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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 162


Chapter 162 - The War has Begun

The great pressure didn't affect Ye Chen at all, because he was now shrouded by the fierce sword intent. Ye Chen remained perfectly calm as he responded, ’’I have never heard about him.’’

’’Nonsense! Our Multiple Mountain Martial School's top-ranked disciple, Hong Qianjun, is a famous Hidden Dragon Ranked young martial artist. How can you possibly never hear anything about him? You might be the one who murdered him!’’

’’Head Elder, please don't talk too much. Just take him back, then we'll run an interrogation later.’’

’’Exactly, I don't think he could still remain so calm after our interrogation.’’

’’No need to do all those troubles! Let's just take this kid ours for good!’’

All the Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders looked malicious and violent, they had never thought of letting Ye Chen go, even if Ye Chen was not the murderer, being suspicious was more than enough.

’’Since when could you bully our Sky Cloud Martial School's disciple like this?’’ An equally strong sense of power rose from the body of the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder as well. He walked out of the group step by step, while staring at the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder. The eyes of the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder were not as beady as the young people, yet his gaze was as sharp and fierce as iron thorns.

An inner elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School heard the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder and responded scornfully, ’’Who do you think you are? Our Multiple Mountain Martial School is an influential institution. We think that one of your disciples might have murdered our top-ranked disciple, so we have to take him back with us, no one can stop us! You better do whatever we say, otherwise, you'll bring a disaster to your Sky Cloud Martial School, and you can only be regretful for that.’’

Standing beside the Head Elder, the Fourth Elder popped up his eyes in rage and growled, ’’Ridiculous! We have our dignity as a martial school, we will never hand Ye Chen to you! Don't even think about it, if anyone of you dared to touch him, you will die!’’

The Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder scoffed coldly, and at the same time, the sand below him sank down under the great pressure released from his body. He said, ’’You? I can chop you to pieces as easily as killing a dog!’’

He turned his head to Ye Chen and continued while waving his hand, ’’Kid, come over here!’’


Followed by his voice, a terrifying great suction spread out from his palm. Affected by the suction, the sand around Ye Chen instantly rose into the air, drawing towards the Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder in a funnel shape. Ye Chen lost control of his own body as he got dragged forward along with those sand.


A stream of flame burst out of Ye Chen's spearhead along with an indestructible firm determination, fiercely hacking on the air in front of Ye Chen, and cutting off that stream of suction.


The Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder furrowed his brows. He moved his left hand slightly backwards and boosted the suction up. The suction grew two times greater than before, that it even caused a ten-meter deep pit around Ye Chen.

’’You have already pushed it too far! Stop!’’

The Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder was infuriated. He suddenly took a step forward and released a tremendous amount of Zhen Qi, firmly enveloping the entire space around Ye Chen. After which, no matter how strong the suction became, Ye Chen couldn't feel anything.

’’You're courting death!’’

A yellow, gigantic Zhen Qi palm silhouette abruptly swooshed out towards the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder. Wherever it swept across, the sand would be detonated, sending out meters thick and tens of meters tall sand columns one after another.

The Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder launched the first attack, the [Mountain-Shattering Stomp]. It was similar to the skill Hong Qianjun was practicing. His Mountain-Shattering Stomp was a lot more powerful than Hong Qianjun's move, that a single strike he launched was literally powerful enough to shatter a mountain and split the ground.

’’[Purple Light Paradise]!’’

The clothes of the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder rose as he fluttered in the air without being blown by the wind. He slightly lowered his body as he seemingly slowly moved his arm, yet swiftly thrusted his finger out to launch his move. Followed by a sizzling noise, a huge purple stream of light swooshed out of his finger and quickly condensed into a dazzling beam of light, instantly puncturing the yellow and huge palm silhouette, squeezing out an ear-piercing and metal clashing noise.

’’Look! The Sky Cloud Martial School and the Multiple Mountain Martial School are fighting!’’

’’The Multiple Mountain Martial School is so unreasonable, they can't even prove that the Sky Cloud Martial School's disciple is the murderer, but they still insist on taking that kid away. Clearly, the Multiple Mountain Martial School is not showing any respect to the Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

’’You're absolutely right, back to the Multiple Mountain Martial School, that kid would certainly confess to false charges under torture, even worse, they might kill him directly.’’

