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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 160


Chapter 160 - Use the Spear as a Sword

’’Yours? Why? Just because that you're the famous Young Master Emerald?’’ Since Zhuang Fei had already launched a deadly attack to Ye Chen, Ye Chen would surely not show any kindness to him.

Zhuang Fei's eyes shone with a frosty light. Just a few months ago, he wasn't even seeing Ye Chen as a real martial artist, but now, this kid grew some power and had become so arrogant. However, he was indeed a bit surprised by that, the fierce palm attack he launched just now had missed its target.

’’Give the book to me and I won't harm you.’’ Silently gathering his Qi, Zhuang Fei said while preparing to unleash a stronger attack.

’’You don't deserve it at all.’’

At this moment, Ye Chen had already leapt up to the flat and flicked the spear in his hand. The spearhead, which contained Ye Chen's sword intent, easily ripped the light sphere up, and in the next moment, the book flew into Ye Chen's hands.

Seeing this, Zhuang Fei instantly showed a murderous expression.

Ye Chen only stood on the flat, completely neglecting the dense killing intent released by Zhuang Fei.

He opened the book.

’’[Great Mystery Art], a mid-ranked Earth Realm art, containing eleven levels in total. The first and second levels are fundamental, and the improvement of Zhen Qi starts from the third level. Every step to a higher level, a martial artist's Zhen Qi will become more condensed than before by around thirty percent. This will occur until the eleventh level. In the top level, the martial artist will be able to grow a chestful of supreme Zhen Yuan, which can easily take any enemy's life.’’

Grow a chestful of supreme Zhen Yuan?

After Ye Chen saw these words, he was sure that this [Great Mystery Art] was the one he had been looking for, it was even better than he expected. Not to mention that the one who ordered him to hand the book over was Zhuang Fei, even if an advance Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist ask for that book, Ye Chen would kill him no matter what.

It should be mentioned that Zhen Yuan could only be achieved by an Astral Reaching Realm martial artist. Below the Astral Reaching Realm, martial artists could only grow Zhen Qi inside their bodies. Although Zhen Qi and Zhen Yuan seemed so alike, they were totally different things. If any martial artist could grow Zhen Yuan before the Astral Reaching Realm, that would definitely become his most powerful weapon, even among all his fierce skills. Any Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist couldn't possibly survive an attack launched with the power of Zhen Yuan;they would instantly be torn to pieces.

Closing the book, Ye Chen gave a satisfying grin, then prepared to leave.

’’Since you're not giving me that book, don't blame me for this!’’ Nimbly dodging the swooshing white flames that spurted out from the ground, Zhuang Fei darted towards the flat and swiftly leapt onto it.

Ye Chen didn't move. This room was full of traps, as such, he could never hastily leave. Besides, Ye Chen would rather like to find out how Zhuang Fei was planning to keep him from going out.

’’You used to be the most talented and influential one among all Windy Nation's younger generation martial artist, but surely not anymore. Just let me smash your glory for you!’’

Ye Chen didn't even care if he has a sword or not by now. With that low-ranked great spear and his practical sword intent, he could release up to eighty percent of his true power, that was more than enough to defeat Zhuang Fei. As for the reason why Zhuang Fei had been so confident, it was because Zhuang Fei didn't think that Ye Chen's sword intent could improve anywhere further.

’’You asked for this! [Heaven Emerald Plam]!’’

Without making even the slightest noise, a green and gigantic palm condensed from Zhen Qi darted out from Zhuang Fei's palm, directly striking towards Ye Chen's head.


Ye Chen sneered as he thrusted his spear out. The spearhead accurately aimed at the weakest spot of that green Zhen Qi palm.


That Zhen Qi palm dissipated in the air.

’’He aimed on my attack's weakness again!’’ After the last time Ye Chen broke his Zhen Qi palm, Zhuang Fei had perceived something, and now he was sure that Ye Chen certainly had mastered a certain martial art, which allowed him to accurately launch attacks towards weakest point of his enemies' attacks.

’’Try to break this! [Emerald Shadow Light]!’’

Zhuang Fei growled while throwing out a series of palm attacks in a row. Countless Zhen Qi palm swished towards Ye Chen, tailed by streams of beautiful green Zhen Qi. This time, these Zhen Qi palms were like a wave of fierce wind, and would randomly change their routes.

’’I'll break anything launched by you!’’ Using the spear as a sword, Ye Chen abruptly flicked the spearhead and launched [Clear the Sky], which had the widest attacking range among all the moves of the [Shocking Cloud Art].

