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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 161


Chapter 161 - Coming Out

’’You say 'we shouldn't let ourselves be stuck with details', but I would like to know how we should share that book?’’

’’Let's do it half and half. You memorize half, I'll memorize half.’’

’’Then it's settled.’’

Swiftily flashing across the room swiftly, Yuan Heng dodged all the white flames spurting out of the floor while bursting out countless eagle silhouettes out of his body one after another;a group of enormous eagle silhouettes nearly shrouded the entire flat as they roared towards Ye Chen.

Seeing this, Zhuang Fei understood that Yuanheng Ying had accepted the deal, therefore, he hurriedly boosted up his Zhen Qi to his limits and solidified the mountain silhouette, making it look like a crystal mountain. Afterwards, he let out another wave of flowing palm power streams, which immediately joined the group of eagle silhouettes swooshing towards Ye Chen.

’’Today, the both of you will be leaving parts of your body before you can go out.’’

Ye Chen didn't step back, instead, a sharp yet tremendous stream of power rose directly into the air, as if the most powerful sword in the world was coming out of the sheath to slaughter the entire world.


Activated by the great sword intent, the flame on the spearhead extended into the air, then began changing its shape;eventually, it transformed into a blazing flame sword, letting out a long and shrill roar while hacking on weakest area between the wave of palm power streams and the group of eagle silhouettes.

An ear-piercing noise, which sounded like a piece of clothing being torn apart, came from the air. Ye Chen's flame sword was incredibly powerful, it had managed to break the massive joint attack launched by Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei.

Yuanheng Ying, who had just leapt onto the flat, was thoroughly shocked. Ye Chen was even more powerful than he thought. Ye Chen could actually block such a powerful attack by using the spear as a sword;if he had a low-ranked great sword, there wouldn't be a fight at all!

Fortunately, what Ye Chen was wielding was just a spear, it would never change into a real sword.

’’Zhuang Fei, stop hesitating! We can never defeat this kid without launching our most powerful move, he might kill us if we keep fighting like this.’’ While speaking, Yuanheng Ying took a slight step sideway, then suddenly let out a great dark-cyan stream of Zhen Qi. From within, a pair of gigantic eagle claws emerged, they were in a dark-cyan colour and had been releasing a primitive and violent sense of power. They could even scare an ordinary person to death.

’’[Flush the Mountain]!’’

Hearing this, the mountain silhouette that had been protecting Zhuang Fei suddenly collapsed into a tsunami-great stream of water. The amazing stream of water stream flushed around Zhuang Fei's body, and it seemed it would swoosh out anytime and destroy every single thing on its path.

It turned out that the [Mountain and Water Great Art] could not only serve as a defensive art, but could also transform into a full-strength attack. This offensive skill was called [Flush the Mountain], by launching this move, the martial artist could transform the power of the defensive mountain into a flood and attack the enemies. However, although this offensive skill was indeed amazingly powerful, launching this move meant that the defensive power of the martial artist would become especially weak, and this could provide an opportunity for the enemy to launch a counterattack. As for the full-strength defensive move of this art, Zhuang Fei hadn't achieved that yet as that required the martial artist to reach the ninth-level of this art;otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn't be able to break his mountain silhouette with a just single spear attack.


Absolutely sparing no effort, both of them launched their most powerful move.

The pair of horribly gigantic eagle claws seemed to tear the entire sky apart while swishing towards Ye Chen. This attack was closely followed by a roaring wave of palm power streams, like a genuine tsunami, even more terrifying than before.

A series of thunderous sounds burst out. Ye Chen's iron spear was two-meter and three feet long, and in addition to the flame sword attached on the spearhead, it was now four meters long. Ye Chen swung the spear across the air, and along with his move, the flame sword let out shreds of flames, hacking on the pair of gigantic claws and those palm power streams, creating countless sparks of fire.

Soon after, Ye Chen abruptly flicked the spear;a shocking wave spread out from the spear, pushing the pair of huge claws away, and at the same time, the flame sword darted out from the spearhead, shooting towards Zhuang Fei like a shooting star.

