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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 15


I Will Ruin You


The first one to arrive was Wu Zongming who was only a bit slower than Zhang Haoran.

Wu Zongming looked at Zhang Haoran in confusion, Didn't he say he wanted to be the champion? Is he waiting for me on purpose? That's outrageous! How could he be so arrogant?!

Although he had a myriad of question and indignation, Wu Zongming would not any waste time with him, all he wanted to do was to finish the competition.

As he was walking by, Zhang Haoran suddenly blocked his way, ’’Wait!’’

Wu Zongming gloomily turned and asked: ’’What do you want?’’

Zhang Haoran replied casually: ’’Nothing much, don't you think it would be more fun when there are more people? There's no need to hurry.’’

’’I don't care if it's fun or not, piss off.’’

’’Sorry, I can't let you pass.’’

’’Then die!’’ Wu Zongming was furious, his body suddenly rotated swiftly as he brought up his right fist which glowed bloody red, and along with a powerful hot wave, shot out towards Zhang Haoran.

High rank Mortal Realm Skill - Burning Fist!

Zhang Haoran was still smiling, as he also brought up his fist and intercepted the incoming fist.


With a touch of both fists, the walls and the floor started to shake, and a strong wave of wind suddenly blew in every direction.

All Wu Zongming could feel was his arm's numbness, suddenly he felt three different level of force coming through the opponent's fist which shook his body and had to back up three steps just to find his balance. He couldn't help but yell, ’’The Three Forces Floating Cloud!’’

The Three Forces Floating Cloud was a well known martial skill of the Sky Cloud Martial School. Although it was only a High Ranked Mortal Realm Skill, a lot of outer disciples practiced it. Many took it up because of its special aspect. The higher cultivation a warrior had, the stronger the three forces would become! This aspect made this skill quite popular.

Zhang Haoran shook off the sparks left on his fist, his face seemed surprised, ’’I seemed to have underestimated you, your Burning Fist can make real flames.’’

’’Same here.’’ Wu Zongming truly did not underestimate Haoran's talent and slowly began to accumulate all of the Qi inside his body without showing it, waiting for the most important moment to attack.

The surprise on his face slowly faded away as Zhang Haoran laughed: ’’What 'same here'? Don't get me wrong Zongming, but I had only used seventy percent of power. How much did you use?’’

To be honest, Zhang Haoran had the right to be arrogant. At the age of thirteen, he had not only mastered his Qi to the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage Ten and the Over the Sky and Clouds Arts to the highest stage, but also mastered the Three Forces Falling Cloud. He was confident in his ability to evenly compete with an early Condensing Reality Realm warrior, not to mention a Stage Ten Mortal Realm Wu Zongming.

Wu Zongming didn't argue with him, because he knew that nothing he said could change anything, only by his strength could he prove himself.


The bloody red fist started to spark, and slowly, it became a little flame. And in the middle of the burning fire, was his fist smoldering like a piece of iron burning hard and hot.

Wu Zongming sneered: ’’So, it was not just I who did not use their full power.’’


Zhang Haoran was a bit surprised and a trace of anger appeared in his eyes. His opponent hid his real power repeatedly, making him feel underappreciated. Until today, everyone was forced to use their full power whenever they faced him if they wanted a chance to survive.

Sparks rolled off Wu Zongming's fist as Zhang Haoran breathed deeply as he glared at Wu Zongming.

Right at that moment, a human figure suddenly appeared, watching the two intense figures, he alarmingly slowed down and leaned towards the shadow from the other side of the lane.

It was Ye Chen!

Although he was a little bit slower than Wu Zongming and Zhang Haoran, he had tried his best and could not be compared with the rest of the contestants. Because facing the slow, clunky wooden guardians, using the martial arts cleverly was better than just brute forcing his way through.

It really is unexpected that they would fight against each other during a race. Noticing the cracks on the wall, Ye Chen did not have to guess to know that there had already been an intense fight with a tied result or possibly they were still battling each other.

However, even if they didn't care about the ranking of the Mu Ren Gang, he did!

If these two still wanted to fight it out, then the champion could very well be him. Even though it was a little bit underhanded, who would turn down this kind of opportunity.

Quickening his pace, Ye Chen tried to enter the lane.

’’Presumptuous! Since when was it your turn?’’ Zhang Haoran was already a little bit of pissed, and seeing that Ye Chen had ignored them and wanted to enter the lane, he poured out all of his anger on him.

Zhang Haoran's right hand pulled then shot forward. An ice cold wind suddenly spread out, every step he took, the floor was covered with ice.

High Rank Mortal Realm Skill - Soaking Cold Palm!

Ye Chen was frightened, he did not have any enmity with Zhang Haoran but Haoran decided to launch a deadly Soaking Cold Palm. With Zhang Haoran's Mortal Realm Stage 10 power, it would be stronger than anyone else he had faced before. If he was hit, it would take a couple of months to heal from the injuries, not to mention the possibility that it could freeze his meridians and ruin his chances of any future in martial arts. Even though the Ye family was extremely rich and had many rare elixirs to heal it, that did not mean he wanted to put himself through that suffering.

’’The Mountain Avalanche!’’

With the great steel sword out of the scabbard, Ye Chen moved like an avalanche tumbling down a mountainside, it was so fast that it was like a lightning in a flash.

It was a movement in the Lone Peak of Thirteen Sword that was specialized in steps and speed.


The place Ye Chen was just at was suddenly covered by ice cold frost, he could not imagine if he hadn't managed to dodge it.

Kept distance with Zhang Haoran, Ye Chen said emotionlessly, ’’You crossed the line!’’

’’You are just a plain old Mortal Realm Stage 6 outer disciple, how dare you dream to be in the top three? And to think you dare to take first place? Piss off!’’ Zhang Haoran did not take Ye Chen seriously at all, even though Ye Chen had just dodged his attack.

Everyone had a consuming anger once someone crossed their bottom line, especially Ye Chen. Eyes sparked cold light, the veins in Ye Chen's arm suddenly popped out as he squeezed the sword in his hand. Although he didn't know how this was going to end at all, but if he tried with his life, I was sure that he could wound him.

’’What? You want to fight? Believe me, I could end you right now. And even if the school caught me later, it would be just a light punishment at best, what are you compared to the I, the genius Zhang Haoran.’’ Zhang Haoran sneered as murderous intent ran across his face.

Wu Zongming could not stand Zhang Haoran's attitude and he sarcastically said: ’’Hmph, big words. Do you think I will just sit here as you beat him in front of me?’’

Zhang Haoran replied ghastly: ’’Wu Zongming, have you decided to fight against me? Don't you dare regret it.’’

’’What a joke, where is there for me to regret?’’

’’Hmph! Let's see who will become a Condensing Reality warrior first! But as for this guy in front of me, I would definitely beat him in front of you.’’

His shadow was stretched out, Zhang Haoran's left hand hiding behind his back, his right hand filled with ice cold breeze as he walked towards Ye Chen with huge steps, aiming for his head. Normal people would never stand a chance facing his extremely fast movements, and in Zhang Haoran's opinion, Ye Chen was a dead dog, like the rest of them.


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