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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 159


Chapter 159 - Another ancient martial art manual

As a genius, Yin Wuqing surely had a great memory. He forcibly memorised the whole three-thousand words in that dark-red palm skill manual, and duplicated the Zhen Qi flow pattern on a piece of cloth, and in this way, he gained all the contents of that book.

’’How about we work together? I assume that by now there would be people other than us inside this palace.’’ Ye Chen suggested as he put away the manual.

’’This manual is more than enough for me, I don't want to waste anymore time searching for other treasures.’’ responded Yin Wuqing.

Ye Chen smiled faintly. 'This Yin Wuqing is quite interesting, although he came from the Brute Devil Martial School, he is nothing like those greedy and brutal people, seems like martial artists who follow the devil way might all have different personalities. Some seemingly nice people can be extremely cruel, while some seem to be violent and fierce, but they still have their own principles. Yin Wuqing looks cold and careless, but he indeed has his own principle. However, I still can't find out if he is as merciless as his name states.' thought Ye Chen.

[TL note: 'Wuqing' literally means merciless in Chinese.]

As one foot stepped into the gate of light, Yin Wuqing continued, ’’Besides, I don't have any valuable stuff to trade for another treasure.’’

Ripples emerged on the gate of light, as Yin Wuqing walked out and disappeared.

’’You might get the treasure this time, who knows?’’ Ye Chen gave a bitter grin and murmured.

Looking around, Ye Chen made sure that nothing was left in that room, he then carefully walked out, back to the corridor.

The corridor seemed to lead everywhere, the multiple rooms located on the both sides made this place seem even more complicated and confusing than a maze, completely without an end.

’’I'll just walk around.’’

Ye Chen tried to think, but he couldn't come up with a plan, so he decided to randomly move around.

A corridor and a corridor...

A room and a room...

He went upstairs, he went downstairs, and then downstairs again...

Within a single hour, Ye Chen had walked more than a hundred miles, at last, he was completely confused, and didn't even know where he was.


In another broad room.

A pool was located in the middle of the room, it was less than ten zhang in radius. In the centre of this round pool, there was a flat stone. A glowing white sphere was floating upon the flat stone, within which, was a blade that was imprinted with ancient and mysterious patterns. Even without being pulled out of the sheath, one could already sense the great amount of power contained in it.

’’Is this prepared for me?’’ Treading on the surface of the water, Mo Wuxue fixed his eyes on that blade. He fell in love with this blade with the first glance, and even began gasping continuously.


As he turned around, he saw another person.

The 'Murderous Eagle', Yuanheng Ying.

’’Yuanheng Ying, you want my blade?’’ With a face filled with maliciousness and obvious killing intent, Mo Wuxue asked. It seemed like he would immediately launch a deadly attack if Yuanheng Ying said yes.

Yuanheng Ying carefully approached the pool of water, and tread on the water surface, he then said, ’’Mo Wuxue, I don't see your name on that blade, how can you just claim it as yours?’’

Mo Wuxue gave a creepy smile and responded, ’’It seems like you not only want to take my blade, but also want to challenge my position. Good, you're about to shed some blood today.’’

’’Hehe, perhaps, you'll be the one bleeding. You're not thinking that you will win for sure, are you? Hm, I would really like to find out if you have achieved some improvement.’’

These two young martial artists were at about the same level, Yuanheng Ying had never seen Mo Wuxue as a fearsome opponent, apart from that, now he was also deeply attracted by the treasure blade.


Mo Wuxue was just as brutal and violent as Yuan Hengying, the only difference between him and Yuan Hengying would be that, he was not that addicted to killing. Once Yuanheng Ying gave his response, he had already decided that he would kill Yuanheng Ying in this room itself. The sharp blade swished out of the sheath, and darted towards Yuanheng Ying, leaving a blood-red arc in the air.

’’The Great Eagle! Die!’’

