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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 156


Chapter 156 - Breaking into the Clasping Yuan Realm (part two)

In total, over two-hundred and sixty disciples have failed in the first three rounds of trials. At this moment, over thirty-disciples were left in the palace. Among these disciples, eight were Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists even before they entered the palace, it was nearly impossible for them to break into a higher level through the trial, but they could still slightly improve their cultivation, and may even reach the peak of early Clasping Yuan Realm.

As for the others, there was no guarantee that all of them would break into the Clasping Yuan Realm, after all, they were all in different situations. For example, among those disciples who had failed in the third round, six managed to break into the Clasping Yuan Realm successfully, even though they didn't even start the fourth round of trial.

North side, in the ninth sealed room.

Blade lights had been darting across the entire room continuously, they then fell down in the form of light spots, like a stunning, dreamy snowfall. Within those blade lights and light spots, two silhouettes darted around and bumped into each other from time to time, producing countless fire sparks. Although, both these silhouettes were purely white, one of them was slightly translucent and was clearly condensed from some kind of power, while the other one had an extremely handsome face, he wore a long white coat, which was fluttering in the air. You could sense his warmth and gracefulness without even looking with your eyes.

Sending the white silhouette back with a fierce move, this young man in white clothes finally loosened his tightened face. Eventually, he had stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm. After being stuck at the peak of Condensing Reality Realm for nearly two years, he had finally broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm.

The young man raised his head as he smiled and showed a good-looking face. If anyone else was here, they would certainly recognise him, he was no one else but the top-ranked disciple of the North Snow Martial Academy, the Young Master North Snow.

Also in the North, the third sealed room.

The top-ranked disciple of the Rudra Martial School, Qin Yulian had broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm.

In the South, the eighteenth sealed room.

Zhu Mei failed.

In the fourteenth sealed room, South side

An extremely powerful Zhen Qi vibration that could only be seen on an early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist's body suddenly burst out from Xu Jing, as she smashed the white silhouette's head with a punch.

As she let out a long breath, Xu Jing headed down and murmured, ’’I can finally start cultivating that body boosting art, I just wonder if it is really as powerful as that ancient book said.’’

Once Xu Jing broke into the Clasping Yuan Realm, the number of disciples who had reached this realm among the entire Windy Nation had raised to three, they were the top-ranked disciple of the North Snow Martial Academy, Young Master North Snow, Top-ranked disciple of the Rudra Martial school, Qin Yulian, and core disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Xu Jing. As for Young Master Duanmu, 'Aggressive Blade' Yu Yue, 'Rain Man' Nangong Yun, Yuan Xuemei, Liu Wuxiang and Ji Xueyan, they had all failed in the third round just like Luo Hanshan.

At this moment, among all the disciples from Windy Nation, only Lin Qi and Ye Chen hadn't come out yet.

In the Scorching Ancient Desert, outside the gate of light.

Young Master North Snow, Qin Yuliang and Xu Jing were sent out one after another.

’’Sister Xu Jing, you did it!’’

Both Luo Hanshan and Zhu Mei did not manage to break into the Clasping Yuan Realm, although they were a bit disappointed, but they both got over it soon. After all, as a martial artist, one of the most important qualities required was determination, a simple failure didn't mean anything, but the failure of life meant everything. Perhaps, after today, their cultivations would raise rapidly. Of course, this journey in the Heaven Dream ancient Region was filled with deadly dangers, and all four of them had spent quite some effort to get through it, therefore, it would be a bit disappointing if none of them had managed to break through in the end. Once Xu Jing walked out of the gate, the strong Zhen Qi vibrations being released from her body gave the others the answer they had been expecting all along.

Xu Jing nodded and responded, ’’The sixth round of the trail was way too hard, I assume that no early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist can pass it. I failed after only ten moves.’’

She stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm in the fourth round, therefore, the power-level of the white silhouette was also adjusted according to her improvement. Although that was already a higher level trial, she could still give it a shot. In the fifth round, after she spent almost all of her efforts, she eventually defeated the silhouette with hundreds of full-strength moves, but in the six round, the silhouette was terrifyingly powerful, and even reached the peak of mid Clasping Yuan Realm, every single move launched by it could literally smash a mountain.

