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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 16


Tiger Dragon Roaring Fist

With the powerful aura bearing down on him, Ye Chen felt his life was in danger. He held his sword with two hands in a defensive guard to receive the incoming attack.


Haoran's palm broke through his guard like a hot knife through butter. Seeing the opponent's incoming palm breakthrough his guard, Ye Chen grunted as he punched out with his left fist to meet Zhang Haoran's palm.

’’King Kong Unlimited Fury!’’

This was the strongest attack of the King Kong Fist Art, which Ye Chen had already mastered to the unity stage. Under the extreme pressure of this life and death situation, the strength of Ye Chen's fist reached an unimaginable level.

Their hands had not even collided, and yet the pressure of their attacks was creating such pressure as to create the sound of an explosion. Zhang Haoran was surprised, he had never seen such a strong King Kong Fist before, its power almost reached that of a top rank Mortal Realm Skill. But so what? The quantity and quality of my Qi is much better than his!

’’Piss off!’’

The coldness of his palm had increased as Zhang Haoran added more Qi. His palm streaked out like a lightning and covered Ye Chen's fist.


With his arm frozen, Ye Chen was instantly pushed back. Blood leaked out from the corner of his month and his left arm was ice cold and he could not lift it up anymore.

’’Next time think a little before you you mess with someone who's better than you are.’’ After a second, Zhang Haoran attacked once again.

At this moment, Ye Chen threw caution to the wind. Ye Chen twisted his right wrist slightly, and a bright cold light shot out from his great steel sword, blinding everyone in range. Even though it was very close, it gave people the illusion that it was very far away, even Zhang Haoran was confused for a second. Haoran hurriedly moved his left hand out from behind his back to try and catch that sword light.

Wu Zongming saw what had happened and knew that, even if Ye Chen managed to wound Zhang Haoran, Haoran would still ruin him. He swore to himself that he would not let that happen as he watched.

’’Emotionless Burning Fire!’’

Sparks flew everywhere as Wu Zongming took a few large steps and then threw a punch towards Zhang Haoran.

Realizing that he was surrounded, Zhang Haoran became furious. He shifted back and threw both arms out in front of him. His sleeves waved in the air and caused his shadow to expand. In a blink of an eye, he escaped out of their attacks.

High Rank Mortal Realm Skill - Inching Steps!

Wu Zongming face changed as Zhang Haoran's power kept surprising him. The fifth stage of Over the Sky and Clouds Arts, Three Forces Floating Clouds, the Soaking Cold Palm, and now the Inching Steps... what else does this crazy bastard have?

’’Young apprentice, what is your name?’’ Wu Zongming took a deep breath, turned his head and asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was breathing heavily, trying to circulate his Qi to remove the icy numbness from his left arm as he answered: ’’Ye Chen.’’

’’You probably already know my name so I will skip that, but honestly, your fist and sword arts are quite impressive! I underestimated you.’’ Wu Zongming actually noticed Ye Chen's punch from before. Although Haoran was wounded from fighting against Zongming, not many others could pull off that kind of punch and go toe to toe against Haoran, especially not someone with a Mortal Realm Stage 6 cultivation.

’’Thanks.’’ Ye Chen sounded calm, but he was actually quite anxious about the persisting coldness in his left arm. Right now, he started to regret that he had not practiced a Middle Rank Mortal Realm Art. Even though his Qi quality would not be as good as Zhang Haoran's, but he could have reduced the gap between them and definitely would be able to remove the coldness.

Obviously, It was not Ye Chen's fault, a Middle Rank Mortal Realm Art was equal to a Top Rank Mortal Realm Skill, and, as a outer disciple, Ye Chen would never have been able to get it. However, there were some crappy Middle Rank Mortal Realm Arts, but they was not easy to master and required a lot of effort and time. Also, if a warrior wanted to change to another art later on, he would have to spend more time to train his Qi. Therefore, Ye Chen wanted to win the Mu Ren Gang so that he could get a high ranking art. However, he never expected this kind of situation.