Yuanheng Ying had been silently preparing for a while to release this attack, he suddenly shook his body and released a gigantic eagle silhouette, which was condensed from Zhen Qi. The eagle silhouette rose into the air and spread its huge wings, and blocked the blood-red stream of blade Qi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two fierce streams of power bumped into each other, they stirred the water surface, and multiple water columns rose in the air.

A water column was abruptly shattered, Mo Wuxue darted out from it and continuously hacked outeight times with his full-strength;his face now looked extremely cold.

’’[Blood Storm]!’’

His blade split the air, and letting out a thrilling roar that sounded as horrible as a ghost's wails;with a single glance, one could see that the pool of water was entirely shrouded by a blood-red mist, within which, countless blood-red Qi streams were swiftly darting towards all directions to cut Yuanheng Ying into pieces.

’’Mo Wuxue, if this is the best you can do, you should just let me have the treasure, otherwise, you won't just simply shed some blood today, instead, I might even smash your head.’’

Finished speaking, he let out a loud roar and along with that, multiple enormous eagle silhouettes darted out from his body, madly tearing those streams of blood-red Qi with their sharp and solid claws;it seemed like this group of terrifying eagle silhouettes could even tear the entire sky apart.

’’I haven't tortured and killed a person for...about three months now, today, I am going to let you know the feeling of dying in my hands.’’

Both of them were said to be horribly violent and brutal, even among fierce martial artists. One was addicted to killing and had killed countless people, the other was completely cold-blooded and merciless. Over ten-thousand people were killed by these two young martial artists, without a doubt, both of them could be counted as complete murderers. The fierce murderous aura released by each of them could even scare an average low-grade martial artist to death.

At that moment, once they launched their moves, a dense, dreadful atmosphere, filled with evil, maliciousness and fury, instantly enveloped the area of the entire water pool.


In the middle of the fight, Mo Wuxue suddenly launched a deadly attack. He raised the blade sideways and swiftly hacked down with all of his power;followed by his move, the water puddle was squeezed hollow, and in the meanwhile, an invisible yet effective fierce power wrapped around Yuanheng Ying, and then quickly condensed into a gigantic blade, that swooshed down towards Yuanheng Ying's head.


The eagle silhouette that had been protecting Yuanheng Ying's body was shattered, and Yuanheng Ying fell into a dangerous situation.

’’Mo Wuxue, here, taste my secret move! [Magical Eagle World]!’’ Yuanheng Ying's eyes popped up as he roared out. A stream of dark-cyan Zhen Qi rose into the air, and transformed into a pair of tremendous eagle claws. This pair of eagle claws gave off an ancient and evil aura once they emerged in the air, it was as if they were the claws of a devil.


The gigantic blade was instantly smashed by the pair of claws, at the same time, the pair of claws also dissipated in the air. Waves of earth-shattering power spread out in all directions, and even broke that while light sphere.

’’Yuanheng Ying, I'll spare your life this time, but the next time I see you, you'll certainly die an ugly death.’’ The light sphere was broken and the blade fell in Mo Wuxue's hand, he then said to Yuanheng Ying as he quickly yet carefully walked out of the room. That voice of his was apparently filled with killing intent.’’

Yuanheng Ying was extremely furious. He was by no means less powerful than Mo Wuxue, but Mo Wuxue seized the blade and ran away. His eyes turned red, and he only felt that his chest was suddenly filled with the flames of anger and he was unable to let that out.

’’Mo Wuxue, I'll kill you once I kill that kid!’’ Seeing that Mo Wuxue had already walked up to the gate of light, Yuanheng Ying yelled.

’’I'll be expecting you.’’

Mo Wuxue was clearly aware that, he and Yuanheng Ying were not the only two who had managed to pass the trial. If he was not wrong, one of the other two treasures might have already been attained by someone else, and he had got the blade, this meant that only one treasure was left in the palace. Although he wanted to continue searching for another treasure, he was worried that Yuanheng Ying might launch a suicidal and destructive attack at him, as Yuanheng Ying had just lost the fight. Therefore, he had to take precautions against that, this was the reason why he decided to go out of the palace through the gate of light;he had already attained a treasure anyway, besides, he couldn't be sure about attaining another treasure even if he stayed.