’’Ha! You have already managed to breakthrough, that is the most important thing! It doesn't matter if you passed all the six rounds or not!’’ The Head Elder hadn't been so cheerful for a very, very long time. At first, he was told that Ye Chen had comprehended the true sword intent, and killed two top-ranked disciples of the Purple Sun Martial School, now he saw that Xu Jing had broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm, and became a young martial artist who was as powerful as the Young Master Emerald. Each of these was an extremely good news to the Sky Cloud Martial School, it was something that was worth throwing a great party, and inviting all the powerful martial artists to celebrate together.

The North Snow Martial Academy and Rudra Martial School's people were also quite surprised. Finally, they each had a disciple who had managed to break into the Clasping Yuan Realm. Especially the North Snow Martial Academy, other than Young Master North Snow, their 'North Snow Fast Blade' Lin Qi was still in the palace now. Since he had lasted this long in there, he most probably managed to step into the Clasping Yuan Realm.

’’You're all out, now among our Windy Nation's disciples, only Lin Qi and Brother Ye are still in there.’’ said Luo Hanshan.

’’I think Brother Ye will certainly make it.’’ Said Xu Jing.

’’The chances are high.’’ Both the Head Elder and Fourth Elder nodded and said.

Back in the palace.

In the North, the twenty first sealed room.

No one had ever imagined that Lin Qi would reach this stage, it seemed that everyone had underestimated his power. Because, by the fourth round, his opponent already possessed the power of an early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, and in the fifth round, the silhouette was even more powerful, just a step away from peak of mid Clasping Yuan Realm;of course, this power standard was set based on the average power of martial artist, otherwise, if this white silhouette in front of Lin Qi is swapped with Hong Qianjun, Lin Qi would have been killed long ago. After all, Hong Qianjun could evenly fight against any ordinary mid Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist.

This fight had started quite some time ago, what had actually been supporting Lin Qi to keep fighting all along without showing any signs of losing was nothing else but his firm determination. By now, the blade moves launched by him were getting fiercer and fiercer, it seemed that they'd soon reach another level altogether.


Every move made by Lin Qi was faster than his last one, the only thought that had remained in his mind was to be faster, he wanted to be faster than his limits, and then, there would be a whole new level waiting for him.


The white silhouette which had been constantly suppressing Lin Qi suddenly paused;and in the next moment, its right arm, and its long and sharp blade suddenly flew out;after that, its entire body was hacked into tens of pieces, and then transformed into streams of white light.

Followed by a buzzing noise, the Zhen Qi swirl in Lin Qi's dantian began shaking intensely, and then began gathering inwards with spiral-shaped movements.

’’I finally broke into the Clasping Yuan Realm. I didn't think that I would attain the blade intent before I breakthrough.’’

If he hadn't attained the blade intent, no matter how fast he was, he would have eventually lost the fight. Nevertheless, he did it, he was now a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, and had gained the blade intent, that was desired by all sword artists. After their leader, Xue Wuren, he was the second one who had attained the blade intent in the entire Windy Nation.

The sixth round of the trail began.

Lin Qi gasped deeply. Because of his improvement, the white silhouette also became more powerful than before. It was now at the peak of mid Clasping Yuan Realm, it was even more powerful than the white silhouettes that Qin Yulian and Young Master North Snow had encountered in the sixth round of their trail.

The higher level you reached, the harder your trial would be. Lin Qi had just stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm, his power was now at the bottom level of this realm, while that white silhouette was at the peak of mid Clasping Yuan Realm. The difference between them had gone beyond a single level, instead, it was one and a half level difference. Even though Lin Qi can now use blade intent, he couldn't possibly defeat that silhouette.

Among the entire South Zhuo region, the number of young martial artists that could fight against opponents who were in a higher level than themselves by one and a half level, was less than five. Such as the top 3 martial artists of the Hidden Dragon Ranking, they were all in the mid Clasping Yuan Realm, yet they were as powerful as the leaders of the five top-ranked institutions of the Windy Nation, besides, in terms of talent, they were all even more talented than Lin Qi. As for the blade intent Lin Qi had just attained, it was nothing special to them. Among the top 30 of the Hidden Dragon Ranking, there were many that had attained the sword intent and blade intent;as the top 3 of the Hidden Dragon Ranking, and as the young martial artists that had grown up in the South Zhuo Region, they would have already seen, or even possessed something even more powerful than that.

