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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 150


Chapter 150 - Battle in the water

The lake was immeasurably deep, the first group of disciples have already dived several hundred meters, the protective Qi layer around their body was being squished to near an inch away from their skin, it was barely enough to cover the area where they happen to be surrounded by the dreaded Ancient Cannibal Fish. These fish gathered in groups, and began attacking the lone disciples.

Those with strong Zhen Qi were able to defend themselves, but those with weaker Zhen Qi were swiftly taken care of in two to three bites, and not even their bones left, the amount of blood spilt was incomparable

’’Elder Sister, and the two Brothers, thank goodness you had your First Sky Holy Water technique to defend us.’’

Amongst the many disciples from the martial schools, there were not many who could stand up to an attack by the Ancient cannibal fish. There was a group of five people from the Rudra Martial School covering themselves in water with a protective layer in the shape of a cone. Their fist covered by water was extremely thick. From the surface, the water was rotating so fast that it couldn't be seen by the naked eye, it was just like a drill. As soon as the fish came close, their 5ft bodies were sent flying out of the water. While it may not be able to send the larger fish such as the 10 ft long ones away, the water covered defense was virtually impenetrable. Try as they might, the fish couldn't bite through it, and in the meantime the water was filled with the blood of the fish.

One of them within the water defense said, ’’I am unable to defend against the Ancient cannibal fish alone, we can only defend if Senior Sister Qin also makes a move.’’

Yuan Xuemei smiled and said, ’’You practice the First Sky Holy Water tecnique, if you combine a little amount of your Qi with this, it will already make it hundreds of kilograms heavy. This defensive layer is still mixed with regular water, now imagine if it was made with all your Qi, it will be more than 10 times stronger!’’

’’How can it be that easy, this technique produces such a small amount of Qi that we have to combine it with water in times of battle, and now we also have to defend such a large area.’’ On the other side, a girl sporting a green robe who was similarly using both her hands to support the water layer, forced out a laugh.

In the midst of people talking, the water wall, just like a spiral cone, once again dived a few hundred meters.

’’The monument is collapsing!’’

’’The smell is everywhere!’’

’’The fish have been taken down!’’

Within the dark undercurrents of the water, below a 10m tall monument, a sudden shockwave burst out inside a group of ancient cannibal fish, killing a large amount of them.

Afterwards, a blade of light emerged, cutting down the cannibal fish left and right, they were continuously killed until there was a large mess of cannibal fish blood and parts.

The area was dark, with only a dim light showing the silhouettes in the fan shaped formation. With every move the creatures made, they were surrounded by what seemed to be numerous attacks that punched at them from every single angle. Coupled with the darkness and disorientation, the fish were unable to do anything and were thus beaten alive.

’’This won't work! There are too many of these creatures, even if we kill tens of them, we can't kill them all.’’ Luo Hanshan relayed this message to the other three.

’’This won't be an easy challenge’’, said Xu Jing in a difficult tone.

’’What she says is right, constantly fighting them is of no use and it's just a waste our time, everybody hurry up first, I'll be right behind you.’’ The blade technique killed the fish one after the other, Ye Chen could clearly feel his Qi being rapidly used up, almost a third of it was already gone.

’’How can that be?’’ said Zhu Mei as she disagreed

Luo Hanshan knew what Ye Chen meant and told Zhu Mei, ’’Don't underestimate our Junior Brother, he's the fiercest one among us, he could easily kill Ouyang Ming with a swift move.’’


Zhu Mei did not entirely believe that this plan would work and hesitated for a bit, but still gave it her all along with Luo Hanshan. She had already made up her mind that she would quickly return at the first sign that Ye Chen was in danger.

After swallowing a Qi restoration pill, Ye Chen drew out his sword, unsheathing it in a quick and swift manner

’’Wind sweeper!’’

In an instant, the water spiralled straight up, and began to take the form of a large water dragon in the next moment. The creature summoned was extremely large, it began decimating the surrounding fish. The 'pish' sounds of blood spilling was unending as the ancient fishes fell, one after another.

After this move, half of Ye Chen's Qi was consumed, but he still managed a faint smile as he thought, ’’Looks like once this is all done, I'll have to go back to practicing the low-level techniques, or else I can't muster the power for the more powerful ones.’’

Right below, Zhu Mei looked at the scene, ’’I can't believe that he was this skillful, it felt as if the blades of the water dragon could seriously injure me.’’

Luo Hanshan gave a smile, ’’You might not believe it, but Ye Chen has learnt the sword intent, he is capable of easily dispatching those with the same level of skill as him. I've seen him take down three disciples who were around my level, they did not even stand a chance.’’

Zhu Mei's eyes were wide open as she said, ’’He's already comprehended the sword intent? No wonder he's so fierce. Previously, when North Snow Martial School's sect master, Xue Wuren hadn't comprehended the blade intent, he was only as strong as an inner elder, but once he comprehended the blade intent, his strength rose rapidly and he is now on par with Emerald Martial Palace's Zhuang Qinxuan. And that too when no one has ever seen him go all out.’’

Shortly, Ye Chen began to catch up.

But, at this time, there was a huge disturbance in the water, a 10m long, bright, and flashy palm made of Zhen Qi came at them and enveloped the four individuals.