’’Wu Zongming, do you want to die too?’’ Cornered by the two, Zhang Haoran face turned bright red, then white, then purple, which was extremely creepy.

Wu Zongming replied without any emotion: ’’You don't have what it takes.’’

’’Great! Today, both of you will fall under this skill! Storms of the Universe!’’ Layers of his Qi had just bulged, there was a bright blue light flashed on Zhang Haoran's body. That was a sign of his Over the Sky and Clouds Art being pushed to its peak.

Zhang Haoran used both of his hands to draw a circle in the air. The freezing cold breeze suddenly became a ball that started to swirl. It flew towards Wu Zongmin and Ye Chen.


Cold wind whipped everywhere like a tornado. The floor was covered with rapidly spreading frost.

Wu Zongming was surprised. It was easy to tell, from this attack, that Zhang Haoran was able to turn illusions into reality which meant he was very close from changing his Qi into Real Qi, which was the difference between Mortal Realm warriors and Embracing Reality warriors. Otherwise he would not able to master the Soaking Cold Palm to this level.

’’Prairie Burning Fire!’’

Wu Zongming had not used his full power for a long time, but right now he was using everything he had. Suddenly, heat pushed in every direction like a wave. His face slowly turned red, and eventually became bright red with steam coming out.

And both of his fists were so hot they seemed like they were going to melt. The massive heat reached out and faced that coming cold storm.

The ground shook, the walls violently vibrated, and chunks of the wall fell to the ground.

BOOOOM! A loud sound.

Zhang Haoran and Wu Zongming both were blown away, however, it only took Zhang Haoran three steps to recover while it took four steps for Wu Zongming to recover.

Right at this moment, a shockingly bright sword light suddenly appeared, stabbing straight into Zhang Haoran's left chest like a sudden summer storm appearing without any signs.


Zhang Haoran didn't even have time to take a breath before he was stabbed by Ye Chen. Furiously, he ignored his body's limitation and accumulated all his remaining Qi to throw out a punch.

The great steel sword was being bent by a strong wind and would not move an inch. Ye Chen's eyes opened wide as he realized Zhang Haoran's true power.

’’Zhang Haoran, take this!’’

Wu Zongming jumped up to Zhang Haoran and threw out a punch.

Without the support of Qi, Zhang Haoran couldn't use his Inching Steps. He fiercely went head on with Wu Zongming, andthere was blood came out from the corner of his mouth.

’’You made me do this.’’

After being pushed backout ten steps byfrom that punch, Zhang Haoran wiped the blood offoff the blood on his mouth and said creepily.

Hearing Zhang Haoran's word, Wu Zongming thought: No way! This guy still has more skills?

Ye Chen also frowned, he had to admit, Zhang Haoran was truely a geniusthe only genius he truly admired. Every one of those martial arts he had displayed had been mastered to a high degreesuch a degree.

Watching the two people standing in front of him fearlessly, Zhang Haoran grippedturned his hands into fists. A bright blue light suddenly came out of the fists then turned into beautiful flowing ribbon of air.

With the blue air floatingfloating blue air flow around, a quiet tiger roar suddenly resoundedappeared. It sounded quite fierce.extremely scary.

’’Tiger Dragon Roaring Fist!’’

Wu Zongming's face suddenly changed and he spoke without realizing it, , he didn't even realized his mouth moving as he said: ’’Top Rank Mortal Realm Skill, Tiger Dragon Roaring Fist! Damn, this is not good. How could this guy have so many skills?’’

Ye Chen had heard about this skill before. Rumors said that, among the top rank Mortal Realm skills in the Sky Clouds Martial School, only the Monster Killing Fist and a few other skills could match it in power. According to the rules, only inner disciples could practice Top Rank Mortal Realm Skills, but obviously, Zhang Haoran had somehow gotten around this rule. got around this rule somehow.


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