A fire red stream of spear light darted right into the air, intensely stirring the air and causing a tremendous tornado;surprisingly, the tornado contained pure flame power, which made it gradually turn red as it suddenly spread out along a terrifying and formidable heat.

Within a single moment, all of those green Zhen Qi palms were shattered, without leaving even a trace;after that, the tornado shrunk into half its size, yet remained fierce as it roared towards Zhuang Fei.

While Ye Chen and Zhuang Fei were fighting, the Scorching Ancient Desert was neither in peace.

After Leng Wuqing and Wo Wuxie came out from the light gate, people immediately started whispering to each other, and the quiet desert instantly became noisy, as if a stone was suddenly thrown into a quiet lake. As for the Multiple Mountain Martial School's elders, each of them now had a pure black face, because they were sure that Hong Qianjun was dead.

’’Who the hell killed Hong Qianjun? Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists?’’

’’Whoever it is, we will slaughter that person once we find out the truth!’’ Those elders didn't slow their voices down when they said these words, and all the other people clearly heard them.

’’I have never thought that Hong Qianjun, the Hidden Dragon Ranked 98 martial artist could be killed in there, that's an early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist! And he was so talented, he could even defeat medium Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists!’’

’’To be honest, I would like to know the name of the person who has killed him.’’

’’I assume it's one of those Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists. Only they are capable of that anyway. The three ranked before 60 are the most suspicious.’’

’’Do you mean Wo Wuxie, Xue Hen and Yuanheng Ying?’’

’’Exactly, apart from them, who else could kill Hong Qianjun? Even if the other Hidden Dragon Ranked martial artists were slightly powerful than Hong Qianjun, none of them could ever manage to kill him.’’

The Sky Cloud Martial School's group of people chattered among each other.

Lou Hanshan let out a long breath and said, ’’Wo Wuxie is out, so did Leng Wuqing. Now only brother Ye, Zhuang Fei and Yuanheng Ying are still in the palace. Why are they still not coming out? Is breaking into the Clasping Yuan Realm especially hard?’’

Zhu Mei and Xu Jing were wondering about the same thing.

The Head Elder suddenly popped up his eyes, as if he thought of something important, and said, ’’Maybe they have all passed the trial and began fighting for the three treasures offered by the Heaven Dream Battle Palace.’’

’’It's been a hundred years since the last time someone passed the trial!’’ Zhu Mei said with surprise in her voice.

’’Indeed, no one has managed to pass the final round of the trial during the last hundred years, but your generation was the best for a century. Therefore, passing the trial is no longer impossible, otherwise, they should have come out long ago.’’ said the Fourth Elder.

Luo Hanshan nodded and asked, ’’Since passing the trial is that difficult, the three treasures should be very valuable, am I right?’’

The Head Elder responded, ’’Of course. The most powerful and precious martial art possessed by our Sky Cloud Martial School is called the [Great Rudra Magical Art], that was gained by the third generation of the school leader, from nowhere else but this Heaven Dream Ancient Region. Except for the leader and his inheritors, no was is qualified for that great art at all.’’

’’The [Great Rudra Magical Art] was truly gained from this Heaven Dream Ancient Region?!’’ This was the first time for Luo Hanshan to heard about this. As for the power of the [Great Rudra Magical Art], he had already seen it with his own eyes. Activated by Zhen Qi, a move of that art could evaporate an entire river, without leaving even a drop of water.

From time to time, those Purple Sun Martial School's elders would glance at the Sky Cloud Martial School's people. Seeing the serious yet surprised look of the Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder, those Purple Sun Martial School's elders couldn't help but make guesses about the contents of their conversations.

’’That sword kid of the Sky Cloud Martial School hasn't come out yet, did he already die inside?’’

’’I'm afraid this won't be that simple. I have never heard that this Heaven Dream Battle Palace can actually kill a person. All failed disciples will either be automatically sent out or stay inside, he should be still inside by now. I am just worried that all of them might have passed the trial.’’

’’Once the final round of the trial was passed by one or multiple disciples, the palace would offer three treasures, which are unimaginably valuable and precious. If that Sky Cloud Martial School's sword kid got one of the three treasures, he might do some evil things to our Purple Sun Martial School with it! After all, all the treasures which have been offered by the palace are incredibly powerful. They are even more valuable and powerful than ordinary equal-level treasures which could be found outside. It would be fine if he only gets a treasured weapon or tool, but if it's a mid-ranked Earth Realm martial book, that would definitely become another secret and supportive martial art possessed by the Sky Cloud Martial School, and they would be even more powerful than other mid-ranked Earth Realm martial arts.’’

