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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 152


Chapter 152: Killing Hong Qianjun (part two)

’’You don't need to worry about my Zhen Qi, but as for yours, I assume, you now only have thirty to forty percent left, right? That defensive skill of yours is indeed marvellous, but it's also obviously that it consumes huge amounts of Zhen Qi, and adding to that, earlier you forcibly boosted your Zhen Qi to chase me, and even launched a few of your 'mountain-shattering stamp' continuously, you shouldn't have too much Zhen Qi left by now.’’ said Ye Chen. His voice was low, yet, his words were like a sharp arrow that easily pierced Hong Qianjun's heart.

Hong Qianjun yelled out in both anger and shame, ’’What about you?! You should have run out of Zhen Qi long ago!’’

The Sword Qi released by Ye Chen had still been ceaselessly hacking the small town condensed from Zhen Qi, and that crack was expanding. Ye Chen responded blandly, ’’Unfortunately, I happen to have a spirit pill with me, it can instantly replenish my consumed Zhen Qi. I have already swallowed it during that chase just now.’’

Ye Chen's explanation was partially true and partially not. He indeed had that kind of pill that could instantly replenish consumed Zhen Qi, but in fact, he had a whole calabash-bottleful of them instead of only one pill. Although he didn't know the name of that kind of medicine yet, that pill did work extremely well for him. It not only improved the amount of his Zhen Qi, it even replenished all the consumed Zhen Qi instantly, it was multiple times more effective than the ordinary Zhen Qi replenishing pills that could be found in the markets;also, it didn't have too many side effects.

The small town condensed from Zhen Qi was about to be broken. Hong Qianjun said word by a word, ’’Good, among those people who have pushed me this far in a fight, you're the only one under the Clasping Yuan Realm. But, do you think you can win against me with just this? Enfeoff and Conferred a rank of Nobility! Condense!!’’

He suddenly injected all remained Zhen Qi into that small town, and right after that, the small town instantly shrunk to half its size and in the meanwhile, the crack was also gradually repaired. Now, the small town became more and more clear, it also seemed even more solid and real than before. The already strong defensive power of the small town grew stronger, and the sword Qi that had been continuously attacking it all this time couldn't even leave another mark on it.

’’Hah! The Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists could regain their Zhen Qi much faster than martial artists in the lower cultivation realms. My Zhen Qi will be replenished bit by bit as long as I don't launch any other attack and stick to defense. By then, half of your replenished Zhen Qi would be gone, and that's the time you will die!’’ As he said this, Hong Qianjun had nearly lost his mind in rage. He never thought that a Late Condensing Reality Realm disciple could push him to such a degree. If he couldn't kill Ye Chen today, he would definitely spend the rest of his life hunting down Ye Chen, or he would be devoured by the desire for revenge.’’

Ye Chen's face still looked bland and cold, ’’Let's find out how long you can keep it up.’’

This sword skill could indeed last for a very long time, but eventually, the Zhen Qi would run out, and the longer it lasted, the weaker it would become. Therefore, Ye Chen directly cut off the sword Qi and launched another move. A fierce and violent stream of newly released sword Qi roared out from his word and clashed against the small town, sending huge amounts of fire sparks.

Ye Chen began incessantly launching full-strength attacks, while Hong Qianjun hid in that small town and held on. All the others were almost dumbfounded by this scene.

’’Twist after twist, I can't tell how this fight will end anymore.’’ Lou Hanshan let out a long sigh with a bitter smile as he said.

Zhu Mei responded, ’’Junior Brother Ye has indeed shown amazing power, and he actually managed to push Hong Qianjun this far. Now Hong Qianjun can only try his best to defend himself.’’

’’But, Hong Qianjun is also impressive, that defensive skill of his is incredibly powerful, it's definitely a mid-rank Earth Realm art.’’

’’Exactly, if he doesn't have that skill, he would have been defeated by Brother Ye Long ago.’’

Xu Jing didn't join their conversation, she was expecting Ye Chen to launch the ultimate attack that would smash the enemy's last hope and leave absolutely no chance.

On the other side, Ouyang Ming gasped in shock. Ye Chen's strength shocked him so much that even his fine hairs stood straight up. Hong Qianjun was 69th in the Hidden Dragon Ranking, and had already stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm, but facing Ye Chen, Hong Qianjun could only spend the last bit of his Zhen Qi in defense and did not dare to launch a counter attack. Who would even believe this?

