qi into the bomb as he threw it out;his face went even twisted when he did that. The bomb swiftly darted to Ye Chen, letting out an ear-piercing swishing noise.


A raging fire swooshed up along with a thunderous boom, spreading out in no time and covering a huge area. Despite of the fact that Ye Chen could move at an amazing speed, he still couldn't leave the bomb's attack range in time. A stream of flame bumped against his body, which sent him flying into the air.

’’Brother Ye!’’

Zhu Mei, Xu Jing and Luo Hanshan shouted out simultaneously.

When the Sky Cloud Martial School's elders saw this as well, their faces instantly turned deadly pale.


Nimbly and stably landing on the ground, Ye Chan gave a faint smile and said, ’’Is this all you've got? Then you're gonna die for sure.’’

’’What the hell?! He's not hurt at all!’’

’’How could that even happen?! The red light fire bomb is made from the pure fire Yuan Qi collected from the Surprising Sky! Although it's not that powerful, but it could at least wound that kid pretty badly!’’

The outer elder who threw the bomb out just now couldn't even believe what he saw. He yelled to the other two outer elders, ’’Come on! The school have given each of us a fire bomb before we left, don't save it, threw them out and kill this kid!’’

In the past, the Multiple Mountain Martial School elders as well as a few elders from the other institutions had discovered the remains of an ancient institution, which had quite a lot red light fire bombs buried in it. They divided up those bombs evenly after that. However, no one knew the producing method of this kind of fire bomb, not even Astral Reaching Realm martial artists could produce it, therefore, they were quite precious. This time, those outer elders of the Multiple Mountain Martial School got one red light fire bomb each, only because they were sent to escort those top-ranked disciples to this ancient region. Otherwise, the school would never give each of them a rare fire bomb;the Multiple Mountain Martial School had given all of red light fire bombs in the storage out, and had reminded those elders that they were not to use these bombs unless they have to. In that way, these bombs could still be saved for thedisciples.

’’Okay, this will definitely finish him!’’

They had already lost their dignity as martial artists. At this moment, the only thought left in their minds was to kill Ye Chen.

Boom! Boom!

Another two sky-shattering booms happened in a row, along with which, an ocean of flame shrouded an even bigger area.

Launching the [Crane Shadow Step], Ye Chen immediately moved away from the center of the two explosions. He was only slightly struck by explosive shock waves. Suddenly, a round Zhen Qi shield appeared around his body and began glowing, which seemed to have a crystal-like lustre.


The Zhen Qi shield was twisted by the strong explosive shock waves, and then the great explosive force bounced Ye Chen into the air.

’’Ordinary Zhen Qi shield could never do this! But that doesn't look like any defensive skill...’’

’’Can it be a low-ranked great armour?!’’

’’It's possible! Low-ranked great armours are relatively more precious among all low-ranked great weapons. Although they are not actually indestructible, those armours are way stronger and sturdier than ordinary Zhen Qi shields and defensive skills. Besides, he was not even directly hurt by the bombs. He was only affected by the shock waves. It's probably why he is completely unharmed.’’

Some knowledgeable elders among the other institutions guessed tha Ye Chen was wearing a low-ranked great armour, which could largely boost his defensive power up, and more or less, help him survive the explosions without a hitch.


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