The face of the Purple Sun Martial School's Head Elder turned darker and darker while he continued, ’’That sword kid had brought us so many troubles before he even grows mature. If we let him live, a great disaster will strike on our Purple Sun Martial School sooner or later. I think we should call a meeting with all the Assassin Group's leaders to make sure that we can take that kid out with a single attack.’’

’’You're right, Zhu Lieyang is not powerful enough for this anymore. I'm afraid that he couldn't even fight evenly against that kid at this stage.’’


Back inside the palace.

Zhuang Fei was shocked. He didn't think that Ye Chen could launch such a powerful attack even without a sword.

’’How was that even possible?! Is his sword intent truly so powerful?’’

Seeing the red tornado roaring towards him along with the streams of spear light, Zhuang Fei wanted to kill Ye Chen even more than before. He had sensed a severe threat from Ye Chen, which made him feel really angry.


Huge streams of Zhen Qi rose in the air, meanwhile, a mountain-like silhouette shrouded Zhuang Fei entirely. He stayed perfectly still while letting out streams of river-like, flowing palm powers, which were thick and condensed. Affected by Zhuang Fei's palm power streams, all those fierce airwaves that were moving towards him were instantly shattered.

’’What is this skill? Mountain? Water? Can it be [Mountain and Water Great Art]?’’ Ye Chen once heard from the Head Elder that the first leader of the Emerald Martial Palace had found an incomplete book, which recorded the legendary martial art, [Mountain and Water Great Art], from the remaining site of the Mountain and Water Pavilion. Although it was only an incomplete record, it was still a mid-ranked Earth Realm martial art, and was definitely terrifyingly powerful;its power was even greater than the Sky Cloud Martial School's [Great Rudra Magical Art].

The red tornado was shattered, after which, streams of palm power kept moving straight towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen laughed out, as though he didn't seem to care at all.

’’[Shocking Clouds]!’’

’’[Limitless Fierce Cloud]!’’

’’[The Sword of Fleetness]’’

’’[Dimly discernible Sword]!’’

Using the spear as a sword, Ye Chen didn't take a single step back, instead, he launched a counterattack without any hesitation. He swiftly flicked the spear and launched multiple moves of the [Shocking Cloud Art];activated by the sword intent, each spear light he released was dazzling, not only did they destroy Zhuang Fei's palm power streams, but they also directly struck on the gigantic mountain silhouette which had firmly wrapped Zhuang Fei's body.

The mountain silhouette was soon shattered. Facing Ye Chen's practical sword intent, Zhuang Fei's [Mountain and Water Great Art] failed to defend him. After all, he was now only in the eighth-level of that art, and for sure, he couldn't release the true power of that art;besides, before this, Ye Chen managed to break Hong Qianjun's mid-ranked Earth Realm defensive skill, [Enfeoff and Conferred a rank of Nobility], although he only managed to do that with a lot of difficultly.

Spewing a mouthful of blood, Zhuang Fei said, ’’Yuanheng Ying, I know you're out there. Do you want to watch us kill each other?’’


An evil laugher came from outside, along with that, Yuanheng Ying showed up in the room, then said, ’’Zhuang Fei, It seems to me that you'll be the only who will get killed in this fight.’’

’’I'm afraid that even you can't defeat him.’’ Zhueng Fei boosted up his Zhen Qi and stabled the mountain silhouette, barely managing to temporarily hold Ye Chen's attack off.

Ye Chen showed a fierce killing intent in his eyes as well. He knew Yuanheng Ying was out there long ago, he was just pretending that he didn't know, because he wanted to deal with Yuanheng Ying after he killed Zhuang Fei.

Yuanheng Ying slightly paused. Honestly, he was indeed not sure whether he could defeat Ye Chen or not. Ye Chen was a total freak, now as a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, he was probably even more powerful than him. However, the more powerful Ye Chen became, the more he wanted to kill Ye Chen, he couldn't let Ye Chen live and eventually become a serious threat to him.

’’What do you have in mind? You and me, together?’’ Yuanheng Ying asked.

Zhuang Fei responded with a frosty tone, ’’In order to accomplish a great goal, we shouldn't let ourselves be stuck by details, should we?’’

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