Once Mo Wuxue left, Yuanheng Ying directly left the room and continued his search, he temporarily calmed down from his rage. He had to obtain one of the three treasures.


After another half an hour.

Ye Chen was more or less tired, not only physically, but also mentally. These endless corridors and countless rooms were all the same, this made him feel that he had been circling around in one place all this time, and this made him agitated, and he nearly lost control of his mood. Only because of the sword intent, he managed to stay calm.

The sword intent could block all kinds of evil.

Apart from being able to kill evil enemies, the sword intent could also suppress all kinds of negative feelings and inner evils, of its possessor, this was the reason why all sword artists desire the sword intent so much.

After a long while, Ye Chen suddenly stopped.




Quite far away from Ye Chen, a slight vibration hit his body. Although that vibration was very slight, Ye Chen still grasped it with his sensitive soul power.

’’The second one!’’

As he increased his walking speed, Ye Chen's clothes began fluttering in the air. He turned and then turned again... Ye Chen quickly disappeared from the corridor.

Soon after.

Ye Chen arrived at a room, it was as huge as the first one, without any hesitation, he stepped into it.

There was nothing else except an enormous platform floating in the middle of the room. This platform was completely supported by some mysterious power, which held it perfectly still and stable in the air, just like a floating mountain.

A one-meter tall, square pillar stood on the platform, above that, there was a round, pure white light sphere, and within the light sphere, was a dark-gold ancient manual.

’’Another manual!’’

Ye Chen was excited seeing this manual. While he searched for treasures, he had thought of many things because of his boredom. It seemed like there were many treasures hidden in this Heavenly Dream Battle Palace, but not all of them suited him;however, if a martial artist who managed to pass the trial found that all three awarded treasures were not suited to him or her, the three treasures couldn't be count as rewards;therefore, the three treasures offered by the palace might each suit a disciple who passed the trial, or all three treasures might suit any disciple. For example, that palm skill recorded in the dark-red manual suited Yin Wuqing perfectly. As for this one in front of him, he didn't know yet. It may suit Yin Wuqing, it might also suit himself.

’’Can it be what I am looking for?’’

The trap set in this room was a kind of pure white flame, it would suddenly spurt out of the ground from a random spot, covering a few meters in radius, it was even more harmful than that white light thorn in the first room. Fortunately, the places where the flame spurted were not as many as the trap spots in the first room, so he could always land on a safe spot.

Swiftly, Ye Chen moved across the room, and stood under the floating platform. He threw a low-rank spirit stone upwards, but no trap was activated, it seemed that the area under the platform was safe.

After figuring that out, Ye Chen relaxed a little bit. He leapt up from the ground and stuck both his palms that were filled with Zhen Qi to the bottom of the platform, Ye Chen nimbly moved to the edge of the platform, and prepared to get on that platform.


At that moment, a gigantic green palm transformed from Zhen Qi pressed towards him. The stream of power contained in that palm was so pure and condensed, that Ye Chen only felt all his muscles being crumpled, it was as if his body couldn't stand the great amount of pressure given by that green palm.

He didn't panic, he stuck one hand on the platform, and his body hung on the edge of the platform, Ye Chen pulled out the iron spear with his other hand and triggered the flame power contained within the spear.


The Zhen Qi palm dissipated, and Ye Chen saw the face of the person, who had just launched the palm attack.

’’Zhuang Fei, it's you.’’

Ye Chen showed an ice-cold face. Zhuang Fei launched a deadly attack without even saying anything, it seemed like he was going to directly kill Ye Chen. If he didn't have his powerful soul power, that allowed him to be much more sensitive than martial artists at the same level, this palm attack would have certainly killed or severely injured him. Even if this palm attack failed to kill him, he would have undoubtedly been thrown out of the platform, and burnt to ashes by the white flame in this room, he was just not sure if the white flame could kill people.

Zhuang Fei remained expressionless as he said, ’’Ye Chen, this manual is mine.’’


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