The white silhouette pushed Lin Qi ten steps back with only a single move.

The second move launched by the silhouette, Lin Qi tried his best to dodge it.

After the third move, streams of blood gushed out of the corners of Lin Qi's mouth.

After the sixth move, Lin Qi lost and was sent out of the palace.

At this moment, Ye Chen was the only one among all of Windy Nation's young martial artists who was still inside the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace.

’’Lin Qi came out!’’

In the Scorching Ancient Desert, elders of all five-top ranked institutions of the Windy Nation turned around and looked towards Lin Qi, who was walking out of the gate.

Lin Qi maintained a bland and calm look as he walked back to the North Snow Martial Academy's group.

Disciples from four institutions of the five top-ranked institutions had successfully broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm, only the Purple Sun Martial School's group of people have fallen into a deadly silence, the eyes of each of those elders were now filled with streaks of blood, it made them look like they wanted to kill everyone else.

’’Head Elder, Ouyang Lie and Ouyang Ming might still be in the trial, they, since they're not coming out yet!’’ An inner elder of the Purple Sun Martial School couldn't stand the depressing atmosphere anymore, and said something that even he himself wouldn't believe.

The Head Elder only snorted coldly. He didn't want to say anything. Although subconsciously, he had been rejecting the fact that Ouyang Ming and Ouyang Lie had both died, his mind was still telling him that they're out of hope.

’’After we get back, arrange our people, spare no efforts to kill the few top-ranked disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School. They won't be so happy for too long.’’

’’Sure, we can't let the power of the Sky Cloud Martial School to grow any further.’’

Back inside the palace, West side, in the fifth sealed room.

Yuanheng Ying shattered the white silhouette's head with a palm attack, and then madly laughed out loud. His face was filled with pride, as if he was the most powerful one in the whole world.

’’This Heavenly Dream Battle Palace can't help me step into the mid Clasping Yuan Realm directly, but achieving the peak of early Clasping Yuan Realm already largely improved my power. Ha, those Sky Cloud Martial School's kids, I'll slaughter you all very soon. Now, I can crush you all with a single hand, especially that one who has attained the sword intent, I want you to die miserably.’’

Imagining himself killing Ye Chen, Yuanheng Ying once again laughed loudly, in the meanwhile, strong Zhen Qi vibrations rose from his body, they were so great and violent that they made him look like a monster.

East side, in the sixteenth sealed room.

Zhuang Fei slapped at the back of the white silhouette with his palm, followed by his move, a stream of highly condensed power directly shattered the silhouette. This move was perfectly executed, and not even a wisp of power had leaked out of that extremely condensed stream.

’’The Windy Nation is still under my feet.’’

After he finished off the white silhouette, Zhuang Fei instantly released a tremendous aura of power that was nearly as great as Yuanheng Ying's Zhen Qi vibrations, obviously, he had also reached the peak of early Clasping Yuan Realm.

No one had ever thought that he would be able to step into a higher level, after all, he was only ranked 68th in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking, and was at the bottom level among those ranked young martial artists from all nine nations.

Ye Chen didn't know what the others had achieved, he neither had any spare time to think about that.

This time, the white silhouette in front of him could be counted as a relatively more powerful one among all the mid Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists, it was only slightly weaker than a peak mid Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist. However, Ye Chen had nearly reached his limit, what had been supporting him to fight against the silhouette until now was the sword intent, he had grown more and more skillful as he used it.

When Ye Chen first entered this ancient region, his sword intent was still unpractical, after the fight against Hong Qianjun, it began to grow, into the elementary-level;by now, after five rounds of the trail, his sword intent had grown further, and nearly achieved a whole new level, it could be counted as the initial success stage.

In that level, the sword intent could be extremely terrifying, multiple times more powerful than the unpractical sword intent. If the two stages of the sword intent are compared, Ye Chen could now easily defeat the previous Ye Chen who was still using the unpractical sword intent.

A thousand moves!

After launching a whole thousand moves, Ye Chen finally beheaded the white silhouette. For a moment, he felt nothing but dizziness.

Without a doubt, all his efforts were completely worthy, because right in the next second, the Zhen Qi contained in his dantian finally gathered into a perfect Zhen Qi sphere.

By now, Ye Chen formally became a Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk

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