Ouyang Lie furrowed his brows and gnashed his teeth, his eyes showed a strong killing intent, and said, ’’If this Ye Chen survives, our Purple Sun Martial Institution could never live in peace. When both of them get exhausted, you and me, we should launch our full-strength attacks and kill him. After that, we take off immediately, in case Luo Hanshan and the two girls trouble us.’’

’’Sure, this guy is terrifying. If we let him live, we can never stabilise our position in the Windy Nation. We have to kill him.’’ said Ouyang Ming while gnashing his teeth.

Hong Qianjun had truly consumed quite a lot of Zhen Qi. Once again, a crack appeared on that condensed small town, it seemed to be slight but it could definitely be destructive as every attack launched by Ye Chen would accurately hack on that crack, expanding it at a visible speed. If this goes on, the small town would certainly be broken in a short while.

'You can stay proud for now, until I regain fifty percent of my Zhen Qi, then I'll immediately destroy you.' thought Hong Qianjun. He was not at all worried about that crack, he just pretended as if he was, in order to make Ye Chen feel that his defense was about to be broken.


Hong Qianjun's facial expression changed. He saw Ye Chen abruptly cut off all sword Qi streams, and then his left foot stepped forward as he raised the sword high with his right hand, heading downwards, he then held still, it seemed like he had fallen into a mysterious status. In the very next moment, a stream of extremely condensed, fierce and well-controlled power gathered at the sword tip.

’’What is he going to do? Does he have more skills? No, he can't!’’

Hong Qianjun sensitively perceived a deadly crisis, and was trying to boost his protective small town with all of his power to defend himself, however, it was already too late.

’’Heart Refining!’’

Ye Chen gripped the Hidden Cloud Sword and hacked along a strangely simple and straightforward route. This move seemed to be slow, yet, it was actually incredibly swift. Ye Chen's arm and the sword seemed to have disappeared in the air, and only a white beam of light flashed straight across the water and struck at the crack of the defensive small town.


Under the white sword light, that highly condensed, powerful defensive small town, condensed from Zhen Qi, was instantly split, as if it was never that strong.


Hong Qianjun coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. The layer of protective Zhen Qi surrounding his body was shattered, and a bone-deep wound appeared on his chest. Inside his body, the fierce sword Qi violently cut off his meridians, blood vessels, muscles and the regularly flowing Zhen Qi streams.

As it lost the source of Zhen Qi, the defensive small town suddenly completely collapsed, it transformed into yellow light spots and dissipated in the air.

’’I am the top-ranked disciple of the Multiple Mountain Martial School, if you kill me, my school will certainly crush you no matter where you hide. Do you want to die?’’ yelled Hong Qianjun while staring at Ye Chen. Blood streams hung on the corners of his mouths. He didn't believe that Ye Chen dared to kill him. The Multiple Mountain Martial School was a rank 7 institution of the White Mystery Nation, a mid-ranked nation. That institution was quite powerful and influential, it had a lot of powerful martial artists, and their leader was an early Astral Reaching Realm martial artist. If Ye Chen killed Hong Qianjun, the Multiple Mountain Martial School would certainly try to get revenge for him. Even if Ye Chen went back to the Sky Cloud Martial School, they could still force the administrators of the Sky Cloud Martial School to hand over Ye Chen.

Ye Chen responded blandly, ’’You shouldn't have provoked me in the first place.’’

Seeing that Ye Chen didn't launch any further moves, Hong Qianjun silently sighed in relief. 'Just as I thought, he's such a coward. But, since he has already offended me, he should be well prepared to be slaughtered by me in the future,' thought Hong Qianjun, 'then, you will be so ashamed of yourself and would beg for your death. Then you'll realise how wrong you were today.' In the meanwhile, he said to Ye Chen, ’’As a martial artist, you only have one life, now, if you let me go, I will not blame you for anything, but if you don't, you should be aware that sometimes, we can't choose the wrong path, a small mistake can ruin your whole...’’


Before he finished his speech, Ye Chen chopped his head down with a fierce stream of sword Qi. Blood mixed with water and spurted over ten meters high.

’’I have already smashed your face, there is no other path to choose anyway, so you have to die.’’ aid Ye Chen with that bland look.