’’Damn it!’’

Zhuang Fei yelled out. At this moment, his defensive power was weaker than ever;he would certainly die once the flame sword hit on his body. Zhuang Fei had no time to hesitate as he launched two streams of palm power as fast as he could, striking against the flame sword.



The two streams of palm power were shattered one after another, and at the same time, the flame sword dissipated in the air, transforming into a raging fire which wrapped Zhuang Fei's entire body.

While Ye Chen was concentrated on attacking Zhuang Fei, Yuanheng Ying was preparing to launch another deadly move. However, before he could even launch his move, a fierce explosive power suddenly struck him from under his feet and nearly blew him out of the flat. Fortunately, he had already boosted his Zhen Qi as much as he could, which allowed him to defend against that explosive power by just stomping his feet against the ground.

’’That was close.’’ Yuanheng Ying silently sighed in relief. That explosive power couldn't harm him, but it was more than enough to push him out of the flat. The other part of this room was filled with traps, if he failed to react in time, he could have been hit by that white flame, which was spurting out from the ground. That would either kill him or threw him out of the palace, but he wouldn't accept either of these two options.

Ye Chen was silently sighing as well. He just used the secret skill [Earth Explosion] he gained from the Bloody Butcher. However, it was too weak to hurt Yuanheng Ying. Before, this secret skill had helped him a lot in all kinds of fights, but now it wasn't even useful against his opponent. This Mortal Realm skill couldn't even scratch Yuanheng Ying, who had an Earth Realm protective skill.


The flame was torn apart and Zhuang Fei walked out. Except for a dark face, Zhuang Fei looked quite fine. However, by now, both Zhuang Fei's and Yuanheng Ying's hearts began beating. Ye Chen was far more powerful than they expected him to be. Ye Chen could even take an advantage when facing both of them, if they didn't have their own secret powerful moves, they might have already been defeated by Ye Chen. However, with the current situation, neither of them still believed that they could defeat Ye Chen merely with their own secret moves.

At this moment, Ye Chen stood perfectly stable on the flat while launching his final attack.

’’[Shocking Clouds Higher than Above]!’’

With the spear held by his right hand, he slashed it down without any extra movements, not even making the slightest noise or a single spark of fire. Ye Chen launched the move as simple as flipping a cloud.


A thunderous explosion resounded.

This attack was strangely simple, however, it had generated a terrifying power, just like a sudden and destructive thunderstorm that happened on a perfect sunny day! It wa an attack that could destroy a person both physically and mentally.

Did either Zhuang Fei and Yuanheng Ying had the chance to dodge? Both of them were slashed by the scorching red spear light stream, which shattered their protective Qi, causing them to cough out a mouthful of blood as they were thrown off of the flat.

The purely white flame spurted out from the ground and both of them instantly disappeared.

On the flat...

Ye Chen shook his head. It turned out that the white flame couldn't kill a person, but could only send people out of the palace. This was the best result anyway, it was better not to kill any of them right now, because currently, the Sky Cloud Martial School wasn't strong enough to take this responsibility. After all, both the Sky Eagle Castle and the Emerald Martial Palace were rank 7 institution, and were powerful enough to crush a lower ranked institutes. Neither of these two institutions would be willing to forgive the person or the institution who had killed their top-ranked disciple.


The gate of light opened once again, and from which, two silhouettes darted out.

’’Yuanheng Ying!’’

’’Zhuang Fei!’’

The Elders of the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School and the Emerald Martial Palace shouted out simultaneously, however, they were all immediately dumbfounded when they saw the bleeding and bruised faces of Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei, not to mention those wounds on their bodies.

’’Ying, what happened? Who did this to you?’’ Asked the Head Elder of the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School with a dark face.

’’Head Elder, let's take later.’’ Yuanheng Ying didn't want to tell the truth in front of all these people;that would be extremely humiliating. Two Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists had been beated to vomitting blood by a kid and nearly died. No matter how they tell this story, that would be a huge humiliation and would affect the two institutions' reputation.