’’The Multiple Mountain Martial School is a rank 7 institution of the mid-ranked nation, Seven Mystery Nation. They're powerful and influential and had been acting like this all the time. We can only say that the Sky Cloud Martial School have caught such a bad luck...’’

’’Hehe, I think that the Sky Cloud Martial School is gonna suffer pretty badly this. An amazing genius emerged from a rank 9 institution, you can't say that the other institutions won't be jealous to them for that. It's also hard to tell if the Multiple Mountain Martial School is holding some ideas...’’

’’Hm, to be honest, even I am jealous of that kid. Have you seen that move he did just now? That move certainly contained sword intent! I assume that this is the reason why he managed to pass the trial and perhaps have gained some treasures from the palace.’’

The other elders were either a bit angry or sighing in regret, but of course, most of them were jealous of the Sky Cloud Martial School, wondering why such a genius who had attained the sword intent didn't emerge from their institutions.

’’All of you, move!’’


’’How dare you fight back!’’

This time, the eleven inner elders of the Multiple Mountain Martial School had come, along with tens of outer elders. All of them were above medium Clasping Yuan Realm. Seeing the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder launching his counterattack, those Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders couldn't hold their anger anymore as they all shouted out.

’’All Sky Cloud Martial School's martial artists, launch your moves!’’

Hearing the Head Elder, the Fourth Elder gave a resonant growl. A raging flame suddenly burst out of his body, which even grilled the sand around him into black crystals.

’’Fourth Elder, take the spear!’’

Blood boiled inside Ye Chen's body, but his mind stayed perfectly clear. Whether in terms of personal power or compositive level, the Multiple Mountain Martial School's groups of elders were slightly better than the Sky Cloud Martial School's elders. Fortunately, although the Sky Cloud Martial School was a rank 9 institution, they were still as powerful as those rank 8 institutions, which meant that they were only a grade lower than the Multiple Mountain Martial School, and could never be easily defeated by the Multiple Mountain Martial School. Ye Chen always knew that the Fourth Elder had fire quality Zhen Qi, therefore, this iron spear suited him perfectly. Without any hesitation, Ye Chen threw the spear to the Fourth Elder.

’’Low-ranked great spear?’’ Gripping the spear with one hand, the Fourth Elder instantly sensed the great flame power contained in the spear, making him laugh out loud. Many great powerful weapons existed in the world, but the number of the martial artists was even bigger. A lot of Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist had a perfect suited weapon, and the Fourth Elder was one of them. Now holding this low-ranked great spear, he wouldn't even be afraid of peak-level advance Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists.


The iron spear was violently swung across the air, causing a stream of raging fire to swoosh out of the spearhead and spread out. The raging fire turned into an ocean of flames, instantly striking two Multiple Mountain Martial School's inner elders who were darting over.

’’Seventh Elder and Ninth Elder, a dagger and a short blade for you two!’’ Ye Chen threw out the two weapons while shouting. The Ninth Elder was a master of blade skills, while the Seventh Elder was an excellent assassin. The low-ranked great dagger and low-ranked short blade Ye Chen traded from Leng Wuqing just suited them perfectly.

’’You found three low-ranked great weapons?!’’

’’You know not all of us have great weapons. Only a few of us could find suitable weapons from the school's storage, but a not suitable great weapon is no better than ordinary weapons. For example, an ordinary sword will be much better to a sword artist, than a low-ranked great blade.’’

’’Hm, a suitable weapon is precious, they'll accompany us for our entire life.’’

All the others who had been watching this abruptly started fight gasped deeply in shock.

Last time, Lin Qi successfully bid the low-raked great blade, 'air-splitting blade', in the North-West Auction plaza. This was all because their inner elders, who mastered blade skills, didn't want to compete against him. After all, Lin Qi would certainly become a pillar of the North Snow Martial Academy one day, and those elders had to take good care of him. As for the elders from the other institutions, who didn't really need to take care of Lin Qi particularly, once they put the bid, the elders of the North Snow Martial Academy would definitely follow-up to buy the blade and give it to Lin Qi as reward. Therefore, the elders would usually only like to go to big-scale auctions that had all kinds of great treasures;small-scale auctions were mainly for disciples who came from all institutions.

’’Amazing blade!’’

’’Nice dagger!’’

The eyes of both elders instantly shone as a wide grin appeared in their face.