Ye Chen was filled with killing intent as he sent out a sword attack.


As the large sword Qi and the palm Qi made contact, a powerful explosion took place beneath the water.

Luo Hanshan and the other three were shot down, with their bodies bloodied, their Zhen Qi was a mess.

’’Hong Qianjun!’’

With his blurry vision, Luo Hanshan noticed a figure emerging out of the water, with a body comparable to that of an ape.

’’Haha, so you're the Sky Cloud Martial School disciples.’’ Hong Qianjun made his presence known from such a far distance, he did not care about who he had attacked, to him it looked like a 4 man team. There were many barriers in the water, but when he surfaced, there were probably around 7 to 8 left.

Zhu Mei frowned, ’’Why did you attack us?’’

Hong Qianjun simply grinned, ’’You lot have a terrible reputation, someone has put up a large bounty on your heads.’’

In a moment, Luo Hanshan began to have various thoughts, ’’Bounty? There's no way that this is the work of Yuanheng Ying, he likes to do things himself and would not pay someone else to do it for him, and aside from him, there are a few other enemies, like the Purple Sun Martial School. Yes, they've never gotten along well with us, and now with the rise of Brother Ye, they won't rest until we're done for.’’

’’Hong Qianjun, dead men tell no tales, it's the Purple Sun Martial School that wants us dead, isn't it!’’

Hong Qianjun shook his head, ’’That is none of my concern, all I know is that I'm here to kill you. But, I can give you a chance. In your group of four, only one can live. That means the other three can either kill themselves or get killed by me, and the last one scrams!’’

Ye Chen was indifferent, ’’Do you think you have the right to decide.’’

’’You, in this group, you will be the one to die.’’ Hong Qianjun's body was surrounded by a bright halo which even the cannibal fish could not pierce.

Ye Chen slowly said, ’’Today, you will die.’’

Blue veins started to bulge on Hong Qianjun's forehead , ’’You are nothing but a mutt, you dare speak against me, I'll slowly cut you down to the bone, letting you live in agony as you beg for your death, let me see if your mouth is so big then.’’

A few hundred meters away, Ouyang Lie and Ouyang Ming were killing the cannibal fish while having a chat.

’’Brother, do you think this Hong Qianjun can defeat them? I have such a bad feeling about this.’’

Lightning flashed, and four to five cannibal fish were charred black.

'Lightning hand', Ouyang Lie claimed, ’’Hong Qianjun is ranked 69th, and he was already able to easily kill disciples at the same level when he was at the Late Condensing Reality Realm, now he is already in the Clasping Yuan Realm, so how do they stand a chance against him?’’

Ouyang Ming proceeded to nod, ’’That is true.’’

Previously at the lake, when Yuanheng Ying wanted to kill Ye Chen and his four companions, he did not expect that the beam of multi-coloured light would suddenly disappear, and they had to dive into the water. He then proceeded to have various thoughts, there was a one in ten chance of Ye Chen stepping into the Clasping Yuan Realm if he steps into the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace, and the chance might never come again.

If you start it, you need to finish it. So, the two of them spent a lot to hire Hong Qianjun, so that he'll help them kill Ye Chen and his comrades under the water.

’’We'll wait until their dying breaths, then we can sneak up and stick our knife into them.’’ Ouyang Lie, or better known as the 'Thunder hand', was way more cruel than Ouyang Ming

’’Hehe, that's a good plan.’’

As Hong Qianjun finished speaking, he felt a blade strike him, and his defensive layer started to break, as he heard Ye Chen's voice, ’’You know, you could have just gone to the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace in such a peaceful manner, no worries, no fuss, but now I have no idea which place you'd go to. You actually came looking for trouble, and were unable to kill me, now I really want to see who's like a dying dog.’’

When confronting the 'Murderous eagle', Ye Chen only had a small grasp of the technique, so he was unable to produce such an effect, it was probably due to the lack of initiative beforehand. It's such a shame, but Hong Qianjun can't be compared to the 'Murderous Eagle', his strength was only similar to that of LinYue, so killing him was a little difficult, but it was not impossible.

As his hand reached the sword, Ye Chen used all his might to unsheathe his sword, and used Shocking Cloud Sword art.

A large sword composed of Zhen Qi took form, it had such an explosive impact that the surrounding water was split apart, even the water behind it could not sustain the impact and exploded, allowing the power of his Qi sword to move faster than ever.

’’Sword intent!’’

Hong Qianjun's face turned pale with panic, sword intent was inherently difficult to comprehend, and not only did his opponent comprehend sword intent but also mastered it. He thought to himself that this person definitely should not be allowed to live, and he must die now.

After some thought, Hong Qianjun let out a cry, the armour surrounding his body began expanding until it was concentrated in a space.

’’Mountain-shattering Stamp!’’

With one hand, Hong Qianjun attacked.


The Qi blade was rather quick, but when it hit the armour, it turned sluggish, as if there were an infinite number of barriers blocking it, it finally cracked it open, releasing all the compressed Zhen Qi.


The Zhen Qi blade eventually disintegrated, the armour was actually able to defend against it, but Hong Qianjun nevertheless underestimated the power of the sword technique, and in the end lost a sleeve of his 'impenetrable' armour.


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