Zhuang Fei did exactly the same.

In the Evil Blood Martial School's group, Wo Wuxie was surprised. Yuanheng Ying was as powerful as him, and Zhuang Fei was a marvellous as well, how did they got hurt? Have they fought each other? This seemed to be the most reasonable explanation.

’’Just wondering who got the rest of the two treasures.’’

Wo Wuxie felt a bit ashamed, if only he knew that Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei were in the palace searching for treasures, he could still take a shot for another two treasures or even one.

The light gate once again opened and another silhouette darted out.

’’Who is it?!’’

’’Who else is inside? All Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists had already come out!’’

’’Is it the one who wounded Zhuang Fei and Yuanheng Ying?’’

All the elders began taking guesses as the Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders popped up their eyes and stared at the silhouette;they earnestly wished that person would be Hong Qianjun who had gone missing all this time.

Only the Sky Cloud Martial School's people clearly knew that the last one who came out of the palace was Ye Chen. As for Hong Qianjun, he was dead, killed by Ye Chen long ago, there was no Hong Qianjun in this world anymore.


That silhouette landed on the sand, wearing a pale blue long outfit. His sleeves were decorated with unique patterns which only belonged to the Sky Cloud Martial School.

’’Sky Cloud Martial School's disciple!’’

Most of the people were confused. They had thought of many possibilities, but none of them thought that the last one to come out of the palace would be a Sky Cloud Martial School's disciple. They didn't even this kid nor did they heard his name before.


He was the last one to come out through this gate. That meant he had passed the trial and was involved in the treasure search. Moreover, he came out without even the slightest wound.

Could he be the one who had hurt both Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei?

No, he couldn't be. Some elders shook their heads. They would rather die than believe that the two Hidden Dragon ranked martial artists were injured by this kid.

The Multiple Mountain Martial School's Head Elder showed a frosty look, no one knew what was going on in his head.

’’Brother Ye, you came out!’’ Luo Hanshan sighed in relief and said. The trial was made even harder because Ye Chen needed to compete against other others who had also passed the trial in order to gain those treasures. Therefore, Luo Hanshan had been worried about Ye Chen's life all the time.

Ye Chen nodded as he quickly came over and joined the group.

The Head Elder looked at him with a smile and asked, ’’Are you alright?’’

’’Perfect.’’ Ye Chen responded while glancing at Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei.

’’Good, you're not injured at all. Ah, is it you who injured Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei back in there?’’

Ye Chen hesitated shortly before nodding his head.

’’You did that?’’ All the other elders of the Sky Cloud Martial School took a long gasp of shock.

Luo Hanshan laughed and said, ’’Brother Ye had stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm and had become a lot stronger than before. It's not a big deal for him to wound Yuanheng Ying or Zhuang Fei, on the contrary, it would be strange if he couldn't.’’

Luo Hanshan thought Ye Chen had defeated Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei separately, and didn't think that it was a very big deal. He only felt that those elders had all underestimated Ye Chen.

The Head Elder was slightly surprised, but soon he calmed down and thought that Ye Chen was already a possessor of the sword intent and had broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm. Undoubtedly, he had already gained a great improvement, and he could surely defeat some Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists. If no accident happened, Ye Chen would certainly gain a position in the next season's Hidden Dragon Rank Tournament, which would happen in a year and a half. No one could ever stop Ye Chen from that.

’’Hm, kid, have you seen my top-ranked disciple, Hong Qianjun?’’

A deep voice abruptly came from behind Ye Chen. That voice came from the Head Elder of the Multiple Mountain Martial School. Seeing that Ye Chen was last one to come out of the palace, suspicion crept into his mind. He felt that Ye Chen could be the one who murdered Hong Qianjun, therefore, he walked towards Ye Chen step by step, while releasing a great sense of power.

'Crap!' Lou Hanshan's facial expression suddenly changed.


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