In fact, Ye Chen had another low-ranked great blade, but that was stored in his storage ring, and his storage ring was inside the Head Elder's storage ring. He couldn't disturb the Head Elder at this moment, because a slight carelessness during a fight could make a powerful martial artist lose. If he disturbed the Head Elder and caused him lose the fight just because he wanted to take his storage ring out, that would be a great frustration for the entire group. Ye Chen was clearly aware of that.

The fight between the two institutions had started and nearly a hundred medium Clasping Yuan Realm artists began launching their moves, creating an incredibly terrifying scene. However, only thirty percent of them possessed low-ranked great weapons, while the others were only fighting bare handed or with ordinary weapons. All they could rely on were their own martial knowledge and skills.

’’Kid, die!’’

Suddenly, a Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders darted to Ye Chen and threw out a heavy kick.

Boom! The ground sank down layer by layer. Ye Chen didn't have a sword, and he could only launch the [Crane Shadow Step] with all of his strength to swiftly move back;he didn't dared to launch any counterattack.

’’Don't run!’’

This was the outer Head Elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School, a peak-level medium Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, and was half a step away from becoming the inner Head Elder. Facing his full-strength attack, Ye Chen didn't have a chance to fight back unless he had a sword. As such, he could only try to dodge.

’’Brother Ye, catch this sword!’’

Seeing that Ye Chen was in danger, Zhu Mei hurriedly threw her Fragrant Plum Sword to Ye Chen. As for Xu Jing, who had always been a passionate warrior, she didn't launch her move this time, instead she chose to stand still and shield both Luo Hanshan and Zhu Mei, in case the enemy launch a surprise attack on them.

’’Nice sword!’’ Ye Chen swung his arm backwards and gripped the flying sword without even turning his head around, as if he had eyes on the back of his head.

A great sword could actually do very limited help to a sword artist. At most, it could slightly improve the effectiveness of their attack, but it couldn't reverse the whole situation. However, the most important quality about a great weapon was that they were especially solid and nearly indestructible. The higher the grade a martial artist reach, his or her Zhen Qi would become fiercer and more violent, to the point where ordinary weapons could no longer sustain the flow of the great Zhen Qi, causing it to break. In the Astral Reaching Realm, Zhen Qi would condense into Zhen Yuan, which could crush or detonate any ordinary weapon with a single touch, therefore, only ranked great weapons could allow Astral Reaching Realm martial artists to release their Zhen Yuan powers. Compared to low-ranked great weapons, mid-ranked weapons would be even better.

’’You can't change anything even if you now have a low-ranked great weapon in your hand, you'll die anyway!’’

The outer Head Elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School gave a malicious grin as he leapt into the air and launched eighteen kicks in a row. Every single kick attack he launched was as heavy as a small hill, swooshing towards Ye Chen. It seemed to crush the entire desert along with Ye Chen.

’’[Clear the Sky]!’’

Zhu Mei's sword was long and slim. It wasn't really a good fit for Ye Chen's sturdy body shape, but it was already much better than the low-ranked great spear and his Hidden Cloud Sword. Holding the sword with his right hand, Ye Chen abruptly swung it downwards and left a dazzling arc in the air.

Followed by a series of sizzling noise, a thin yet forceful stream of sword Qi straightly rose into the air, stirring the air and forming a gigantic tornado. It rolled up a giant amount of sand and turned into a sandy tornado, which was even more terrifying. Letting out thunderous roars, the sandy tornado bumped against the eighteen streams of kicking power.


The sandy tornado was shattered and all the sand fell down from the air as it blotted the sky. Meanwhile, the eighteen streams of kicking power dissipated in the air as well.

’’You'll lose!’’

Holding the Fragrant Plum Sword in hand, nothing could suppress the sharp and strong sense of power released from Ye Chen's body at this moment. It was just like the sharpest sword in the world, which was able to split the entire sky into pieces. Ye Chen showed a fierce gaze as he once again raised the sword. His sandy tornado was shattered easily, but he didn't care at all. He only slightly stomped his foot on the ground and nimbly sent himself up into the air. After which, the Fragrant Plum Sword was abruptly swung down, without even bringing up a single airwave.

’’He launched that move!’’

Yuanheng Ying's and Zhuang Fei' hearts started beating madly, both of them were defeated by this move, which had left absolutely no space for them to defend themselves.


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