’’Junior Brother Ye, you just killed Luo Qianjun!’’ Luo Hanshan and the two girls were hurriedly rushing over when they saw that Ye Chen had broken Hong Qianjun's defense. During that time, Hong Qianjun seemed to have said something to Ye Chen and both of them had stopped for a moment, but when they nearly reached Ye Chen, they saw Ye Chen abruptly chop off Hong Qianjun's head, which shocked all three of them.

Ye Chen responded, ’’If I don't kill him today, he would definitely kill me in the future.’’

’’You're right.’’ Luo Hanshan helplessly nodded and said. This was a cruel world, where weak people could never live a good life. You had to be powerful and cold-hearted, either not make a move, or kill everybody in your way to prevent future troubles.

Zhu Mei sighed. A Hidden Dragon Ranking martial artist died just like that. Of course, he did die because of his greed.

’’Ye Chen's so dead, so dead. He killed Hong Qianjun, the Multiple Mountain martial school will never let him live. Let's go now, and we will inform the Multiple Mountain martial school's elders about Hong Qianjun's death once we get out of this ancient region. They will kill Ye Chen without a doubt.’’ said Ouyang Lie while the corners of his mouth twitched intensely. Ye Chen's cruel move shocked him pretty badly, he didn't think that Ye Chen would dare to kill Hong Qianjun.

Ouyang Ming was completely frightened, and even his face turned pale. He said, ’’It's, it's a big deal, that Hong Qianjun was killed. He is seeking death by doing this, like, like the old saying, a person can still survive a natural disaster, but can never live through his own sins.’’

’’Go, go, go, let's go now! Don't let him see us!’’

Both of them activated their Zhen Qi intending to leave.

’’Can you really leave just like that?’’

Ye Chen's voice came from behind them. They turned around, and saw Ye Chen wrapped in a sword-shaped Qi shield swiftly darting towards them, the sudden fright brought by this scene nearly tore their hearts apart.

’’Ye Chen, what do you want?! We, we're the Purple Sun Martial School's disciples, you, you can't kill...’’

Ouyang Ming's head was sent up into the air in the next moment. His eyes were wide open, as if he couldn't believe that he was killed already. He didn't want to die, he had so many plans for his life.

Ouyang Lie pointed his finger at Ye Chen and yelled as he trembled, ’’You, you, you killed, Ou-Ouyang Ming, you killed him!! From now on, our, our Pur-purple Sun will chase you to the end of the world, my family, my family will also crush you! You should just, just, expect our revenge! Your whole family will be slaughtered right in front of your eyes!’’

’’So wordy.’’

Ye Chen swung his arm upwards and along with it, another stream of sword Qi hacked Ouyang Lie into two.

’’These two...thank god we didn't let them run away, or we all would have lost our lives. They would certainly tell others about Hong Qianjun's death if they had escaped.’’ said Luo Hanshan while patting his own chest, he couldn't even imagine what would have happened if Multiple Mountain Martial School's people came to know about Luo Qianjun's death.

Zhu Mei had hated Ouyang Lie for a long time, god knew how many Sky Cloud Martial School's disciples have lost their lives in his hands. ’’Good, they're the reason for all this. If it wasn't for them, Hong Qianjun wouldn't have trouble us for no reason, now he is dead, these two attempted to make us take the blame.’’

’’This was probably planned by the administrators of the Purple Sun Martial School even before we came here. They might want all of us to die in this ancient region.’’

’’Ah, Brother Ye, how did you find them anyway? They are thousands of meters away from you!’’


Ye Chen put the sword back in the sheath and said, ’’I found them long ago, I just didn't take any action and waited patiently. Therefore, they could never run away.’’

Ye Chen's soul power was incomparably great, if he wanted, he could spread his soul power out for miles in radius. Before the fight between him and Hong Qianjun started, he had searched the surrounding area with his soul power, and found that these two top-ranked disciples of the Purple Sun Martial School were hiding nearby, probably intending to watch Hong Qianjun kill him. Sadly, they got themselves killed in the end. All the other Purple Sun Martial School's disciples who had been sent into this ancient region had already lost their lives either while hunting demonic beasts or in fights against others, therefore, after these two died, the Purple Sun Martial School's group of disciples were all dead.

’’Now, the younger generation of the Purple Sun Martial School can never raise again, and they can't compete against us.’’

’’Forget about all these, let's just go to the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace! A long time passed since we stepped in this lake!’’

’’Okay, let's go down.’’

Each of them activated their Zhen Qi, and dived down at their highest speed.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk

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